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  1. The message being sent here is you can not defend your propriety, with anything, gun, knife , bat anything.....your only action is to call the cops, in my case i live 15 mins out, and thats if they are not already on a call. and when they arrive they take a statement, they will tell you straight out they are way to busy to investigate and the odds of them catching anyone or retrieving your goods is slim to now... thats what insurance is for they say... but they are not paying the increases in your insurance, are they...and they will never give you full value...Just buy a new one they say...I work hard for my money, way to hard to see someone thats to lazy to get a job, just take what they want with no consequences. This guy shot the very man doing just that being a thief, to lazy to earn his money though honest hard work , instead he took the short cut and decided to just take it...Does he deserve to die for is efforts, no, but when you enter that line of living you take your chances...... and we are suppose to feel sorry for this low life... HE made that choice, HE knew that it could end badly for him...Now he is dead, leaving his family in a lurch as one less earner....he knew this could lead to his death or prison time, and still that did not deter his choices... In this case justice was not served...only embolden more of his kind to take what they want... Peter Khill sentenced to 8 years in prison for shooting death of Six Nations man Jon Styres (msn.com)
  2. To be honest , the only losers are going to be the women, if you take out the urinals and install toilets so everyone has privacy "a place to go" ....there is going to be a cost and it is not going to be cheap....unless it is ok just to whip it out in front of the ladies...lets not forget the price of another condom machine got to have one of those... That being said one of the main reason we have two different bathrooms is cleanliness, the women's bathroom smells like roses and perfume...and the toilet seats are free of over spray or just badly aimed urine...and while we would all agree all shit smells bad, the smell of a mans turds will peel paint on a good day... Thats what the women are going to sacrifice, entering a public toilet with urine sprayed like a bad paint job, or the smells of a freshly laid turd the size of a small Volkswagen, or maybe it is the other way around, where women who would not dare fart in public, now would have no choice to let out 2 weeks of gas in the stall next to you..... All those hidden secrets would now be made public, like what is it women actually do in there in pairs?....and what do they talk about in there ?... The guys, they really don't care about bathroom protocols, they will try and get everything within the confines of the toilet and fail miserably and take that dump that would normally crack concrete...or plug a normal toilet...It really changes nothing for the men...
  3. Perhaps i am not explaining myself well enough, the is a huge deficit on our electrical grid, not only national in distribution, and transmission, but also within our communities, where grids are not large enough for you to charge your new shinny EV over night but rather needs 3 full days to charge becasue the grid is not up to that standard to allow for high speed charging...And with the liberal timelines 2035 is around the corner and we still have not put out a plan to tackle infra structure and increase power demands... Canada's electricity grid will need substantial changes to help achieve net zero: report | CBC News
  4. Last time i heard , UCP had won a majority government....one does not get a majority government and barely win anything... and in another 4 more years Notley will be in a old age home... Let's be frank shall we ,nobody is really afraid of any one in the NDP party, atleast not afraid enough to be hiding under the bed with a gun... Danielle Smith leads UCP to Alberta majority government | CBC News
  5. There are plenty of stories in the media on small nuclear reactors (SMRS) that would be a cheaper solution to many power generation plants we have now, Take a look at the latest Hydro plant in Muskrat falls where it is approaching 13 billion and still not completed...That would build dozens of MSR plants for the northern communities, not to mention it could take off those coal fired generation plants across the nation... SMR plants no longer need massive construction time lines, and can be built in half that time...with half the funding... We are putting the cart before the horse building EV cars with not enough infra structure to service them all, and yet no major investment is being made in that direction, just billions being poured into battery plants for ev's . This government has wasted 100"s of billions, and we are fall farther behind our green economy, we had a chance at this industry of green energy years ago, and we dropped the ball... and now most provinces power companies don't want to pay customer for generating power...they want it for free...new Policies need to be made, to promote further growth in solar, or geothermal.
  6. How does Nuclear option not reduce green house emissions ? we are still using coal fired power plants across the country, taking just these off line would provide a large decrease in emissions, not to mention plants fired by fossil fuels Massive tech upgrades in Nuclear energy are here with some of them being implemented in Canada. SMR's would or could cut the north's reliant on fossil fuels for their energy, not only resulting in cuts to emissions, but cost savings in it's transport and storage would be huge... SMR's could be used in small communities to large cities as they are modular in construction... Beside first we must improve our electrical grid and infra structure before we start implementing all this electrical cars and trucks, and all of it's infra structure and power needs, not to mention changing the rules and regulations involved in home solar heating and power ie most provinces do not pay for excess power generated by the home owner, in order to further lower power bills and consumption. And as being expensive, right now carbon tax is just going around and around and back into the pockets of tax payers at the end of the year , well most of it, as the liberal government has been saying and proven wrong by the PBO office, why not use those taxes to fund SMR or invest in green tech...and until that day roles around continue to invest in our oil and gas sector...how many billions could Canada have made in selling natural gas to Europe, or Asia those profits could have purchased MSRs for most northern communities, and power starved provinces.
  7. Don't worry about me or my fellow soldiers well be fine without your advice or council...thanks for your support...
  8. By fools you mean us the people, then why has the liberal government not described what they have been doing in the last 8 years to combat all of this instead of trying to convince us nothing is going on, when our Intel agency knows that is not true...instead we have to rely on our media sources to dig this info out of the government through leaks... I think you forget just how a communist party works and how much power they have over their own people, power that could threaten Canadian citizens, with relatives whom have remained in China...
  9. Don't let him get into your head Dougie, you are a brother in arms, a title much greater than friend. we share the same hardships, trained with some of the finest warriors Canada has produced. We have met the same standards as the hero's that have gone before us...And today we have the honor of saying we have served... You have nothing to prove to him or any others, let him rant and spew his jealousy, his hate. He knows nothing of our world, he is an outsider, that does not belong in our circle, he mocks what he does not understand. He has no idea what it is like to serve and to give everything for this country , your physical and mental health, in a lot of cases your family, wife and children, friends, you sacrifice everything.... he has not watched good young men and women literally rip their life's apart because they could not cope with the stress and reality of the job, be it peace keeping, Combat, or garrison life, nor do they have compassion for their plight, you are used up then kicked to the streets to defend for yourself. ... They expect you to have god like stamina and character to be able to withstand everything they themselves are afraid of...They forget we are human, and have limitations. NO he like most Canadians have sat on the side lines and watched, very much aware of the issues that effect us, and done nothing, yelling and cursing them for not being able to stand up and take the fight to the people and government... This is what is wrong with the nation everyone is fighting to be heard, in thousands of little groups, for rights that we all should be concerned with...when we should be fighting to bring everyone under one banner, one flag, one nation...That was once the dream. Today the reality is much different. He knows nothing of sacrifice or honor, integrity, or what it is like to risk your life on a constant basis for something much bigger than himself...his weapons' are his desk, a phone and his computer he hides behind his moniker to keep him safe. His battles are on a forum, and so he can escape the real world, and real problems...His problems...One day he will see the light...but not today...
  10. I get the message loud and clear, there is however already more than 60 veterans groups doing the same job, his advice was to start up another, which would be different than the other 60 how ?... and becasue i showed no interest in that i was a coward...and the conversation went down hill from there. Regardless of what i think of him, i don't think his one approach would work in my case. Thats not what he wanted to here....And if this is how the new political world is going today and this is how they interact with people sorry i got no time for any of them. Do i want the liberals to win again. well if this is how conservative party members conduct themselves with the public than as much as i dislike liberals i really could no longer care... I'm well aware of how other countries treat their soldiers, fortunately i don't live there nor have i spent a life time serving in those armies...Guys like CDNFOX see what they want to see, it's all about politics and thats it... you can see that in his inter actions with others, he his not interested in the topics or people, just as long as he is heard... Have i learned something from this conversation sure... was it positive not in the least.
  11. Not sure how you expected this conversation to go, your just another guy with an opinion, that really does not mean a whole lot in the grand scheme of things. your not in a position to help anyone, much less give me advice on how to solve my issues....So I'm going to end it here. I think we have already wasted enough space on the forum.
  12. Like i said before time for you to do what you have been preaching to others... instead of just given out advice and slagging soldiers...and stop being someone else puppet and run for office, under the NDP banner... NO, it became your job when you stood up and started slagging soldiers for not standing up for their rights...you took it upon yourself to stand up for the nation when she was being slagged... defender of the crown...you could have easily let it slide by... Nation building has passed you by, hard to do any of that from some deep dark corner of moms basement, you seem to think that standing up means being a coffee boy in someone else campaign mean while the rest of Canadians need to form groups and take action, or their cowards... when in fact your just a wanna be... i doubt PP would address any one like you have... nor do i think he would appreciate any of his staff doing it... Politicians have made this country into what it is right now, and thats not something to be proud of... and regular Canadians have let them do it...i know hard concept to grasp, for being defender of the crown...but if you somehow mange to take off your costume, and do your job, which according to you was working on someone campaign... and bringing up these tidbits of info to serve the rest of Canada but instead you have decided to slag soldiers, and generally be a dick...i think it shows who you are as a person, and how out of touch you are about all the different issues of the nation... i also think it might be time for you to get a new job...
  13. Sounds like a reason to go on the attack, for no other reason than slagging the country....have you asked the reasons for the verbal attacks...i know it does not matter, your in uniform and got a job to do defender of the nation and all.... Did i mention the pink tutu, with the princess crown, and ballet shoes.... lets not forget the short t shirt with the beer belly hanging out... and the LGBTQ flag on the sleeve, i mean you got to represent right...
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