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  1. GOP Wife in Sex Scandal Erased From Conservative Site Moms for Liberty co-founder Bridget Ziegler appears to have departed her role at the conservative Leadership Institute, which removed her name from its website in the wake of a three-way sex scandal and criminal probe involving her husband. … The move comes days after a local journalism watchdog revealed that Sarasota police are investigating allegations that her husband, Florida Republican chairman Christian Ziegler, raped a woman with whom the couple had previously had a ménage à trois. Ziegler became the think-tank’s director of school board programs in August 2022, helping to train right-leaning candidates for office….Bridget Ziegler also helped Gov. Ron DeSantis create the “Don’t Say Gay” bill and stood by him as he signed it into law…. According to a search warrant affidavit, Christian Ziegler contacted one of his female friends about having a sexual encounter with him and his wife on Oct. 2. But when the woman learned Bridget Ziegler wouldn’t join the meeting, she informed him she wasn’t interested via text: “Sorry I was mostly in for her.” The woman says that Christian Ziegler showed up at her home anyway and raped her. https://www.thedailybeast.com/bridget-ziegler-wife-of-florida-gop-boss-christian-ziegler-erased-from-leadership-instit
  2. Of course. My own family to Canada as “Germans from Russia” ethnic Germans who lived in what is now the Ukraine for about 100 yrs before coming to the prairies in the late 1800s. . Many non-white immigrants have been in Canada a long time also. Chinese workers built the railroads, Blacks from USA and Caribbean came also, even some Turks, Syrian and Lebanese came early. Russians built Canada to the same degree as these non-white immigrants did. They don’t get special credit for building Canada simply for having the same skin colour as British and French.
  3. Huh? That makes no sense. Newspapers don’t buy ads, they sell them. Unfortunately google is a monopoly that controls online advertising and all the infrastructure so they’re like a middleman broker who keeps the advertisers money for themselves and leaves the newspapers with very little.
  4. Hey professor when did you get our PHD in Indian history? Oh right you’re just selectively regurgitating some new found info. Your record of ridiculously cherry-picking convenient details while ignoring mountains of others remains intact. Let’s just end this discussion with the fact that atrocities were committed by all sides. The Muslims were not the exclusive villains and the others were not the exclusive victims. All sides gave as good as they got and got as good as they gave.
  5. They were helped al lot more by Indigenous, Black and Chinese people than they were by Russians. Russians get no special credit over those other groups for “making” Canada simply by being White.
  6. Most people do not get their news by doing web searches first of all. They browse news headlines that Google, Facebook et al scrape from the internet. Second of all as I mentioned Google does make an exceptional amount of money from ads on the news outlets site no matter how the reader ended up there. Thisnis because Google has a near monopoly on online advertising. Your very own conservative newspaper National Post describes it as follows: Matt Stoller: Google is stealing from Canadian newspapers and advertisers And it's killing our news providers … Google inflated its profits, redirecting advertising revenues from newspapers to itself. It’s a complex story, but at the heart of it is what looks like theft. Most of us think of Google as a search engine, and it is. But Google has many other lines of business. This particular suit involves display ads on the open web, which are what you find on the Wall Street Journal or ESPN. These ads are bought and sold in an unusual manner. If a user goes to the site of a newspaper, unbeknownst to the consumer, a highly complex financial market kicks into gear. Newspapers no longer sell most of their advertising directly but have become integrated into a giant set of global auctions. In these auctions, advertisers bid for the right to place their ad not into a specific newspaper, but in front of a specific user. Money then changes hands, from the buyer of the ad to the publisher, with a set of middlemen each taking a cut. This happens in a split second, billions of times a day. At this point, online advertising is far bigger than the stock market in terms of the number of transactions. This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below. Well, guess who runs the software to manage this financial market? Google. And guess who takes the lion’s share of the revenue? Google. There’s a decade-plus-long backstory to this scheme. In the mid-2000s, Google transitioned from its role as a search engine into the main intermediary of all online advertising. In 2005, Google had a lot of advertisers that were buying its search ads. It also started to let smaller websites put strips of ads up and gave them a share of the revenue. Ad industry insiders at the time realized that advertising was transitioning from a Mad Men-style set of local, regional and national markets to an automated set of marketplaces. Google’s strategy wasn’t to remain a search engine, but to expand and control all online advertising. But the firm had a problem. It couldn’t break into the market for the space on big established publisher sites, because that market was already controlled by another near-monopolist, DoubleClick. DoubleClick had 60 per cent market share in the software used by publishers to manage how they sell ads on their site, or what’s known as an ad server. So, Google’s then-CEO, Eric Schmidt, did what every good monopolist does when in a lax policy regime: he bought his rival — DoubleClick — in 2007. This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below. Google then had all the elements needed to organize the market. It controlled a lot of advertiser money because it had millions of advertisers who entrusted it with their campaigns through its search engine and ad network; it controlled most publisher ad space through its DoubleClick purchase; and it owned an exchange, AdX, which came with DoubleClick. It also had search data for most users, as well as DoubleClick’s vault of data. Over the next 10 years, Google tied all of these products together in a way meant to exclude rivals. And since ad pricing was opaque, Google could and did manipulate auctions to ensure that rivals delivered worse prices for publishers and ad buyers who used them. Today, Google controls the brokerages on both sides, the exchange in the middle, the data, and the pricing. It manages where ad money flows, and to whom. According to its own internal analysis, Google takes 35 cents out of every dollar spent on advertising, an extraordinarily large sum across tens of billions of dollars of online advertising.…. https://nationalpost.com/opinion/google-is-stealing-from-canadian-newspapers-and-advertisers/wcm/6a66f2c0-39bb-4451-b02b-60185d7e42ca/amp/
  7. Yeah but that’s not how it works. The entire story renders on Google Amp so you read the news outlet’s content on the google platform not on the news outlet’s website
  8. 11 weeks ago: “I never quit” Now: Kevin McCarthy resigning from Congress after being ousted as House speaker https://abcnews.go.com/amp/Politics/kevin-mccarthy-retiring-congress-after-ousted-house-speaker/story?id=105425178 😀
  9. Google makes money from that in many ways. The google search page itself has ads and sponsored links and websites pay to have a higher ranking isn search results. Secondly, web search is a convenient way for google to put tracking and ad cookies on people’s computers which provide data to Google that they harvests and monetize. Third just about every page on just about every news site has ads powered by Google ads so Google is in fact profiting from those ads plus those ads are also a source of more google cookies.
  10. Yes it does the WEF “issue” is a right wing conspiracy theory about “globalists elites” trying to take over the world and free trade/globalism is a core part of that conspiracy. You’re right that conservatives have always been free trade globalists and still are. But PP is trying to cash in on the far right fringe and defend his right flank from People’s Party (the other PP) with his cryptocurrency stunts and his anti-Ukraine trade comments. Nobody’s silencing anyone. Just because some disagrees with you doesn’t mean you’re being silenced. That’s a made-up rule. And in this instance it’s not practical or reasonable for the purpose of setting up this highly specialized and extremely brief job of setting up this machinery. What are we supposed to send Canadians to Korea to study this machinery for 2 years just so they can can come back and get a temp 3 month job setting it up? Het over it. Thousands of Canadian jobs are being created in the construction and operation of this facility. Conservatives are zeroing in on this because they need to criticize SOMETHING and they think this will resonate with their blue collar supporters who don’t pay attention to details. Where precisely is the guarantee that Pierre Poillievre won’t secretly hire foreign temp workers for his own business? Where is the precisely is the guarantee that you’re not a drug dealer? The point being you’re asking for proof of a negative. I mean we know about these temp workers because they’ve publicly shared those details. Nowhere does the agreement say they have blanket permission to import unlimited number of temp workers indefinitely. There’s no reason to believe there would be any significant number of foreign workers beyond those they’ve announced who will be setting up the equipment. I don’t even think PP has challenged that. It’s clear that the explanation provided is reasonable and the alternative is unreasonable. . They met with Windsor police and told them to expect 1600 TFWs thats how this story cam to light. Why would they arrange a meeting with police and then tell them this? They’ve come out publicly and explained the reasons for the TFW and it’s reasonable Canada doesn’t even have a single large scale battery facility…not ONE. How is it you think we have workers skilled and experienced to set up this advanced and highly specialized equipment? That skill and experience will only evolve in Canada AFTER the plant is up and running
  11. Simple. Google takes news outlet’s product for free and then sells it for profit to their advertisers. Do you really think that’s fair? In any other aspect of life that is mot allowed.
  12. So did Chinese and Jamaican and Indian and Afro/American immigrants. The descendants of Russian immigrants have as much claim to Canada as they do and nothing more. The OP suggested that “white males” made Canada so if we’re just counting anyone who immigrated early including Russians then non-whites also count as do women. Get it?
  13. It’s official the damaged Polaris in Guam will be written off and scrapped, totally unsurprising now that the new Huskies are being delivered Air Force plane to be completely scrapped after collision with French aircraft Fixing the CC-150 Polaris that collided with a French air force plane at Anderson Air Force Base in July would cost as much as $28 million Published Dec 01, 2023 • Last updated 20 hours ago • 3 minute read The end result of a Canadian CC -150 Polaris that rolled away and collided with a parked French Air Force A400M on July 22, 2023 at Anderson Air Force Base in Guam. The Canadian aircraft will be scrapped. Courtesy United States Air Force OTTAWA – Marooned at a Micronesian air force base after colliding with another aircraft over the summer, a heavily damaged Canadian Air Force transport plane will be scrapped, officials say. Royal Canadian Air Force transport plane 15003 — a CC-150 Polaris — was involved in a ground collision with a French Air Force plane on July 22 at Anderson Air Force Base in Guam while participating in a multinational exercise organized by the United States Air Force. With the fate of the aircraft left in doubt since the summer, the Royal Canadian Air Force confirmed to the National Post on Thursday the plane will be written off and scrapped on site. “The Polaris CC-150 aircraft in question sustained severe damage that renders repair economically unfeasible,” said Department of National Defence Spokesperson Maj. Soomin Kim. “Repair costs were estimated to range between $7.9 and $28.5 million, with a six to eight-month turnaround period.” According to an official air force occurrence summary, 15003 was taking part in Exercise MOBILITY GUARDIAN, a large-scale logistics training exercise facilitated by the USAF Air Mobility Command. An RCAF crew assigned to fly the plane back to CFB Trenton arrived at Hickam Air Force Base in Hawaii on July 21, the report read, with plans to depart Guam the next day for Canada. “The aircraft was loaded with equipment and baggage in preparation for departure the following day,” the report read. Noting the plane was left “partially secured” without wheel chocks, the report said 15003 rolled backwards on its own at 10:30 a.m. the next morning, colliding with a French Air Force Airbus A400M parked nearby. “Following contact the CC-150 rebounded forward, coming to rest approximately eight meters from the point of impact,” the report read. The end result of a Canadian CC -150 Polaris that rolled away and collided with a parked French Air Force A400M on July 22, 2023 at Anderson Air Force Base in Guam. The Canadian aircraft will be scrapped.Photo by United States Air Force photo The French aircraft’s horizontal stabilizer tore through 15003’s rudder, nearly shearing off the plane’s tail. Both planes sustained major damage in the collision, the report noted, but nobody was injured. “The investigation did not reveal any evidence of technical issues with the aircraft and is now focusing on procedures, communications, and human factors,” the report stated. The decision to scrap 15003 came just one day before the plane was scheduled to be decommissioned, Kim said, now that the first of four new Airbus-built CC-330 Husky Multi-Role Tanker Transport (MRTT) planes entered service earlier this month. The CC-330s are based on Airbus’s venerable A330-200 airliners. Those four planes are part of a $3.6-billion deal to modernize Canada’s transport, VIP and air-to-air refuelling capabilities. Canada’s first CC-330 arrived in Canada in October and took its first official flight earlier this month, transporting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to the APEC summit in San Francisco. “The Canadian Armed Forces concluded that writing off the aircraft would be in the best interest of the Crown,” Maj. Kim said. The arrival of the CC-330 Husky couldn’t have come at a better time for Canada’s beleaguered and obsolete Polaris fleet. Plane 15001, typically used by the prime minister or other VIPs for overseas trips, broke down in September in New Delhi, prompting an international mission to both dispatch technicians and a second planeto India to rescue the PM and his delegation. In 2019, that same plane was put out of commission for nearly a year-and-a-half after it rolled away and collided with a hangar wall at CFB Trenton, causing $11 million in damage to its nose and an engine. Ottawa-based research consultant Steffan Watkins pointed out that most of that repair time was spent waiting for an open repair slot at the Airbus maintenance depot at Montreal-Mirabel airport. “It would be interesting to know, in the government’s expected schedule for the estimated work needed to fix 15003, if most of the time for the repair would be spent waiting for Airbus to slot them in,” he said. Aircraft 15004, he said, has been undergoing deep maintenance in Mirabel for the past month. Only three of the RCAF’s five Polaris planes are still in service — 15001 and 15002 have spent the past two weeks performing flights between Canada and Europe, with 15005 taking part in a joint training exercise in Key West, Fla. https://www.coldlakesun.com/news/rcaf-plane-collision-guam-scrapped
  14. Yeah but now they’re flirting with protectionism with all their recent anti-globalization and anti-WEF rhetoric. We will see how serious they are about that once they’re in power however. I hav a feeling the protectionism will all disappear right after PP’s coronation. An invalid concern meant to stir up emotions As stated in the article, the free trade deal with Korea that the Conservatives wrote specifically states that it allows these types of foreign workers, over whom PP himself presided as Minister of Employment. So yes it was intended to being in these kinds of foreign workers. As the article states, Canadian taxpayer money only starts flowing AFTER the foreign works have set up the factory equipment and it is producing batteries Canadian workers are also the ones building the factories in the first place and will also be the one working in the factory once it’s up and running I think it’s quite clear that they’re there to set up the factory equipment only. Their assignments will range fro 3 to18 months, specifically they will “assemble, install and test the specialized equipment required to build the batteries” as “they have specific knowledge of the equipment, having been part of the team to build it and disassemble it for shipping, and will therefore see the installation through ”.
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