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  1. If Anderson Cooper says it, the horde will believe it. It doesn't matter what it is.
  2. I think that everyone can admit that Trump inherited a bit of a dumpster fire. The US burned for the last 3 years under Obama, and Islamic State was the size of a large country and growing. The US was still just caught up in endless wars and bullshit, it seemed like the ME would always hate the US and vice versa. Al Qaeda was bad-ass, terrorist orgs in general were brash and seemed to be onto something. Then Trump squashed Islamic state. They were mostly done within 3 months, the mopping-up process took just 3 more. Terrorist leaders died regularly. Al Qaeda vanished. No one wanted to brag about being a terrorist leader anymore. The US border was improving. When Assad gassed his own people, Trump cared, and he bombed Syrian targets. Syria and Russia warned him not to do it again, but when they crossed the line again, they got bombed again. People in the ME who are accustomed to terrorist attacks and a lot of other shitty things happening to them all the time suddenly saw an American POTUS who struck a real blow for them. Twice actually. Iran killed an American contractor, Suleimani and another top Iranian general were quickly killed in retaliation. "Don't tread on me" was in vogue. The US was living up to her promise of protecting people and making life hell for bad actors all over the globe. And leftists hated every little bit of it. Not because they hated that the world was becoming a safer, better place, but because Trump was playing a lead role in it. Israel even normalized relations and opened very real diplomatic channels with several Arab states under Trump's administration. FFWD to 2022, Is there a spot anywhere on the world where things are improving? Literally everything about the world is getting worse. Nuclear war is even a distinct possibility now. The FBI is no longer a police force. Homelessness and drug use is rampant. Inflation is rampant. Violent crime s rampant. Fascism in NA is very real, and I'm not just talking about vax-Naziism. It's quite possible that real food shortages are coming. This war in Russia is as much Biden's fault as it is Zelenski's. It's reckless, pointless, dangerous, it would be very easy to stop, but they don't want it to stop. They're quite happy to play chicken with literally everything at stake. Leftists love to use the term existential threat when it doesn't really apply, and they've got their chance to use it now but they'd rather pretend to not see it. Do I hate America? Suddenly, I'm pretty damn close.
  3. Weird, I thought you hated the guy. English your a laughing stock is. Don't worry though, I managed to translate that, and people who love America as a laughing stock are in their glory now. At least the ones who don't care how close to nuclear war we are. Is that some kind of a reasonable standard to judge a POTUS by? How close they bring the country to a nuclear war? 'Cause I gotta admit, Biden is the best I've ever seen.
  4. Lol. Leftists are impervious to facts. If you want them to love Trump you have to get CNN to put a smiley beside his photo. His approval rating would go up by 20%.
  5. @Hodad In summary: 1) The Lancet's estimates are not a stat 2) The percentage of deaths among Canadians who are vaxed, compared to the percentage of vaxed Canadians is a stat. In fact, it's the only stat that really matters. 3) When the percentage of vaxed deaths is equal to the percentage of vaxed persons, that means that the vax isn't saving lives, and that's not a base rate fallacy. Stop trying to use your shiny new term.
  6. Wrong. Rumour has it that the authors of the Oxford dictionary speak pretty good English. If they meant that "vaccines increase immunity by a minimal amount" they would have said "vaccines increase immunity by a minimal amount".
  7. The polio vaccine actually works really well. The exact opposite of the covid shot: . Me: Medical professionals have recorded all the covid deaths by vax status, that's an important stat. You: No, that's not worthwhile at all. You need to look at The Lancet's projection of what they think the covid death stats are, and would have been. It's more accurate, and meaningful. It's proof that the covid vaccines work. Me: Thanks for comin' out, genius. I understand how they work. More importantly, I also understand the difference between "works" and "doesn't work". I printed the actual definition but I can't understand it for you. The flu shot is generally referred to as a flu shot, to use the term vaccine is to cheapen the word. Using the word vaccine for the covid shot cheapens the word. Vaccines work. They are effective. The side-effects are extremely minimal compared to the benefits conferred. They protect people from extremely dangerous pathogens with bad outcomes - ie they save lives. It's important for people to trust actual vaccines. They will save the lives of lots of children. Vax hesitancy is a really big deal. Conflating the covid jab with actual vaccines is dangerous, because it causes mistrust. By your standards, a glass of milk meets the acquired level of protection to qualify as a vaccine. 86% of Canadians drink milk, 88% of covid deaths are among milk drinkers. See how well milk protects you? I said that supermarkets don't call the flu shot a vaccine. You can choose to make that a definition if you want, there are many things floating around in your head that are far more idiotic than that. They go back and forth between "shot" and "vaccine", exactly like I said. That's not the same as just always calling it a vaccine, like they do with the covid jab. FYI calling it a shot is far more casual. The protection of the flu shot is 'casual'. Not a big deal. If you get it there's still a really good chance that you'll get the full-blown flu. There you go - the problem is that you're just really stupid. If 86% of the people wore red shirts, you'd expect 86% of covid deaths to occur among people wearing red shirts. Do you understand that? That's not a base rate fallacy, it's simple proportions. When you saw that 88% of people who died of covid had red shirts, you'd say "Just like we suspected, red shirts didn't reduce covid deaths". When you give the jab to 86% of Canadians, if you feel like it is going to be somewhat effective, you'd expect less than 86% of covid deaths to occur among the jabbed. If, for example, only 60% of deaths came from the jabbed you could say "Yay! It saved a lot of lives!" A base rate fallacy in that instance would be if someone said "More than half of covid deaths came from the jabbed! It doesn't work!" Those people would be stupid, because if it didn't work, just like the red shirts didn't work, then 86% of deaths would have occurred among the vaxed (ie, directly in proportion to the % of jabbed). An example of an actual vaccine is polio. When you vaccinate 90% of people for polio, you expect to see the very vast majority of polio deaths to occur among the mere 10% of the population that's unvaxed, and that's exactly what you would get. The original polio vax wasn't 100% effective, some people still got polio and died. The polio vax is right around 100% effective now, during the time frame given for full protection. Almost everyone who dies of polio now is either unvaxed, or their protection has expired. The percentage of people who are dying from covid right now who are "vaxed" is equal to the percentage of vaxed people in our population. That means that there's no reduction of bad outcomes, or at least deaths, among the vaxed. This is very simple math. The only reason why you don't understand it is because you are not smart enough to do basic math. Shocker. I went way over your head with basic fractions. I wasn't even trying to confuse you, I was trying to help you understand. Do you have a child in grade 5 or so that can explain this to you?
  8. It's not as hard as you think to get people to hate each other.
  9. One of my all-time favourite MSM comments was "Suleimani was a beloved father figure to the Iranian people" lol. The only thing worse was calling the Christmas parade incident in Waukesha a "car crash" (involving 50 pedestrians).
  10. These guys aren't even just liars, they're actually just trying to gaslight us until we give up on the truth. You'd be hard-pressed to find a single actual fact in all of robos 500+ posts, and you could probably find an average of 2 lies per. There's no attempt at actual dialogue there, just 100% propaganda and bullshit, most of it completely see-through.
  11. Oh really? The 3 hrs at the capitol was "murderous"? All those unarmed murderers probably average 10 guns each at their homes, they didn't even bring a single bullet or a long knife. In the few hours that the riot lasted, Trump made several calls for peace including tweets and video messaging. In the several years that BLM riots were destroying America - half of 2014, all of 2015, and most of 2016 plus 3 months of 2020, how many tweets and videos did Obama and Biden make for the violence to stop? I can show you video of Michelle Obama urging grads to "stay angry, and focus their anger" during the height of rioting. Kamala was giddy at the prospect of riots lasting for several months. If the video that Keith Ellison was busy keeping under wraps hadn't surfaced, showing Floyd saying "I can't breathe" while he was along in the cop car, she would have gotten her wish. If Trump was guilty of somehow advocating for the riots to continue (which he wasn't, you're lying again as usual) the Dems are 1,000x guiltier. Oh would you look at that, you lied gain. The Dems and their turds have been huge advocates for political unrest, riots, confrontations, and even calls for violence. Madonna, Johnny Depp, and Kathy Griffin all made various allusions to murdering Trump. Maxine Watters called for dems to get in the faces of Republicans and "push back on them". The Steve Scalise was shot and they suddenly pretended to be angels. Then they got right back to their nasty business of division. Dems are worthless, hateful pieces of shit and if you need to see video I can provide it.
  12. It won't be hard to string together a laundry list of times that CNN lied about him in an attempt to destroy his character. Even if CNN was right 20% of the time, which is unlikely, they're still screwed. I'm not sure what CNN can actually say or do in their own defence, it seems pretty cut and dried.
  13. It's just a matter of whether this lead can withstand Trudeaus pre-election spending barrage/promises, and the media blitz that follows the next round of "hundreds of millions of dollars to select media outlets to ensure that election information is accurate".
  14. TBH, I'm not sure why anyone who claims to be equitable and fair would even regurgitate all of the slavery myths that we're presented with on a daily basis. I was reading up on the Haidas as slavers the other day and came across this beauty: https://www.inkshares.com/books/the-haida-gwaii-lesson-2/backer_updates/30c84a1f LMFAO. Just one example, the Moors had millions of slaves, and many of them were white. Did the Egyptians only enslave people darker than a brown paper bag? I think not. The list goes on. The word slave actually comes from the Greek word "slav", and the definition of Slavs hasn't changed in all these years. Sure, Greeks are European, but I can't emphasize strongly enough that slavery is the most lied about topic in the history of the world, and as usual. leftists are the culprits. This isn't a little lie, it's a massive lie, and it will eventually lead to actual violence if the lies, rhetoric and stupidity aren't toned down.
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