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  1. As if firing “the Head of the Bank,” who has much more important things to deal with, over such a trivial and unimportant issue would be an intelligent move . That would be a major disruption to one of the major institutions that stabilizes the economy over something inconsequential and stupid. Thats like telling an airline pilot mid-flight that if he doesn’t ensure your airline food is warmed up in 5 minutes he’d better grab a parachute and bail out. 90% of Canadians couldn’t give a rats ass about royal portraits or images especially the ones hanging in buildings they will never visit, much less the timeline for when they’re updated. Most wouldn’t spend a a dime of taxpayer money on it.
  2. 🙄 it’s being moved, not “erased”, “smeared” or “banished”. Typical Warmington and the sun That would make more sense. Neither the conflict nor the soldier were a part of St.Catharines history. Kind of strange that such a large statue to this one private andwas the town’s central monument, directly in front of city hall. And as he was born in Toronto and moved to Winnipeg years before the war, he was neither a native of St Catharines nor a resident of it when he died. He wasn’t killed during a conspicuous act of bravery or pivotal battle either. The statue wasn’t originally erected there anyways, it was moved there in 1936
  3. Because the stuff you’re trying to explain is nonsense Yeah, that’s literally the OPPOSITE of a micromanager. It shows he’s out of touch and doesn’t know or care about what is going on in his Minister’s Departments OMG. Those once-per election Mandate Letters are something every government in every party does, you know that right? It just a letter that spells out a t a high level what their priorities are. The only thing different about JT is that unlike others he made his letters public…again part of the theatre. Besides only a fool would think JT giving someone one letter upon hire and then barely ever speaking to or inquiring about their work again and being “incurious” “proves” he’s in charge. Lol no it is literally the definition of someone who is not in charge.He’s the boss in name only. Gerald Butts resigned 5 years ago. He may still be a big mover and shaker in the party somehow through private relationships, I don’t know. Competent people make mistakes and bad policies all the time. How many rockets did NASA crash and burn before figuring out how to achieve space flight? A lot. How many successful business and political leaders had ideas that failed before and after achieving success? Most of them. I didn’t say the Liberal brain trust’s policies were good ones or successful ones, all policies are compromises between different internal and external groups and competing interests and many policies that fail are sound on paper but impractical in the real world. It’s quite clear this stuff doesn’t come from someone as vapid and disinterested as JT himself. There is a whole ecosystem of progressive policymakers thought leaders etc in politics, academia and elsewhere in society, all influencing and accessing different levels of government in different ways: as lobbyists, advisors, as government employees, and as people who otherwise influence these groups through books, speeches, advocacy etc. I know as a conservative you NEED to believe that the liberal-du-jour is the antichrist and the conservative-du-jour is the messiah himself, every election it's the same, it’s never been different and it never will be. Messianic hero worship of the current Dear Leader is an inherent feature of conservatism, and accordingly demonization of the hated rival is also. But this time, Trudeau is not the evil mastermind you make him out to be, he’s the vapid spokesmodel.
  4. I dunno, it can’t be as you say and also as per the OP: Trudeau has no apparent interest in the banalities of government, including the management of his cabinet orcaucus. Ministers — senior ministers — report that they rarely talk about their portfolios with their boss. In the 2018 book, Un selfie avec Justin Trudeau, Jocelyn Coulon, a former adviser to Stéphane Dion, said the relationship between prime minister and his then foreign affairs minister was “glacial” and the only private meeting the two men had was when Dion was fired. “The prime minister is a man incurious about the affairs of the world,” Coulon remarked. Competemt people an be pulling his strings while still making policy decisions that haven’t worked out and maybe never would work out, and things may not he great but claims that Canada “is failing so badly” are also exaggerated. We have our share of problems at them moment but these problems are also being faced by peer countries across the west, some of which were decades in the making by multiple levels of government and multiple governing parties. Everyone agrees it’s time to change governments and Poillievre will eventually have his share or problems and bad policies too.
  5. One key difference is that Trudeau is simply a spokesmodel for a political establishment. I’d be surprised if he personally influenced much of the policy from his government He is an actor, hired to play a role by the Liberal inner circle. Trump on the other had is no puppet. He is a mad king who rules by decree. The people surrounding him are an ever-evolving mob of sycophants and grifters trying to profit from kissing his ring. Trump’s policies if you can even call them that are an incoherent mashup of half-baked conspiracies, tired hackneyed tropes, and rewards to those who have sufficiently bribed/flattered his ego like Saudis and Conrad Black and Blagojevich
  6. You can’t even compare the two. Trump never formally conceded. He continues to push his stolen election lies to this day and is already setting the stage for 2024 election lies in case he loses. In hoth 2016 and 2020 he said out loud he would only accept the election results if he won. He launched a number of schools to steal the 2020 election amd Jan 6 wasn’t peaceful. Clinton and Gore both officially conceded and didn’t push conspiracies and lies and try to steal the election. Hillary’s one-time offhand remark on a talk show THE VIEW doesn’t compare with Trump’s constant lies about the 2020 election that ha brainwashed millions of his mindless followers. Gore also never called Bush an illegitimate president. .No, you don’t understand the recount issue. Both sides disagreed on exactly which districts and polling stations should be recounted with Jeb Bush and republicans only wanting to recount districts that would likely be favourable to Bush and Gore wanting those favourable to Dems. In the end the Court ruled that Jeb as governor can count any way he pleases. What a STATE-WIDE review revealed afterwards was that Gore likely would NOT have won if the districts he requested had been recounted HOWEVER if the entire state had been recounted (which he didn’t request) he would have won.
  7. It’s hilarious that’s your response in the post IMMEDIATELY AFTER you made a bunch of unproven claims about Biden where he’s not been investigated OR charged. Your pathetic double standard of reciting any unproven internet.rumour about democrats as a proven fact while demanding nobody talk about republicans who admit to their actions and are under active criminal investigations is astounding. Made up nonsense based on a shameless partisan editorial trying to make something out of nothing. The most senior and powerful Republicans during the Clinton administration years, House speaker Dennis Hastert, is an admitted lifelong pedophile. During his time other republican congressmen were caught trying to groom young boys I was obviously being facetious dumbass.
  8. Meanwhile back in the real world, whenever ACTUAL political party members ACTUALLY get busted as groomers and pedophiles, they’re almost always Republicans. Here’s the latest: A police investigation into Republican operative Ali Alexander is still ongoing, a spokesperson for the Johnstown Police Department in Colorado confirmed to the Daily Dot on Wednesday, and has now extended to Texas. The Daily Dot reported in April of last year that a case had been opened into allegations that Alexander used promises of advancement in the conservative movement to try and groom underage boys. Alexander is also accused of offering jobs to the boys, who were in the orbit of Nick Fuentes’ fascist America First movement, in exchange for send him sexual images and videos. https://www.dailydot.com/debug/ali-alexander-grooming-case-active/
  9. Classic whataboutery. You can’t argue with what is being said here so you change the subject to completely unrelated politicized rumours of what someone else allegedly did Do Republicans acknowledge grandchildren produced by cocaine and hookers?
  10. 140 injuries which included a heart attack, broken ribs, burns, concussions, lacerations, one lost the tip of his finger another was in critical condition.
  11. He still has not conceded and still claims he is the legitimate president. All he did in that piece was acknowledge that it wasn’t going to happen. Trump organized the rally, tild them to march to the Capitol, continued to tweet incendiary remarks even after he knew what was happening and refused to tell them to stop Dems had nothing to do with BLM riots Not the same at all. Clinton said the vote was legitimate but voters acted based on fake news and Comey’s election night announcement of investigation that revealed nothing. Gore and Bush legitimately went to court because the Florida recount was required BY LAW but didn’t specify how the recount should be conducted. Gore conceded as soon as the court ruled that Bush’s brother Jeb can recount it anyway he pleases, which naturally favoured Bush. It is also a fact that if all ballots in the state had been recounted Gore would have won. And yet still Gore conceded and accepted the result even though he didn’t agree with it. That’s a big difference from Trump’s CONTINUED baseless 2020 election lies and his attempts to steal the election.
  12. The objective was to prevent the ratification from happening on Jan 6 as specifically required by the constitution and then claim that the entire election is now null and void as a result. People were in danger, 140+ cops were hospitalized
  13. And yet both Clinton and Gore conceded defeat and none summoned a mob to attack the Capitol in am effort to prevent the results from being ratified, none forged fake elector certificates and none tried to pressure state officials into falsifying their counts. In fact neither Clinton not Gore said the election was illegitimate or fraudulent.
  14. The choice in 2024 is Trump the fascist pro-Putin dictator or Trump the seditious pro-Putin terrorist leader. I think the latter is still the slightly better option although it will definitely result in bloodshed and could still end in the destruction of US democracy.
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