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  1. You need to quote the statement if you want people to believe your "evidence." Thanks for finally quoting it. You must be joking. EVERYONE (else, besides exclusive FOS LIES viewers) KNOWS Trump said he'd be a dictator. You may believe him that it's only "day one," but that is NAIVE. Dictators are NOT KNOWN for relinquishing power once achieved.
  2. ^Only YOUR OPINION. Existing corroboration is the real reason. Did you hear the judge's instructions? He said because Cohen was an "accomplice," even if the jury believes his testimony completely, they can't convict unless he is CORROBORATED. Cohen's statement IS UNOPPOSED. Only Trump could refuted it AND HE DID NOT. AKA, there was NO "plausible explanation" offered. The jury does not get to just make one up.
  3. IF you listen to ex-DOJ top lawyers (instead of FOS LIES), they will tell you that the evidence against Trump is strong, but no one can tell what this jury will do and it's possible one or 2 will hang the decision. And Trump's defense team has completely IGNORED any alternative explanation for the STRONGEST EVIDENCE against Trump, probably cause they have NONE.
  4. You're talking anyone who BELIEVES ANYTHING without EVIDENCE. Like YOU. IF FOS LIES had evidence that voting machines manufactured votes, they would not have had to PAY $800M to Dominion Systems for libel and FRAUD.
  5. No evidence DeNiro was sent by Biden. Duh Quote it or it didn't happen. All he said is "he doesn't belong here." Duh Trump is the one claiming he will be a dictator. And now he's suggesting he can be in office for 4 terms because FDR. 🤮 You're LYING, AGAIN. There was NO WEDDING. LMAO
  6. Just cause you make up ^this BULLSHIT doesn't make it true. The REAL reason they say they don't need Cohen is because he was corroborated by other sources and circumstantial evidence. Duh
  7. ^Not the point. The point is a Party being "aligned" with Christianity, is not evidence that any specific member is a Christian. Do you believe Trump is "aligned" with Christianity because he claims to be when it is politically convenient?
  8. Your analogy is nonsensical. You give specific Republicans points for your ASSUMPTION that Republicans in general are more "aligned" with Christianity. Do you believe Trump is "aligned" with Christianity because he claims to be when it is politically convenient?
  9. No deal has been "struck." Jared didn't have that level of influence. He still got a HUGE PAYOFF for government "service." Of course, the most significant "service" was quashing the MBS US citizen journalist MURDER investigation.
  10. My threads almost always start with a mainstream reporter making the case. It's this thread that started with YOU posting a,snotty and ignorant diatribe about your stupid SPECULATIONS. In reality, unless Trump is convicted and loses his appeal before November (AKA in jail), he will be on the ballot and so will Joe. NO ONE can pull Joe from the ballot.
  11. They had to make a choice where to file. NOTHING "banana republic" about choosing the venue. LMAO
  12. Perpetrating Trump's LIE ENCOURAGES the same VIOLENCE against LEO that Trump has incited. Duh Apparently you're IGNORANT of the attacks on LEO which were previously incited by Trump's LIES. I attacked you for perpetrating the NONSENSICAL idea that Trump was in danger when he wasn't home. Duh Apparently you've not read my comments on Biden's cozy relationship with Netanyahu and his war crimes. You don't know what you're talking about; constantly misrepresenting my posts here and pretending your interpretations are based on what I write. 🤮
  13. The change will be huge if Democrats don't turnout enmasse. Also depends on the behavior of the replacement poll workers for all those who have succumbed to physical threats and quit.
  14. You're a FOOL to believe your meme means ANYTHING. Anyone can make a meme full of LIES.
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