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  1. No still out on the patio enjoying a warm sunny day...in late March. What a place. Goin' golfin' tomorrow. But we'll get out. The wife wants to shop till she drops...
  2. Dude...you might wanna drop this line of argument right now. If your profession is what I think, you're starting to tread on thin ice.
  3. Lol...robo-bot...you are a machine. I bet Pelosi and Hillary-Billary are celebrating right now. While...Billy drools down the front of his chins...and Pauly is still trying to explain what Davie was doing in their house. Lol...what a swamp.
  4. What it is...is chickeshit politics.! I bet you know that too. Meh...if Libbies want to lower the bar even more, I'm sure Conservatives can respond.
  5. You don't know about this being politically motivated? Ya know...I think you're full of it.
  6. Why how very...inaccurate of you. Buddy from what I've seen, guns and incarceration are the least of these people's problems. And to resolve the underlying causes of this...mass insanity, both may grow exponentially.
  7. Ya I'm sure tent cities are preferable. Human feces on the sidewalk right in front of Macy's and the Hilton on Union Square. Crack smoking on the BART. Insane folks standing in the middle of the road halting traffic flow... And nobody even bothers to do anything about it. In the 3 days I've been here in the bay area, I've seen the majesty of Muir Valley and the Redwoods, Fisherman's Warf and the Sea Lions sunning themselves. I've also seen the seedy side. America, here at least, is a contradiction. An exhibition of haves and have nots. A political war. I fear America is headed for a crumbling and perhaps even another civil war.
  8. Hence I regularly watch Redacted, articles on Rumble and The Grey Zone.
  9. It's odd that TDS can bring folks to dislike the idea of "Make America Great Again".
  10. Build more prisons and mental institutions.
  11. Hmm... I just had my first ride on the Bay Area BART. A commuter train. We got on one car that stunk so bad we had to change cars. We found seats and some crackhead sat in front of us and began picking his scabs...which appeared to cover his whole back. We left that car to see a couple smoking Crack right on the train. I noticed people on the train simply ignored what was going on. Such apathy. Yet Trump is cast as a big criminal. What a mess Libbie ideals has made.
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