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  1. So I take it you agree, with the Supreme Court decision. That multi-life sentences are cruel and violets their charter rights, I say tough shit. Having 2 people kill you for sport that's really cruel, and then having them cry about the punishment is too tough... That's rich...That choice the court made has little regard for the surviving victim's families. And the court has turned sentencing into a circus... In a system that does not treat all people equal, some get multi-life sentences and some don't, depends on the day. Did the criminal give the victim the same consideration? was it not cruel to take someone's or multiply people's lives? To risk letting them out do it all over again or make the victim's parents live all of that one more time... Someone once said we are judged on how well we treat our prisons, But we should also be taking into account how we treat the victims and their families of these crimes. This is not about the right or left, it is about justice, and keeping this garbage away from the public.
  2. Look I get it the government sucks at regulating anything. But it is all we have either we learn to work with it, or demand change and Canadians are not up for that task. That being said today's nuclear energy is very regulated safety-wise, not sure what else you're looking for. Besides today's new smaller reactors are as safe as you can get, and they work on spent fuel rods. smaller means less time to build, and fewer resources, it could be a win-win for everyone. I also agree with your in-camera lobbying i think the everything they do should be recorded, but i also think they should be held accountable, to the law.
  3. A recent decision by the Supreme court now has changed the precedence for maximum time served before parole for murder charges, it once was 25 years per person killed today it was changed to a maximum of 25 years, regardless of how many you have killed. The reason they gave was it was The Supreme Court said the law violated the Charter of Rights and Freedoms that guarantees against cruel and unusual treatment because it can deny offenders a realistic possibility of being granted parole before they die. one would have to ask what the victim's rights are Families of Ontario murder victims outraged at Supreme Court ruling (msn.com) Should the government change this ruling? Here is what the liberals have said. Government disagrees with top court's decision on gunman's parole but will respect it: Lametti (msn.com)
  4. I agree if we are not going to invest in that department then shut er down.. Do you even know what your military does every day for this country? Before we close it down you should know what you're going to lose. Iceland and Costa Rica don't have much sovereignty much less a say in those matters, Do they, in fact, other nations provide their security for them, which means foreign troops in place of ours, they would also have a say in our country's security apparatus, and Canada would no longer have a need for a foreign policy, I mean how would you enforce anything outside of our borders. who is going to provide Search and rescue, who is going to take over emergency preparedness for the nation, who is going to respond to all those national disasters, who is going to provide security over major events like Olympics, or G-20,etc?, Who is going to track Santa Claus on Dec 25.
  5. Are the owners regardless of country of origin, not paying Canadian taxes on the revenue generated by renting them out?
  6. Nuclear energy is one of the golden nuggets to reduce our use of fossil fuels to generate power. Unless you know of a different or better source. You don't have to be a climate change expert to see that, and any delay in bringing these projects into action, is undermining the entire climate change storyline is it not. And if that's the case why the Carbon tax.. kind of blow a hole in the entire plan and the need for a declaration of a climate emergency does it not?
  7. Sorry Queen you're losing me, on power and authority. The example below shows a few things one, it was the PM that had made the decision to delay the declaration of war, to show the world that Britain was not in charge of Canada's destiny. A display of power and authority Now if the Queen had the authority she could have simply told the PM you're going to war, but that did not happen. In fact, I don't recall one instance where the Queen has involved herself in any Canadian political decisions. Other than the fact Canada had to abide by the treaties signed with the indigenous population. Which once again points to her having a figurehead role. And the only reason she still has it today is the government is too lazy to change it. Another example predating the WWII one, this one once again shows the PM had the power and authority to tell GB PM to pound salt. once again the King did not intervene by telling Canada to prepare for war.
  8. Lots of studies out there that suggest anyone and everyone is capable of doing evil things, and in short order. The study that I saw was college kids, 1/2 of the groups were inmates, and the other half were guards within days things started to get violent, and the study was called off within a couple of weeks due to safety concerns over someone taking someone's life. These were kids that knew each other. They also made a movie about it, back in the days a bunch of kids were stuck on an island...Lord of the flies. Law and order are the only things holding everyone back, or for the most part everyone that is sane there are still wackadoodles that get through and law and order is not enough. Remove law and order, and see what happens nothing but complete out-of-control violence.
  9. She may have power in all those books you read, but we both know that she is a figurehead, an appointment in name only in Canada. If she had the power to declare war on behalf of Canada, why is it they waited for our parliament to declare war in WWII, Korea, and why did we not go to the Falklands. She (GG) signs what she is told to sign, and when to sign it. That comes from the PM where the real power resonates from...Unless you happen to believe the conspiracy theories and the world elites are in charge and we are just here for the ride...I'm not there yet. I think regular Canadians are f*cking things up just fine.
  10. No, you said until we have in-camera lobbying Climate change is on hold, You and i both know the in-camera lobby is not going to happen any time soon, so it kind of suggests a low priority. Climate change has been around for a long time, well at least as long as Justin has been in power and his plan is all we have right now tax the user then give it back to him, that's been the plan for some time, But hey blame it on the conservative's leadership race it's the leftist default. Maybe Justin is out of his comfort zone on climate change and just wants to punt it down the road like everything else... meanwhile, Justin has his feet on his desk laughing his ass off because the conservatives could not find their own ass with 4 hands... Sorry good buddy I did not make anything suck, our government did a good job on that one.
  11. Canada is once again being called out by US ambassador for being cheap when it comes to our National Defense, and as usual, it will fall on deaf ears, although it does speak volumes when a newly appointed ambassador brings up the subject in his first few days of office. Canadians will brush this off as they have all the other thousands of attempts by world leaders around the globe... 3 cheers for our leader, what his name again, oh ya, I cant seem to say the truth, Trudeau. it's a new Canadian trait that is spreading among liberals... U.S. Ambassador says Canada didn't live up to its own hype on defence spending (msn.com)
  12. So there is no climate emergency then? Or it is not the top-rated issue in this country, Those environmentalists are going to be pissed. Miss May is having a stroke right now
  13. Come on Queen are you suggesting the liberals are serious about climate change, Yes they have put a price on carbon, and then they give it back to the taxpayers "hoping/ praying " it reduces fossil fuel usage... and here we are with fuel 3 times the price and we are still going about our business, we are paying more for everything... there is very little investment from the government " considering they did declare a climate emergency" we did spend 450 bil on covid ... I did not mention NDP or green as their plans do tackle climate change in a serious matter, it comes at a price, and living in the dark would be one of them... The experts can not come up with a definite time frame when climate change endangers all humankind. Some say it is already too late, others say 20 years or more... remember the massive panic Y2K caused due to experts' opinions, I'm not saying climate change is not true, I'm saying that the info we are being provided is not accurate, and is a little bit misleading. Despite all of that, we are attempting to cut off our nose despite our face, when the major polluters are not or will not be participating in these drastic changes that most western nations are taking. and without their participation, we are NOT going to make our global goals. There needs to be a reasonable approach to this issue, Ukraine's war and covid is showing us just how much the global supply chain is affected by one or two nations. we have enough fuel supply to insulate ourselves from any outside interference, and yet we choose not to, because of fringe groups within and outside of Canada. Fossil fuels is our number one resource, that drives our economy, without it where do you see us in the future? when so many other countries are miles ahead of us in green tech or green energy. So is the left more intelligent than the right, no by no means, what all the parties have shown to date that all of us could not figure out how to get out of a wet paper bag, and we are more than happy to cherry-pick other nations solutions good or bad. We like to puff out our chests and point to the world look at us go " remember "we are back" address to the UN... yes they are still waiting for that sign or action that would point world opinion in that direction.
  14. I must have missed that class in Conservative school, But I think we may be playing on words here, I think or assume you're suggesting the GG is the highest appointed office in Canada, and yet has very little power to effect change in regards to policy or law, and the PM has the final say on that appointment. regardless he is the leader of the nation, and we have not set the bar very high. It may be borrowed, but right now he does own it until taken away. and he has used it to benefit himself and his party and let's add the NDP as well.
  15. I agree 100 %, and am all for nuclear energy or any other type of energy that is carbon-free, but we either refuse to look at them, or we don't have the will to support a massive move like this. although the liberals did sink some cash into NLFD hydro project, a little too late mind you it is an investment. we should also be working on getting this power to the rest of the maritime provinces before Quebec steals that project as well. This could be an excellent use of all those carbon taxes we are paying.
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