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  2. Look who's racist!



  3. Yesterday
  4. Trudeau and the polls must be getting to Ken Hardie.  he's starting to lose it.




    Apology to the victims' families first - for treating the incident so lightly, m***n



  5. French government heightens national threat alert, orders 7,000 soldiers to be deployed until further notice to bolster security and vigilance around France due to threats by islamists.

    This is not on the tv news in Canada as it does not align with our governments wreckless agenda to bring them here in high numbers.


  6. Last week
  7. How much longer will Singh let Canadians suffer, not to mention how much more damage will he let be done to Canada before he pulls the plug on Trudeau?

    When will he finally put the country first....................... before his own interest?




    1. betsy


      It's like watching us...........................sinking in quick sand.



    2. OftenWrong
  8. Geert Wilders grows a Trump-like hairdo, and gets elected.



  9. Vehicle explosion on Rainbow bridge!



    1. bcsapper


      SpaceX, I think.  Did you see how far that damn thing travelled when it took off?

      Then it blew up.  Classic SpaceX!

    2. OftenWrong


      "Bentley Flying Spur", believe it or not.

      Price a mere $300k.

      Comes in a hybrid gas/electric model but no info on which one this was.

    3. OftenWrong


      My guess a transistor blew and shorted the gas pedal, which is just an electric dial on these vehicles. Then the car will go full speed with no control. Or could be a rat chewed the wires.

      Either way, an electric funeral.

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  11. Liberals have shit their bed, now want to change their position.

    "I am not a Liberal!" ... almost like

    "I did not vote for the NSDAP!"


    Sorry no, baby. You still own the stinky mess you made.

    1. sharkman


      Funny how all of the liberals on this forum did not come running to defend.  In fact, it supports your position.

  12. Hate crime unit investigating vandalism in Toronto.

    "It is absolutely appalling to see this targeting of an Indigo store and its Jewish founder and CEO in a vile antisemitic attack. The fact that it occurred on the 85th anniversary of Kristallnacht, when thousands of Jewish businesses were vandalized and destroyed in a Nazi-led pogrom in Germany and Austria just before the Holocaust, makes it even more painful to witness. "




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    2. OftenWrong


      He did make condemning statements toward Israel yesterday. Coming from the PM, it essentially fans the flames of antisemitism.

    3. TreeBeard


      It’s antisemitic to criticize the nation of Israel?

    4. OftenWrong


      Israel is a country, Jews are not Israel. Same for Hamas, is a group. Palestinians are not all for Hamas.

      But there are plenty of not-so-smart people out there who don't know that, and who react out of ignorance. That's why we now have the bomb threats, firebombings and hateful graffiti and personal attacks in the street.

  13. Alberta breaking up AHS, creating new agencies in health care overhaul.

    Sounds like the right move. Go after the real heart of the problem. Totally dismantle the existing health care bureaucracy and start over.



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    2. OftenWrong


      Well, four is more than one. ;) 

    3. Aristides


      Be interesting to see someone try something different.

    4. Aristides


      Because health care is provincial, we already think 10 is better than 1.

  14. “I was born in Russia; my family moved here as refugees to escape antisemitism. This is not the Toronto that I grew up in.”


    Same here lady. This is not the Toronto any of us grew up in.

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    2. OftenWrong


      No one said he 'invented racism'. I have no idea where that comment came from. You seem to be having reading comprehension issues.

      Trudeau is a blatant racist and if you don't see that, no amount of education can save you. 

      Besides, I don't recall getting taught about the holocaust in high school, and yet this generation of Canadians are not ignorant of it or overtly antisemitic. 

      The antisemitism we see now isn't from Canadians who went to our school system. This is mainly people who were not even brought up here. 

      You twit...


    3. Aristides


      Education is a provincial responsibility but I agree that depending on the province, teaching the Holocaust has not been the priority is should. In BC teaching the Holocaust has been optional up until last month, now it will be compulsory. I knew survivors in my youth, my grade 9 French teacher was a concentration camp survivor with the tattoo and a wonky eye from a guard hitting him with a club. I would love to pick his brain now but then I was too young and dumb. 

      I see Trudeau as a smug dilettante prone to poor judgement,  but not a racist. 

    4. Aristides


      All the racists and anti semites coming out of the woodwork weren't Trudeau's making, they were always there.

  15. I just wanted to remind everyone that drinking and driving is not worth the risk. 

  16. Been a DAY now, Greg!

    1. Greg


      posts have been approved. thanks for your patience. 

  17. Apparently paying a carbon tax on home heating this winter is no longer a federal concern, in terms of saving the planet...

    1. Boges


      I think it's just Home Heating Oil. 

      Suckers that use Natuaral Gas are still on the hook. 

    2. OftenWrong


      Mr. Socks looking to buy some rural votes. I guess we'll see about that.

  18. Beautiful fall leaves this year. Colours are magnificent.


     Climate alarmists predicted there wasn't going to be any colours this year, because of the forest fires.




    In other words, once again you people are fulla shit man



  19. Michael,

    How do I contact you?

    1. Michael Hardner

      Michael Hardner

      You can send me a message on here.  I will message you.


      Otherwise, we could arrange email.

    2. August1991
    3. TreeBeard


      I’d be worried….

  20. Come all ye Christian soldiers

    stand with the State of Israel

    in defence of civilization itself


    1. TreeBeard



      Jewish folks don’t share your Christian nutjobbery.  

    2. Dougie93


      Jewish folks should realize that only we Evangelical Christians can save them

      our absolute faith in the Nazarene

      is the only bulwark against the Bolsheviks & National Socialists

  21. Am Yisrael Chai

    לאלוהים ולמדינה

    המעז מנצח


  22. CBC leaked emails tell reporters to not use 'terrorist' in Hamas coverage: 'This is opinion, not fact'




    Hamas is officially declared and recognized as a terrorist group!




    Date added to the list: Nov. 27, 2002

    Hamas, which stands for Harakat Al-Muqawama Al-Islamiya, is an “Islamist-nationalist terrorist organization” with the goal of establishing an Islamic Palestinian state in Israel. The organization is responsible for “several hundred terrorist attacks” since 1990, according to Public Safety Canada.

    Canada, the European Union and the United States classify Hamas as a terrorist group, while Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom only consider the group’s militant wing as a terrorist group.



    1. betsy


      I suppose CBC doesn't want to call ISIS a terrorist group either!

    2. Aristides


      I think that is the correct thing to do when reporting factual information. Labels should be saved for opinion pieces. CBC has repeatedly reported that Hamas and ISIS have been designated terrorist organizations by Canada and most other western countries. That is factual, not opinion.

  23. Brainless judge happily says diversity is the number one consideration for appointment to be a judge, then laments lack of people applying to be judges.


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    2. TreeBeard


      You’re making the claim that they’re not qualified.  How are they not qualified?  The old white judge says they are.  Who do I believe…. Him, or you?

    3. I am Groot

      I am Groot

      Qualified does not mean best. It doesn't even mean close to the best. Any lawyer is 'qualified' to represent you. But that doesn't make them a star. I get that you don't care. I do. I think that if I'm hiring a lawyer maybe hiring from among the top ten in the class is kind of a good idea. And for you, well, number 237 is fine as long as they're black or Asian or indigenous. That seems kinda racist to me, but to each his or her own.

    4. Army Guy

      Army Guy

      Well i guess if everyone that has the same qualification, there be no sense to read all the rest of the applications just pick the first one that comes in is that what your implying. And why do we have performance reviews, if everyone is the same.... they do have the same qualifications but have been practicing corporate law, or divorce cases, do you think they still hold the same experience level as say a lawyer that practices criminal law... .. no not really, as long as they are the right sex or color or religion, fat, skinny, hair color, eye color.

      but thats not what is happening there is a quota for women, race, religion, etc...each employer must have a certain amount of each on staff...or risk being canceled or called out...thats what this article is about, it has nothing to do with hiring the best qualified candidate. this practice is discriminatory. But don't let that get in the way. 

  24. "Government has no business in the dressing rooms of Canadians."

    - Pierre Elliot Oftenwrong

    1. OftenWrong


      This applies to hockey. People are being ordered to cover up and not show their nakedness in the dressing room. They cannot use the shower either unless wearing clothing, like a bathing suit. 

      It's the solution given by Hockey Canada to complaints that tranny men who join women's sports are showing their full junk to WOMEN in the change rooms and shower.

  25. Remembering when...

    They gave Obama a Nobel peace prize at the beginning of his presidency, for the peace he would bring. He had not done anything yet to deserve it. In fact he never did.

    Politics much? ...

    It was at that point I lost all respect for whatever the Nobel committee decided.

  26. This jackass has opened up a hornet's nest.

    Trudeau 'looking carefully' at releasing names of ex-Nazis in Canada

    The problem is the fog of war creates alliances to fight an enemy, but that does not make these Ukrainian troops who fought under Nazi orders Naziss themselves.

    Now, 80 years later, if you're 98 years old and caught up in that, you'd better pray they don't come for you as offering atonement for this parliament's blundering stupidity. Suck it up, ye Candians.

    1. Army Guy

      Army Guy

      Fog of war...how does that even rate as an excuse...And yes it does mean that if you fought for the NAZI it does make you a NAZI...add to the fact that he was an SS dick head...then you double that up once again...They swore an oath, and became NAZI's before being allowed to wear the uniform...

      Lets say for augment sake he is guilty of war crimes...are you saying he is to old to bring justice to...we just shrug our shoulders and say you got us , maybe next time...or do we send him to Poland to face justice...

      And yes it all boils down to parliaments screw up, but that does not undo his crimes as a Nazi during the war...to which there is not expiration date on murder or war crimes...and yes if your one of those dick heads you should be worried, about facing a court for your crimes...thats how our laws work...


  27. CIA official says China ‘growing every which way’ on artificial intelligence

    This is a whole new type of weapon. There is no doubt, no doubt, that we in Canada will be subject to this.

    You people think you are smart enough to outwit the Chinese AI super-liar?

    You can't even write a proper sentance...



  28. Trudeau constantly splits the population into Liberal angels and Conservative devils. You either believe in Liberal climate policy or are a climate denier, according to Trudeau. You either mask up and vax up or are putting lives at risk. You either support the radical demands of trans activists or you hate sexual minorities.

    Stephen Moore

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