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  1. This is not remotely the story. The level of misinformation has crossed over into a lie. Read your article. The FBI agents were actually prohibited from using force--unless they were attacked, at which point they were permitted self defense. Surely you don't think that an ex-president is free to kill agents and they should be prohibited self defense? Surely, you're not THAT deep in the cult? Of course Trump will lie about it, but you should do better.
  2. Oh, good now you're pretending that one cannot drive into a crowd without actually striking someone. Which is just silly. According to witnesses he nearly struck several people, including a protester in a wheelchair who wasn't able to move as quickly. You are not pointing out "facts." Nearly everything you've said about this incident has been false, and all in the service of excusing what, by all reasonable appearances, was a deliberate act. Perry fantasized about it, researched it, looked for the opportunity, and finally made it happen in the exact manner he described. You want to throw stones about "lawlessness" being the cause, blaming protesters, when Perry was lawless at every step, running the red light, texting while driving (by his telling), driving into a crowd of pedestrians, and ultimately escalating to an illegal shooting. Your "facts" are fictions woven to defend the indefensible.
  3. Not a single witness said that Foster raised the gun. A vivid imagination is not a license to kill. Hence, Perry was convicted. Twelve Texans--Texans FFS--rejected his utterly absurd self defense claim and recognized that he was guilty beyond even a reasonable doubt. No doubt. But you will defend the indefensible because the murderer shot a protester with whom you have political differences.
  4. As always, you just double down. If only the crowd hadn't reacted to some jackass driving into them, none of this would have happened! Jeebus. Shameless.
  5. Great, you quoted the exact same line I quoted on page 1 in response to your false claim that Foster was aiming at Perry. This is like a treadmill. So, in summary, even Perry admits Foster wasn't aiming at him. Foster simply had a rifle on a sling. Which is not just cause to shoot someone. Hence, why Perry was convicted. Well, that and the substantial evidence that Perry planned the murder. I do find it funny that you are arguing that it's justified to shoot anyone who is open carrying.
  6. The crowd "stopped him" by existing as he drove into them? 🤣 That's about the intellectual equivalent of, "Hey, you assaulted my fist with your face!" Goddamn. You're hitting new lows. Seems there is absolutely nothing you won't say to defend the indefensible.
  7. Go ahead and quote "waving around." Not even a single witness testified that he so much as raised the weapon, let alone brandished.
  8. Indeed, my saying that your statement was false doesn't make it false. The fact that it's false, makes it false. You said, "These "protestors" angrily surrounded and stopped this guy in his car." When what really happened is that he ran a red light to drive into the crowd of protesters. Ergo, your description of the event is false. Now I suppose instead of just acknowledging that you got it wrong, you'll lie about it for 7 pages.🙄 Are you going to go on record saying that open carrying a rifle is an invitation of some sort to be shot? That the shooter shouldn't face consequences? What exactly are you hedging at?
  9. Open carry is legal. It's also (in my view) asking for trouble. But the gun nuts disagree wholeheartedly--until the guy open carrying is protesting something they disagree with. At any rate, open carrying does not give someone the right to shoot you "just in case" you might point your gun at them. That's why Perry was convicted of murder instead of being sheltered under Texas generous "stand your ground" law. There is no reason whatsoever this murderer should be back on the street.
  10. Benefit of the doubt, but your search is incomplete. He had a lot of conversations about killing people. About what one could get away with in a "good shoot." All of those messages were shared in court. Making it pretty clear that this encounter is something Perry at least fantasized about, if not outright planned. Not a single witness testified that Foster pointed a gun at Perry. Perry didn't claim so either. He ran a red light to drive into the crowd, and when somebody complained about it Perry pre-emptively shot the person. Fulfilling his fantasy. Messages in court On the night of the protest, Perry’s revolver was in between his seat and the center console. [not where he normally kept it] Safari searches also entered into evidence revealed Perry looked up protests happening in Austin and Dallas. “Make sure you only use one shot on the protestors so if they try you have enough. I’ll only shoot the ones in the front and push the pedal to the metal,” said a prosecutor, reading off the message.
  11. The guy with an expressed intent to murder protesters, who drove through a red light into a crowd, and who tried to defend his actions by claiming to have been texting while driving was not the reckless one?🙄
  12. A. False, Perry drove through a red light to get into the crowd. B. He was not detained by foster. Foster was beside the car and Perry rolled down his window to take to him. C. Doesn't matter. A jury of his peers found him guilty--and it wasn't hard given the evidence. This pardon is just spiteful culture-war politics. Abbot is releasing a murderer (and groomer) into society to cynically burnish his culture warrior credentials. Again, false. Per witness accounts and Perry's own account “I believe he was going to aim it at me,” said Perry, “I didn’t want to give him a chance to aim at me, you know.”
  13. Ewww. We're all getting used to Republicans rejecting justice in favor of culture-war political issues, but this one is extra gross. If he doesn't murder again first he'll be back in jail for statutory rape.
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