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  1. Because this is no democracy, with real balance and separation of independent powers? Only an appearance, a thin curtain behind which cogs and bars all rub each other.
  2. Interesting. I'd like to see more of these numbers, Canada wide. If not that, then what other cause could it be?
  3. I cannot recall the number but it's known that to sustain a pension system there's a magic number, the rate of the active workers to the population on pension, W / P. In Canada, with its very generous system for public bureaucrats the effective pension population would be higher than that of regular workers, perhaps not by a small factors. Again, well known demographics situation may impact the key ratio significantly or even drastically, and with it, the integrity of the public pension system itself. The previous Conservative government made some moves in this area, but they were cancelled by Trudeau. As always, there are two ways to approach such a challenge: the smart, innovation way; and the traditional, do it as our grand grands would way. In Canada it has to be the latter one, obviously. So we're bringing massive numbers from the third world (where else?) to boost the workers number W; except there are some obvious caveats: - some of the arrivals are above the pension age and so go straight to increase the pension-receiving population: the opposite effect. - others are poorly adapted (language, education, work experience) and go to receive some form of assistance while producing zero pension contributions: the opposite effect. - yet others go to work minimal wage works, contribute very little to the effective workers population, while still receiving benefits: the opposite net effect. And now look, instead of one problem we have created two: not only the resulting additional worker population has to contribute some positive net income to the pension fund for the current population; but it should also provide additional input for the part of the arrival population that is receiving some form of support. Question: is it working? Do we know, are there solid numbers? Or, are we only delaying the inevitable? And if the pension system goes bust, what part of the economy would it take with it? What would the country look like if / when it happens?
  4. Canada unbounded.. from the reason and reality itself. Let's see what's next. Anyone excited?
  5. No I don't think so. It's the government that has clearly run its course from some promise (not sure if realized in any way, recall the election reform, "the last election") to desperately trying to locate and install a valid cause for its existence when it clearly doesn't have any. That minimal hypothesis explains pretty much everything we observe these days.
  6. Meanwhile, in the sane world: "ICC (International Cricket Council) has become the latest sports body (following rugby, athletics, cycling, swimming leagues) to ban transgender athletes from elite women's sport if they have gone through male puberty". I recall someone here liked to boast "science-based policy". Is it still on, or the political agenda driven by pure ideology at last took over?
  7. Well we have RCMP that just can't be sure can he do anything at all, or just about and courts that will take about two decades to start the process. Make your bet, this is a G7 democracy, is it not?
  8. Let's count the rate and ratio of federal and provincial offices and services that at this time, perform their intended function at a decent standard of effectiveness and quality, let's say in the second or third tier of the developed world. Clearly, immigration is not one of them, but what is? Should we, citizens be curious about this number - so that we wouldn't all of a sudden wake up one morning in the third world?
  9. The pocket is bottomless, why can't (shouldn't) we scoop a bit more from it? It's logical, even natural, so why not?
  10. Love that. When insanity sets out to rule, nothing to bring it back to its place like a good laugh. We sure need more of that.
  11. Looks like we'll have to make adhering to basic sanity a formal law if it cannot work any other way.
  12. There are no "bigger issues". Governments losing their sane minds and trying to impose the alternative reality in their dreams on the society is never a minor issue. It will only get worse, that much we should know from history.
  13. Call it deranged ideology, ideology that broke out of bounds and checks of the society, and the reality itself. There are two main reasons. The first one is the human nature that is, the genes. Great ape genes, specifically. Just look: a brief relatively comfortable period of relative prosperity and we are looking, almost desperately to find ourselves an idol, ideology be it maga for some or woke for the others. What could be the fraction of the sane ones, 10-20%? Can we survive with that, as supposedly intelligent species? And the second one is unbounded governments. This social environment always, with 100% certainty produces at some point completely, perfectly detached governments that firmly and genuinely believe themselves to be cause and the source of the existence of the society. No, not the other way around, are you serious? 'We think so you are". That just isn't going to change because its our nature.
  14. Enough of this nonsense already. If the government won't stop it, we, citizens should quit.
  15. Why? What would change for them, entire offices and departments, if they do nothing at all?
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