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  1. Right? But when Israel says they don't want them either somehow THEY"RE the bad guy
  2. Depends a little on your definition of lying. "I Did not have sexual relations with that lewinski woman". Lie? Most people would say a bj is "sexual relations" but TECHNICALLY it's not sex. So when he was impeached he was able to get off on that. (so to speak) I personally believe lying by omission or speaking the truth in such a way as to give a false impression is still a lie, but from a technical legal point of view not so much. People even get off legal charges because they answered "yep" or 'uh huh" instead of "yes" and in court argued that while the person may have taken those words to mean yes they didn't actually say yes. As noted in oliver twist - the law is an ass.
  3. Egypt is furiously trying to prevent anything like that from happening. Their concern is that these twinkies haven't learned their lesson and will continue to do stupid things like shoot rockets into israel or launch attacks. And if they're living in Egypt at the time then Egypt could take the brunt of the retaliation and find it'self at war with israel again and that's never gone well for them.
  4. Seriously this is one of the worst beatings i've seen him taken and there's been a few good ones This is a problem for the left, they very frequently find themselves desperately trying to argue something without looking like they're arguing something and it falls apart. "Women should have choice - just not THAT choice - not that there's anything WRONG with that choice, it's just not a choice they should make!' Yeah - that's just not going to end well as an argument no matter how you try to work it ';)
  5. Probably eventually. Or at least 'elsewhere'. I suspect they'll occupy the territory after, destroy all the tunnels which will involve basically digging them up which means destroying a crap tonne of the homes hospitals and such that they run under, and then make life unpleasant enough that most palestinians would like to be somewhere else. They'll call it 'temporary relocation while they rebuild', and they'll drag their heels destroying the tunnels and such and slowly rebuilding places so that 20 years goes by. By then most of the people who lived 'temporarily' elsewhere will not want to bother coming back.
  6. ROFLMAO!!!! So you had to do one better and immediately say something far dumber? That was not his logic at all
  7. The real question is - can you triple the value of the stop sign with your credit card?
  8. But that doesn't mean he's necessarily a racist bigot tho - i mean in fairness he pretty much hates everybody
  9. He hasn't actually done anything, and when you listen to his replies they have a certain formula to them where he avoids having to talk about that. He first restates the problem as if he was the one bringing it up and stating it, (even if he disagrees), then he claims it's a problem everywhere and goes on about insigificant details and will pretend he's been talking to canadians about this, till people forget there WAS a question and then claims they're already fixing it without really saying how. He will then say he's trying to fix things for "All canadians' Pick a topic. The rise in interest rates for example. "Mr trudeau, why are interest rates climbing under your leadership" "I think you'll agree that inflation is one of the largest problems facing young people today. It's a global issue that's being felt in every country everywhere and as we know from the past inflation is a terrible thing that can quickly impact people's lives in a negative fashion. Canadians want lower inflation That's why my government will continue to do everything we can to fight inflation and create a better life for all Canadians trudeau's other little trick if you haven't noticed is to constantly say the word Canadians. And he insists on what Canadians want or what they believe or how they think. Canadians want vaccine hesitant people to suffer. Canadians know that I'm doing my best on inflation and if that's not good enough too bad. Canadians believe that parents have no right to know about their child's mental health. He thinks if he tells people that Canadians want or believe or whatever that they will be more likely to think that they should too because after all, the rest of Canada already wants or believes that way apparently.
  10. They absolutely have said that, and look at the attacks on this guy for saying it is a good thing. That's the problem. If the left didn't think it was a bad thing they wouldn't have said anything. If he'd got up and said "My sister chose to be a doctor and it's very rewarding and some of you will chose to be home makers but you will find it very fulfilling to be a doctor", then we'd have never heard his name. The moral outrage and hatred being directed at this guy is not because the left thinks staying home to raise kids is a GOOD thing. Well she must be a terrible terrible person then according to the left Would you agree with the leftist posters here who have said that she is worth less as a person because she stayed home? Would you tell other women that she seemed to enjoy that choice or would you tell them that she should have been out of the home working and you're disappointed in her? You can't have it both ways. either you have a problem with women staying home and being a home maker and mother, OR this guy said nothing wrong. Clearly you have an issue with it.
  11. And yet you get furious when anyone suggests that because you're aligned with the terrorists that you subscribe to their views and actions. You don't need me to explain how cheezy it is to demand that groot is religious just because others who happen to agree with him on this are
  12. ROFLMAO!!!!!! Worse back pedal ever HE's talking directly to women and discussing being a wife and a mother. Now i know you leftist types think men can have babies these days but he probably doesn't think that I'm pretty sure he was talking to women Nice try though. Always remember the leftist motto: " If truth and science isn't helping us then a pig-headed unwillingness to stare facts in the face will see us through!" No, the point is that's what he did and you're still whining about it. There's nothing wrong with saying the choice is yours and many will choose one direction or another but I want you to know that this is a perfectly valid choice and you should consider it despite the fact that the left says you're evil and Satan if you do. So the real question is why the hell does the left feel the need to lie about what he said? They can't actually debate or discuss the point, they can't actually say he's right and that being a mother is a perfectly valid choice and let it go at that, they have to freak out and turn it into something he never said. Why is that? Why do you feel the need to do that? Why isn't the honest truth enough for you?
  13. Sure like vulnerabalizing See? I KNEW you were voting for Justin
  14. Less than 80 years thats for sure. It was pretty obvious by the 60's that israel wasn't going anywhere. Certainly by the end of the 70's they'd had their wars and israel was clearly kicking butt and wasn't going anywhere, was well recognized by the international community, and nothing was going to be changing that. That was over 50 years ago. But even then - being 'pissed' does not justify an attack like October 7th. You are siding with the terrorist, not freedom fighters not patriots not 'displaced peoples' - just a bunch of terrorist drunk on hatred and eager to kill. Still the wrong side to be on,
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