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  1. And i think we've all made THAT mistake before - why isn't the right wing a little more sympathetic?
  2. If you mean 'support' as in "rah rah' - sure. If you mean 'support' as in take money out of their pockets and give it to ukraine.... The evidence doesn't support your statement. https://globalnews.ca/news/9507978/ukraine-canada-support-poll-anniversary/ As is always the case, as time goes on support slowly goes down (financial support particularly). Our own soldiers have no tanks or air defense systems left - but we're buying more for someone else. And if a crisis breaks out anywhere in the world our people will go without. Our people haven't got food to eat, but we're buying artillery rounds and building APC's for someone else. If the war continues by this time next year support for financing it will likely be below 50 percent. It's always that way.
  3. It is the same. A lie by omission is still a lie. They are training the kids to deceive their parents RATHER than teaching or helping them engage with their parents.
  4. You of all people should be more honest than that. If they can consent without parents saying so, they can do so without parental awareness. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/canadian-court-rules-child-can-start-hormone-therapy-without-parental-consent So lets not pretend it doesn't happen or can't happen. Oh look who's lying rather than actually backing up his claim again. Yawn.
  5. Well it's not really a debate about pronouns. It's a debate about alerting parents to a serious medical condition. If a kid bashed his head and then felt sleepy, you wouldn't call it a debate about having naps. You would say 'someone should be made aware of a possible concussion'. And unfortunately SOME educators and the like go from "i'll just keep this from the parents" to "i should help the kid by encouraging them to transition and introducing them to medical experts", and yes that happens. Then the kid is considering medical treatments which permanently alter them including hormones and surgeries and the parents still have no clue there's an issue. So it's not really a bait and switch at all, It's asserting the rights of the parents to know what's happening with their kids from the get go. The numbers have also been posted - but that's not what i asked you. I asked you how many YOU would need to see mutilated before YOU felt uncomfortable. Please - by all means tell us what number of children who's lives were ruined before you said 'gee that's a bad thing, maybe that shouldn't be allowed"? And 'gender affirming care' is a bullshit term. They are being treated for gender dysphoria, not to 'affirm' anything. And gender dysphoria is frequently misdiagnosed. I'm against any unnecessary treatments which will permanently scar alter or maim a child until they're old enough to make that decision and fully understand it's ramifications. At that point i'm all over them having the right to do what they feel they need to. But for kids? Not interested.
  6. But they do. Coersion is force - courts have ruled on that forever. And as you've noted - you support that. Not a problem according to you - you don't think it SHOULD happen but you know it does and it's no big deal. Hypocrisy is a way of life for the left..
  7. The facts about this have already been posted numerous times before, and it's not hard to find the data yourself. Which suggests you're being a little dishonest here. And the whole routine of 'but if it's not happening every day it's really not a big deal is it? Maybe we should just ignore it". That's pretty much the standard left wing argument when they can't come up with a real one - "why are you making such a big deal" about kids being mutilated without proper consent? Just out of curiosity - how many kids would you say have to be mutilated before it's ok to think it's a bad thing? 10? 20? If 60 kids are mutilated without having the ability to give proper consent and without their parents knowing about it till it's too late, is that ok? I'm just curious, i had no idea there was a required minmum for child abuse before we're allowed to care.
  8. No you didn't. Your lying about it doesn't make it true. Better than you apperently Honestly if you had a frontal lobotomy it would be months before anyone noticed.
  9. Nobody said it was in the article. But it's been cited many times. That's the teacher's positions, there's lawsuits about that going on right now.
  10. The nazis were left wing We keep tellin' 'em and they keep proving us right
  11. Yes. really. But of course you knew that. Weren't you going to point out where i said i thought they SHOULDN'T be treated like everyone else? Or were you lying when you said that?
  12. Did he knowingly remove it? Yes. Did he place it in that location knowingly? Yes. Knowing he did that, did e return it when required? No. Is that a crime? yes. Thanks for playing.
  13. A poll last year suggested people supported the carbon tax. That's gone out the window too. i think as people get hungry at home they'll get more and more fussy about aid going abroad. I mean - announcing this at about the same time as he announces a billion dollar cut to OUR military budget is going to have a few people scratching their heads. It's basically nothing like germany in ww2. This isn't about 'liebenstraum'. Putin is the same as most conquorers i suppose in that he likes using military force to gain territory and assets to enhance his empire. But i don't think people are objecting because they think Putin is such a great guy. I don't really think that it's about the conflict at all to be honest. I think it's as simple as our people are going without things they need and we're spending money on someone else . You're new here so you probably missed some of my longer posts about the war - i've been brutally clear and straight forward that i think the war is a good thing for us to support because russia is an enemy and destroying their military and economic engines this way is by far the cheapest way we could possibly have hoped for. Whether you think putin or ukraine is at fault, it still boils down to this confict costs us pennies on the dollar to trash a hostile neighbour. But - if people at home are going hungry it IS going to be divisive to feed someone else. And trudeau has NOT made a good case for the aid or how it will help ukraine. Not to mention that this is going to increase inflationary pressures at home.
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