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  1. Wrong again, cultist. The MSM and their criminal friends in the Dems & FBI are poisonous and treasonous. What do you think about a political party that uses the federal police force to commit crimes with them, and uses their federal taxation agency and DOJ to target opposition members and supporters? Can you deny that's 100% undemocratic in nature? I think that we, as Canadians, should sue the Democrats to take the word "democrat" from their name: they're irreparably tarnishing the image of democracy around the world.
  2. Exactly. But it's not just the Dems... It's also CNN, MSNBC, NBC et al. Their cultists are already brainwashed... The votes of every EF, eyeball, MH, Boges, Robo, Rebound, Beave, Hodad etc were already secured when she was touted as the next nominee. They just have to convince enough independents that Kamala wasn't a complete joke for the past 4 years to tip the scales. Basically anyone with the memory of a goldfish.
  3. What's with the fascination for black women in the Demonrat party? They're only about 7% of the population and they've never fought in any wars or built anything.... Why not black men, or Asian men/women, or native Americans? Why don't they matter? (I'm not even going to bother talking about the concept of merit with a leftist...)
  4. Buddy, the Demonrats have set the bar lower than any other political party on earth. No class, no integrity, no patriotism, no morals, no virtues whatsoever. Just a ruthless dedication to personal wealth and power. They'd nominate a snake if they thought it could win (kinda like they did with Weekend at Bernie's). When scum-suckers like Pelosi or Biden use their office to amass personal wealth, it's A-OK by their ultra-low standards. They'll even advocate for violent, destructive riots as long as it's working for them in the polls. Their AG's and DA's will unilaterally release violent rioters to go back into low/middle-class neighbourhoods whenever they can, and when they can't they get lowlife wh0res like Kamala Harris to raise bail money for them. "Mo' riots, mo' votes!" The Demonrats never saw a violent riot they didn't love - even at the WH - until the rioting got personal for them. They subjected US citizens to violent riots for years like it was a huge celebration, but when unarmed rioters got within 100 yards of them, suddenly "RIOTS CAUSE PTSD! WE'RE VICTIMS! EVERYBODY WITNESS OUR TRAGIC MOMENT! RIOTERS DESERVE TO BE KILLED OR JAILED FOR DECADES!"
  5. "Not dignified" lol. That may be the understatement of the century. Can't let you forget what the Demonrats are.
  6. @Michael Hardner Do you have a comment on the post that I made earlier, about Obama's horrible insinuations regarding the Trayvon Martin incident?
  7. You commented that Don Jr was uncivil, so I'd love to know if you can name a Demonrat who displays a level of civility that meets your standards. Maybe a Rhode Island senator?
  8. The majority of the political violence can be traced right back to Barack Obama. Obama's lies about Trayvon Martin laid the foundation for all the political violence that followed. Obama pretended to know that racism was the reason Trayvon was killed, but he wasn't there, so he had no clue. He was just lying. Obama insinuated that this scenario couldn't have been avoided by Martin, but again, he had no way of knowing that. Zimmerman actually sounded quite calm on the phone. Not angry, not hostile, not afraid, not combative... Yet mere seconds after his phone call, an extremely violent event took place. Eyewitnesses said that Martin was on top of Zimmerman, beating him up, when Martin got shot. Does that mesh with Obama's story at all? It was Demi/CNN lies about M Brown and G Floyd that incited the riots and kept them going, and in both instances video which leant insight and clarity to those shootings were withheld by The Dems and or CNN. The Dems kept the beginning of the Floyd video under wraps, which showed officers calmly taking George into custody, and George yelling that he was unable to breathe when no one was touching him, and CNN wasn't showing the video of Brown's violent robbery while they were trying to portray him as a gentle giant. The Dems and CNN et al (I don't know how late other American outlets were to show the Brown robbery video, so I'm only naming CNN in this part) absolutely lied, withheld video, and did everything that they could to incite violence. They did it when they knew the violence and burning was out of control, and they did it for years.
  9. Have you made a similar comment in any one the last 300 threads started by the robotic r3t4rd?
  10. Need I remind you that was one minor story that was only on the air for 3 months? There were a lot of things being talked about regarding the 2020 election, and Dominion was a small part of it. By comparison, Russian collusion was headline news for close to 4 years, and Van Jones (CNN liar) had been caught on camera admitting that collusion was a big nothingburger in June of 2017. They couldn't let the story go though, they kept it up for years after that. CNN was successfully sued for lying about a high school kid and pretending that he was some sort of racist. CNN aired a segment about Chris Cuomo "leaving his basement for the first time after his covid quarantine" and it was a complete farce. He had been busted, on camera, getting into an altercation with some guy riding a bike while he was supposedly in quarantine. CNN accused Trump of referring to immigrants as animals: That clearly never happened. He was talking about MS-13 when he said that and CNN and everyone else knew that, but they went with their slander anyways. The video below is what they were talking about. Watch from 2:10 on in the video below. This is just a start. CNN lies about absolutely everything they talk about.
  11. MAID is quickly becoming one of our gov't's answer to everything. Our PM should take MAID for the good of us all.
  12. You talked about Don Jr's lack of civility, but I didn't think that he was dealing with civil people in the Demonrat party. Demon-rat. Yeah, that's what I meant when I typed Demonrat party. Manchin actually left the Demis. He was talking about re-registering so that he could run for president, but he's probably more popular among GOPers than Dems right now.
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