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  1. How about this: Woke is m0r0nic beyond-left drivel, by definition. Safe injection is such a terrible non-solution (to an incredibly difficult problem) that it rivals wokeness in terms of its uselessness, but it's not an entirely partisan suggestion. People who care about dying drug users are just clutching at straws, trying to save as many users as they can. The 'free country' solution isn't working. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2023/feb/20/bukele-el-salvador-gangs-crackdown
  2. It's better to get rid of fake ballots before the election, rather than after, right, stupid? Don't worry, you guys still have your truck ballots.
  3. 1) The target demographic of covid looked pretty suspicious - obese, elderly people - as well as the timing: right after Trump started bragging that he'd won a trade war with China. 2) There are also racist scientists working on biological weapons that target others. Luckily for the Jews they share the same DNA as the people who are dedicated to eradicating them. I don't know how fine a point you could put on something like that... I doubt that they can differentiate between Japanese, Chinese and Korean but they can probably differentiate between North Asian, Caucasian and African.
  4. You'd think that the blatant message of "We need to stack the Supreme Court so that they will rubber stamp anything we want" would have provided that wake-up call, or the fact that the FBI was caught committing crimes with them and they never even blinked.
  5. Blame the Dems for being such a clown car of criminals and evil psychopaths that only a wretched loser could vote for them.
  6. That's right. You're allowed to talk about it now. But you weren't in early 2020 on FB and Twitter. Get it? Why was no one allowed to talk about this back then, Spanky? Why did every journalistic outlet and every social media platform that's part of TNI all ban the conversation that you're having right now? What's so wrong about talking about the origin of the virus?
  7. Just went into the "Freedom of Speech" forum there, this is the first 7 replies in the top thread, about some banned books "Mothers for Liberty has a Nudist Problem": It's not the goblin butt that's offensive, it's books in general. These people hate and fear books: They never read them; they don't understand them; kids are better off without them. "Moms for Liberty," aka the Klanned Karenhood. ‘In the Night Kitchen’ was literally my daughters favorite book for a while when growing up. I dont think it was the minimal nudity. Moms for Liberty are, at their core, just dirty little hypocrites who love themselves some threesomes... The nudity problem is coming from the Ziegler household, not wee goblins. Until Goblins learn to wear pants, we don't need those swarthy, woke pedophiles around our children, ever! MAGA. They're literal Nazis, the ****ers quote Adolf Hitler. They should be publicly mocked until they move to another country. That's some really civil, diverse stuff right there. All of the IQ's between 60-68 were represented, as well as all ages from 10-16. You must fit in quite nicely.
  8. Let me guess: "Approved 'fakts' only"? Is the vaccine still perfect there?
  9. "If we can find a way to add 4 more justices to the supreme thing, we can have the perfect 1-party democracy! 'Murica will never have to worry about fastshizistseses or whatever again. C'mon man!"
  10. Some recent thread titles from the cult: How the Extreme Right became a Bunch of Toadies for Fascists Trump's Holiness Rises as His Corruption is Revealed, in the Best Authoritarian Tradition It's ironic that the cultists like to call Trump and autocrat, fascist, dictator, etc, while the Dems are committing crimes with the FBI, using the DOJ for another witch hunt, and controlling the MSM like a Ukrainian Nazi.
  11. That's why they wanted to put 4 more activist (fascist) SCJ's on the bench.
  12. I woulda loved to have seen the look on Pelosi's face the moment she found out that democracy prevailed. I woulda laughed and puked at the same time, like when I read a leftard post here.
  13. That's looks cartoonish, so I was expecting some part of it to be funny, but it just started up being stupid and gained momentum like an abnormally dumb boulder falling off the Empire State Building. Ironically, it makes me want to Google more Bors memes/cartoons just so that I can laugh at him some more.
  14. Take a victory lap: this is the one and only topic that you're the resident expert on. I heard that you refused a promotion out of the taste-testing dept.
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