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  1. Blah, blah, blah. You always want to whine about Trump but you can't find anything that he ever did that was as bad as the gesundheitspass, freezing bank accts, beating peaceful protesters, or hatemongering. You give humans a bad name.
  2. If you're not a socialist at 18 you don't have a heart. If you're not a conservative at 30 you don't have a brain.
  3. They need drama and histrionics because common sense doesn't appeal to their base. Screaming, hysterical girls are leftist porn. "Look how much this 17-yr-old cares about this issue. You should be freaking out too!"
  4. Liberal policy makes liberal cities unliveable, so the people who voted for their own destruction move to areas where people who are much smarter than them elected better politicians. The consolation is that not all leftists are dumb enough to remain loyal to the people who destroyed their cities, that's why Biden has the lowest approval rating ever. You may be able to ignore the catastrophes caused by leftist dolts in the USA so that you can belch propaganda & platitudes about leftist from Canada, but people in the US actually have to live in those cities. The crime and destruction matters to them. Eventually it gets too big to ignore. Just imagine that you live in a pretty city and you like to drink coffee with a friend at a downtown cafe sometimes, but you can't anymore because it's no longer safe, or there's human feces all over the street, or because you don't like to see shops boarded up after looting that occurred when there wasn't even a riot, or because the police were defunded and they're no longer investigating rape cases against adults, or because robbing a store at gunpoint is no longer considered a felony so people just do it all the time now. Plus your kid's school feels like they can talk to your kid about maybe having a sex change, and you're legally banned from discouraging them. Not all leftists are too stupid to connect the dots. They know who appointed their DA. They know which politicians support violence and defunding the police. They know why there's massive inflation. They know better than to vote Dem/Lib again.
  5. OMG you just can't wake up from your stupid dream world. The Dems are the ones who committed crimes and had the FBI commit crimes for them on their 4-year campaign to declare the 2016 election illegitimate. The Dems also cheated at the 2016 debates, having CNN give their candidate the questions beforehand. They also cheated to help Hillary win the Dem primary - their stooges in the DNC actually thought that they could choose their own candidate lol, - no so. So the fact of the matter remains that the Dems cheated before the election and then committed known crimes after the election to try to overturn it. Then the Dems had tens of thousands of ballots illegally stuffed into drop-boxes in the swing states in the 2020 election, and their MSM declared that the 2020 election was perfectly secure right on election night, before a winner was even known. Why would the cheaters who were so convinced that the 2016 election was stolen suddenly feel like "they knew" the 2020 election was completely free from controversy? Because they knew the fix was in. They knew that ballot boxes were being stuffed. They knew that there were trucks filled with Biden ballots rolling in from out of state in the middle of the night. And any talk about a lack of election integrity in 2020 is considered treasonous now. Trump didn't actually do any of the BS that you're accusing him of. He appointed judges who follow the letter of the constitution. One of the even voted to support Roe V Wade. I've never spent a moment supporting an attack on the election, you're lying again. I've never spent a moment supporting any rioting, unlike you. Again, I know that it feels to you like Trump was somehow a fascist, even though he didn't adopt any fascist ways and means, but that's only because you were told to hate him. And FYI no one who ever told you to hate him actually gave legitimate reasons to think of him as a fascist. Trump isn't the leader who created a gesundheitspass, froze the bank accounts of dissidents, spewed obvious lies/hate/fear-mongering on national TV, abused the power of the PMO to get money into the pockets of his mom and brother, created a law and then assumed control of the AG just to protect a criminal entity, sent the police to beat peaceful protesters after they had surrendered on their knees, had pastors jailed, etc. The only thing that you can say about Trump that even compares to Trudeau's hatemongering and fascism is "Trump called all immigrants animals", but that was just another case of the MSM and the Dems lying. You're actually a fascist at heart. You even support forcing people to take a fake vaccine that they wouldn't even need if it worked. You're the prototypical useful idiot/fascist supporter.
  6. I know that it feels to you like you are correct, but it only appears that way from an extremely short-term, limited viewpoint which completely ignores world history. Just remember that in the grand scheme of things, democracy is still just a short-lived experiment. As herd mammals we actually expect to be ruled by a basic dictator, and human history is dominated by all kinds of dictators such as kings, emperors, tsars, chiefs, etc. Presidents and Prime Ministers are relatively new, and they still only run a percentage of the planet in a true, healthy-functioning democratic fashion. In this day and age there are plenty of examples of "presidents" who actually are dictators, propped up by an oligarchy. FYI maintaining a healthy, functioning democracy requires a balance of power. Checks and balances. The judiciary is a huge part of that, and it's a big deal when the government assumes unlawful control of that branch. The media is a huge part of that, and it's a big deal when the government assumes control of the media. Elections are obviously huge and when there are legitimate questions about something that went wrong we should all care - no one should ever say "my side won so let's keep a lid on it." Controlling the federal police is a nasty power grab and you should be outraged by it. Still, you admire your leaders when they do all of those things. Sorry but democracy wasn't intended to just last a few years. Tyranny wasn't to be be averted in the short term alone. The constitution was designed to serve the American people in perpetuity. The last line of defence in the US is the well-armed militias. They're like a nuclear deterrent, you hope that you never have to use them but it would be unwise not to have them. There's a thin blue line of law enforcement officers that works for the people and when it doesn't, it's not strong enough to just overwhelm everyone in the US. That's not the case in Shanghai because the police and military have all the guns. No matter what the gov't says or does, the people have no choice but to abide and to suffer if need be. Do you think that the Chinese dictators would allow the peasants there to be armed? How desperate would they be to fool their citizens into giving up their guns peacefully? Or to force them? The Dems are actively trying to thwart democracy in every election cycle, using the IRS, CIA and FBI as their own partisan attack dogs, fomenting racial division, and painting the "nasty white men with guns" as the biggest threat to democracy. It's all completely insane. If the FBI under Trump were actively breaking laws to imprison Hillary Clinton you'd instantly recognize the threat to democracy, but you don't like Trump so you think that breaking laws to make him look bad was ok. That's purely idiotic. Strzok/McCabe/Clinesmith/Sussman is the biggest story in the last 100 years of democracy. Things like WWII are obviously bigger events, but in terms of the state of democracy worldwide, the fact that the US doesn't have a healthy democracy is of an enormous magnitude, but the media has you looking at it through a distorted, unhealthy lens. You're the exact person who's a threat to democracy. You're the exact person who would go along with the Nazi rise to power in Germany in the 1930s. You just refuse to acknowledge it because your leaders commend you on your virtue. They'll keep complimenting you and you'll keep supporting their overreach until elections are a total sham. We'll be completely disarmed, and injecting what we're told to inject by the gov't and their ministry of propaganda, and that's not democracy. It's just a basic dictatorship that propped up by useful idiots like you. Your grandchildren will never understand the freedoms that existed when you were a child unless you wake the fuck up.
  7. No. It applies to weapons so that the people have the ability to defend themselves, even from a tyrannical gov't if necessary. You're correct to say that the gov't didn't have stealth fighters, etc, back then, but if the gov't is willing to use stealth fighters against civilians, the military won't be.
  8. The difference between 3rd and 17th pace is 1.2/1000. Are you really trying to make a case of this? Do you know what your chances of being murdered in all those states is? Your chance of growing to be 18 years old, and not being incarcerated for more than a decade, is far higher in GOP states. That's why leftists are moving to them. Sorry that you failed your way out of Jr High but don't worry, stupidity and lying aren't barriers to success or we wouldn't have Trudeau, Freeland, Biden and Harris running NA.
  9. The SC did overstate their authority in Roe V. Wade, even Justice Ginsberg said exactly as much. Roe V. Wade wasn't based on the constitution or any laws currently on the books, it was a Frankenstein's monster compilation of "We think that if you combine our personal interpretation of this plus that plus that plus that plus part of that, it can only mean one thing." It was an unconstitutional farce. The SC basically created a law by their own interpretation of other laws. That's not allowed. Abortion is too complex of an issue to be decided by a wigged oligarchy. Legislators make laws, not judges. That's what the word legislator actually means. Once the laws are created, the SCJs have to abide by the new laws, unless the laws are actually in violation of the constitution in some way. Then it's back to square 1.
  10. If they actually lied you'd like them more. You'd be able to relate to them better.
  11. Dude, you're just colouring now. Since when is colouring a fact? Or a stat? Did you go to Crayola U? Did you get a Bachelor of Colerin'?
  12. OMG, you're rubbing off on us! Can you say that it's disgusting that Ukraine has a Nazi battalion, and that the Russians were correct in saying so? Can you admit that the Russians were correct about Ukraine's crimes against humanity in Donbas? Can you admit that it is a complete act of hostility against Russia that the US and Ukraine were conducting joint bioweapons research in labs in Ukraine until the war broke out? You absolutely do support the Azovs because you've never denounced them and you never denounced the Ukranian gov't for allowing them to exist. We all have different ideas of what constitutes hate material. Democrats go so far as to encourage rioting, looting and arson, what is more hateful than calls to violence? People in Iran support terrorism. People in the US support bloody regime changes. People in the US support war to disarm nuclear Cuba but they're against Russia's war to keep NATO missiles out of Ukraine. What's 'hate'? People who work for NYC had to paint "BLM" on the street. That meets the exact definition of being forced to make hate material. Was it wrong to make people do that? Is it ok to say "burn down some more buildings and assault/kill some more civilians" but not "bake that hate cake"? What's worse, forcing someone to make a cake or forcing someone to inject a substance which is known to be harmful into their body? I happen to know the answers to all of these questions, and it sounds a lot like "Don't slither around making bullshit laws and forcing people to do things with no good or legal reason." Businesses actually have the legal right to define what they do or don't create. I can't tell a welder to make me something that they just don't want to make. They can tell me to fuck off and legally, I have to fuck off. It's wrong to encourage violence and destruction. It's wrong to force people to inject harmful chemicals into their body for no good reason. It's all pretty simple, but leftists try to slither around and legalize things that they like and criminalize the same actions when they don't like them for political reasons. Leftists are disgusting, stupid hypocrites.
  13. So get angry. Go throw some molotov cocktails, loot some stores, burn down some businesses, assault and murder some people, in a 'mostly peaceful way'. My understanding is that racism is racism, and that people who do racist things are racists. I'm pretty sure that I'm correct and you're playing hypocritical limbo/Twister like a greasy champ. When have I ever talked about 'affirmative action'? I talk about actual racism, not fake racism.
  14. "Vile" lol. Most demonrats actually should get punched. Schiff if the most punchable loser on the planet. 1) Dude that's a still photo, not a video. 2) How is it "mostly" a made up lie ffs? It's either a lie or it's true. Is it partly true if I say that I have a 20" penis?
  15. It's not terrible and stupid at all. The Azov battalion, which you fully support, is a Nazi organization through and through. Why can't someone get a cake made for a military unit that you fully support? What do anti-hate laws have to do with supporting your favourite military unit?
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