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  1. You're not wrong by most definitions but i would argue there's a sublte difference. The cbc lies by manipulating information. Which also includes withholding some information at some times to give an incomplete or misleading picture. For example they didn't exactly lie about what Baird said - but they took it so out of tonext that it looked like he said something entirely different. ANd often they'll do that and correct it somewhere in the story but the headline is grossly misleading and they know that'a all a lot of people will see. But if called on it they simply say 'well we didn't lie, and we clarify his remark here in paragraph 13 half way through so we're good and honest journalists. They are often very sublte - not out and out lying as much as deliberately leaving people with the wrong idea, and then claiming it was an innocent misunderstanding or a momentary lapse after.
  2. The 'good' is a level playing field where those who the cbc hate don't have to actually pay for the cbc to attack them. It's brutally unfair and it's morally indefensible to suggest that it's ok to continue like that. As i have said - if you see value in the CBC, then you should have been pushing hard to eliminate the growing bias over the years. But there is no chance of getting them back to neutral, and i'm sick of paying for fake news stories attacking conservative politicians or any protest they disapprove of. I hear what you're saying about the news - but propping up a billion dollar plus propaganda wing for the Liberals is NO solution to that at all.
  3. That's really not how it works. If you can't explain what you mean then i'm afraid it's hard to give much credibility to your statement. Both of those people are long gone from political life - how would they have affected the last 7 years?
  4. Dude - you literally responded. Posting something from chatgpt is still responding, And you just responded again!!! I'm literally responding to your response !!!!! How messed up do you have to be to respond to someone to tell them you would never respond to them ? You are a broken man sir You really are dumber than the AI
  5. Justin's policies account for about 2 - 3 percent of the inflation spike - and are what is keeping the interest rates high. Getting rid of him would very likely resolve that - stabilize inflation and get interest rates under control He can solve it. So could trudeau. That's the issue.
  6. In a 150 year history which included previous pandemics and two world wars - that is a VERY short period of time. And it doesnt' happen by accident. And what the PM DID have influence over is whether he chose to act to bring people together during the difficult time or to split them apart. He chose the latter, and that was a very deliberate choice No, we WEREN"T. Sure people disagreed on a number of issues - but the bloc was reduced to 4 seats because quebec felt included , western alienation literally died to nothing with the vast majority being content with being in canada - the whole 'gay marriage' issue was firmly put to bed and never came up again, and gays and heteros were pretty solidly at peace for the most part. East-west tensions were reduced, people prospered even with the recession, there was a strong sense of optimism and that canada was 'doing it right' fiscally. Compare that to now - we were very much a country united then and are very much a country divided now.
  7. Well there you go They say it's about as smart as a 5 year old child so that seems about right
  8. https://www.instagram.com/p/CvKckzEMWxQ/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA%3D%3D His mass firing of ministers is Trudeau’s admission that his government is failing as everything costs more, work doesn’t pay, housing costs have doubled and crime & drugs are common on our streets. Firing ministers won't change that—firing the Prime Minister will. - PIERRE POLIEVRE Ooo - shots fired
  9. It is a short 7 year road, and making excuses for the obvious cause is ridiculous. It is easy to point to the rather huge number of specific examples that are directly the result of Trudeau's actions. This is enirely on trudeau - we were not a nation divided in the slightest when harper left power - today we are. And step by step you can see how it happened, and yes it's trudeau.
  10. There can be absolutely no doubt that Justin bears a huge hunk if not all of the blame for the divisions. Everything he's done has served to divide people, nothing he's done has been about bringing people together. He weaponized covid to try to win an election, and he set the example by calling anyone who didn't take a shot "bigots and mysoginists", and claimed they were a waste of space and mused on how canadians will have to decide if they're going to tolerate them at all. Then with the truckers situation he deliberately antagonized them to start with, then refused to speak with them or acknowledge them - then declared the emergency act to suppress their peaceful protest and attack their supporters. HE's deliberately worked up first nations against the rest of canada, the gays and trans against straights. East against west and taught the poor to blame the rich for their problems. (while neglecting to mention hes' one of the rich). The anger generated by that is enormous - add in the stress of the current financial mess and boom.
  11. LOL - yes, as you told me - you've shamefully decided that you aren't smart enough to debate me directly, BUT that you're so desperately fixated on me that you'll use AI to try to debate me for you Pretty sad Maybe that's why your AI bot is always apologizing to me?
  12. LOL - yes, as you told me - you've shamefully decided that you aren't smart enough to debate me directly, BUT that you're so desperately fixated on me that you'll use AI to try to debate me for you Pretty sad Maybe that's why your AI bot is always apologizing to me?
  13. https://vancouversun.com/news/local-news/bc-shoplifting-numbers-rise-inflation Along with the increased shoplifting, B.C. retailers are reporting a huge spike in abusive behaviour toward sales staff and cashiers. The Retail Council of Canada says that on average retail thefts have risen by about 300 per cent since the pandemic began in 2020. “There is absolutely an increase in (shoplifting) incidents and in volume of goods stolen, that’s the first thing our members consistently tell us,” said Greg Wilson, director of government relations and regulatory affairs for the Retail Council. “There’s no difference between types of stores, with a few exceptions. And more alarmingly, retailers are reporting a huge spike in abusive behaviour toward sales staff and cashiers. “We’re very concerned about the dramatic increase in violence in retail stores,” Wilson said. “Honestly, just the harassment of frontline retail workers, I don’t think I’ve ever talked to a government official before about concern about retail store workers being harassed.” “But also we’ve seen people who are repeat offenders and we’ve dealt with the same people 18, 30, 40 times in some cases. It almost seems like the system has no way to properly address people who are in that type of crisis who are hurting other people along the way.” All of the problems we've discussed here are combining to create more and more social unrest. People can't afford homes. People can't afford groceries. People are angry and covid divided the country LARGELY DUE TO HOW THE LIBERALS HANDLED IT. Repeat offenders of crimes face no consequences. This is going to get worse and it will start to show up in other places. Canadians feel hopeless, they are torn apart and angry at each other, and at the system. If something isn't done to change that, if we don't get leadership that can put us back together, those fractures will quickly become permanent.
  14. Sadly your'e not entirely wrong. - and it won't be necessarily because we slid backwards, but that the rest of the world advanced while we stood still.
  15. I love that you've finally admitted that you haven't got the brains to debate me directly, so you're trying to use AI It's ok big guy - i know you feel bad about yourself for looking stupid all those times we talked And this is no worse than your whole shtick about replying on command where i had you yapping like a seal looking for a herring i also love that you take the time to copy what i've said here, go to another site, log in, paste what i wrote, get the response, copy it, come all the way back here, start a new post and paste it Hell, i won't even bother posting a link i have open in another tab for you, but you're out there working like you're my employee or something LOL - emotionally crushing lefties is so satisfying I'll look forward to your future AI submissions - i don't read 'em but just knowing that i'm crawling around inside your brain so much that you'd bother doing that is priceless
  16. Well - you got a few of the minuses a little off But in the end it kind of depends on how you want to look at it. We have better health care than in the 70's due to medtech advances, we have cell phones and internet which is something they could barely dream of then, so does that kind of thing represent a better lifestyle? Are we richer? On the flipside we can compare other variables. For example if we look at inflation adjusted dollars from 1976 to 2021, we're about the same, but there was a dip in the middle of those two as we recovered from the last trudeau's debt and inflation. BUT - some costs like housing have scaled unevenly especially in some areas so for the majority of the population they're probably poorer. Probably the best and most simple measure is to compare ourselves to other similar countries - england, japan, the us, france and germany, etc And that paints a very clear picture. We are falling very far behind. We are worse off. We should be doing much bettter but we're not. And the projections are that we're not going to be for at least 40 years.
  17. LOL - well at least you've admitted that you don't have the brains to actually debate me personally ROFLMAO!!!!! So let me get this straight - You are so obsessed with me that you take the time to cut and copy my post, go to another website, put it in to an ai and then copy the result and come all the way back here, and reply to my post and cut and paste something a machine said? Wow! - I've certainly had my share of stalker types and obsessive types that spend a lot of their time on me but i must say you're setting that bar to a new height
  18. LOL - again - no cite neeeded for common knowledge LOLOL And you'll still go to bed tonight knowing i was right. Can't hide from yourself.
  19. Well at least he didn't flush them down the toilet - i understand a lot of children do that with their unwanted pets.
  20. I"m sorry but it is. there has not been a corresponding increase and decrease in other investments and real estate. In fact at the moment housing starts are down and new home construction has been fairly stable despite the decrease in business investment. It's demonstrably wrong. Well - yes and no. They'll be rented out so Technically it does help overall productivity in the sense the word is used economically because the owners of that property will be generating revenues and that means they're worth more per hour than they were without those properties. So it will show up on gdp. But in the real world - it's not really the kind of 'productivity' we're looking for in the end. Not really true. GIC's would be safer and easier and potentially more profitable as we saw during covid when many landlords got their clocks cleaned. Real estate is a good investment and a lot of people choose it and wisely so for many, but like i said - it's not rising at the same rate other business investment is falling - nor does the idea that businesses are pullilng out of their industries and investing in real estate show any signs of being true. Further - the decline in productivity began before the real estate booms we see today. The problem of productivity has almost nothing to do with real estate i'm afraid. That would be an easy fix.
  21. My word's pretty good - everyone KNOWS you're a liar But like i said - this isn't about others. This is about you. You know what i've said is true. And you get to go to bed tonight and think about what kind of person you are, and that I know what kind you are and others do too.
  22. Ok, so your argument is that we're poorer, but we're richer. Unrelated question - would you have to give any notice to your therapist before you fire them?
  23. Ooo - sorry, but i'm afraid not. You WOULD be right - if the population hadn't increased. But the cost of health care goes up when that happens. And guess who's been bringing in more people than any other prime minister in history The federal component of per capita health care funding was actually higher under harper. So he hasn't even restored it to harper era levels. And NEITHER of them ever got anywhere close to the 50 percent it was originally started at by justin's daddy - remember it was supposed to remain at 50 percent. So no - you're wrong. Again. Did you get your answer from ChatGTP?
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