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  1. I know you did. You lied about what i said so that you could pretend to have an argument. IT's what you do. Just like you go back and edit your posts and then claim you didn't. Like i said - there it is folks, the dishonest left at work. Make an ACCURATE statement about trudeau's failings and eyeball and other libs come shooting out of the woodwork and if they have to lie to make a point - so be it.
  2. It was a HUGE surprise to the banks and the gov't - well into 2021 they were insisting there WOULD BE NO inflation. Then when it started it was going to be transitory, remember that? This came as an utter shock to them! I do agree that anyone with a brain wasn't surprised but man, if you said that back then the liberals pounced all over you about how you didn't know what you were talking about. But - in fact INFLATION is NOT going back in the slightest. The inflation rate... which is the amount inflation will CONTINUE TO RISE... is getting closer to the bank's targeted rate but the inflation itself is probably there to stay. And wages haven't kept up. Which means canadians all took a pay cut thanks to justin. And to top it off - they traded inflation rates for interest rates. So the fact that inflation is going down only as interest rates go up is of zero comfort The vast majority of our new debt - the VAST majority of it - was not spent on covid relief. So sorry - can't blame covid. For sure it is responsible for a small hunk of the increase. But justin was responsible for a larger hunk thanks to his money and fiscal policy as well as the carbon tax. We coudl have avoided much of the pain.
  3. You whining like a biatch and being unable to point to the figures that prove your case is not the same thing I'm sure you think you understand this stuff. You don't or you'd be able to address my point instead of just crybabying about how i don't know what i'm talking about. You sound like a teenage whining to his parents about how they just don't understand!!!! (snif). Sorry kid.
  4. Of course you did. I never said anything about how I interact with people. Or that my actions here or elsewhere are a result of trudeau. I never said anything like that at all. But - you claimed that's exactly what i said And you do that to try to shift the discussion from one you know you'll lose to something you could win. Because you're a dishonest slimebag who defends trudeau at every turn, and you knew i had a valid point So - you had to CHANGE my point to one you could actually argue Pathetic.
  5. No, you're trying to rewrite what i said , It's what the left does. "what you REALLY mean is.... " You're a dishonest person and it was a dishonest comment that had nothing to do with what i actually said. I'm sure everyones absolutely shocked that you were dishonest tho. Everyone has such a high opinion of you
  6. That's just a stupid thing to say. If i were incorrect you'd have no problems pointing to the areas i pointed out and showing where i was wrong. But you can't. So you have your little hissy fits. Sorry kiddo. I get that you're disappointed that your pet theory doesn't stand up to even basic scrutiny but there's no point getting angry about it.
  7. Sorry it's still demonstrably wrong. Perhaps you misunderstood what they're saying. And the current example still is relevant as a demonstration that there's not a link there. Or at least not a direct one. Up to now - sorry re reading that it wasn't clear. But housing starts have been stable, and are just now going down despite the fact that business investment has been plummetnig for some time. The two aren't connected directly . So you're telling me they're not? Seemed to be what you were saying. I'm afraid this is another example of you discovering you were not correct and blaming me. Let me guess - this is where you're going to pout and complain i type too much and try to freak out about some specific detail. I'm sorry but you're just plain wrong here and a simple examination of the facts shows that correlation doesn't exist. Try not to have a hissy fit please?
  8. Right - vaguely alluding to a rumour without repeating it against one political opponent is far worse than directly slandering a large hunk of canadians and saying they are 'wastes of space' and shouldn't be tolerated. While you've got your head up there anyway give your colon a quick check.
  9. See folks? this is a prime example of what i'm talking about. Instead of making an intelligent comment or adding to the discussion we see the leftie here immediately attack and distort what was said in an effort to defend his beloved leader. This right here is the kind of fracture Trudeau has brought to Canada.
  10. https://www.thestar.com/business/could-a-4-day-work-week-work-in-canada-first-ever-pilot-program-reports-100/article_e074378a-6c1f-533d-b946-b0457a783d39.html Despite reduced working hours, organizations with the program reported an average revenue increase of 15 per cent over the trial period. It's interesting. I honestly don't believe that most businesses would be able to reduce the hours entirely, but even still many have played with four day work weeks where they tag an extra hour or so on to the day (nine hour work day in stead of 8 basically) and had good results. There's a lot of efficiency in just staying a little longer and getting stuff done while you're already set up and there and then taking an extra day of rest. Working from home, changes to working hours etc etc. - it's important that we look at how we do things and where we can improve our productivity.
  11. Well sure, what you're saying is that 'specialty' breads make for decent little shops where there's a market while 'mass produced' bread works for the average consumer. Quality bread is niche. A lot of the big grocery stores do still have their own bakeries of course.
  12. Sure - i can't wait for the next episode of "exflyer craps himself and loses his mind" to see what you're going to do next I LOVED the AI bit - "I"m stupid by my AI is smart derp!" LOL - you should bring that back for a reunion show or something later
  13. HAHAHAAHA!!!!!!!!! And once again you're stunned that i replied to your post to me LOL - and THAT's the smartest thing you had to say! And this from a guy who said how he woudln't reply to me anymore You were better off with teh AI kiddo - you still looked stupid but at least you looked like you were being stupid with help
  14. But we were when harper left . The bloc was diminished, western alienation was never an issue, alberta wasn't nearly as pissed about equalization, people had a positive outlook for the country etc etc. Now we're far worse than we've ever been in history.
  15. HA! I love it when i've broken your mind so bad your'e startled to see me reply to a post you made to me Hey CNDFOX! What? Oh my GOD - what are YOU doing here!?!?! (stunned and amazed ) And what happened to that whole "you'll only get AI responses" thing? Did you lose the three links you had?
  16. AI said i was right Everyone else says you're a loser. So how's that 'too smart to reply to me' thing working out for you? ROFLMAO!!!! Kid i basically own your ass
  17. LOL - well you know i'm in agreement with you there,
  18. I believe that if you are buying something that will be deliverd to the res or is for use on the res then that's the exception. I might be wrong but i'm pretty sure that's the case Oh and of course if you buy gas from a res gas station, even if you're using it off the res obviously.
  19. Absolutely! Right Erin? Oh ... wait... LOL Joking aside you're pretty much right. However - i'm afraid you and the media you quoted fail to understand the purpose of the shuffle. The shuffle isn't about putting more qualified people into positions. That's not its purpose. Few of those people are actually qualified to be experts in the ministries theyr'e taking over. The reason for the shuffle is two fold. 1) - it doesn't matter who gets switched where, doing it at all gives the impression that the government is 'fine tuning' things and now things will run better. Its like if your mechanic were to say "i've adjusted your carb", you don't care what screwdriver he used or what specifically he adjusted, you just think "Oh good - it's been adjusted, it'll run better now, And secondly it's about having a new SPOKESPERSON. He doesn't want people who will DO better, he wants people who can SELL better. "Hi, i'm Troy McLiberal, you might know me from such great cabinet positions as domestic trade, minister of justice and the inflation/deflation committee! I'd like to talk to you today about Health Care. Don't kid yourself, if a doctor ever got the chance he'd eat you and everyone you care about". So now that they're shuffled the media will go to each of them and they can say 'forget the problems of the past, it's a new day with me in charge' and give people the sense that the sins of the past have been erased. It's about the optics, not the competence.
  20. Gotta agree with mike, i see them pretty regular. And then there's cobbs which is a franchise so it's still a local baker.
  21. Ahhh no. Once again - that was your words i responded to You can't remember what you said and what the AI said? Holy shit dude - it's not even noon and i've totally broken you
  22. Ahhh no... no that was you not the AI. You're not smart enough to be AI remember? LOL Or are you saying ChatGPT came back with that legendary one liner - "says the 3 year old" ROFLMAO!!!! You are so broken you can't even remember what is you and what's the AI
  23. the cultural impact is one of the easiest to track and probably his greatest crime. We will eventually recover from the financail hit - even if it does take us 40 years. But i think hes' actually divided canadians pretty much permanently. I think he has demolished 155 years of tradition of the "good neighbour" where canadians mostly help each other and we all look to be reasonable and caring in our activities. I think those days are gone, and we've become polarized, spiteful, tribal and focused on what's in it for us individually rather than how to work together.
  24. Go back and look - i actually never did. All my replies have been to YOUR comments - not the ai stuff you posted ROFLMAO . - sorry kiddo, there's no "if" about it. You dumb
  25. LOL - talking to your mirror again are you Was that the best comeback you could think of? wow. Maybe you should have asked the AI?
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