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  1. In terms of the actual topic in general, the answer is an emphatic no, because education is such a wonderful wedge issue. Both parties always need that arrow in their quiver for times when things in general aren't going their way. Whenever one party is doing badly in some area they will always use things like the border (US), education, abortion, climate control, etc to distract people from the things that really matter like the economy, scandals, fascist overreach of a liberal/DNC gov't, etc.
  2. Yup. I think that vocational options should be more readily available for the kids who are just never gonna achieve good marks, but still want to have a decent life and are willing to work hard.
  3. Right now the system is struggling because electoral ridings are so different in size. I did some math a few elections ago and found that, on avg, votes in the maritimes were worth about 1.6 Alberta votes. That was based on the fact that Alberta ridings had so many more people in them. Even after Alberta had new ridings added they were still casting 'discounted' votes. If the difference was something like 1.1 - 1 that would be liveable, but it's not. If they don't want to be constantly shifting boundaries and adding ridings, maybe they should just make ridings worth 1.1 votes or .8 votes, based on the ratio of their population/100,000. It's just not fair that a riding with 74,000 people carries as much weight as one with 120,000.
  4. I'm the one here posting facts that back all my claims and encouraging on-topic dialogue. You're just here to rub Moonbox's back and make childish comments. FYI there are lots of leftist echo chambers where you will never have to read about any of the vaccine's failures. Why don't you just go there? You can pretend that no vaxed people are dying, that there are just a few unvaxed stragglers left on earth, that no one was ever injured by the vax, and most importantly, no one will ever call you out for you BS, forcing you to run like a little mouse. Now squeak off Contrarian. I have no more time for your childishness.
  5. So while the old stuff is still in your arm, not working, you get new stuff that may or may not work for the next couple of weeks. Nice! And if that's not enough, now Pfizer is theoretically doing GOF research on the virus to try to stay ahead of new variants. Geez, what could possibly go wrong?
  6. Dude, even chimps and orangutans can recognize their own reflection in a mirror: https://www.npr.org/2021/08/09/1026227683/mirror-mirror-on-the-wall-can-animals-recognize-their-reflection-at-all Oh wait, I forgot what you are. Sorry little squeaker. My bad.
  7. Oh, just them, hey? How many is that, just a couple hundred? https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/trudeau-otoole-mandatory-vaccinations-protections-1.6166214
  8. Dude, our gov't went full fascist back when we all had legitimate questions about vax safety and efficacy, now we're 85% vaxed, deaths are up, and the gov't is paying out millions of dollars to people who were injured by the vax. So tell me, Machiavellian one, did the end justify the means?
  9. hahahahahaha, remember, you got called out and you both ran. You can't respond to a single declarative statement of mine - all you can do is make snotty remarks, and Moonbox just flew the white flag altogether.
  10. But, but, but, that's impossible! There's a vaccine! A safe effective vaccine! OMG, are there 180,000 unvaxed people dying each week now? Nope. They're almost all "vaccinated". In 2023 vaccines don't prevent death anymore. Do you remember when I said: "The vax doesn't work"? Does the vax work ExFlyer? Does the f'ing vax work? If someone came up with something that they said "was better than the vax" would you say: "THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE! THE VAX IS SO AWESOME!" or would you say "Well, there sure seems to be lots of room for improvement with the vax, but why should I even believe these new guys? Is it just more bullshit?" And why would you believe them? Who could you trust now? CBC? CTV? Global? Dr Fauci? Dr Tam? Trudeau? If they say: "We need to force everyone to take the new shiznit!" what would you say? "Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me"? It will take more than words to make me inject any of their shite, I can tell you that much.
  11. At least try to understand, dude. Or ask questions. Don't just say "I don't get it, so it's a lie." My goal is to understand it and make informed decisions. When I get info, I share it. Nothing that I ever said here was dishonest or inaccurate and you guys have run your stupid mouths about it constantly. Clearly your goal is to protect yourself no matter the cost to anyone else. If young people are harmed by the vax you just don't give a rat's arse. It's repugnant. I'm not sure why CBC riefly touched on the truth vault, but I found an article today from CBC acknowledging that there were more covid deaths in 2022 than in the pervious two, but they still never said how that reflects on the vaccine and they never mentioned that 6x as many vaxed are dying each month now. I do have the proof. I showed you the proof. Health Canada's own stats confirm that the number of vaxed people who died between Aug 21 2022 and Sept 25 2022 was 6x as high as the number of unvaxed. I posted their stats and I posted the math along with it. If you didn't understand it, ask some questions, don't just say I'm a liar or I'm wrong. It's 100.0% accurate. 85.7% of covid deaths in the last reporting period were among the multi-vaxed, period. Go find a math teacher or a math prof to check it out if you want. Do you think that the gov't of Canada is going to admit to anything after all their lies and fascism? If the vaccine worked they'd be able to say "I told you so! We saved thousands of lives!" But they didn't. They just slowly started ignoring the deaths more and more. When was the last time you went on the "news" and saw 85% of the coverage was focused on covid deaths and masks and new ways to fight it and on and on and on....? They just stopped, dude. In 2021 there were less covid deaths, but it was so bad that the economy had to stay shut down 'til we had a vax. Theoretically we have one now, but covid deaths are up (as per the CBC article in my post above), and nothing is shut down. So what's up, aside from covid deaths? We just don't care anymore? Dude, Russel Brand says stuff like this all the time. He has millions of viewers. It hasn't made him more famous. His movie career is basically f'd now. Rogan says this stuff all the time. The pressure no Netflix to cancel him was huge. What I'm doing is the exact opposite of what I'd do to become famous.
  12. Is that in this thread somewhere? FYI almost all CBC does is lie about covid. If they said a sentence with the word covid in it, they were almost guaranteed to be lying. Here's the CBC talking about the number of cvid deaths without acknowledging that there were 6X as many deaths among the vaxed as there were among the unvaxed in the last reporting period: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/2022-covid-year-in-review-1.6699063 FYI "lying by omission" is just called lying, plain and simple. When you consider the great lengths that CBC went to to pretend that the vax was working, and that the unvaxed were a danger to us all, they should not have ignored the elephant in the room when they wrote this article. They always did. Fear mongering: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/covid-vaccine-children-ontario-uptake-1.6591216 They talked about covid shots for kids without saying a single thing about the outcomes of kids vs covid in 2020 or 2021, when they couldn't vax. Why write an entire article about "VAX YOUR LITTLE CHILDREN!" without acknowledging the risks for the vaxed/unvaxed? 1200 kids in a province with a population of 14M were hospitalized in 2 years, they didn't even say how many bad outcomes there were. Why not? Because that number would take away the fear. I'll give some credit where it's due, at least they admitted that covid deaths were the highest of any year, but it's kind of weird to not acknowledge what that says about "vax efficacy". Why were these articles so atrocious? Do you have a CBC article that gives an accurate and forthright account of any aspect of the situation? I'd love to see it.
  13. You sound like a simpier version of Forret Gump. If Moonbox is the man that you claim then he could have answered instead of turning tail. Now you're avoiding the factual content of the thread as well, choosing to stick with the snadbox insults and hollow praise of Moon-B. Here's where you and I left off... I made some claims which he couldn't seem to counter, so he ran off. His counterpoints, if any, would start with one of the following declarative statements, and then be followed by some type of evidence, links, or whatnot. If you guys are right, then between the two of you, you should be able to get the upper hand on at least one of the follwing: - "CBC wasn't part of TNI." - "TNI members weren't busted for shadow banning people, lying about the existence of shadow bans, they didn't intentionally and knowingly remove truthful and accurate information from the internet." - "CBC didn't lie or fear monger." - "The majority of CBC's coverage was not lying and disinformation." So just say one or more of those things and try to make the case for it. Are you a man or a mouse Contrarian? C'mon, squeak up!
  14. Uh-huh. You get called out directly, you have no counter-points to speak of, so you "can't see it". Too bad your post came out after I already predicted that you'd run like a girl. FWIW, here it is again: @Moonbox If you think that what I said wasn't 100% accurate, then why don't you try to say something like: - "CBC wasn't part of TNI." - "TNI members weren't busted for shadow banning people, lying about the existence of shadow bans, they didn't intentionally and knowingly remove truthful and accurate information from the internet." - "CBC didn't lie or fear monger." - "The majority of CBC's coverage was not lying and disinformation." So just say one or more of those things and try to make the case for it. Are you a man or a mouse Moonbox? C'mon, squeak up!
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