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  1. Hate mongering from a political leader is always dangerous. Don't forget that his followers are the same ones who follow BLM, and every islamic terrorist in Canada is a Trudeau supporter. Look at this shit: https://www.nationalobserver.com/2022/01/27/opinion/anti-vaxxer-truck-convoy-signals-insidious-spread-trumpism-canada https://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/so-many-angry-people-experts-say-online-conversation-around-trucker-convoy-veering-into-dangerous-territory-1.5754580 CTV has picked up on the hate mongering.
  2. If one truck goes 8 km/h over the speed limit they'll all be branded as terrorists.
  3. 99% chance that it came from CNN/CBC or it's a CNN/CBC-approved falsehood, so it's all good. You might even click the 'like' button on it.
  4. Absolutely. Much in the same way that God, Allah, Buddha etc are 'real' because the belief in them creates so many real consequences on our planet, the value that people find from those 'messengers' is real. I can say something true and important here which has no value because very few people see it and only half of them will agree with it. Trudeau can make a false, bigoted, hateful statement which will reach millions of people and influence them to hate their fellow Canadians. It has value, but it's negative value. There's value [negative] in a BLM message because it helps convince their followers to destroy cities. The fact that Joe is reaching so many people makes his message valuable to millions, and the fact that his show has so much useful messaging makes it valuable [positive] to the continent.
  5. People appreciate the honesty, bigtime. He gets up to 13M listeners to some podcasts. Meanwhile CNN gets about 600K viewers per show. Joe gets more than 20x as many listeners as CNN 🤣
  6. The ultimate cancel-culture move. "I don't agree with the message, so I'll use violence to stop it." It's actually a serious crime to use a vehicle as a weapon, and the driver's insurance won't cover him for that kind of damage either. Hopefully he's charged criminally and he's not allowed to collect gofundme cash from Kamala Harris, Justin Trudeau et al to help pay for his crime.
  7. Other mediums is right. I think that part of the reason that podcasts have overtaken radio is the fact that it's so completely merit-based. People don't get hired to do podcasts based on their popularity, or because they check all of the intersectionality boxes, they just start them up by themselves and then they sink or swim. And even if the CBC lucked out and hired a guy like Joe Rogan he'd be unceremoniously dumped at the first sign of 'controversy' anyways, and by controversy I mean 'the first time that he said anything worth listening to'. Leftist snowflakes think that unless a show blows sunshine up their arses 24/7 it needs to be cancelled and the CBC is as mamby pamby as a dithering butterfly.
  8. Do you honestly still believe that the virus came from a bat in the wet market? You don't believe in the gain-of-function research? You think that it was ok to vilify people and call them racists for posing the lab theory? I honestly didn't even know that there was anyone left in that camp.
  9. I actually don't intentionally exclude thoughts, eyeball. I actually wish that the vaccines were a smash success because I don't like lockdowns or people dying. Make sense? I really don't get your blind defence of them. It's not like Trudeau had a hand in getting them created, Operation Warp Speed was all Trump's doing. It's just bizarre that leftists are rabidly defending something that Trump played a major part in. I'd love for the vaccines to be safe, but young people get myocarditis and it isn't always successfully treated. 19% of cases aren't going away. I'd love for the vaccines to stop people from dying, but right now more vaccinated people are dying than unvaccinated. I'd love for the vaccines to stop the spread but they're not. It was vaccinated people who brought omicron back here from SA and vaccinated people are getting as sick as everyone else, and spreading omicron just fine. In light of the fact that the vaxes are failing on the 3 most important fronts, I don't support force-vaxing people. It's just ignorance for you to say that any of that is conspiratorial in nature. It is all 100% true. If the vaccines were working there'd be nothing to quibble about. If the vax-Nazis were more honest about the side-effects and shortcomings of the vaxes then there would be more trust, and more willingness to vax, but their move is to mandate, push, threaten, slander and isolate. If you were the open-minded person that you claim to be then you'd understand all of this but you'll just shoot your mouth off about anti-science and conspiracies and stick your head right back up your ass. We both know what a snowflake is, and it's almost exclusively a leftist phenomenon. Calling vax-Nazis 'vax-Nazis' is just accuracy, not hyperbole. No, it's not. Being closed-minded and vacuous is never fine.
  10. No, they don't. Stats aren't their thing. They deal in hyperbole and misinformation.
  11. Yeah, some of us actually think about what we're saying. We're called 'conservatives'. Sorry eyeball, it's not actually normal for people to feel disturbed, but admitting that you have a problem is a huge first step. Kudos.
  12. I see you already added conspiracy copypasta slogans to your list too. You've even mastered it. Kudos.
  13. Why don't you paste a link to the mind rays eyeball? They're such a big part of your life. FYI you don't need 3D glasses to watch the news but you do need to engage your brain and think about what they're actually saying. It's not hard to catch CBC or CTV lying.
  14. What a crock of horseshit. I look at covid statistics that are available to you, you just don't look at stats because your cult forbids it. You actually are the sheeple, you just refuse to acknowledge anything that CBC doesn't tell you to acknowledge.
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