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  1. CBC executives, managers were paid almost $15M in bonuses: Report | Toronto Sun Federal documents show that CBC executives and managers in the 2023-24 fiscal year ending March 31 gave themselves $14.9 million in bonuses, according to Blacklock’s Reporter. Those records seem to contradict testimony by CBC president and CEO Catherine Tait to the heritage committee on May 7, when she repeatedly claimed that she had no idea whether or not bonuses were paid. Oh look, the CBC lied. And then reported on it after another news agency caught them at it and exposed them. These guys can't be defunded fast enough.
  2. Well the people that developed the afterward plan are the same people as those conducting the war. That would be the Israeli government. And it would probably be a massive error to be including anyone else right at the moment. But if they don't have a plan in place in their minds at least for the transition then they may very well find one imposed upon them by the rest of the world. I agree it's absolutely critical for them to have a plan before it's necessary to present it or enact it. Scribbling something out on the back of a napkin just before a meeting with the rest of the world leaders is bound to fail
  3. For sure, but it is a federal park. And they absolutely don't want to give up a millimeter of their authority. And because they can't make the changes necessary to do the things you just suggested without provincial help they spend millions and millions instead. It's such a waste. It would have been so easy to handle
  4. Well as i said, not if you convert it to residential. A few quick zoning changes and developers will be happy to do that. We've certainly seen that done before If people move into those areas then most of that survives just fine. Entertainment districts for example already attract people from all over, not just people working in the core. People living in the area would still need to eat. There would be a bit of an adjustment but for the most part the businesses would remain, tho there may be a few less 'staples' and a few more grocery stores. And that's just how progress works Nope. Most of the tax revenue is based on the value of the real estate. How small or large it is would be a matter of perspective i guess, but it's really not very big by any metric as long as it's handled right. There will still be people in the downtown cores and there will still be activity. It will just change slightly while it will impact some businesses more than others it will also create new opportunity. And frankly we need more living spaces than we need office spaces right now anyway and it's a lot easier to convert an existing building than to build a new one from scratch
  5. Wow. Here we have another hissy fit whining about simple truths that his fragile ego can't cope with Kid - you are consistently wrong. Again and again. As i've noted you have a bad habit of picking fights for the sake of it without thinking and very quickly paint yourself into a corner. But as usual you want it to be my fault for bringing it up LOL - oh noes - triggered leftie is triggered I've told you before kid, i frequently think back and laugh my ass off at some of your antics You're hilarious, the entertainment value you provide is worth it alone But i love that you're now having weird fantasies about me sitting in a basement and such ROFLMAO - once again we know who's living in who's head rent free Was... was that too long for you little guy?
  6. yeah but trump backed down and didn't do that. His staff would have said that we don't go after our political opponents in court and he bought into that at the time. I bet he feels differently now
  7. Oh and i forgot the time when we were talking about remote working and I posted some research and you claimed that LATER research refuted that, and then all the stuff you posted was actually EARLIER than mine! ROFLMAO that was pretty classic Or where you tried to argue that population density wasn't a factor in why the US had a worse time during covid LOL that one went badly for you too Or the time you tried to argue that carbon taxes didn't make things more expensive until you had to admit that wasn't accurate Or the time you tried to claim that Statscan polls aren't real research The list is endless, it's so long i can't even remember them all. I've gotta start writing this stuff down, i'll make a hilarious book someday
  8. And would do the same if people lived there instead of worked there. I'm not sure what activity you thing would vanish?
  9. We were doing a thread on this the other day - most of the data points to a slight upward bump in productivity rather than a loss. A slight loss was reported in some cases for full time remote early on and even then it was noted with some tech changes that would likely go away and that it would become the norm. There's just too many advantages for it to not be that way moving forward.
  10. Yeah, that's what the "she's not ACTUALLY in politics but she thinks she is" part was about You probably dont' remember her antics in the great recount mess or her fights with trump but she has considered herself to be a major political figure for some time. Which is fair given her major figure.
  11. LOL yes yes everything you don't like is bs No facts, no reason, no point just "IF I"M WRONG ITS" BS?!!!!?!?!!?!?!?!" Ok cupcake you tell your feelings that we really do care about them and we hope they find a safe space
  12. Well yes and no. First off let's deal with his reasoning. The idea that it's necessary for retirement is a little flawed. People either still need a home to live in, or their downsizing which means they have to buy another home when they sell. If price is dropped that also means the price drop on the new smaller home that they are downsizing to also drops. There is still a slight loss if prices drop but given what I just noted it's not nearly as bad as people would think. Secondly prices don't really need to drop much in order for them to become more affordable over time. Even if price is stagnated and didn't rise considering that inflation already affects people's wages it would not be many years until people earned enough that they could afford the houses at the prices that they are currently set at. So you may see it. Of extensive slow or no growth, kind of like what we saw in the 80s, but eventually wages and earnings would make those prices affordable. And additionally certain policies may make homes in areas that are less expensive more realistic or practical to buy. For example if there were sufficient medical services and entertainment in a smaller town a person may sell their home in the city and move to that smaller town in order to get the benefit of downsizing economically. The smaller town they benefit from additional work etc however that generally doesn't just happen by accident it does require some planning. There's no doubt that in order for homes to become affordable the days of a 20% increase on the value of your home year after year have to go. But that doesn't mean there has to be a big drop in price per se. If they are clever, there are other solutions to mitigate and severely reduce any negative financial impact while still allowing people to get into their own home
  13. That would be a very highly localized downturn, and well it's not great for a city on a larger scale it doesn't really have a massive impact. The solution as I mentioned is things like moving to a more populated downtown core instead of business only. Convert some of the buildings to condos, artisan live work spaces, that sort of thing. There will always be businesses there but the day where we have to concentrate all of our businesses in the same location is probably fading
  14. Sure, provided rosie o'donnel gets an honorable mention (she's not ACTUALLY in politics but she thinks she is)
  15. Hillary Clinton Freaks Out: “We May Never Have Another Election” if Trump Wins in November - LifeNews.com In classic “I told you so,” Hillary Clinton was in fine form in an interview given to Lisa Lerer and Elizabeth Dias of the New York Times. The headline to their piece was “Hillary Clinton Has Some Tough Words for Democrats and Women.” Not only does she blame everyone but herself for demise, Clinton, in true apocalyptic language “also suggested that if Donald Trump won in November ‘we may never have another actual election.’” And the madness escalates apace 6 months left - how bad is it going to get?
  16. I think his desire is to try to suggest that your argument is not based on rational thought but rather is based on the fact that you dislike that culture. This is essentially an ad hominem attack However this neglects to recognize that It's not a case of disliking these facts because you dislike the people but rather you just dislike the people because of these facts. In other words, they're not a scumbag because you hate them but rather you hate you because they're a scumbag, If he can dismiss your argument as being simply an Imaginary delusion brought on by your rampant and unexplained hatred then he can ignore all of your points as being non-credible. If he has to admit that your credible points are what lead to your hatred then that goes out the window and he'd have to work at his answer
  17. for sure. And it hits a lot of the downtown cores the hardest because that's where the office workers used to go. There will be a time of adaptation as they're always is. I'm sure there will eventually be some rezoning and we will see more artisan workspaces or out and out residential conversions of some of the office buildings downtown.
  18. Yes that's all well and good but why can't you just say if you think they're bad people or not? - the leftie posters here, probably.
  19. Yadda yadda yadda the loser on everything speaks. or yaps i should say. You're literally replying to it. Soooo..... It's right there in the BC regs. I can't help it if you find your own stupidity inconvenient. Or that I speak when I know what I'm talking about whereas you speak out of your ass. As I said this is far from the first time we've had an island that was populated with fallow or sitka deer in the mid-1900s because people thought it would be fun and now they are out of control. All they needed to do was open up the hunt entirely and it would have been over. Hell, if they really wanted to get it done fast a bounty of $50 a deer Would have had people flocking there. As much as it upsets your delicate fragile ego to learn that your beloved liberals have effed up again, every hunter in British Columbia knows that this could have been handled easily and cheaply locally.
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