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  1. Oh ya...all the Ukrainian refugees come from the eastern provinces...rrriiight. Apparently women children and grannies. Able bodied males weren't allowed to flee. Such stupidity. Just wait till Hungary, Slovakia and Poland want their historical land back. This whole thing is a fool's errand.
  2. I know nothing of the sort. What I know...is crashing fossil fuels before we have a replacement, is that act of a blithering idiot. I also know Gore is an opportunistic little liar and dog.
  3. Who got kicked out of their house? They held 2...not 1...2 referendums and...Ukraine lost. That's what? That's right...that's democracy.
  4. Didn't those eastern provinces just hold yet another referendum and DEMOC4ATICLY vote to leave Ukraine? Yes they did...for the second time. Where all all the great defenders of DEMOCRACY now? Ignoring their claims about DEMOCRACY...more Libbie hypocrisy.
  5. Lol..."AHHH! WE ALL GONNA DIIIEEE!!! Give it up Sally. Your scary monster is exposed for what it really is
  6. The time to tell the truth is now. Your fear-porn has no effect anymore.
  7. https://spectator.com.au/2021/04/revealed-al-gores-real-climate-catastrophe/
  8. Actually Gore studied the climate under a guy who was perhaps the grandfather of the climate freak out. Then years later, this scientist somewhat "softened" his doomsday theories... So AL stabbed him in the back claiming the man was old and feeble minded. AL Gore...a real compassionate person.
  9. Very astute. I figure about 70% of humans are more comfortable following someone else's lead. That leaves 30% to lead and only a fraction of those could be called "good leaders". Then there's the difference between the liberal perspective and the conservative perspective. As you correctly point out, they are rather different. I'm no fan of "Contantine's Folly", but I do believe in a "Gawd"...in a way of my own. However...Christianity...and indeed all religions...provide the masses with structure...rules...that which a Civil society need to remain...civil. Family...Gawd...hierarchy...and yes even race. All form the pillars of the imperfect but stable societies that you say lasted thousands of years. But today the progressive mind wants to tear these pillars down. It may not have been perfect, but as you say, the religions provided a societal base that worked. And as we remove these pillars... Chaos ensues.
  10. IF he's indicted...then a lot of Presidents and former Presidents can be too. Careful how you warp the law little guy...
  11. True. And you might even get as jaded and nasty as I can be. Perhaps make-up a pet name for us evil conservatives.
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