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  1. How is it working, can it work and how? Why is it so impossible to think? What a puzzle!
  2. Compare the amount of thought, discussion and effort of free, competent and patriotic citizens that went into creation of American constitution (that is not perfect, as the contemporary reality shows) with the Canadian one, only a few decades back. And already the count is lost of "no it just can't be done, would be such a can of worms". What a great f-up job fellas. Beat yourselves. F-ng mental laziness, at a level extreme in the developed world (and so unlikely to be sustained, the position in). No other reasonable explanations.
  3. Well, it has to be blown on something... their favorite punching boy likes his things rainbow-style they prefer spending it on pictures with unclear semantic message. Go figure. This is Canada, a place of eternal mystery. Yes we would but it would be such a can of worms so no point bothering.
  4. Can it (this kind of mentality) be classified as "astounding mental laziness"? We have one empirical case.
  5. It takes about one minute to figure out that other than some historical oddity, in the real world it can quickly lead to real, serious problems. This individual is a citizen of another state, and has the first and primary allegiance to another state. Can one really have a "head of state" like that? Why has it been so hard to think? What hasn't been right with us?
  6. Because the detachment is now complete. Have to think, what the next cause celebre will be because you're so far from the real problems of the people that cant even imagine what they say. What "mortgage" with 200K salary for doing button pushing, blank faced? What do you mean? So, a Q++ contest or monarch rebranding something needs to be done, now!
  7. Not much luck so far. Could this be the real reason: And more of course, just round the corner: - What it does to the international order based on law and peaceful coexistence? - What did it do to the UN Charter and the system of world security? - How will it work out in the future, where every dictator thug respecting themselves will have a few hundred nukes, just in case? Keep trying your best to overlook the obvious.
  8. There's a certain fraction in the population that cannot think, organically: jumping and shouting the only responses possible. Observe several fine specimen right here. Then, most anyone can turn their thinking off voluntarily. What binary, partisan system does is to amplify their commonly random noise to the societal scale. And at times it can carry the brainless momentum to the part of the population that is not used to exercise their critical thinking regularly. The result is collective insanity: a hallmark of our intelligent (as they say) species.
  9. How could a modern democratic country be run by a foreign monarch? Can we think still? Or is it too expensive already?
  10. The two-tier system of world security is obviously in a dead-end and more importantly, cannot be taken from there by any magical trick (on which magical development so many hopes seem to be riding). No: world will not return to the happy status quo now. Yes there's a problem, obvious and glaring one: who will judge the judges? Can judges be seen and trusted to be infallible no matter what they do? The obvious answer is written in red paint through the human history. No, it want work. It was designed to fail, and the outcome is entirely predictable and almost certainly, unavoidable. When, not if.
  11. Now, considering your position on Putin's war of aggression, presumably also "superior force" it's clear that in that view, it's superiority that dictates the right. It is just wrong to attack - or resist a clear unprovoked aggression of a presumably superior adversary. Hamas was wrong to attack; Ukraine is wrong to defend herself. Aka "the might is the right". Congrats on the ultimate clarity. Don't resist that bully, he is superior. Just give in and see what happens.
  12. A major open war, an unprovoked full scale aggression is in its third year in Europe and yet the defense minister of the aggressor state is not charged with any of the uncounted crimes including razing to the ground of numerous settlements and several cities. "Selective justice" cannot be allowed he (the prosecutor Karim Khan) said. Ohoh. How far is it from solemn to outright ridiculous? He also choose to ignore (select) that totalitarian states of our time have learned how to weaponize, through incessant propaganda of hatred and selective violence, almost entire populations. Is it not incredibly "selective" to just ignore this obvious fact and pretend that some abstract holy paper demands the victim fighting for her very survival to fight with hands tied and "experts" watching her every step, having done nothing to prevent or stop the aggression? What would the reaction be if he came up with this idea in 1943 and 1944? The take: with decisions like this, ICC is driving itself out of relevance and no external help is needed.
  13. Note how there are no intelligible answers? Let's try again: "Inevitable", what? A complete and final dismantling of the peaceful world order? The end (de facto already) of the Charter and with it, the whole concept of the United Nations? No means or foundations of security other then groups and alliances armed to the throat including nukes? This is "inevitable", that future? Great job: you've only proven who you are. Or brainless, brainlessly repeating obvious lies. Pick one or both. What other options?
  14. And the buzzwave goes on and on and on. Only two harmonics: "Adore Him!!!" and "Anathema!!"
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