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  1. Are you a criminal? Only criminals believe the LAW is stupid. 🤮
  2. Your conspiracy theory claims do NOT negate all the EVIDENCE against Trump.
  3. False business records are a misdemeanor and doing it furtherance of a crime makes it a FELONY. The crime being an illegal unreported campaign contribution.
  4. I'm sure he'll reconsider charges based ON YOUR WORD. NOT.
  5. You must be delusional to believe in "witch hunts," just because Trump told you to. Do you know that several "witches" were found and CONVICTED? LMAO
  6. "Firebrands" do not plot to ILLEGALLY overturn an election; that is CRIMINAL.
  8. You mean the LAWS WHICH REQUIRE consideration of asylum claims?
  9. Just shows your dishonest DESPERATION. You KNOW that source is heavily BIASED but double down on it anyway.
  10. Of course your source of a Republican group is unassailable. LMAO Your choice of source just shows YOUR DESPERATION. I am WELL FAMILIAR with Trump's "accomplishments" as well as his EXTENISIVE LIST of ethical VIOLATIONS. And KNOW that HIS CULT gives him a PASS on every one. Since you are unfamiliar with Biden's here is a LIST from an OBJECTIVE SOURCE.
  11. Or you're just jumping to conclusions WITHOUT EVIDENCE and cannot admit you ARE WRONG. People like you have been underestimating Joe Biden for DECADES.
  12. And you believe black lives DON'T matter? And they have not been abused by cops? I can lead you to water but I can't make you THINK. I've NEVER had to wait in line for more than 10 minutes. In the South, blacks often have had to wait for many hours. IOW, you don't know what you're talking about. As USUAL.
  13. I didn't bring it up, I responded to YOUR REFERENCE. In your fantasy world.... It is Republican engineered LONG LINES which are the INSULT to black Americans.
  14. You're the one who brought up BLM. Duh. Trump has a very outside chance. Esp if the Republicans succeed with their VOTER SUPPRESSION this time.
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