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  1. Another silver of what is to come from PP, does he still sound like a monster...
  2. I think we all know that powering up all our remote northern communities with SMR's will be impossible and long after everyone else is converted to other sources of green power, these same communities will still be on fossil fuels. But taking off line those fossil fuel plants including those surviving coal plants in citys will take a huge chunk out of our emissions, more than any carbon tax could.
  3. Yes it is, but when you throw federal funding at it, it atleast gives them a seat at the table, right now i think the provinces would agree to pretty much anything if it bought them votes in say promises of lower electricity rates. Other factors would be electricity infra structure could be shorten and not have to cross vast distances like in NB where we only have a couple sources of power generation... less to worry about when mother nature takes a dump and knocks out entire grids. Also providing a reliable source of power to our northern communities, that depend on strictly on fossil fuel power. cutting emissions and we have not even placed a price on carbon...
  4. Canada is not the only one that has let defense spending slide...the UK are feeling it as well, just not as bad as Canada is right now. UK Defense Minister acknowledges that the British Army «has fallen behind». (msn.com)
  5. WOW where did you grab that one from, I see your another great military historian, Canadians tanks have been defending the free world for more than a century now...
  6. It's start, of a plan, and if your comparing it to the liberals plan or lack of a working plan it is a much better plan... They'll have to take a partial win and move on, sometimes leadership is doing what is best for the nation, instead of listening to the lobby groups...And lets face it all the Greta's are not voting conservative in the first place, win, win.
  7. Your right this has been going on for decades, but Justin is in power now, and has been for the last 8 years, just becasue everyone takes a pass on military spending does not make it right... what would make it right is a referendum on the topic, first educate them on what it is that our military does for this country everyday... then put it to a vote...
  8. A small part of the Conservative climate change plan... no details but it already sounds good
  9. It is hard not to point at Justin he has had the keys to the kingdom for 8 plus years now and has really done very little to fix any problem with the military except try to change it's culture...
  10. This continues to illustrate to our allied and other world nations that we are nothing but free loaders, and continue to dismiss our defensive obligations with NORAD, NATO, 5 Eyes, and have been left out of the UKUSAUS defensive pact we were once part of... And yes this is decades worth of neglect, but lets face some facts, the liberals have been in charge for 8 plus long years now. Currently they hold the reins of power and it is them that should be held responsible... Another blast across the bow this time from the US media, this should make Canadians stand tall and proud, this is what we, Canadians look like to our allied. Will they wake up and see that our armed forces is on life support, or better yet stand up and do something about it. I think they already know the answer... Canada's broken tanks evince an unserious security partner | Washington Examiner
  11. I think everyone will agree that US military forces give us the protection we need to keep the world at bay. And as a nation we have taken advantage of that and cashed in on those peace bonds big time to the point right now were our entire security apparatus is in jeopardy or considered extremely weak... If we are indeed a Washington subordinate, we have done a shitty job in keeping our military ready for high intensity warfare. becasue for the most part thats what the US does, when it does flex it's muscles, it is as if we just gave the US the finger, while sitting at the beach drinking those fruity drinks with the little umbrellas in them... And do you really think that the US is going to let Canada with just have a small militia and armed constabulary, if we are truly a Washington subordinate, in my opinion, Washington gave up on us a long time ago and is polite about it. We as a nation think we are bigger than we really are, when in fact we are not even at the same table. There have been times when we have used our sovereignty and said "no" to the US war machine, Vietnam, Iraq, Germany and later Afghanistan or place ridiculous restrictions on the use of our military forces Bosnia, Kosovo. Which plays a huge role in how our allies see us or for that matter trust us. Canada is done fight wars, if it does not modernize it's forces, and if we were smart we would donate the entire thing to Ukraine, and start over or just roll over and play dead.... Today our politicians are more than willing to deploy our military to globally without a second thought, to safety of our troops, they simply don't care nor are they willing to get educated on military matters. they simple say go... we stand to attention and say yes sir... and when we fill enough body bags or they get tired of going to ramp ceremonies they bring us home... Every soldier that died on my watch i sat down and analyzed every detail about their deaths, was it bad orders, bad tactics, bad execution, could have something been done to have a different outcome...and 90 % of those deaths could have been prevented with newer and better equipment... Every dog and pony show the politicians came over for they would ask Is there anything we can do for you... there was always hands up, yes get us better equipment...it was so bad that the chain of command would say before any event NO asking for better equipment, it is simply not going to happen... Our job was not to ask why , it was to do and die...and we got good at it...Because our nation did not want to spend the dollars required to give us a fighting chance on coming home to see our families and still today with things in much worse shape they are still telling soldiers to STFU about new equipment...So they are doing the only thing they can do...leave in droves...not becasue they don't love this nation, but becasue the nation does not love them, nor are they willing to open up their wallets...
  12. You mean you jumped to conclusions...you seem to do that a lot... For the record i don't represent any struggle between elitism or the people...infact i don't have much time for people or the elites as you say... Once again that was not the point of my post, it was any idea can gain traction with the Canadians public, it does not have to be some big turn out or have hundreds of people behind it...good ideas or bad ideas... Does that sound to angry for you.
  13. Thats not what i said , i said it does not take a big crowd to push an idea or message...and gave you examples of that...Thats all i did...I did not take a stand on your post but rather commented And your reading way to much into my post, Playing angry?
  14. Canadians have done a lot more with a lot less people protesting, look at the survivors of poly tech, and how they have shaped gun control measures, or the Ottawa university professor who made the accusation of mistreated POW in Afghanistan, sparked a massive review on how Canada treats POW's, there is also Martin Luther King... was one man that shaped equal rights for millions...So numbers don't always equate is the cause a good one or bad one....
  15. your right it's all me... your the man...
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