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  1. Is that what you see? I see liberal bigots who want to keep natives like dime store Indians, stuck in the past, doing quaint pow-wow dances for your amusement so you can toss pennies to them on your way past. The people on reserves have no meaning in their lives, no reason to live. No jobs or prospect of them. No way to improve or better themselves. And so they drink and do drugs, and get in fights while you sit back and merrily applaud. Every imaginable kind of person from all around the world comes to Canada and moves to the cities to live among us but somehow or other you liberal types think natives are some kind of deeply inferior creature that has to be kept isolated out in the woods and can never be integrated. Why is that? You have no idea what I want for First Nations people or what they want for themselves, all you have is racist tropes about savages who need to assimilate into European society in order to valued as human beings. Fortunately that way of thinking is becoming extinct. Speaking with of ignorance! You don’t even understand how your own country works. There are close to ZERO municipalities that can finance their own services. They receive the majority of their services and infrastructure funding from provinces and the provinces also receive transfers from the federal government. In addition, all sorts of provincial ministries exist to provide municipalities with expertise and make private contracts affordable through bulk purchases, essential services are provided regardless of how much or how little tax revenue they generate. You are clearly ignorant of what went on in those schools. The abuses were not “roughly the same”. Did white kids get put into low voltage electric chairs or pimped out to local pedophiles? How many white kids were forcibly removed from their families to attend such places and how many drowned or froze to death trying to escape with nobody even bothering to notify the family? You really should study the topic and not just regurgitate what racist family members tell you. Yes experiments. You see due to the high level of malnourishment in the residential schools, the federal government thought the kids would make excellent subjects for various nutritional research experiments. The First Nations nutrition experimentswere a series of experiments run in Canada by Department of Pensions and National Health (now Health Canada) in the 1940s and 1950s. The experiments were conducted on at least 1,300 Indigenous people across Canada, approximately 1000 of whom were children.[1] The deaths connected with the experiments have been described as part of Canada's genocide of Indigenous peoples.[2] LMAO WHAT??? Are you even Canadian? What are you some Russian internet troll? Do you not know we have a publicly funded healthcare system in this country? Seriously that is the stupidest thing I’ve heard in this forum in some time and that’s saying a lot. And the driving distance has nothing to do with anything on this point. Governments also invest in pipelines and all kinds of things. Investing on clean drinking water reduces disease and raises living standards which is a return on investment. Also government doesn’t only invest for monetary returns. Nobody is insisting they live anywhere and many FN communities are not so remote or isolated and in many cases it was the Canadian government who forcibly relocated them there to begin with. Enough of your ignorant Racist tropes about Drunken Lazy Indians. There are many living in reserves who do not fit your stereotype.
  2. There’s always going to be anti/indigenous racism in Canada like what we’re seeing in this thread but your time is finally up. Demanding First Nations prove they “deserve” basic human necessities like clean water that are given to white communities without question is racist, full stop. No white community would ever be denied clean water on the basis that they don’t “deserve” it The abuses, neglect and science experiments inflicted upon children on residential schools are well documented and a direct cause of of poor living and social conditions today, full stop Deliberately funding indigenous healthcare and childcare at lower rates than similar non-indigenous services is racist, full stop Deliberately withholding life-saving treatment from a hospitalized indigenous child and allowing him to die while we argue amongst ourselves over bureaucratic paperwork and who should pay for the treatment is racist, period The government has historically made nearly unlimited amounts of money available for giant pipelines that move oil long distances from the most remote parts of the continent while deciding there’s no money for a small pipeline to move a small amount of clean water a short distance to indigenous communities. That is racist full stop The list of horrors and unfair treatment that Canada has inflicted upon indigenous peoples is long and it is in the present not some distant past Luckily things are finally changing and the angry white hate-filled trolls are increasingly a rarity in society and reduced to posting anonymous internet rants
  3. LMAO WHATT?? Have you been asleep for the past 6 years? At least half of America has hated Trump since day 1 and that’s never changed Rallies are not “tells” of anything especially during a contagious disease pandemic where all public health advice around the world strongly discourages public gatherings. Trumps superspreader rallies are just one example of how he irresponsibly mismanaged the pandemic and got people sick and killed to serve his own ego. False. Many/most jurisdictions never had photo ID requirements. People who don’t drive or travel intentionally usually don’t have photo ID Its also a lie that they didn’t have to match signatures and your suggestions that they just “poured out of trucks” as if there weren’t strict controls and chain of custody procedures in place. Again it’s hilarious how you fire offso many hard-to-believe grandiose accusations the likes of which the world has never seen with little to no evidence…..but then when it comes to accusations of perfectly plausible garden variety corruption that happens in the world all the time, if it’s levelled against a Republican your demand for satisfying evidence is impossibly high so that it could never be met. It is definitely a lie and if someone wants to believe the Dems pulled off the greatest crime in modern history involving hundreds of thousands of conspirators but left zero evidence then go ahead but it just proves they’re a crackpot and a cult follower. Why not believe in leprechauns or lizard people why they’re at it? The undermining election confidence is exactly what Trump and his brainwashed followers are doing when they continue to promote these ridiculous lies. That’s a blatant lie and they didn’t find any “tens of millions thousands” of fraudulent or “probably fraudulent” ballots. Fiddle doesn’t even provide a link to back up his claim. Given that the audit was a Republican hack job to begin with, the GOP MO is “when lacking evidence, sew doubt”
  4. By his own admission he was good friends knew about his social life and penchant for “the younger side” well enough to go out of his way to make it the focus of his praise for Epstein. If you believe Trump didn’t know then you must think Trump is really clueless
  5. Yes you’re changing the subject. Just answer the following questions Trumps 2020 election claim is a lie. Do you agree or not agree? Trump just lies to his followers when he said the Arizona audit found that he won Arizona. Do you agree or not agree?
  6. Omg your “levels of evidence” in either case is just more of your opposite of reality perception. For all you know Obama as the VIP just stood by the door while guests filed past for a photograph op. Thee whole idea that they were “chummy “ is an invention of your imagination. Trump amd Epstein only parted ways after Epstein’s misdeeds became known and they were still palling around whole Epstein trafficked Giuffre to Prince Andrew including going to a “pimps and hookers” themed party together with Epstein Maxwell and said Prince: https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7752543/amp/Donald-Trump-poses-Ghislaine-Maxwell-Heidi-Klums-hookers-pimps-themed-party.html Your whole MO on this forum is to stand in front of a mountain and pretend its an insignificant grain of sand when it comes to accusations against Republicans. And then when there are accusations against Democrats you stand behind the grain of sand and pretend it’s a mountain….if the grain of sand isn’t completely fabricated to begin with
  7. There you go lying and trying to change the subject Are you seriously trying to pretend that you and Trump aren’t claiming the 2020 election was stolen and that Trump was the real winner? Because that would be a pretty hilarious lie This is clear evidence that Trump blatantly lied to his sheep, he said the audit results that were just released stated that he won in Arizona when in fact the results said the exact opposite. That’s a blatant lie don’t change the subject
  8. You keep telling yourself that perhaps someday a same person will believe you. The fact that Trump went out of his way to praise and draw attention to Epstein’s “social life” and preference for “the younger side” and compare Epstein’s tastes to his own tells all I mean imagine if you were asked to provide a comment to a magazine about an acquaintance or co-worker and instead of talking about his work ethic or his professionalism or his family values or what a good friend he is, instead you decide your chosen comment for the world is going to be about his sex life especially his appetite for those “on the younger side”. That would suggest you know something particular about his sex life, wouldn’t it? I meant if you didn’t know much about his sex life why would that be the one topic you choose to be quoted on in a national magazine and specifically make the effort to mention their young age? As much as you want us to believe that’s just another coincidence I don’t think the non-brainwashed easily buy it.
  9. @WestCanMan @Infidel Dog @ironstone Trump caught blatantly lying about Arizona audit results So the Arizona audit lead by a bunch of Republican hacks bemt on “proving” fraud finally released its audited vote count and….THEY STILL COUNTED MORE VOTES FOR BIDEN. In fact, by their count, Biden score 99 more votes than was recorded in the election So what does Trump do? BLATANTLY LIE: Former President Donald Trump falsely claimed during a rally in Georgia on Saturday night that the results of the Arizona election "forensic audit" concluded that President Joe Biden lost in Maricopa County, despite the report stating that Biden won with 1,040,873 votes—99 more votes than shown in the certified ballots. "We won at the Arizona forensic audit yesterday at a level that you wouldn't believe," Trump told the crowd in Perry, Georgia. "They had headlines that Biden wins in Arizona, when they know it's not true. He didn't win in Arizona. He lost in Arizona based on the forensic audit." https://www.newsweek.com/trump-falsely-claims-arizona-audit-found-he-won-level-you-would-not-believe-1632756 Even you guys have to admit that’s a blatant lie
  10. LMAO I guess if we have ONE video of SOME 9/11 hijackers peacefully boarding the plane it means the hIjacking never happened.
  11. No you’re wrong. Florida only JUST STARTED acquiring their own antibody supply, previously they were just distributing what the feds were giving them. And NOWHERE is it reported that antibodies are responsible for the decline. All waves decline that’s why they’re called waves. But Florida and the rest of the shithole res states suffered way worse than the rest of the country.
  12. Yeah I’m sure he magically became a pedophile the day after he stopped hanging out with Tump Lol. The entire Giuffre-Epstein-Prince Andrew affair started BEFORE Trump gushed about how much he loved Epstein and his “social life” and their shared tastes in females “especially on the younger side” I bet that’s what Epstein said. You accidentally said the word “know” in the above quote when it should actually be “wish” As already established, Epstein’s misdeeds go way back beyond 2003 It’s hilarious that you draw this imaginary line to defend the reputation of your disgusting cult leader especially when you resort such ridiculously flimsy arguments to associate Obama with Farrakhan or Hillary with Russians She was Trumps buddy for many years and he recently “wished her well” Your Russian-colluding buddy had to pardon his own criminal associates and fire 2 AGs before he could find one who declined to prosecute him while still refusing to declare him innocent Just like the Republican lies about Saddams WMD 20 years ago, this one will eventually come to light and Republicans will once again suffer collective & selective amnesia Because Obama didn’t have anything to hide or cover up meanwhile Trump had some loose ends to tie up lol. Makes a lot more sens than your FBI 2 deep state crackpot conspiracy nonsense I've never said that "Bill Clinton did it", but leftist scum are the ones controlling all of the dirty cops. Even a leftist propagandist like yourself can't weasel out of admitting that Trump wasn't the one giving the orders to the sleaziest "law enforcement officials" in the US now. Im pretty sure that when it comes to protecting “dirty cops” that’s conservative bread-and/butter with all their current and historical resistance to any kind of police accountability. Bill Barr is definitely the one who gave the order to have Epstein arrested and and who controls the federal prison where criminal wrongdoing by guards resulted in Epstein’s death. End of story.
  13. Cuomos mismanagement and his other misdeeds were well-covered by the so-called “liberal media “ and his resignation was even celebrated by some liberal op-eds. Not that you would know from inside your bubble. And all of that pales in comparison to the epic Republican mismanagement that is occurring, especially considering that we a year and a half into the pandemic so there’s been plenty of time to learn from other peoples mistakes
  14. I already explained how misinformed you are and you just ignored the inconvenient truth as usual Those treatments he announced aren’t available yet….they were only just recently announced. Besides the deaths were sky high due to his mismanagement in the first place so trying to slow a massive death toll he caused doesn’t earn him a hero badge from me.
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