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  1. i heard it is 74 Virginian democrats, to bad we could not get in on that deal and offer up liberals, NDP, and lets not forget everyone's favorite Green party...starting with their most electable virgin miss May....
  2. Thats what you get when you play terrorist, slapped around, and hunted down like the dogs they are...wait until they find out there is no more virgins left in paradise, the Taliban took them all...now all you get is a bucket of lube, and a pocket pu$$y..
  3. Maybe thats why the NDP could not find their ass with 4 pairs of hands...PP stated after their official conservative party conference that he would take all new ideas that came out of the conference under advisement, he would be the one choosing what is the best fit for the conservatives party and his leadership...Thats what leaders do they lead...NDP will take what scrapes they are thrown... lets not forget the line in the NDP sand, no pharma care they will stop supporting Justins party...it was their red line and now it's ok to delay another year... every one is saying they are being played like a fiddle at a red neck bush party....
  4. Don't have much time for both of them, they have forgotten their roots, and while they maybe to close to the flame( the inner circle) they have forgotten just what makes the military tick...and it's not the inner circle... they need to get back to reality instead of all the liberal minded backers of their work... Lots of waste in the military damn straight Skippy, can it be fixed sure it can, but thats not the direction our government wants to take, instead they are more concerned about diversity, allowing soldiers to become individuals, instead of one team with one objective...and both of the above writers stand behind all of that rhetoric... Taylors hit piece done on the retiring general that dared to speak out on todays system was a prime example of that....They lost they're way a long time ago...to give him credit he had my respect in Afghanistan, when he traveled alone, and created excellent content... now he is a different person...almost anti military...
  5. I think Canadian aerospace is to late to the race on this one, yes the say it has a product that can compete but ifrom what i hear it is nothing more than a drawing right now, and the systems inside are just as untested in the real world... now if they had a working platform in service somewhere they would have a point for a shot at the contract... Now the P-8 is a proven platform, not sure why they are shutting down the line, it seems thats the only thing that can spur Canada into purchasing stuff is to tell us we are shutting the line down..., C-17 was the same way, the line was shutting down lets hurry and buy some...
  6. I agree 100 % the Airforce has a second to none maintenance program, replacing items becasue they are time expired, well before they break rather than wait until they fail as the army does, has many advantages, but also is expensive...but the main objective is safety, something one cares about when at 30,000 feet and carrying valuable personal. On of the things that the video does mention is that although they are sound mechanically, it is the bones like air frames/ wing roots themselves that can not be replaced that erodes with time, these type of fixes don't happen that often...which is one of the concerns with the f-18, once retired they would have been in the air for 50 years, thats a lot of landings and high speed g's that erode the actual life of components such as airframes and wing roots...And while i have zero hours in the Airforce, my brother was a Airframe tech posted with 408 sqn in Edmonton back in the day and thats all he talks about... We use to have a well thought out maintenance program that included GOC inspections, ( when vehicles were assigned to one person) which included dozens of stand by your vehicle with all your / vehicles kit laid out everything in top running ordered cleaned to the maxed, freshly painted, these would go on through out a 4 week period and would end with the brigade commander doing the final inspection.. Today vehicles have dozens of drivers, no one really cares about their condition hence the drive it until it explodes attitude then give it to the mechs...driver maintenance is a becoming a thing of the past, we could not even change a headlight bulb due to contracts limitations....it created lazy drivers and poor maintenance standards.
  7. more urgent request for resources , this one coming from the NAVY....Not sure why these messages are not being heard... Canada's top admiral says navy staff, resource needs in 'critical state' (msn.com)
  8. found this video about the Airforce, commentary is done by an ex Canadian f-18 pilot...gives more insight into the state of our Airforce, and the F-18 replacement program...
  9. Well that works 2 ways during that time period both sides committed acts of terrorism to each other and the British, i guess that justifies what is happening today... Becasue Israel has pulled itself up from the dirt with no help from any nation.....from nothing to the state they are in today that justifies the terrorism they face daily from a group of people you and others defend.... why becasue they have painted themselves as the underdog...NEWS flash, Palestine is a terrorist state, it's government , and those that support it all terrorist or terrorist supporters... The minority of Palestinians are peaceful, and just want to have a safe place to raise their kids....the majority will not cease terrorist activates until Israel is destroyed...
  10. I read you source i can not find any mention of the top half of your remarks "if case you forgot" the one line you have redlined is there, but nothing more... could you clarify... Speaking of what you have underlined i think your making an assumption... that they dropping bombs everywhere...you fail to mention all the precautions they take , mass leaflets drops, individual phone calls, and on the ground loud speakers blasting warnings... anyone left after that is collateral damage Very few things are listed as protected places, hospitals, schools, religious places, there are few more... ( but there is a caveat, these places must not be used by the enemy, for protection, or military purposes, like house ammo, weapons', etc......they lose they protestive status once they do... meaning they can be targeted or attacked...recently we have seen ambulances being used by Hamas to transport hostages...It should be noted everything else is free game...if it gives the enemy shelter, or fortification then it can become a military target...you want to take away all the enemies advantages, for shelter, protection, sources of food, or energy etc... But the entire objective of hitting a target is to do maximum damage, and trust me accuracy is pretty much guaranteed, this is not world war II. this is placing a 2000 lb bomb in your lap while your on the toilet...even dumb bombs are pretty much accurate to with 100 plus feet. So in this context is pretty much a moot point...besides why not do the maximum damage possible ?
  11. From a Palestinian peace protestor perspective.... Here is a man that is touring the globe and telling his story, the story of what it will take to bring peace to Palestine. Yes it differs from the protestors message that only want Israel to be thrown into the sea.. Rather his view represents the minority , one based in reality, and not death and destruction. Ceasefire isn't the answer: Palestinian peace activist weighs in on the Israel-Hamas war (msn.com)
  12. Eyeball those are some very big accusations the same ones that are feeding the false news ( hamas news) around this conflict, I get it you don't like inter national law or the conventions and how it is applied in these cases... There is no indiscriminate bombing, and you don't know what precautions are being undertaken to make each strike free from collateral damage. But war is brutal nothing is going to change that.. you can scream this conflict is the worst, but this is happening in over 20 different spaces on the globe....Some conflicts are worse than others i can tell you Ukraine is much much worse with Civilians are the intended targets of the Russian military, where civilians many will freeze to death this winter... and i don't see massive numbers around the world marching for them...well becasue they are not terrorist, thats why, they don't have the PR department Hamas has... This will stop when Hamas is destroyed and the Palestinians rise up and put an end to all of it...But it is not, Palestinians have one goal to make Palestine a one state solution and pushing Jews into the sea...
  13. I get that he may of requested it, but was it in his best interest, his safety is in the justice systems hands, and was this transfer done with that in mind...
  14. Yes, i support Israel right to defend itself...Charged with what exactly ? collective punishment what are you going on about ? , got any numbers for the red cross, and not the Hamas authority , who for it, wait are terrorists.... Hamas does not care how many die, in their fight to rid the globe of Jews.... while tragic Hamas is fully responsible for each of those deaths... WTF did you think was going to happen after those attacks, teddy bears and blankets...
  15. Yes Floyd is dead, the only reason Chauvin is in prison, serving his sentence handed down by your justice system...No karma, no your a dick so we will send you to general population, no additional conditions to be meet...Now you personal may want ill will to fall upon him, but thats not justice it is revenge....
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