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  1. You keep saying that. You keep insisting that only a fool would reply to me .... yet here you are replying to me yet again LOLOL And the AI doesn't respond to me - it responds to you. It says it's sorry you don't understand and tries to explain this to you again Not to mention the fact that by copying what i say, going to the ai site, logging in, pasting what i said, getting the reply, copying the reply and coming back here to post it you're doing 10 times the work just replying would. All you're doing is proving you're obsessed with me and you've mentally cracked ROFLMAO!!!! "I WILL NEVER RESPOND TO YOU!! Except this time. And this one. And this one. And..."
  2. I'm pretty sure with their perks, breaks, extensive bankable sick time etc they already only really work 3 days a week.
  3. It understood just fine. It apologized because you didn't understand how it worked The whole thing is set up so that if you ask IT a question it will reply. But - you took something written for a human that WASN'T a question and posted that, And it basically looked at you and said "I'm really sorry you're stupid, but this isn't how it works ' . ROFLMAO!!!!! And the fact you didn't realize that's what was happening and just kept doing it was frikkin' HILARIOUS!!!!! You do make me laugh !!!! We had the 'pouting' version of you, we had the 'keep posting whenever Cdnfox tells me to" version of you, we've had the "AI" version, and we always get the hissy fit version I swear to god you should sell your online life to Netflix as a comedy routine
  4. Crap - just realized i forgot to post the link!!! Original post edited to include it https://www.nationalreview.com/corner/transgender-woman-denied-euthanasia-in-canada-over-post-surgical-pain-and-regret/ Well in the article the trans person who wants to kill herself says that exactly. She says: Doctors are more interested in finding out what pronouns she uses than easing her pain, she told DailyMail.com. ‘I’m not getting any better and nor am I experiencing better medical care, or any medical care,’ Cardinal said. ‘It’s so captured by gender ideologies, that they care more about my pronouns.’
  5. And i posted your actual words claiming what you complained about. You even BOLDED it. Now you realize you were wrong, and you're trying to claim that you were REALLY complaning about something else. But we both know it's not true. Of course it is. A child can see it. And I thought you just said that's NOT what you were complaining about. Seems like you're having a tough time keeping your story straight. Ummmm - there was no 'former' and latter', it was just one statement ANNNND - it was the same statement that you just made AGAIN and the ORIGINAL one you complained about which you insist is not what you're arguing about despite the fact you keep arguing about it. Sigh - every time. Every time you say something stupid and then you backpeddal like hell trying to claim you didn't say it in the first place, while saying it again anyway Have you considered NOT saying stupid things in the first place? LOLOL!!!
  6. This seemed interesting in light of your comment: https://www.nbc15.com/2023/07/26/no-cashiers-kroger-location-converts-entirely-self-checkout/ No cashiers: Kroger location converts to entirely self-checkout
  7. That might well be the case for conservatives - but for the media? I would guess if there's any fear involved there it would be that if the Conservatives get in they will tend to defund media in general and that scares the mainstream media badly. So they are reluctant to point out the obvious faults in the current government and the dangers that Canadians face. There's a bunch of strikes right now. Knows that it'll be the Conservatives in power the next time all of these come up.
  8. I"m not arguing with anyone. Quite literally I'm just repeating what you've said. It would appear that when you hear your own words repeated back to you they sound weird. Welcome to what the rest of us experience when you talk Did i? I'd have to go back and look to see but for sure it was mulroney's of course. Slip of the tounge
  9. https://www.nationalreview.com/corner/transgender-woman-denied-euthanasia-in-canada-over-post-surgical-pain-and-regret/ A transgender woman named Lois Cardinal wants to be euthanized because of terrible pain being experienced from–and deep remorse over–having been transitioned surgically. From the Daily Mail story: An indigenous transgender woman has slammed Canada‘s healthcare system for rejecting her euthanasia request despite the pain she endures from a surgically-built vagina. In social media posts, Lois Cardinal, a self-proclaimed ‘sterilized First Nations post-op transsexual’ said regret over her medical transition led her to apply for a lethal injection in January. Cardinal, who lives on a native reserve near St. Paul, Alberta, posted her medical records from the request online this week to draw attention to radical gender ideology. I find it telling that we don’t hear too much about such severe and chronic post-surgical complications in the debates over “gender-affirming care.” This is another reason why medical conscience laws should apply in this area. Transition surgeries should not be viewed as a “civil right,” if only because they have the potential to cause so much harm to the patient. There is so much wrong here i just don't even know where to start. Although calling it a "Neo-Vagina" as they do in the story is probably the most ridiculous. BTW - she was 19 when she transitioned. Apparently most if not all experience pain and discomfort. Transgender is NOT the same thing as being gay - Gay people can live perfectly healthy happy lives just as they are. This is a "disphoria" - it is is a mental illness. It is harmful to the people that have this condition. We have to stop pretending that this is some sort of 'personality' issue and treat it more like an illness.
  10. My figment of you creates what you type. I see. You know - i've mentioned this before but the voices in your head are NOT your friends.
  11. https://betterdwelling.com/canadian-households-get-left-behind-as-real-disposable-income-falls/ Household disposable income growth is failing to keep up with inflation according to StatCan data. Even worse, once adjusted for inflation and the country’s booming population growth, it paints a dreary picture as debt problems surface. Along with the effect of inflation, the lowering GDP per capita ratio, the increasing debt and interest etc etc this is the latest indicator that most Canadians are experiencing a decline in wealth and income. We've been over several stories like this now. Pretty much every metric shows that Canadians are suffering and lowering their standard of living. SO my question would be why isn't the MSM demanding the liberals address this every single day? This is a massive massive issue, arguably one of the biggest we've faced in this country since the 1980's. This should be the primary topic everyone's talking about
  12. LOL - you sure are I'm pretty sure "Couldn't make an argument myself so posted an AI reply that actually appologized to my opponent and said he was right and now i'm desperately trying to pretend it didn't" is basically the very height of loserdom LOL - run and grab moonbat to help you out - you're sinking fast ROFLMAO!!!!!!!
  13. ( i think it was supposed to be sarcasm actually - i think most tribes fought over territory and possessions such as women)
  14. So my mind creates your words. You need to fire your therapist and get a new one tomorrow
  15. Well you did - but as we've seen even if we just look at the part you selected you're wrong. I'm not sure what kind of !diot says "No - i demand i wasn't stupid THAT way, i was stupid THIS way", but whatever floats your boat. Sure -you can quote something different if you feel like. But here's what you really said: That's what you complained about. That i said standard of living and gdp per capita are connected. That's what you said. Quoted and everything. YOUR bolding btw. And as the article proves and as I have show - it is in fact linked. GDP per capita and people's quality of life are strongly linked. If GDP per capita is low - people's lifestyle will suffer all else being equal. So you were wrong. And once again here you are throwing a hissy fit and trying to backpeddal and find another point to try to pretend you were arguing about. Pathetic. How's that "magic quotation system" working for you now loser ROFLMAO!!!!
  16. I have to wonder how many gays actually feel that this behavior represents them and is a 'celebration' of their rights and culture.
  17. Well exactly. Although honestly i think he just looks for any opportunity to disagree with me without thinking too much about it, especially if Exflyer is having a bad day. While individual cases may of course vary - if people are more productive they are worth more money. Gdp per capita rises when people are more productive and creating more wealth. While gdp per capita is not the ONLY indicator to watch, it's certainly a very important one if we're looking at how much gov't services we're going to be able to afford and the potential for income and quality of life.
  18. Here's an even better one. The next year the gdp falls to 50 k. You're both worse off. See how that works? Of course anything that looks at quality of life in general is not going to be applicable on a one to one basis. But if gdp per capita rises, generally it means people have been more productive and have earned (or can earn) more money.
  19. Congratualtions on once again proving you're a m0ron who hates to admit when he's wrong. YOU directly claimed that GDP per capita doesn't reflect standards of living. I CORRECTLY pointed out that in fact it does, because it is a reflection of productivity and productivity directly affects standards of living. AS NOTED IN THE ARTICLE YOU DIDN"T BOTHER TO READ. Now you're trying to backpeddal because once again you've realized you're wrong and haven't got the balls to be a man about it. Pathetic. No, we did establish it IS falling at the moment. And is expected to throughout 2024. That is the truth. But even when it starts to increase again it will be at such a slow rate that our standards of living will fall radically against everyone else's.
  20. Good boy!!! I knew you could do it - even if you ARE talking to a mirror LOL Sorry the whole AI thing didn't work out for you - but if it's any consolation it was HILARIOUS for me And i appreciate you doing the whole ten-count of "i'm Fox's biatch" again - been a while since we've seen that God you must hate yourself when you go to bed at night
  21. So - your words are my fault LOLOL Well I know that leftie scumbags love to blame others for their own failings but that was pretty sad, even for you Sorry kiddo - the only thing that condemns you are your own actions. Can't blame anyone else for your behavior. Although i can certainly see why you would want to.
  22. Then you need to take a good long hard look at what's happening around you, what the liberal track record is, and whether or not bigotry and bias is playing a disproportionate role in your decision making. What are you afraid the CPC will do? Take bribes from a lobbist with a private island? Attempt to corrupt the justice system for 'friends'? Single source multi million dollar contracts to people who hire their family? Appoint a family relation to the ethics board? Double our national debt? Create divisions in canada that are so severe we're seeing it impact daily lives everywhere? Stand up and call people wastes of space that shoulnd't be tolerated by the rest of canada? Further depleat our military or cancel a plane contract - wait 5 years and then renew the contract at 50 percent more cost? Flatten our gdp per population growth? Get voted the 'most likely to underperform for the next 40 years"? Create sky high inflation? Declare the suspension of civil rights to attack peaceful protesters AND their supporters? Is that enough? Do you need more? THere's more if you need it. Anybody who claims that they 'dont know who's worse' would have to be able to explain how they REASONABLY believe that the CPC would do WORSE THAN THAT - and explain what that would look like. The ndp would be a better choice than the libs. That's how bad the libs are. They don't have a chance and basically ARE the libs these days so not really an option but ANYTHING is better than the libs.
  23. LOL - keep lying to yourself if it lets you get through the day kiddo - tho it obviously isn't, you've completely broken down mentally and it's not even noon yet. ROFLMAO!!! I do love it when you beg and plead like this "please!! please let me be right!! Please sir!!" LOL - desperately trying to repeat a lie to try to make it true is a good look for you But sorry - the AI can't save you It just keeps apologizing on your behalf So - what are we at? 9 i think? one more little guy!
  24. Sigh.' I see you're back proving that you can't read or follow an argument. The article explained this, Clearly you didn't/can't read it While it is not a direct measure it IS a measure of productivity - and productivity is directly associated with quality of life. If people can only produce 10 dollars an hour in value - that means they can't be paid more than 10 dollars an hour. If they can produce 20 dollars an hour then they can earn more. Also - it impacts the gov't services. GDP is related to how much money the gpov't brings in and therefore how much it can spend - but the more people there are the more it has to spend to provide the same level of service to those people. So if the ratio of gdp per person goes down, there's a similar drop in how much per person the gov't is going to have to spend on them. Seriously - fack you're stupid. It was all there before. THat was one of your most pathetic childish attacks and it was up against some pretty stiff competition Let me guess -you came running to help your buddy again becasue he was looking stupid? The "Fox-made-me-cry" support group strikes again ':) LOLOL
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