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  1. I think...that making shit up like that, just to be used as a club, made up by the fine minds that brought us the Russia Hoax, the Ukraine Phone-Call Hoax, the "Summer of love", and a recent record of being able to do absolutely nothing well, is Gawd_damn stupid! That you seem to think arguing that point is...what...not productive...means that you don't care if this crap goes on, at least. At most, that you condone such childish behaviour.
  2. The words "New" and "American" are well established and have solid meanings. Libbies wanna warp that to give the paired words a meaning that is asinine. Thus...its not me who is fudging with "labels"...its the Tweenkies. If you are intellectually lazy enough to swallow such horseshit...then its fairly obvious you agree with this warped crap, which also disqualifies you from being taken seriously. Have a warm and fuzzy day.
  3. I guess you haven't been following the news on this one, but the MSM and Dems squelched thus Hunter Biden story with seething lies. That swayed the 2020 presidential election. Thus...its rather important.
  4. Are you trying to suggest when the US does well, Canada does not? This thread is about Hunter. His dad is a Democrat POTUS. If you wanna discuss general corruption across the board...start a thread.
  5. How do you speak English...if you don't understand English? Its amazing how easily Libbies will go along with a raping of the language in order to support some jack-assery.
  6. "New" something that is a recent introduction to some system. "American" A person who is an American citizen. "New American" A person recently granted US citizenship.
  7. PIZZAGATE LIVES AGAIN! Duh Duh Duuuhhh... Seriously though...All of these cases are sickening.
  8. We can only hope. In the mean time...Americans wouldn't like Canada. The cold is unbearable and the damn Polar Bears keep eating the garbage.
  9. Indeed. Like warping the meaning of "New American".
  10. Yes disqualified...from being taken seriously.
  11. Tucker Carlson is angry these days. Perhaps the condesention and lies of Don LeMon would suit your tastes better? I understand that after a couple strawberry daiquiris...he'll give anyone a taste.
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