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  1. So Ukraine hits command centers, tanks, positions, munitions depots and such. And RuZZia hits apartment buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, railway stations, kindergartens. Not just in Ukraine, in Syria, everywhere. No rules, no honor, a gang of thugs, robbers and murderers, only in uniform. That defines a terrorist state. Try to find a better example. And so, we have a proven terrorist state, by its own act in our planet's Security Council. What does this fact make of us? Somebody was citing Higher Powers as the reason to restrict and impose this and that, but if They existed, wouldn't They be watching us, this very moment with our "Security Council" and what would they think? A joke, parody on intelligent species? Another experiment that went sideways, to scrap? What would be a better option, if They existed, or otherwise?
  2. Yes we came to this. And we had many decades to think of this possibility and figure it out but nah why? We like to create ourselves problems that would be fun to solve, take a lot of time, resources and sadly, casulties to figure out. And who's there to promise that we will always just squeeze by? Do we have it, that promise?
  3. No words needed with this classic: bearly on top (The Economist). To be continued, right. Like Russia ever learns, like it could change its nature.
  4. Great mama Russia gloriously defeated Chechnya (population less than a million) and Georgia (around 5 million, no army) and Syria (mostly unarmed civilians) by bombing them into the ground. Having a bit of a problem (that's putting it very mildly) in Ukraine that didn't have a functional army a few years back - supposed to have ended in three (sic) days (yes). Now what can it do about little pesky Lithuania defying it for the umpteenth time in a row? Can it do, anything?
  5. Right on, nailed it. Grozny, Georgia, Syria, Ukraine - the record, and the pictures are always the same. This time though, looks like tried to bit a tad too much. Great mama Russia is in default today, for the first time in over a century. That puts it on par with Argentina, Libya, Central Africa and only the beginning, good job comrades! And now, there's that pesky little Lithuania can you just walk by?
  6. Lithuania presents an interesting case though; see the population of the country is just under 3 million - less than Georgia's that Russia plowed in 2008 but it's been an old time splinter in its imperial butt. First it defended independence against Russian invasion in the war of independence of 1918; it resisted occupation by Stalin's forces in 1940; it risen again for independence in 1990 eventually leading to collapse of the Soviet Union. And in the early 2000 it joined NATO to a dismay of its former colonial masters. So now it would be what, the fifth time in one century that such a tiny and insignificant speck of land would defy Russia by imposing EU sanctions on the goods transported via land to its enclave of Kaliningrad? Such an impertinence! And defiance, too. Imagine, if Lithuania (2.8 million) could ignore Russia's wishes who could be next? Ukraine could be an old story. Right, there's a problem though: Lithuania is a full member of the Alliance. And the Alliance has Article 5. And, among other members the Alliance has USA; UK; France; Germany; Poland and yes Canada. That could be way more than poor unfairly humiliated Russia could handle even separately - given that it's been struggling for years to control a country that until a few years back didn't even have any kind of a meaningful army. So, put up with the abuse and see who and where would be next? Or give it a shot? And in either case have your ass kicked, again and with near-absolute certainty. Why? What would be the point? Some psychiatrist somewhere could know. But on the other hand, what choice do you have, having screwed up all and anything you touched, repeatedly and despite unimaginable carbon riches but to raise the drama ante and hope that someone would take it for real? Would there be any takers though? Or another desperate bluster will be called? Let's see.
  7. I know! Must be so annoying that if they had a time machine would have traveled back and in a fit of rage killed their ancestors (vaguely recall there was a story of the kind in their bloody history). With a magical resolution of this and many other problems in Europe. Not all though, no such luck.
  8. Look RuZZia found more "Nazis"! MR PRICE: Lithuania is a member of the NATO Alliance. We stand by the commitments that we have made to the NATO Alliance. That includes, of course, a commitment to Article 5 that is the bedrock of the NATO Alliance. This is a campaign that includes dozens of countries around the world, including blocs of countries, in this case the EU but also individual countries using their national authorities. US Department of State briefing on Lithuania
  9. The troll here is saying that in the very heart of capitalist Darkness, for centuries before independent state of Ukraine even existed those people suffered less than in instigated by the capitalists and NATO Ukraine. Makes sense, right? And so mama Russia will not be coming to liberate them, for now. That and no other reason, sure. According to troll.
  10. By the way there's that historic RuZZian motherland, Alaska. A while back czars sold it to loathsome America having drunk their coffers. Now, wouldn't it be a great idea to try liberating poor suffering population there? Why, what could go wrong?
  11. You can hear a Russian troll speak when unknown and unproven "proxy wars" are cited as a valid justification for a first major war in Europe since WW2. Entirely unprovoked and absolutely unlawful, with growing evidence of terrible war crimes and crimes against humanity. That's even better than Hitler - in his sense of the word of course, he wasn't lazy to actually stage an attack on poor helpless Germany but here we have only "russian speaking population". Hey Zeitgeist and other apologists, do we have those in the country? Are we as safe really, as you like to believe looking at what's happening in Ukraine according to the troll? What if mama Russia will decide to come to liberate you too?
  12. RuZZia is living a true definition of a psycho terrorist. She projects her own deep psychological issues onto others and then tries to blame them for her own, criminal acts. Was there any one instance when NATO threatened poor Russia, let alone attacked it? Bullshit. Criminal, murderous psycho is what its act is - it's in the fact and no further analysis needed. The whole idea of NATO came from the people who wanted to be safe from such psychos. And cowardly too. Having her dirty ass kicked in combat it hid away and shelling cities full of civilians from distance. Like Grozny, like Aleppo do check the pictures only there they didn't have air defenses, Harpoons and HIMARS so getting her ass kicked again. And kicking her out all way from Ukraine and isolating in her dirty and stinky lair is the only way for the normal world to be safe again. Just reflect on it - what could be the alternative? What would be the first thing any and every aspiring thug and dictator get - ever, in perpetuity if RuZZia isn't stopped now? Do try to find a better fitting example of a terrorist state though. A worthy exercise.
  13. If there's a living definition of a terrorist state, no need to go any further. Right here, in your daily news feed. If you had an individual behaving this way in your neighborhood you'd be in a serious trouble. These days we are deciding and determining, collectively what our planetary neighborhood will be for the foreseeable future. Let's make no mistakes about that.
  14. OK this SNC-Libs inflation platform makes things noticeably easier. Whatever blah they are offering us a free dental care and some more cookies. And that may just tip the balance for me, at least. No not like I'm going to "vote" - it's a principle, voting is for voting not a tribal dance show. But "supporting" OK I can do that. Like you have to "support" one or the other, that's the game right? If so the calculation is simple: SNC-L: Entitled system forever, no change guaranteed + free cookies Cons: Entitled, etc forever, different face on a sticker - and no cookies. That was easy. And what do you think?
  15. Sure, nothing wrong about it. If West left the moment Russia showed up anywhere, it would be playing straight into its imperial, aggressive narrative. If this ends the good way, with Russia defeated and kicked out of Ukraine, watch it the next day crying it's all on Putin while we are so cute and innocent, can we have some humanitarian aid? and keep the Crimea because so democratic and cute now please. Can almost guarantee that - don't make the mistakes of the past.
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