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  1. Guns banned during Trump’s address to the National Rifle Association Today is the second day of the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) annual meeting, and weapons including firearms are prohibited while former president Donald Trump is speaking. https://nationalpost.com/news/guns-banned-during-trumps-address-to-the-national-rifle-association
  2. Fun fact: Trump and several prominent Republicans spoke at the NRA Convention this weekend. Convention attendees were prohibited from carrying firearms and they had specialized security with gun-sniffing K9 units to make sure everyone followed the rules. Funny how they believe in gun control for themselves but not for anyone else
  3. LMAO NOPE CNN and all the mews networks focused on trump because they are for-profit business trying to chase ratings and make a profit. That’s the problem with the state of news media today especially the 24-hr near channels. I’m not re-litigating your Russia collusion lies. Trump fired his way through attorney generals until he found one who promised not to prosecute him. Congratulations Influence peddling was the main racket of the Trump administration. There are countless examples. The Trump hotel basically became a second home to every grifter and suck-up seeking Trump’s favour, especially the Saudi, throughout the his administration. And then as soon as Trump’s out of office they’re nowhere to be found. Yet Jared Kushner’s new hedge fund suddenly gets $2 BILLION in Saudi government investment money to manage despite fact that Jared has no hedge fund management experience and against the advice of the Saudi’s own investment advisors ? Oh I know this is the fourth time you’re hearing of it because you live in a propaganda bubble that’s meant to keep you from learning about these things Report: Jared Kushner’s $2 Billion Saudi Check Appears Even More Comically Corrupt Than Previously Thought https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2022/05/jared-kushner-affinity-partners-saudi-arabia/amp Massive Saudi investment raises questions about Jared Kushner’s business dealings By — Geoff Bennett By — Tess Conciatori Apr 15, 2022 06:35 PM EDT A $2 billion investment to Jared Kushner from a fund led by the crown prince of Saudi Arabia has raised questions about the ethics of post-White House business. Kushner’s private equity firm secured the investment after Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman overruled a host of objections from the sovereign wealth funds’ advisers. https://www.pbs.org/newshour/amp/show/massive-saudi-investment-raises-questions-about-jared-kushners-business-dealings JARED KUSHNER FLAUNTED HIS INFLUENCE WITH SAUDI ARABIA, RUSSIA IN PITCH TO INVESTORS Affinity Partners boasts of “accelerating transformation through connectivity” in a slide deck obtained by The Intercept. Ken Klippenstein April 18 2022, 6:34 p.m. https://theintercept.com/2022/04/18/saudi-russia-jared-kushner-affinity-partners/ Wait wait let me guess your response: “SOMEHOW IT MUST ALL BE A CONSPIRACYYYYYY!!!!!”
  4. ITS A CONSPIRACY! All those Republican pedophiles and kiddie porners were framed and then forced to sign confessions!!! Dennis Hastert -the highest ranking and longest serving Republican speaker in Congress paid hush money to his victims for decades and confessed to his lifelong predations on young boys and went to jail. BUT SOMEHOW HE MUST BE INNOCENT!!! VAST CONSPIRACYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! LMAO is there any situation where you won’t scream “conspiracy” or “false flag” whenever you feel the facts are inconvenient?
  5. Did he execute 19 schoolchildren with that pellet gun while police stood by because were afraid to engage him given the firepower he was carrying? No? Imagine that.
  6. Illegal guns smuggled in from USA where the gun laws are weak. Don’t you get it??? And in other words you admit gun control works then. Imagine if assault rifles had been completely illegal he wouldn’t have had any.
  7. How many unwanted children have you personally adopted?
  8. The “whatever reason” is that in a country as corrupt as the USA, the wealthy powerbrokers in the proverbial “smoke-filled backroom” are the ones who decide who gets on the ballot, who gets dark money, who gets introduced to VIPs on the cocktail and country club circuit etc. And as part of their usual due diligence to ensure they’re backing the right horse they typically hire Private investigators and try to dig up dirt on their potential candidate pick. I believe that sometimes they deliberately choose those whom they know to be compromised with dirty secrets and who will therefore be easily controlled.
  9. LMAO “It was only a small amount of child porn!””” Shameful and disgusting But what can you expect from a supporter of the party that holds the trophy for elected members with child porn/pedophile convictions
  10. Arm the teachers, Republicans say But….
  11. If gun laws don’t prevent shootings then how come this killer had waited until they day after he could legally buy a gun in order to get one? He bought the first AR-15 on May17th, the day after his 18th birthday amd then hundreds of rounds of ammo the day after that. The second one just a few days later on May 20 before his killing spree on May 24. So all within the span of a week but cooling off periods and waiting periods don’t work either eh?
  12. How many American kids have been nuked lately?
  13. Not unless you’re a criminal who thinks they need to protect themselves from other criminals. Don’t join a street gang in Canada and you wont need a gun for protection. Also the criminals who do have guns stills get killed so it’s questionable how much protection you have. Gun worshipers seem to forget that having a gun doesn’t make you bulletproof.
  14. Pfft. I guess you don’t know what the word totalitarian means. Must be cuz of your shitty school system that’s lagged most developed countries for 3 decades now
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