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  1. WTF is my problem, do you really think Canada has the political clout to make a difference in Iran. What did we learn from Afghanistan anything? Exflyers exploits are splashed all over this forum, no Wikipedia needed. And i get it your upset, but I'm pretty sure if you were having a conversation face to face calling out someone for being a coward might not have the ending you were hoping for. Here is my problem this country cry's over ever nation that treats its citizens very badly, they scream, jump up and down until it gets to the point that its government decides to listen and send in the troops. They line the roadways cheering them on as they board planes for the next conflict, 4 years into it, they have grown tired of that war, and the men and women that sacrificed everything to serve its country, Ukraine ring a bell... it's popular right now, but when it costs serious money Canadians will lose interest very quickly. Middle eastern countries have been treating people this way for hundreds of years and you're just getting your voice now? RCMP arrest an indigenous man in mid-winter for being drunk drove him out of town in a blizzard and left him on the side of the road with no jacket, he was later found frozen to death...nobody gave a shit... Write a few letters, shit write a thousand and if it makes you feel better, will it not make one bit of difference " nope". But to call someone cowardly for looking the other way, that's full of shit, writing a few letters not getting involved or going to lead to a solution. It is a waste of bandwidth.
  2. WTF, are you going on about, you're talking to a man that served his nation in the military as a Search and Rescue Tech, jumping out of planes to save Canadians... and somehow a few words make him a coward, grow the F*** up. And when it comes to our turn, i hope you do more than write a few letters. You think sending a few letters to our MP's is going to change anything considering our political clout in this universe I say you're the one with the problem, Iran will change when its people want it to change, and they will be the ones that change it. Not your letters.
  3. Here in Canada, they screen people for extremist views or get rid of them once their views are discovered. But screening can only go so far, it is not 100 % accurate, as we have found out in the last couple years. No, you're thinking here is the Military should be pure and have morals and values above the majority ofother Canadians, and yet they come from every walk of life in Canada, and being as pure as the driven snow. Their jobs are to close with and destroy the enemy, not with teddy bears and blankets, but through death and destruction. Once you have been exposed to war, it is impossible to have or maintain the same level of morals and values. "War changes everyone, no one is immune to it" and trust me on this the last thing on any Soldiers mind in combat, is if the guy beside you has the same moral values as you do... Your life is in his hands and his life is in yours, you depend on each other regardless of politics, beliefs, religion, color, creed. Can he soldier when the time comes and not freeze in panic, can he kill if required, will he risk his life for yours this is what a soldier thinks about all the time. Staying alive and keeping your fire team partner alive is the number one objective, Number two, kill as many bad guys as you can so you can go home...everything else falls off the list pretty quick. Now you can judge all you want, because your here in a nice warm home, with family around you with all your needs being meet. Soldiers live in a dirt hole, half full of water most of the time, it's always cold, you're lucky to get one or 2 hours a sleep a night, for weeks at a time, your body craves sleep, and it refuses to work like you want it to, the last time you had a shower was weeks ago, Water is in short supply and is for drinking only after all it's the front, ya you stink your uniform is starting to rot in places, others it gets rock hard from all the dried sweat and dirt build up, you're lucky to get one good meal a day, you've run out of clean cloths weeks ago, you've got sores and rashes everywhere between your legs, under your arms, it is painful to walk or move your arms, your covered in sand flees, or lice or worse.. you've used your sleeves from your t-shirts and socks to wipe your behind, no toilet paper. And top all that off the bad guys are doing their best to kill you 24 hours a day, and you're trying to do the same to them, and all you've seen since being on the front is death and destruction everywhere, not to mention the smells, like rotting flesh, shit, puke not to mention the other people around you... And somehow you think after all of that you're going to be worried about someone's politics. you don't even know if you're going to live out the rest of the day, nope i don't care if your purple with a huge hump on your back, and extra-large warts on your Johnson, and your boyfriend is the hulk and you hate all white people. i got too much to worry about the same things you do. It is not all bad every couple weeks you get to come back to one of the FOB's, get a weeks' worth of showers in a few hours, new uniforms, doc gives you some cream for the rashes and sores, you get hot meals, actual talk to people that is not in your section, find out what is happening in the world, have a Tim hornets coffee and donuts, sleep on a bed... and in a couple days back out to do it all over again... Thats how it works.
  4. Since we are talking about Ukraine here, have you been following the conflict, the discovery of Russian prison camps, the mass graves of women and children of military age men, boys and old men really...or the damage to Ukraine infra structure, the total destruction of all of it. Those Ukrainian men and women have taken outrageous number of dead and wounded... And now you want to get picky on who can fight and who cannot... funny i did not hear about any death camps being set up by this one BN, or train loads of Russia civilians traveling to their deaths, do they like Russians no they hate Russians at this point in the war. Much as you would learn to hate someone who was killing your family and friends. War is not about rules, and regulations, religion, race, or even about morals and values it is the total lack of all of these. It is about death and destruction, nothing more until one side surrenders period. I not glorifying war, it is supposed to be ugly, it turns normal humans into animals very quickly, and brings out the evil that humans are capable of, much worse that than you ASLOV BN, much worse than your train video.
  5. It's not about people Michael, be gay it does not affect me one way or another, get married, whatever. It is the rest of the garbage they are preaching, and it is not just schools or courts, it is big business, any workplace, it has given birth to cancel culture or at least has given it a larger voice.
  6. In one instance you don't like it if a soldier shares different opinions than yourself, good or bad but you will add millions upon millions more to die in battle becasue of your dislike of Russia.
  7. The hate does not come out on the first days of combat nor, is it the reason you sign up for the military. It comes when you experience war, the sights the sounds, the smells of death after you've seen friends die in violent ways, or civilians targeted on purpose, this is a slow cooker for hate, and within weeks you'll hate the enemy and everything they are doing... to the point you would not hesitate for a split second about ending their lives... My question to you is why a racist fascist cannot defend his homeland. Soldiers come from all over our nation, covering all the spectrums of our society you cannot weed out everyone even in peace time, in war time who cares. Most of those people in those photos will not be alive in the days to come, with most Ukraine units taking over 80 % plus causalities. In the end they will be judged by God.
  8. Kind of reminds me of those tic tocs of some pass out drunken chick and her friend telling everyone "She's fine" it's ok, Shes' fine... why is it you call out others for off the wall ideas, "which I'm fine with by the way", but not something like this.
  9. That they are to lazy to change it or challenge it, or it is not delusional to identify as a cat, or jet fighter, or the one of the other million genders, so much that they are teaching young children this in classrooms, and have incorporated into our laws without any science to back it up.. or does science only count in climate change.
  10. I do what i can for the less fortunate,
  11. Is climate change real? what i would like to know is those that firmly believe that it is here, and it is a emergency as out government has declared what are you doing about it? On a forum chanting back exactly what the government is tell you. "WE BELIEVE" and if you don't your a retard... and if we are all just going to sit around this forum and discuss it for generations, and hope someone comes up with a plan to stop it...well a plan that is better than one that just taxs the shit out of fuels and then give it all back to you at the years end. becasue i feel safer already... Why bother with the argument at all, in fact why not make life a little more comfortable while we can through fossil fuels...why worry about it, nobody is going to do anything really worth while on a global scale that is... so light up a dobby and enjoy what time you got left... by SPF 1000 sunscreen i hear that works.
  12. Nothing wrong with a man wanting to be a woman or vice versa, or being gay, or whatever else they think they are. it's all the other crap that surrounds it all, the 1 million genders, and the lack of science that comes with it, so much so it is being pushed in schools in our laws, it has gone to far. We just talked about the other generations a few posts up, they don't care, becasue they are too lazy to change it or challenge it, and call it put for what it is, delusional or someone's fantasy.
  13. Nope, I am being kept busy trying to find full time jobs for those collecting poggy, hey have you found a job yet.
  14. Almost makes you want to take up drinking just to drown out shit this new generation has cooked up, and everyone thought boomers were bad.
  15. The left has no room to talk about lies and deceit to the masses...they do it everyday they talk.
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