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  1. What are you trying to argue here? So the right wing media has claimed the shooter is trans. You don’t have to go very far at all to find that. They are doing the happy dance because the right has been looking for a trans boogeyman (boogeyperson?) for years now ever since their Muslim terrorist hysteria kinda wore off. Some of the MSM are also claiming the shooter is trans or is unconfirmed trans …although it seems to he a right wing made up lie that they had taken testosterone or that testosterone ha y do with it (doesn’t the right admire testosterone anyway?) I haven’t seen anything that says she raised by the state. However It is a fact though that her parents were ultra conservative Christians with whom she was living at the time of the attack and who knew of her mental illness and also knew that she owned at least one gun at some point. Amd it’s also a fact that she attended that Christian school that she shot up. The repressive conservative Christian upbringing conveniently left out of the tweet you copied. My point still stands
  2. Oh Christmas came early for republicans finally they have an ACTUAL trans spree shooter unlike the lies they’ve told about past killers Never mind that 99.9% of mass shooters are straight white males -that’s not a pattern - the ONE trans mass shooter who identifies as a white male “proves” that trans people are the real safety problem! 🙄 The fact that her parents were “very religious” and refused to accept her and that she lives in a time where republicans are escalating every more anti-trans mass hysteria was probably more of a contributing factor than her actually just being trans. Not to mention that in America’s shitty society where guns are easier to obtain than healthcare, she appears to be yet another example of someone with a diagnosed yet untreated mental health condition who legally owns multiple firearms including at least one assault rifle.
  3. Only in your conspiracy-addled uneducated mind does criticizing right wing extremists “point to” the suggestion that the president is going to try and cancel the next election. Speaking of rhetoric though, Trump calling for “death and destruction” idf he’s arrested. Funny how you hypocritically ignore the constant direct and literal calls to violence from the right as simply harmless free speech while interpreting even the mildest criticism dorm the left as definite signs of doom.
  4. That’s the whole premise of this post is it not? Only Trumptards couldn’t see that tried to steal the presidency while publicly musing he should be president for more than the 2 terms. And only Trumptards are too dumb to understand that if Trump had been able to steal the presidency it would have remained stolen forever regardless of how long Trump himself managed to stay in the office. It’s all true. The fact that in order for you to believe otherwise you’re forced to beliy on a whole web of half baked and implausible worldwide conspiracies just proves the point.
  5. What a stupid thread by a stupid person. The President doesn’t have the power to call off am election, genius. But what do you expect from the guy who a) thought the vice president has sole unlimited authority to just ignore an election and declare himself the winner on his own personal private whim. And b) actually WANTED that to happen ilIts also a pretty hilarious comment coming from the anti-democratic right who in addition to 2020 election lies, numerous failed attempts to overturn the election results , Jan 6, etc have also been in open admiration of authoritarians and dictators like Orban and many even supporting Putin.
  6. But I did expose shit. Your shit. And Fiddles. With evidence. Meanwhile in the Amerikkka’s dumbest state, a Florida principal was forced to resign because 6th grade art students were shown a picture of the famous statue Michelangelo’s David during an art lesson without the parents being warned first Ironically the school is a conservative Christian charter school “based on the centrality of the Western tradition,” or, as the Tampa Bay Times describes it, “a historical focus on white, Western European and Judeo-Christian foundations.” This type of learning places heavy emphasis on Greek, Roman and Renaissance art (with David one of the most famous examples of the latter) as evidence of the supposed supremacy of western culture which must be passed down from generation to generation. But the 12-yr olds saw a statue with a wee-wee so someone’s head must roll 🙄 https://amp.theguardian.com/us-news/2023/mar/25/florida-principal-resigns-michelangelo-david
  7. That is one of your many lies. The bible is not banned from schools in ANY states. Besides the bible is not history or fact it is superstition.
  8. It iasnot being disputed by anyone that the purpose of the edit was to avoid directly mentioning that White people once oppressed Black people. And it is not disputed by anyone that the edits were made in or to comply with DeSantis’ law which is broadly and vaguely worded and doesn’t have any interpretation or guidance provided by the state
  9. It’s not a conspiracy theory when you catch someone red-handed in the act and decide not to believe their excuse that it’s all just all some sort of honest misunderstanding. Especially when the excuse is offered only after they got caught and with no evidence to support their version of events. You’re the one who REGULARLY resorts to lies and conspiracy theories on just about any and all issues including the numerous ones you floated in this thread that you now won’t even acknowledge despite the fact I keep bringing your attention back to them in every post. You have those four big lies or misunderstandings in this thread that you’ve backtracked on after I exposed your idi*cy and educated you amd you will neither confirm nor deny them even though it’s all in record Its also not a conspiracy theory because republicans in Florida and elsewhere have a track record of banning stories just like this. For example, “The Life of Rosa Parks” is a book currently banned by Republicans in Duval county Florida and the children's books “I am Rosa Parks” and “I am Martin Luther King” are on all list banned by a Republican school board in Pennsylvania. And those were books specifically placed on a banned list , not the result of somebody’s misunderstanding. Republican book bans at the school, school board, and state level have proliferated as part of their culture war and they tend to target Black and LGBTQ books in particular. Regardless of what DeSantis may or may not have deliberately intended to ban with hai law his culture war laws have real world consequences like people thinking they’re supposed to edit the story of Rosa Parks amd trying to do it. Your arguments and lies on this theory continue to be desperate pathetic attempts to cover your own tracks, you clearly went all-in on this story too early before you understood the facts and have had to revise your position and backtrack on your several times. You’re destroying whatever shreds of credibility you had as someone who can absorb facts and assemble any sort of coherent argument. It’s hilarious! Keep it up!
  10. Nope, it’s true and as your name suggests you are rarely correct and incapable of educating. Yes I am great but only occasionally unwashed.
  11. In what way was it a territorial dispute and why is it no longer one? The only thing US/NATO bear responsibility for was being too soft on Putin previously. “The rest button” and attempts at diplomacy were interpreted as weakness, as was turning a blind eye to Russia’s multi-year sustained influence campaign that groomed gullible and/or greedy western citizens to form a fifth column of Putin sympathizers in western countries b
  12. Have YOU? YOU’RE the one making the claim, the burden of proof is on YOU. This thing you right wings kooks do where you just make these grandiose claims with ZERO evidence then demand that it’s the critics who must prove you wrong is really the height of ignorance. “Prove the election WASN’T Stolen!” “Prove Obama’s birth certificate ISN’T a forgery!” “Prove Saddam DOESN’T have WMD that we just haven’t found yet!” I skimmed the article and saw nothing of relevance. If you feel there’s something specific in there that is relevant, then you will have to do the hard work of actually reading it and citing it here ”What Rosa Parks edits?” Lol you lost or something? What do you think this thread has been about? Go back to page 1 and read all the previous posts especially your own.
  13. It didn’t happen because it was exposed by NYT and was widely criticized, you dummy. You’re trying pathetically to argue that because it was foiled it means it never should have been exposed and criticized in the first place? Stop being so dense.
  14. The claim that any white kids anywhere are actually experiencing feelings of personal guilt is made up. CRT is boogeyman with no definition so conservatives can point to anyone or anything and claim its CRT if they wish. The backpedaling is because at first you defended the Rosa Parks edits but now seem to be flip flopping.
  15. Furthermore: In the early 1970s, two Washington Postreporters investigated the arrest of seven would-be burglars who attempted to break into the Democratic National Committee’s headquarters in the Watergate complex in Washington, D.C. With the help of the evocatively named “Deep Throat” and other unnamed sources, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein helped uncover a scandal that led to the first resignation of a president of the United States. In Ron DeSantis’s Florida, however, Richard Nixon might have simply sued Woodward and Bernstein into penury. A bill introduced last month by a Republican state lawmaker in Tallahassee, which DeSantis supports, would rewrite the state’s defamation laws to make it easier for would-be litigants to bring successful claims against news outlets in court. It would effectively ban anonymous sources and allow public figures to punish people who accuse them of racism, sexism, or homophobia. As The Washington Postreported on Thursday, the bill would be a severe blow to journalism in the Sunshine State.. https://newrepublic.com/article/171348/floridas-attempt-muzzle-press-hurt-fox-news
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