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  1. https://www.cnn.com/2023/02/06/politics/fbi-indictment-mcgonigal-former-agents-shocked/index.html That took 10 seconds. Want me to spend 10 more?
  2. This doesn't prove Putin did anything. "Internet Research Agency sought to sow discord in the United States through "information warfare." oh discord. Oh my. Lol...no kidding man. Must you be so limp?
  3. Lol...I understand sweetie. It's hard to watch all your mables be lost.
  4. Oh he just happened to be passing funny money by accident...right. I support cops. You throw shit at them.
  5. Can you or anyone else prove Putin was responsible for any of the hacks? It all shows that Podesta is a twit. Dude...and I use the term lightly...you're blowin' chunks here.
  6. I do to some degree. But so what? It's none of my bee's wax and I don't really even want to know what flavour of porn anyone gets a charge outta. Unless it involves kids.
  7. I don't "support" anyone's murder, Tweenkie-boy. I "support" the police and try to understand the position they are in as cops. You? Run around degrading cops and trying to pass failures like Floyd off as heroes. Floyd, Biden, Majorkis, etc...all failures.
  8. Agreed. And leave kids alone. They are too impressionable and don't need things like tranny storytime. Some of the books are gross.
  9. Why does it matter who Putin wanted to win? If you wanna be mad, be mad at Podesta. He's the twit who gave the hackers his password.
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