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  1. Is there such a thing as gun violence? I guess that's proof that we need a national day to raise awareness about... whatever that thing was.
  2. Can you point out the word "unqualified" below? Or a term/phrase/sentence that says in a roundabout way that the black person is unqualified? The candidate that best fits your requirements... Get it? There are a lot of things that make candidates "stand outs". If you ever run a business you'll meet people that you wish you could hire if they only had experience in the areas that you need them to have experience in, but if they don't have it, they don't have it, and you can waste a lot of time and energy training someone to do something that either they eventually suck at or maybe they'll just decide that this job's really not for them for whatever reason. The nice thing about hiring people who are qualified is that they already have the exact type of experience that they need to fit in, and if they aren't up to snuff after gaining all that prior experience then you can tell instantly, not after 3 months of training. "Hire slowly, fire quickly." Like, really quickly. There are actually a million ways to suck at any job that's worth paying someone a decent sum of money for. You could fill a set of encyclopedias with them all. I honestly hate this topic now that I think about it.
  3. It's actually the Dems that can't stand a black man in the SC: Gotta hand it to ya though, y'all got Kamala Harris into the WH and you elected Maxine Waters 100 times 不 Honest to God, if we took the warning labels off of everything the Dems could never get elected.
  4. Get off it dude. I can tell just from reading that post that you are uneducated. You might wanna look into this though: https://extension.harvard.edu/academics/programs/sustainability-graduate-program/#outcomes Apparently they're focusing on math, stats and bullshit.
  5. I really feel for leftards who think that they have to start a thread to prove that they're racist. We already knew NYL, you didn't have to spell it out for us. Now hit the skids, racist.
  6. Either you're shittered from guzzling all that cheap Bud Light or you've finally lost your marbles.
  7. I don't doubt that you routinely get blown out of the water in math courses, what I do doubt is that you went to university, unless it was to play football. No one with a degree in economics would think that 13M new car sales was a good year for the US, and upon being informed that 13M was actually millions below the average of the past ten years, they'd never say "past years' sales are irrelevant" lol. You're just like herbie, the guy who tried to pretend to be a real estate guru and then said "I renovated my house and tripled its value!" 不 You're outed io.
  8. Don't get upset now when I just correctly point out from time to time that you're an avowed racist.
  9. Says something biased and stupid, like "13M cars sold this year, that's a good indictor of the strength of the economy, but it's just one of many", while not knowing that 13M was actually the worst number in the past decade, millions below the average. After being informed of his error, he then pretends that the number of cars sold in past years is irrelevant. "13M was awesome and I'm stickin' to it! Nyah!" Then proceeds to insult someone who just brings all the relevant facts to the table. Sorry kid, this was an adult discussion about the economy and little trolls who feel like facts and stats are irrelevant just don't fit in.
  10. Wrong. This thread is about prices. The OP didn't complain about an increasing number of car sales. And why would he? Because he hates the economy? The fact that you tried to back his claim by posting about the current number of car sales in 2022 with no historical context whatsoever is just more proof that you are an economic illiterate. That number was actually 4 million lower than the last 5 pre-pandemic years. It was even a million lower than 2021, and 2021 was a really slow year. And yeah, the number of vehicle sales in previous years is absolutely relevant. So is the sale price from those years. What NYLefty is experiencing right now is the exact same thing that everyone who wanted to buy a new car since late 2020 was experiencing. It has nothing to do with Biden. 不 Go look at my first post, and every subsequent post. In each one I explained in no uncertain terms that vehicle prices were up because of a supply shortage and nothing else. I even offered you the opportunity to "prove me wrong" if you could muster a reasonable argument why anything else aside from a shortage of new vehicles was even 1% responsible for the price hike and you couldn't even take me up on that. As it stands right now, I'm 100% correct in blaming the price increase on a supply issue and you are stuck in denial mode, continually saying "the number of vehicle sales in other years is irrelevant" 不. The only dodge here is you trying to pretend that you didn't act like prices were up because of Biden's wonderful economy. And FYI, posting the number of sales in 2022 and acting like it was a good thing counts as support of the OP's claim about high prices. The fact that the number of sales was actually very low compared to every other year since 2012 just shows that you don't know the first thing about economics. Saying "the number of vehicle sales in other years is irrelevant" just makes it worse. If I was you I'd just take the zero and drop the subject. You're in way over your head and your insults make no sense. If a barrage of stats is a diatribe in your books, I guess I'm guilty by your inverted standards.
  11. From 2012 fwd there have been more than 15 million cars sold in the US each year, with the exception of 3 years, and in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 there were over 17M cars sold. https://axlewise.com/car-sales-stats/ Do you wanna guess which 3 years saw less than 15M auto sales? 2020, 2021 and 2022. In fact, 2022 had the lowest number of auto sales of those 11 years with almost 4M fewer car sales than 2016. Wanna know what else is remarkable about 2022? Car prices jumped by more than any other year since 1947. How is it that in 2022, with the lowest number of car sales in ten years (down by millions of units), car prices set a record for the largest price increase in 76 years? Was it because of a robust economy? 不 Or was it exactly what you'd smart people would expect when supply falls short of demand? If you go back before 2012, to the last time car sales were under 15M, it was because of the 2008 year and the recovery years that followed. And car prices were predictably lowered in 2008. Lower demand, lowering prices, that's normal in a free market economy. https://www.npr.org/2023/03/18/1163278082/car-prices-used-cars-electric-vehicles-pandemic The goalposts have never moved. The OP tried to claim that car prices were high because the economy was awesome, that was wrong AF and I said as much. Then you chimed in said that it was one indicator of a strong economy and that was wrong AF also. Prices are high because of a supply issue, period. It's irrelevant to people like you who don't inherently understand economics. Why would NYLefty care how many cars sold in 2012 or 2016? All he wants is a shiny new car, and the number of sales in the past are absolutely meaningless at that point. So when he found out prices were up, his own biases made him jump to the conclusion that it was because of Biden's awesomeness. He never spent ten seconds trying to find out the real reason or he'd have found out very quickly. You're in the same boat. Anyone with a fundamental understanding of economics would instantly know that something unusual was happening when they saw that sales were down by millions of units and yet prices experienced a historic increase. I can't even explain it to you. You think that all of these things are irrelevant. That's weird.
  12. No one ever accused you of posting facts or data. The goalposts never moved. Car prices going up had nothing at all to do with the strength of the economy, they went up due to a shortage of new vehicles, period. Supply was way down and as a result people had to pay over MSRP to buy the ones that were available. I think you know that by now or you'd have tried to claim otherwise again. Economic recovery to pre-pandemic levels is a good thing. It's normal. Used cars selling for more than they were worth brand new is not normal, especially while the economy was still down.
  13. On merit he wins hands down, but this isn't going to be about merit. It's about charisma and how much the MSM likes you. I don't think he could score lower in those two categories.
  14. Just for the sake of clarity then, can you say in no uncertain terms that you don't believe that scarcity was the sole cause of the increase in vehicle prices? In case you missed that, I'll even let you get away with trying to make the case that scarcity wasn't the ONLY cause. If you think that it might only be 99% due to scarcity and 1% due to something else, then state that "something else", ok? If you honestly think that "the strength of the economy" is even 1% responsible for the increase in vehicle prices then just try to make the case for that, so I can put you squarely in your place. I know exactly what's coming.... You're gonna go straight to ad hominem attacks again because you know that you don't have a leg to stand on. Ho hum. Thanks for all the laughs, io.
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