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  1. Do we know if the FBI has permission from Hungarian government? Why yes sir it did. Perhaps a better question is Did the Chinese government have permission, and if not I'm sure Justin knows now, and what is he going to do. Either way, permission or not do you think it is right for China to have a police office in Toronto, so it can keep an eye on its citizens while here for whatever reason? how many more are there?
  2. To be fair a lot of nations had citizens support Nazi Germany, here is a list of SS units that were made up of different nationalities, yet we do not equate them today with being Nazi states. Waffen-SS foreign volunteers and conscripts - Wikipedia 4Foreign Waffen-SS units recruited by Nazi Germany 4.1Albania 4.2Belgium 4.3Bulgaria 4.4Bohemia and Moravia 4.5Croatia 4.6Denmark 4.7Estonia 4.8Finland 4.9France 4.10Hungary 4.11India 4.12Italy 4.13Latvia 4.14The Netherlands 4.15Norway 4.16Romania 4.17Serbia 4.18Spain 4.19Soviet Union (Russia) 4.20Sweden 4.21Switzerland 4.22Ukraine 4.23United Kingdom
  3. I don't want to sound like Bum hole, but 5/6 of the population have no problem with affording dental care. well over the majority would you say... something like 83% give or take, I'm not a math major, but i do have grade 12 math and i think my numbers are looking pretty good. It does not matter whether it was intended to be placed on day one and was left out, the fact is that money has already been allotted right, so it is NEW spending...where does it come from, according to Justin the budget will balance itself, well here is a news flash Economists say it does not work like that, not even close. Yes, it would be nice to have all the social programs we could ever need or want, the problem is who is going to pay for them, you do know Justin is going to raise taxes right, that much is in the media already, that's how we pay for everything.... the problem with all the new ones that have just been rammed through is where is the money coming from? what are we going to cut to get this new money? I already pay enough taxes, I'm sure you do as well, i worked hard for my money, i'd like to keep as much as i can. Thats is the whole story of this post, what i call shit is your things that you think are necessary, like childcare, dental care, boosting benefits, all of them are not necessary, they are wants not needs, goggle how much these programs are costing us every year... 10 's of Bils. that could go further in health care than these programs will every help. Health care is a necessary program, that effects all Canadians except the ultra-rich... Let's fix current programs before we start making new ones, or all we are going to have is under funded programs that are ineffective.
  4. Reality is a bitch is it not, politicians will do anything to get elected, including dropping the very people who got him this far... sliding to the towards the center is expected, his campaign team knows that if they want to get elected. But 3 years is a long time, anything could happen, Justin could become popular once again, (knock on wood that does not become true)
  5. Well for one we signed on to abide by the rule of law, international law, which states clearly that what Russia did was illegal, you cannot just invade another country without just cause. So, it is everyone's business when one or several nations decide it only applies when they want it to. Russia is a full member of the UN and should be setting an example, instead of flagrantly breaking it when it is convenient for them, and they are getting called out on it. And if that ends in the total destruction of the planet now or later so, be it. The law is for everyone not just a selected few.
  6. Approximately six million Canadians cannot afford dental care, out of a population of 37,000,000 you can do the math, it is a small group of people. How many Canadians Cannot afford dental care? - AdvertisingRow.com | Home of Advertising Professionals, Advertising news, Infographics, Job offers Not sure what getting a decent job even means, MacDonalds has a dental plan and that's minimum wage... No, Dental care is not part of Health care as it stands right now, once again what is it you don't understand about, before we create any new social programs maybe we should fix the ones we got. Or are you just collecting social programs. Have you been to the dentist lately, the average cost of braces for a teenager is between 3 to 10 k, shit a filling can cost anywhere from 175 to 375 per tooth. Just how far do you think 650.00 yearly is going to go. If you cater to everyone wishes and needs the country would be bankrupt in weeks. That is the problem with the left they think money grows on trees. Today's liberals have spent more than any other government in our history when are we going to stop the bottom of the pit is almost here. And it is not a conservative line, it is basic money Mangement, do you spend more than you make, then why are we so comfortable with our government doing it. How long do you think it is going to take to whittle down this liberal deficit, 10 years, 50 years, or generations. Let's be reminded it was the liberals that purchased those shitbox subs in order to save a few dollars, that decision cost the lives of Canadian service members, in a fire... so let's not throw around too much shit there is enough to go around for all sides.
  7. I think that had a lot to due with the closure of 4 Brigade, and not having any where to put all those troops in Canada, so they got rid of a bunch. Lots of good people took that, but it became a problem when they got rid of too many and rehired some of those back again... Yes, the military has been short for decades, but not this short, and the numbers they are reporting does not make sense with the numbers on the ground. and it is just getting worse, as a lot of members are not liking these new rules on dress and deportment and pulling the plug early. Yes, we have accomplished everything with nothing. Which when you look at it, has not done us any favors, the more we did the more they cut back, and don't get me wrong it is a massive accomplishment for all DND, to do all that we did, but it is also a huge blight on Canadians for not caring enough to do anything about it. But that is how we roll, Hockey, beer and poggy checks and the hell with everything else.
  8. The fighting is about Ukraine not willing to part with 20 % of their country, and Russia using force under some ridiculous claim of riding the area of Nazi's...This was an internal issue for the Ukrainian government and the people of the east to solve, not for Mother Russia to step into, at the cost of well over 60, 000 Russia soldiers and god knows how many Ukrainians. Putin was expecting a quick military victory, same as the last time, with the western world quickly forgetting the other annexations. And now he has stepped in a pile of shit, and the only way out of this is either nuclear war, or Putin's death. There are democratic counties that do not allow succession or separation, such as the US etc, and all those people that voted in favor have the option of moving back to Mother Russia, there are no squatters' rights when it comes to nations.
  9. I'm not arguing, i am stating a fact that 650.00 dollars is not going to make the change you think it is going to. And yes, that funding should be put in health care, which is desperately needed for all Canadians. most people working have dental care provided by their employer, or company insurance plan, so really, we are talking about a small minority of Canadians that need it and yet it cost billions to implement, billions that could be used in health care. We do not need any more expense social programs that divert money from other more important programs, such as health care. Unless you're of the opinion that Canadian health is perfect as it is now and dumping billions into would be a waste...and that these programs, childcare, and dental care, trump Health care. Just so i am clear, our health care is in shambles, before we go on a spend 10's of billions on new programs perhaps, we should fix the ones we already have...
  10. That is not what i said, any murder is not OK, but your solution is not worth the effort, nothing will change until the people of Iran want it to. Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya any of them ring a bell. If you think that Iran is the only nation that life has no real value, then your naive. You pick one of the worst offenders and expect us to do what exactly, write our MP's, so they can do what write the heads of state in Iran, when the whole idea is a waste of time and effort, that will not produce any results. Thousands upon thousands have died in Afghanistan, and Canadians did not give a second thought, have you read the comments on some of the articles written by our media, let's just say they are not very flattering, they don't care, what happens thousands of miles away, shit they don't care about the Canadian vets that went over there. And they will wait a long time before Canadians here stand up and do something about it. Change in Iran will come when Iranians want it to come not before, Ukraine is doing it, standing up to one of the superpowers of the planet, they did not wait they took action... It was that action that caught everyone's eyes. Those in Iran that want change have already left the country.
  11. More of the same, DND says there is a problem, and the government changes the subject. This time the message the CDS is pushing is not that there is no new equipment, or enough of it, he is stating that DND might not be able to respond to disasters at home and foreign policy abroad at the same time. DND recruitment problems are adding up to serious problem for the forces, with many units down 20 to 30 % effectiveness. Many will not even read this post; the others gloss over it but at what time are we going to ask ourselves, should we kill our military with a slow and painful death, or are we going to fund it, as it should be. Canada’s top soldier raises concerns about military readiness | Watch (msn.com)
  12. You make it sound like both those programs are critical to the country, where Dental care is only 650 a year, every been to the dentist with a teenager, 650 does not go as far as you'd like it, and the housing benefit, is a small portion you paid in HST, i get it every bit is good, but don't act as if they are the Lifes blood of the nation. So, Ya those would be a start, along with some others. maybe put those billions into health care would be a start. maybe some into our security apparatus, infra structure...I think the majority of Canadians are more concerned about waiting 12 hours in emergency, here in NB we have had 2 people already die waiting...now that beats the little savings from dental care.
  13. I thought first you had the referendum, then annexation into the Russian fold, I guess Russia does things a little backwards. A what is to stop anyone from just deciding they want a small chunk of the neighbor's land. Or is it alright if you have nukes? And the annexation was never the reason to attack Ukraine, sorry launch a "special operation" It was all about, get rid of the Nazi's and rescue Ukrainians that speak Russia.
  14. I don't put much faith in polls, but i thought this one was interesting as most center Conservatives, and members of the left where adamant PP was not the man for the job, it seems people are changing their minds... In Just 10 days Justin has slipped to second place now lagging behind PP. Justins liberals are facing a huge problem in today's numbers in many areas, a lot can change in the years to come before election, just curious on what liberals are thinking. Poilievre overtakes Trudeau as leader seen as best choice for prime minister: poll (msn.com)
  15. WTF is my problem, do you really think Canada has the political clout to make a difference in Iran. What did we learn from Afghanistan anything? Exflyers exploits are splashed all over this forum, no Wikipedia needed. And i get it your upset, but I'm pretty sure if you were having a conversation face to face calling out someone for being a coward might not have the ending you were hoping for. Here is my problem this country cry's over ever nation that treats its citizens very badly, they scream, jump up and down until it gets to the point that its government decides to listen and send in the troops. They line the roadways cheering them on as they board planes for the next conflict, 4 years into it, they have grown tired of that war, and the men and women that sacrificed everything to serve its country, Ukraine ring a bell... it's popular right now, but when it costs serious money Canadians will lose interest very quickly. Middle eastern countries have been treating people this way for hundreds of years and you're just getting your voice now? RCMP arrest an indigenous man in mid-winter for being drunk drove him out of town in a blizzard and left him on the side of the road with no jacket, he was later found frozen to death...nobody gave a shit... Write a few letters, shit write a thousand and if it makes you feel better, will it not make one bit of difference " nope". But to call someone cowardly for looking the other way, that's full of shit, writing a few letters not getting involved or going to lead to a solution. It is a waste of bandwidth.
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