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  1. We have already discussed colonization, and apartheid...there has been none...Here is why we have already talked about it....The guy talking is the Hamas leaders son, who has broken away from the terrorist's organization...Listen to his explanation.
  2. Sure right across the forehead...in huge letters atleast one inch tall "i voted for liberal 2015 smack here", right below that i voted liberal 2019 smack real hard here, I voted liberal 2021 shoot here... i voted liberal in 2025 and still nobody has shot me...
  3. Climate change is real...it is just our government that does not take it very seriously and when they do , they c*ck it up to the extreme...and it is not just the Liberal plan your NDP play a huge role in it's failure as well... Colonization can not happen when Jewish people have been in the area , for literally thousands of years...Apartheid...ya well you f*ck with the bull sometimes you get both horns...
  4. The Winnipeg rifles should have taken procession of the statue placed it outside of their building...being a huge part of regimental history and all.
  5. Bullshit, the ottoman empire took those lands in battle, they created dozens of new countries over the years....it's funny the only country everyone has issues with is Israel one of the last ones created....i mean if you rip one up rip all of them up...and see what shit storm you crate then... there was no malice intent when these nations were created, most new nations actually want it... I did not vote for anything, and i have no guilt over their decision at all...tens of millions of people are quite happy with the result... you should ask someone that grew up in Gaza that very question...Mosab Hassan Yousef, he's the son of Hamas leader ask him what he thinks of his fathers plan, his fathers crimes against the palestinian people...He gave up a long time ago, and now lectures people on what hamas is really like...He has written a book you should read it, "Son of Hamas" he sees palestines struggle differently than you or blackdog does...he has lived through all of it...He will never see his father again, as the Israelis will kill him for sure.
  6. We have already discussed colonization, and apartheid...there has been none... I'd call them terrorist as well, but when your surrounded by enemies on all sides and they are coming to push you into the see , do you really care about your soldiers background...not really...Israel's military was forged in fire...and no longer operates in terrorist ways. You should know something about the group you cheer for, i mean come on man...Palestinians had several groups in which to vote for...and what they chose was Hamas...who did not hide the fact they were terrorist and made it quite clear their terrorist agenda going forward...and they won by a majority of the vote...imagine that... Stop right there, the merit is that Hamas and many citizens joined in and massacred by deliberately attacking unarmed innocent civilians "well over a thousand of them"...took hostages which it is yet to give back, paraded dead civilians through the streets as trophies, went house to house killing everyone in them, unarmed men ,women, children, thats OK...but how dare they defend themselves... Hamas took this war to another level...and now Israel is repaying that act...there is no rules stating how many people must die before it is even, or the other side satisfied...there is no rules of war dictating how long a conflict can last, nor is there any rule on what weapons can be brought to bear, and for how long...it is a conflict, brought on by hamas and it's terrorist attacks period...well those rules apply to everyone except Israel...the rest of the globe insists those rules do not apply to Israel...you insist those rules don't apply to Israel. no one can bit*h and moan about how many are being killed, or how much damage is being done, or when the last aid convoy was allowed in...THIS is a war...started by Hamas...and it will be finished when Israel says it is...And currently that is when Hamas military structure is destroyed, it's leadership killed or captured, it's ability to wage terrorist attacks against Israel is done... And when this is all done, and the palestinian people elect another terrorist regime....and this starts all over again , Israel will have the right to defend itself once again...rinse, wash dry , fold, repeat until palestine have lost their appetite for terrorism.
  7. Many palestinians crossed the borders armed by other arab countries and started killing Jews...of course they were joined in by many arab states...all with the same goal to push the jews into the sea...it was not with flowers or well wishes it was with rifles and bayonets'...thousands of jews paid with their lives...How did you expect them to treat those arab attackers ? much like how Russia treated Germany , poland or the other warsaw pact countries...what Russia is doing right now, or the dozens of other examples of how nations seized lands and territory from other nations in combat.... Palestinians think that over 60/70 years of conflict is going to change anything , they will continue to bang their heads against the wall until their heads split open... and somehow you feel sorry for them...
  8. The ones that participated in those attacks against Israel in 1948, yes...they were not part of any palestinian army, but rather a group of civilians that took up arms and attacked Israel what do you call them...according to Canadian law, inter national law they are classified as terrorist... Sure, i'm sure there is innocent Palestinians that have not supported or took part in terrorist attacks in Israel...Today the Hamas government , freely elected by palestinians who won by a majority of the vote...decided to attack Israel with a series of terrorist attacks...What did you think would happen... Israel was expected to turn the other cheek, how dare they defend themselves...US lost 3000 people in 9/11, that war went on for 16 plus years...hundreds of thousands died..not one of you people cried one tear....right now in sudan there is a conflict ongoing where everyday a new war crime is committed, civilians are stacked laying down then shot to save on bullets remind you of another period of time in history...not a single tear all we hear is crickets from you people...but mention anything jewish and you people loss your minds... Since when has it been OK to stand up for a terrorist group, and it's people...it is obvious that we don't share the same morals or values a line has been drawn in the sand...and your on the wrong side of it...
  9. I've never been in a terrorist shoes...ever...Canada has been thoughtful enough to issue me my own boots... A huge portion of the palestinian population took part in those attacks to drive israelis to the sea...and now they cry because of those consequences...Sorry no dice...they have had plenty of opportunities given to them by league of nations/ UN and they have turned them all down..Israel has not been destroyed, and they still occupy what is now known as the state of Israel...They want to push the jews into the sea...they want there total destruction, these are the people you cheer lead for....it's not about a few homesteads,or a few acres of land it is the entire state of israel....they want... How do you feel about those objectives...
  10. Yes there is in both inter national law and the conventions they state it very clearly who can be targeted and who can not... The difference is one is a soldier, when a soldier does there duty they can be freely targeted, they must be in uniform and carrying out military operations of some sort. unless they have done something criminal then they are subject to arrest.....unless they are wounded or surrendering then treated as per the conventions. ... A terrorist is not afforded any protections under the conventions or inter national law, except once taken prisoner they must be afforded protection. clothed and feed...terrorist are criminals and can be arrested , detained, at anytime...
  11. Thats not how that works...sorry...Israelis soldiers have to be in uniform or performing a military function to be targeted ...if your dressed in civvies cloths and do not have some sort of indentation that marks you as a combatant and take part in military activities, that is a war crime "see hamas"......... But Hamas has not got the guts to attack a Israelis soldier performing their duties... they prefer to attack unarmed civilians, old men and women and children they move much slower, these are known as terrorist attacks, terrorist are not afforded any protection under the Geneva convention...... No once again that is not how that works, take the hospitals that are under special protection, meaning NO military operations allowed near or in the hospital, however if you use the hospital to store weapons, munitions, military supplies, then it voids those special protection laws, and the are now can be targets for military operations...If you launch rockets next to a school it losses it's protection values, and can be targeted...if you set up a military hq's or barracks that building can be attacked...Have you read the Geneva conventions ? The answer to your question can a hamas terrorist be targeted becasue of where he lives...Not unless he is a high valued target...if he is not then he is still subject to arrest, if he resists then force will be used, very unlikely they would waste a bomb on one person, unless he was a high value target...
  12. Your failure here is to understand the rules of war, and the conventions, which clearly state what can and can not be attacked, and which buildings or special areas such as ( hospitals, schools, religious sites, etc) can not be attacked, however all these sites can loss their special status by having enemy troops operate from or near this areas, once these places have lost their status they can be attacked at will. In today's combat a drone over head can provide clearance for targets to be engaged in a matter of a couple minutes... Or if the value of the target is worth more than the collateral damage which is often the case...( for instance a high valued target would be someone in the high chain of command or bomb maker, etc...).
  13. You don't get it, and most Canadians are also having the same problem....you don't understand the issues, you don't understand what it takes to defend your nation from terrorist...this will never end because of the hate that is breed everyday on both sides. This will stop one side is pushed into the sea.... Peace will never be forced upon them...ever...one side will have to be destroyed for this to end, in the next couple generations...and people like you will rejoice in the streets...
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