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  1. Mueller indicted 12 members of Putin's Internet Research Agency including Victor Prigozhin AKA, Putin's Chef. AKA, PUTIN'S SPIES. Russia's Prigozhin admits links to what U.S. says was election-meddling troll farm So you say. Means nothing. I don't use the term lDIOT lightly and you are one.
  2. Turned out the officer who shot Brown told dispatch that he was going to wait for backup PER POLICY and then VIOLATED policy by confronting Brown ALONE. IF he had proceeded according to policy, he would have had enough help to make the shooting unnecessary when HIS CONFRONTATION of Brown back fired. You must be ^joking. You have ZERO evidence Floyd would have confronted the cops since he was just sitting in his truck when they arrived and the cops rousted HIM. Floyd was DEFINITELY a victim and the jury found Chauvin GUILTY.
  3. If anyone knew the dangers to ex-cops in prison, it was Chauvin. For all I know, maybe he was hoping to get time off for his suffering.
  4. You make excuses for MURDER. Fortunately you weren't on the jury which found Chauvin guilty of murder. I condemn the BAD COPS you DEFEND.
  5. Most people who try to pass a fake 20 do not even get arrested. Usually the cashier just refuses the payment. I CAN believe you're defending MURDER.
  6. Same reason it matters that Trump accepted Putin's denial of responsibility over US intelligence agencies. It shows they were working together and Trump is Putin's b1tch making excuses for Russian interference. Duh Lots of people fall for phishing attacks. They're still illegal. Are you going to defend Russian phishing attacks, too?
  7. There is no death penalty for "blitzed out of his mind" except by "street justice" cops, and those like YOU who support his MURDER. Next time you see a bum on the street who is "blitzed out of his mind," I don't suggest you test out your theory and murder him. Chauvin WAS in a high secure facility and was TRANSFERRED to medium security AT HIS REQUEST. Duh
  8. I never said your premise. In FACT there are completely PRIVATE implications which do NOT extend to public ones. Just because you PRETEND your conclusion is "logical" does not make it so.
  9. Nope, WHEN BOTH ARE RELEVANT. Duh AKA, one causes the other.
  10. I guess FOS LIES does not report it when Putin says on national TV that he wanted Trump to win, nor when Trump said he believes Putin's denial of responsibility OVER his own national intelligence assessments. You are the pathetic one ^here.
  11. It is also possible, even probable, that the judge knows Minnesota law better than you.
  12. It CAN EASILY be BOTH. Duh Esp to those who pretend mental process is not "biological."
  13. So you're claiming that the jury didn't follow the law AND the judge allowed that? IINM, and there is clear evidence of insufficient premeditation, the judge would/should have withdrawn the murder charge. Or maybe the judge knows Minnesota law better than you.
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