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  1. No, when you have a 'different opinion' in defiance of the facts and are aware of the facts, then it's called lying. I know phrases like 'alternate facts' or 'pesronal truths' have been kicked around in the last few years but that's not really a thing. The problem with liars is they always want to blame someone else for the lie. What i said is a simple truth. October 7th was the day Gaza started a war. There's no opinion there, it's not open to interpretation. That's what happened. That was their choice. Nothing before that changes that fact. Its like 'the sun rose in the east today" - simply true. So when you say 'no no - they didnt' start the war you see, someone else started it in 1948", that would be a lie. The war being fought in gaza was started by gaza on october 7 2023. Period.
  2. No, it's not the same issue at all. Mexico's claims are being made based on very specific grounds that don't apply here. You want to demonize gun manufactures for misuse, but that's not ok. Just like you can't sue car companies successfully because there's drunk drivers. Guns don't inherently cause crime. And the guns here used in crime are almost 100 percent smuggled against the law, or otherwise illegally obtained. The number of criminal shootings by lawful gun owners averages to something like 3 a year. But in mexico they're alleging that the gun companies are setting things up specifically to allow guns to be sold to the cartels and criminal gangs bypassing the laws and doing so knowingly that this is where they'll end up. To go back to the car analogy - it's the difference between ford selling a car and someone driving drunk and ford selling a car deliberatly to alcoholics with suspended licenses as a target market Nobody's making that allegation in canada.
  3. Just about the most intelligent and meaningful post you've made sadly
  4. That's not 'broken' tho, that's just 'in need of maintenance' Most of us are still functional. The urge to throw a stone at you is overwhelming right now. (ok maybe i'm a LITTLE broken,,,, ) Yeah - we're in agreement there.
  5. A) - it was not under your daily commute - that's the point. Sure the battery portion might have been but you could still do your daily commute even if you forgot to charge at all. That is a MAJOR advantage. B you woudln't have to budget much for gas i bet. Unless your work is a hell of a long way away i bet your fuel bill would have been in half or more. When you look at the extra cost of the EV especially without any rebates - i bet your paying the same amount either way. But hey - if it made sense in your specific circusmtances great. There will be a niche for which full Phev is better But that is a small niche - we can't replace ice with ev. We COULD replace ice with Phev. IF the goal is to burn less gas for environmental and practical reasons then that would have been the smart solution.
  6. If that's the claim they should sue the us gov't - they're the ones who are responsible for restricting sales of goods and such. THat argument goes nowhere. Its dumb. What the Mexicans are arguing is that us gun makers are deliberately setting things up to skirt the laws with the intent of selling to the bad guys. That's different. Ask the gov't. They're the ones in charge of that. Not the gun makers. and the vast vast vast majority of that is by criminals who did not get their guns legally. And it's literally a right.
  7. Hopefully he has control of the necessary houses to even consider it. That's often the problem. And i'm not sure what percentage vote is required to make that change. But if he can - that would be a major game changer.
  8. Do you think car companies will be around 12 years from now? Do you think they might want their production facilities to be still relevant at that time, and their products established? I think they might Nope, that's a very bad thing. It means they must charge a long time to get their range. You know how long a hybrid has to charge for to drive that far? Zero. IF the battery is flat you just drive anyway. Again - ice and hybrids can refule in under 3 minutes. Talk to me when charging times can match that. If the range is 20 kms or so sure, he's fine. But what if it's more than that? You're being wilfully silly at this point. No, it's a 90 percent measure. It gives us 90 percent of what we want for 50 percent of the price. The price doubles every 2 percent above that we try to go. And of course it improves battery tech -you're still talking about millions of batteries a year going into cars. In fact it may well be more because you could switch to phev across the board tomorrow and sell 4 times as many as ice. So the actual number of batteries is the same. And there would STILL be the same drive to get to full ev's some day. Well there's no way to beat that at all... wait, what if there was some sort of way to pass some sort of manditory rule like a ... a... well lets call it a 'law' for lack of a better term.... You are losing this discussion badly because you're starting with an answer and trying to work back to a question. That never works. EVs are NOT a practical solution as a full replacement for ice and will not be for the foreseeable future. Hybrids would be. Or just stick with ice if you hate the idea of hybrids so much. But EVs are not a solution any more than steam powered cars were - they existed but they just weren't the technology needed yet.
  9. I would agree with you - that's probably what you should do and you should definitely find a way to make that change to the rules, but you'll need to have control of the presidency AND the senate and the house to make that happen.
  10. That is not what the research shows at all. Not at all. First - if the father stays home and works, ANY job, the stats show very soon they will be middle class and not poor. Single moms are vastly more likely to be poor and raise their kids poor. Secondly - the stats show kids from homes like that are vastly more likely to break out the cycle of poverty. White or black. Thirdly they are more likely to succeed in education. So - you're really not correct across the board. There would still be some kids who don't make it or struggle and perhaps some areas where there's still local poverty for various reasons (there are for white people too) but it WOULD solve the vast majority of the problems.
  11. LOL - trump built his house on democrat lies. The dems turned trump into a martyr and hero with 7 years of fake 'russian collusion' that will be 'discovered next week for sure' along with billions of useless lawsuits and severely overblown 'insurrection' claims along with "if he gets in that's the end of the free world' Bullcrap. All of that hypes trump up, keeps him constantly in the news cycle and boosts his popularity. And makes the dems look like the liars. If none of that would have happened - i doubt we'd be seeing much of trump right now. That's why they joke that he's one indictment away from the presidency. And his leadership will be fine - if not somewhat silly. His economy was better than biden's or obamas, he did fine on the foreign policy front, he'll ruffle feathers with allies but they know he's done in 4 years so they'll just blow it off. You should start working on your excuses as to why the world didn't come to an end when he gets re-elected like you promised
  12. So they offer half the money and also will be banning their sale by 2035. Yeah - not really 'supporting' the market are they. Not in the slightest. On average people may drive that but people need to be able to drive more when they want to - and now ALL the problems come back up. Don't have time to charge your hybrid? No problem. don't have time to charge your ev? oooooops. Can't get a charger at home for an ev? That's a big issue. Can't get one for a hybrid? No big deal - plug into the wall and if it's not fully charged in the morning no sweat. Cold weather reducing range? Gotcha covered. Do i need to go on? A Phev eliminates the problems with full EV's. And those are serious problems. But it still delivers the vast majority of the benefits of an EV as far as environmental issues go. And we could be adopting it everywhere tomorrow. Which means actual reductions would nose dive overall. But it doesn't virtue signal loud enough. Sooo the gov't is not interested. Because it's not the environment that actually matters, it's the optics.
  13. Not at all. October 7th was the day Gaza started a war. Pretending it's anything BUT that is simply lying. Your proving my point. You want to cherry pick dates in the past that suit you but you don't want to acknowledge oct 7th for what it is because you support the terrorists and gaza and want to justify the horrible deaths of civillians without warning or declaration. I guess nailing their genitals and burning babies is fine because 1948. 1994 means NOTHING if something else happened in 2014. NOTHING that happened in the past in ANY way shape or form justifies 0ct 7. I'm sure the terrorists appreciate you desperately trying to defend them by claiming that oct 7 was about anything other than oct 7 - but it wasn't
  14. Not the liberal approach which is to violate people's human rights. - that's the one you support right?
  15. So you're just back to ignoring the truth again? That was a harper law he ran afoul of. Oh - i forgot. You don't really believe anything you say, you just like to whine and pretend you don't support justin. My bad - carry on with your lies.
  16. Not at all. We give massive subsidies for EV's, but little to none for hybrids. That is a gov't decision and it drives the market. if the gov't sent the signal that it would focus on hybrids that's what the automakers would be building and designing That's not the problem - that's the benefit. Right now you get gas guzzling suv's with NO battery because there's just not the infrastructure and price point to support it. The vast majority of people drive less than 50 km a day. So let them do the first 50 on battery and even if they drive 10 in 'gas guzzler' mode it's still a major net benefit. You'll get 90 percent of the benefits of electric but you'd get much much wider adaption. And - if the gov't set out some parameters and automakers sunk real money into development (because there's a guaranteed market) then you could significantly improve the hybrids to find that perfect balance and create the perfect engines etc. Of course they did - the gov't doesn't support them at all - the gov't is demanding PURE EV's. The gov't says all cars must be ev's by 2035 or whateve r- why would you continue development of something the gov't is going to wipe out the market for? If the gov't said "we're really going to push phev's as a bridge solution while we build things out and the tech improves" we'd have tonnes of options and people would adapt to them much faster.
  17. No that is !diotic. Letting someone keep something they own already isn't 'giving' anything to anyone. Do you have a computer? I'm going to let you keep your computer. There - i just gave you a computer. Health care is provincial. If you need to raise provincial taxes for health care then talk to your premier. that's not pp. However - there's a tonne of services we DON'T need. we don't need the cbc. we don't need "arrive can apps" that cost hundreds of millions. Why is it that trudeau increased spending but we have worse services than ever right now? When you reduce spending and taxes the economy gets stronger. when the economy gets stronger, people make more money. When htey make more money - THEY PAY MORE TAXES. You cannot 'tax' a country into prosperity. It does not work. You make the country prosper by keeping taxes low and focus on providing necessary services only and i mean REALLY necessary. And as the country prospers more tax money comes in per person.
  18. It actually worked pretty well - SNC happened because of the changes to transparancy Harper brought in. That would have been allowed prior to harper. And transparancy means people KNOW about things - and the people do. You know about snc, you know about aga khan, you know about WE, you know all this stuff - but you still keep voting for him or parties that support him blindly. You've been told this many times, and it's so easy to understand an 8 year old would get it - transparency is meaningless if there's no consequence. Say it with me now..... transparancy.. is... MEANINGLESS... if ... there .. is ... no ... consequence. And seeing as no gov't can pass a law another gov't can't undo the only people who can hold a gov't to account is the voters. But you didn't. So here we are. The problem isn't our system, or our transparency, or harper, or anything else. IT's voters like you who will happily see the libs get in for another term despite their crimes and corruption. You dont need transparency - you need a mirror.
  19. Well it's SOMEbody, but it's just wrong whomever it is. Anyway that's why the dems want lots of illegals in and they bring them to 'sanctuary cities' where the can be counted next census.
  20. Well if they complain we could just take our pants off and claim we're a pride parade.
  21. He's actually been a little better lately. But generally speaking yes. This is why people tend to mock him by PoStInG in CAPs and such But yeah this is what he's like. Frankly I appreciate the entertainment value
  22. well i think you're on the right track there. It has to come from within the community mostly but they have to really push back and make it 'normal' for parents to stay together as a couple and NOT have kids till they're ready. And work and live together to make a family and have a life. Thats' a game changer. When you make it 'ok' and 'normal' to run out on your baby or to have unprotected sex and get pregnant as a woman then this is what happens. the problem is - you solve that by raising your kids better. A dad teaches his kid by example and education how to live and treat women etc. well guess what happens when you have no dad around. So it's hard to break that cycle. We see this in a number of communities. Our own first nations have very similar problems. Raise your kids in the right environment and the majority of these problems go away.
  23. As usual - "I believe in free speech" "Oh well you must be a bad and broken person then"
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