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  1. No it’s not. Happy witch hunting! PS probably won’t be until spring/summer these things take time, especially when Republicans will be fabricating all sorts of evidence I expect they’ll take a page from Ken Starr investigation of Bill Clinton and just use the Hunter inquiry as a pretext to publicly expose all of the extramarital affairs of their political enemies.
  2. That’s not even am attempt to answer any of those questions. The problem with people like you is that, like a child, you are willing to believe anything without even asking any questions or attempting to understand it. All that matters to people like you is that you like/admire the person telling you what to believe…or hate the person on the opposite end of it. You have zero ability or inclination to say “that doesn’t make any sense”
  3. But they would come out and say that the labs exist in the first place? You understand that you’re picking and choosing which elements of the same article you believe and which are lies? Is the article reliable or isnit a source of lies? Also why would Ukraine need multiple “Biolabs” if it wanted to attack Russia? There are plenty of bio weapons already invented they could use. Why would Ukraine and NATO even want to attack Russia? Why did Ukraine have virtually no military force prior to Russia’s invasion if it was planning a war with Russia? Are you aware that weapons are manufactured in factories not laboratories? Why have none of these biolabs been found and why hasn’t Ukrainie used any of these supposed new bioweapons they’ve been developing? The sheer lunacy of you Kremlin apologists is astounding Don’t you ever question the nonsense you’re being fed?
  4. 🙄 But its an article that says Biolabs conspiracies from people like you are full of shyte and you said you don’t believe the article! Don’t you see how ridiculous you’re being?
  5. So why did you link it? What evidence do you have aside from your own conspiracy-addled brain ?
  6. Your own link says Russian biolabs claims are BS and clearly says they’re for disposal and safe storage of leftover Soviet bio weapons material. Which is 100% completely different from manufacturing new biowepons
  7. Every developed country has “biolabs,” genius. Its not evidence that they are planning to launch a preemptive strike against their neighbours with newly invented biological weapons (as opposed to the countless varieties already available) that would wipe out both countries for no reason whatsoever. Furthermore, having a biology lab is not the same thing as developing weaponized biological agents. And having a biology lab is not even remotely the same thing as manufacturing a military weapon system that can deliver a biological payload to a designated target. Lastly the Kremlin apologists have completely failed to explain how annexing Crimea and Donbas would somehow prevent an attack from these fictional “biolabs”. If anything that would trigger an attack which has yet to happen for some unexplained reason .
  8. No. By reality and the world, which is inconvenient for Kremlin propagandists like you
  9. Putin is the closest thing to the Nazis the world has seen since the actual Nazis. He’s the one invading and annexing territory and targeting civilians while brutally suppressing his own people at home Your claim that the entire population of Ukrainians and their jewish leader are Nazis and that therefore their territory must be annexed and their civilians must be bombed is laughable. You’re not anti-Nazi yoyre pro naxi.
  10. 1) IT IS A REPORTED FACT THAT RUSSIAN HAS S300s in use in Ukraine and also recently in Syria. Some were actually relocated feom Syria to Ukraine 2) IT IS A REPORTED FACT That Russian forces in Ukraine have been firing S300s at Ground targets. This was widely reported as early as JULY and there is no reason anyone would have been making ot up 3) You BS detector must be going off all the time with your made up nonsense about GPS etc. The S300 doesn’t need or use GPS to navigate 4) You gush without evidence of Russias supposed bottomless scud arsenal but conveniently skip over the Iranian Shahid kamikaze drones that Russia has had to buy urgently to keep up its civilian bombardment campaign 5). YOU STILL DONT GET IT. IAM NOT SAYING THE S300 THAT LANDED IN POLAND IS RUSSIAN HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO SAY THIS BEFORE IT SINKS THROUGH YOUR THICK SKULL?
  11. No. I’ve said quite clearly multiple times that it was likely fired by Ukraine by accident, as has been stated by Biden, NATO and the MSM, disproving your theory that they are all conspiring to report pro-Ukraine lies. Please pay attention I happened to point out a fact that Russia does in fact fire S300s at ground targets, which somehow triggered DOP(e) and set him off to post a series of uninformed lies.
  12. If you would only take your head out of Putin’s ass you could see it for yourself
  13. Every word of every post you make attacks Ukraine and minimizes/defends/equivocates with Russian misdeeds. You perpetuate ridiculous Kremlin propaganda without question including nonsensical assertions about non-existent bioweapons and Zelensky being a “Jewish Nazi” who started this war because…well just for no real reason. You can barely contain your glee when describing Russian bombardment of civilians and your hope that millions of them freeze to death this winter as a result. You sulk that Ukrainian defence against invasion is “warmongering” but hypocritically refuse to condemn the Russian invasion itself as such. You are a shameless Russian shill who is too much of a coward to admit what he is so you pathetically try to maintain this phoney image that fools absolutely nobody. . Same for @DogOnPorch
  14. Correct they are not. But that fact wouldn’t stop Russia from falsely claiming that, and if they did you will be the first to believe them! And you’ll avoid answering any questions about your comment above; “Its a double false flag! Ukrainians disguised as Russians disguised as Ukrainians, invading Russia to make it look like a Russian false flag!!” It will be hilarious to watch you guys twist into pretzels.
  15. Sounds like more of your deranged conspiracy theories….they’re behind all the news you don’t like!🙄
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