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  1. Last week
  2. President of Iran goes down in a helicopter crash.  It’s a remote area, they have been delayed in finding the crash site.

    1. sharkman


      Apparently they still haven't found him.  This could affect oil prices and or markets tomorrow...

    2. sharkman


      It's been reported that the president of Iran is dead.  Things are about to heat up. 

    3. Army Guy

      Army Guy

      why are the people not dancing in the streets...

  3. Happy Victoria Day Weekend

    VRI - Pro Patria

    God save the Queen


    1. Army Guy
    2. Iceni warrior

      Iceni warrior

      Couldn't save her ultimately.

      God Save the King.

    3. Dougie93


      yet it is HM Queen Victoria whom must be saved here in Ontario

      in the face of the American cultural revolution at the gates, come to erase our history

      Victoria Regina Imperatrix

      Mother Canada

      Pro Patria


  4. This quote from the 1944 book, The Road to Serfdom: "It is well known that particularly the scientists and engineers, who had so loudly claimed to be the leaders on the march to a new and better world, submitted more readily than almost any other class to the new tyranny."

    1. sharkman


      Yeah, I’ve heard this type of compliance coming from the more educated.  Trust the science, trust the system…

  5. Palestinian studying in UK on student visa gets her visa cancelled after cheering on Oct 7 at rally. Imagine if Canada had the balls to act against people like this.


    1. Army Guy

      Army Guy

      Our balls were taken away in 2015...god has spoken, you'll get them back when Justin leaves office...just another reason to vote conservative, get your balls back...yes ladies you get yours back as well...what nobody ever heard of lady balls...then you must be liberal/NDP

  6. Too bad Fiko didn't die

  7. Earlier
  8. Edmonton and Calgary police give the boot to palestinian demonstrators as soon as they set up camp. Meanwhile, Doug Ford and his Ontario universities continue to wring their hands in anguish about what to do.

  9. My first posts were made on April 29th and 30th. I don't think I stepped over any lines. What gives? 

    1. Greg


      I'm slow to approve posts and accounts on the weekend.

      However, I've gone ahead and approved your account - you're a full member now.


  10. “We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.” -- Winston Churchill

  11. “There is no nice way to arrest a potentially dangerous, combative suspect. The police are our bodyguards; our hired fists, batons and guns. We pay them to do the dirty work of protecting us. The work we’re too afraid, unskilled or too civilized to do ourselves. We expect to keep the bad guys out of our business, out of our cars, out of our houses, out of our faces. We just don’t want to see how it’s done.”

    Charles H Webb

  12. I think they're trying to set Carney up as next Lib leader, making him appear less radical than Trudo.  But from what I've read, Trudo just says what he's told to say, this guy really believes in the globalist agendas.  Although I think "You can't have a circus without a Carney" would be a great slogan.


    1. Army Guy

      Army Guy

      He is in for a long ride sitting on the bench , Justin has tainted the liberal for decades...

    2. sharkman


      The globalist agenda will be upheld by Poilievre.  There is no Canadian leader on the horizon that will oppose it.  Trump was the only one in the US, and you can see what happened to him...

  13. Less than 20% of Muslims are in full-time employment in the UK. We keep no similar statistics because that would be rude, but there's no reason to believe the numbers would be any different here.



  14. I'm coming for you Fox News!

  15. 21 points ahead!

  16. Do we have lab-grown meat in Canada now?

  17. I'm coming for you Fox News!

  18. A flamethrowing robot dog? I can't think of a single way this goes wrong.


    1. Army Guy

      Army Guy

      And here we thought pitbulls were bad....now starting that camp fire in the rain is going to be easy, or burning down your local camp ground 

  19. You can sure tell it's a full  moon.🌕

    1. sharkman


      Hey, I saw that last night.  Stayed in the right late the rest of the 60 km drive.

  20. Isn't it hard for you to kick against the goads?

  21. What antiracists are like when they don't think any 'real' people can hear them.


  22. Interesting cartoon from 1934:1934.thumb.JPG.d5c240448590e4ae24b2738f1d8dff2d.JPG

    1. betsy




      It's good to see you're okay!


      <big hug>


    2. Goddess


      Hi Betsy!  Good to see you're still here, too!

  23. Toronto Muslims already out celebrating Iran's attack on Israel. Anti-war? Not so much. Just anti Jew.

    1. Army Guy

      Army Guy

      When i look at the news feed i see more white people than brown people, which only proves some whites are extremely gullible or just plain stupid to openly support terrorism...

  24. Rot in hell, OJ. 

    1. Goddess


      He dedicated the rest of his life to finding out who the real killer was.  Now, we'll never know.

  25. "Global monkey torture ring" is not a headline I expect to see on the BBC news site. Then again, it's not a thing I ever knew was a thing. 


    1. Army Guy

      Army Guy

      I hope him and his buddies got a specials seat in hell... 

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