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  1. I know - it always angers you when i believe in facts and truth. Sorry to be such a constant burden that way.
  2. Absolutely. I've watched his brain cells pop before (LOL - you really walked into that one )
  3. Are you seriously trying to make the argument that christian principles are NOT the basis for the founding of america? You know - the country with 'in god we trust' right on the currency?
  4. Well you were the one who said you believed you knew his motives. So i'm asking you. Or did that hurt your feelings too? Awwww look at you, pretending you're even still in the game I'm pretty sure dougie is the one who thinks he's 'defender of the crown'. This is simple. I said "hey if there's a problem then fix it". You went into hysterics - petrified of the idea that you might actually have to do something other than whine like a child. 457 excuses later and i've blown them all out of the water. If it was a serious issue for you then you could definitely do something. Faced with that all you've got left is insults and yapping like a toy poodle on the other side of a fence as the big dogs walk by. You're weak, you're a coward, and you just proved it. If you also want to look stupid trying to win an 'insult' fight then sure. You've already failed as a man, might as well watch you fail as a child as well.
  5. This is not even close to a 'book ban'. It will still be available in the library. Just not for children. First thing i thought when i saw the headline - is this real or is it bullshit? It's bullshit. I don't immediately see why it should be restricted to older kids, but i didn't see why dr seuss should be banned either.
  6. Yeah - those are probably just your brain cells popping trying to think of an intelligent reply
  7. Meh. I don't think so. I think that every country goes through these sorts of 'identity crisis' times. Don't get me wrong, i think that it will change and not be the same, and i think that it'll take time to straighten out and fly right - but look at the us. They had the 60's and 70's where there was a very significant "rebellion" and a move away from patriotism and traditional values and there was a lot of disruption and discord. People thought then that it might be the 'end of america'. But - it did get better. We'll see. I think we'll be a mess for the next 20 years or so, and it's possible that there will be an east-west split eventually. But i suspect it'll keep chugging along. Yeah. We're probably done with that now.
  8. Well that's the kind of reply that screams "Oh MY GOD I KNOW HOW STUPID THIS MAKES US LOOK!!! QUICK - TRY TO BLOW IT OFF AS A JOIKE!!!!Ll "_ lol - tell me you know you're on the wrong side without telling me The left wants to keep the 'marginalized people' as victims. For that they desperately try to convince black people they ARE victims and keep them angry. One way to do that is to convince them 'Hey - you know what? I think they have your money and won't return it!!!! YEAH - they're TERRIBLE, you should be ANGRY and demand MONEY.!!!!!" The point of it isn't to get money or for 'reparations', it's to get black people mad and re-enslave them to do the org's bidding. There's a lot of money to be made in milking racial hatred, so you have to keep it going.
  9. That's your big defense? You type slow and don't ppst as much? are you intimidated or something? Or is it you have no intelligent comments to add so you're just grasping at straws. That's pathetic. Another person who runs from facts he doesn't like. You asked for how to deal with "liberals" - i gave you a step by step rundown of how it works. And i've actually done that before with success. And anyone with even a touch of knowledge on the subject is going to recognize it as one of the 4 or 5 ways to create that kind of political change and i'ts one of the easiest and most scalable. But all you can say is "Ummm errr duuuuh... you post a lot.". Again - if the military people don't care about what's happening to the military people i don't know why on earth they would expect others would. And that's ALL this started with - me saying "hey, if you think there's a problem you should fix it". I mean - how DAAARRREE i suggest people should be responsible for the issues they don't like Yeash, If you think it's not possible then fine - say so and explain why. But if all you've got is "post count" .. then we're done here.
  10. Nobody's interested in your fake theories kiddo. There are no mindless drones on the right. The left scoops up all the mindless drones before we even get a chance.
  11. Anyway i wanted to thank you for showing us you're true colours - a coward and a loser. I seriously doubt you were ever even in the military - it would be a shame if our country was served by someone that pathetic. Not only do you whine and cry instead of actualy standing up for your "fellow soldiers" , when i take the time to actually spell out how to do it all you can do is run crying behind others. No wonder the public doesn't support our military - if you're an example then they're more likely to hang their head in shame than stand up. See ya little guy - now that we know what you are i'll be sure not to mistakenly treat you like a man in the future.
  12. Why, because you're too weak to defend yourself? Is that how he sees you? You're so pathetic that if he doesn't dive in you'll go home crying? Doesn't sound like he's got much of an opinion of you. I thought you could stand up for yourself. Was i wrong? I can go easier on you if you feel like you can't take it. I wouldn't want to permanently damage you emotoionally or anything. I'm sorry if i scarred you for life or the like.
  13. And yet - he's still a better choice than biden. That's how sad things have gotten.
  14. Well the problem with that is it's more provincial than anything. The feds should provide the research for how to do it safely and the money to those provinces willing to take some of that land and do exactly that kind of thing. You could even go crazy and do a version of a 'mirco' bare land strata concept for trailers and RV's so people could own something that they could later sell when they're ready to step up. the benefit would be that unlike a new building such a site could be up and running meare months after approval. A llttle sewer laying, a little landscaping, a little hydro and you're in business.
  15. You can fanticize about me all you want but it CHANGES NOTHING. Ok - in fairness... that was a pretty good comeback
  16. Its exactly the problem. THere's also boats anchored in the harbours around vancouver and nobody can do anything about them. There's a guy named Justincredible on youtube - he's mostly political stuff now but if you search his videos for 'vanlife' he made his channel talking about how to do 'urban camping' and live in camper vans and trucks. People are running out of options and if you don't provide SOME structure or opportunity then this is what happens.
  17. If you give the gov't enough money to conduct studies with, they can arrive at whatever conclusion you'd like gotta do what you gotta do right. But technically i could have been in violation of the rules by providing them that home to live in on my property even tho i made no profit. THe gov't has to get out of people's way and let them be creative like that. A year or so after he left i used it again for a year for a family member and her newborn baby during covid when they ran into trouble financially. These things have value to our society. Well you're right, but it can be a political football. Local gov'ts don't want to make people mad. Provincial gov'ts dont' want to pick fights that may be unpopular with local gov'ts. We'll see. BC is reaching a crisis point and the gov't has indicated it's willing to take some serious action to resolve things, we'll see if they do.
  18. It's inevitable. As populations increase in the major metros, the number of left leaning voters also increases. When i was younger it was not uncommon for bc to vote solid blue federally. Nowadays that wouldn't happen, even tho it's often majority blue. Alberta has this weird thing where it's almost exactly like bc but 10-15 years behind. BC used to be about 70-30 right wing-left wing, then once in every 15 years or so the ndp would win for a term, then they became more closely competitive. the right wing party changed its name frequently (socred, reform, liberal, united, etc). Now the voters tend to be closer to 55-45 and voter turn out tends to decide elections. It'll be no different for alberta. As population grows that's what happens.
  19. Oh - side benefit to such an org - as you do your job you'll run into lots of soldiers who are suffering. You'll be in a prime position to help them, directly and by helping them find other vetran's orgs and gov't services that will provide assistance and care, and maybe even ahve a small volunteer section to help out with a few things. No sense in leaving it all up to the gov't.
  20. Why the eff should i take the time to answer you? You're being a complete asshat and i haven't done a THING to you. You attack me out of nowhere in a conversation you weren't part of, make a jackass of yourself and now demand i give you what you want. which is no small thing. Get your head out of your colon. LAST chance to be moderately civil mr "keyboard general". You sure are being tough behind a monitor. Smarten up. Now sit back and grab a coffee and shut up. This is going to take a while. I'll give you a small amount of what you've asked for as a show of good faith. If you want more details after this then POLITELY pm me and if you're serious about making use of the info we can get into details. BUt the general steps are these, and some of them happen at the same time. 1 - Form a org (pretty easy). The mission statement should address whatever it is that army guy feels should be happening but isn't specifically. Attempt to recruit a small number of people with talents that would be useful, such as those with experience with online forums or who know something about media or the like. 2 - recruit. Go out and start making vetrans and their families aware. You can sell memberships or give them for free (or both), there's pros and cons to each, you'd have to decide based on that. But you go to forums, you go to social media spaces where serving people and veterans hang out. You talk to the legions and do a deal to be able to promote there. Do youtube videos (very easy, i can show you how to do a great job of writing them and shooting them super cheap). Once you've gotten the low hanging fruit under way, look at talking to ancilleries like police forces who are likely to be supportive of the military. In the past you would also have gone to aide groups that the military has helped and work with them - like when the army helped with the ice storms in quebec or helped with the care homes in ontario etc etc. Your goal is two fold - a large group you can spread information to and more importantly - a large number that you influence that you can show to a gov't. Obviously this is an ongoing project forever. 3. Raise public awareness. - once you've become sufficiently established you go to the media, you start talking in chat rooms you get yoruselves on tv and radio, and here's a big one that's free and easy - start a letter writing campaign to the editors at every paper to go in the 'letters to the editor' column. This is OUTRAGEOUSLY effective and super simple and free. Media people these days are underpaid and underbudgeted - they don't have time to do stories like they want to in order to meet deadlines. So if YOU bring them an emotional newsstory with all the work already done and all they have to do is basically tidy it up and drop their name on it - you're their hero. 4- Fundraise - There's lots of ways and times to do this. It's a little complex so i'll just say that as you go and as elections approach there are several ways to raise money. Some of the work the org is doing if it gets big will require paid positions. And it will require money for advertising during elections. Its not hard - 300 grand a year is a nice easy target to work towards. But honestly you could do a lot of damage and have real impact even with 100 grand. That's chump change. 5. Get Political. - As you're recruiting and raising public awareness, you start to reach out to the political parties. Don't favor one over another. Start meeting with local mp's and candidates, start asking to meet with the minister in charge. Tell them in the next election you'll be actively scoring parties on their support, both real (for the gov't) and support (for opposition) and that you'll be making recommendations during the next election and PAYING TO ADVERTISE THAT. Form a PAC for the election. And GET PEOPLE TO THE POLICY CONVENTIONS AND GET YOUR ISSUES PUT TO A VOTE. This is actually pretty easy. Every time a party has a policy convention which is usually every couple of years per party - work with party memembers to get a frikkin resolution on how to treat the military on the table. Even if the vote fails it's publicity and you can use that to raise money, and if it passes you can hold the party to that. Participate in the leadership races. Pressure candidates to have a stated policy on your issues and support and vote for the ones who agree to your issues, if any do. Remember - anyone can join a political party if they're not a member of another party, just buy one year memberships and participate. Political partes are going to get that message loud and clear. DURING ELECTIONS - Identify the battlefield ridings. You do NOT need to be active in every riding - you DO need to be active in ridings that are close. Where the winner is chosen by 10 percent of the vote or less, you can have a MAJOR impact. That's about 40 or 50 ridings. Whichever party has behaved well - you announce that and anounce the failure of the other parties and campaign hard for the 'good guys', speaking to residents, spending advertising dollars and even volunteering for their campaign if you can swing it. You would actually have a strong impact on who wins - and with that many seats in play that makes you a major political power. VERY VERY quickly political parties will realize that they can't afford to have you pissed at them. That they strongly benefit from your support. That gives you real power. SIde note - "SPECIAL EVENTS". Be ready to get extra active during special periods of history. If public discussions are being held regarding military spending - be ready to speak up for your people. IF THERE IS A WAR - or conflict - be ready to speak up and demand the returning soldiers are treated right and have proper services available. Not only does it get results for your people it also raises your public profile. Now - i'm sure a lot of that sounds complicated. It isn't . It's actually very simple. I'm also sure it sounds like a lot of work. It is. It'll take a little time to build it up, but one thing about retired people is that they've got a little time and a lot of knowledge. It's not hard to do this, and as more people get involved the workload gets spread nicely. I used to do a lot of that stuff in my spare time while working full time. The number of members you would need to be a REAL powerful force that political parties couldn't ignore is only 30-50 thousand members. There's 500, 000 vets and active service people out there - and they all have families who would love to support them, which probably puts the immediate number of probables at 1.5 million. That's before we even talk supportive public or orgs like cops. So there you go. That's how to build an effective political force that will have actual impact and influence and will force WHATEVER gov't is in power to be very very very careful to keep vets and soldiers happy. Probably my longest post - and for me that's saying something. Now - take that and do something if you care about the issue - or don't and stop complaining. But either way - STOP BEING A KUNT when i havne' t said a mean word to you ever. Dick.
  21. Awwww muffin Sounds like you need a cookie and a nap
  22. No - i don't know you're question. Which is why i asked. Apparently you don't either - it was a simple question to answer. When you say the "problem" with the liberals it could mean many many things. I don't know which 'problem' you mean. So i asked you to clarify WHICH problem you're trying to get rid of specifically, or if it was just getting rid of the libs in general. Or just admit that you're an asswipe if that's the case. Seems like that's the case You can't speak clearly and you can't answer a simple question like 'what do you mean' - and somehow it's me deflecting. Go home child. The adults are talking. Come back when you can state clearly what you mean and answer simple questions like an effing grown up without being a complete dick
  23. Evolution isn't actually very progressive at all. In fact progressive ideology tends to be an effort to minimize the harm done by evolution. Evolution says those who can adapt and are most fit for their environment thrive and those who are not wither and die. The progressives would hate that
  24. True, well not secondary suites as much but otherwise sure. However - it's not without merit. Look at that fire and explosion that damaged the nearby building at the latest vancouver tent city. And i hear the smell and feces was actually pretty horrible. Seems like there must be some sort of middle ground possible though. Well you and i have our differences but i totally agree with you here. In fact - funny story but that's kind of how i wound up with my tiny home, which is built on a torn down rv frame. A friend desperately needed somewhere for his family and him and we wound up building it pretty fast and they lived in it for a year. Now it's my home office. but i know that even here nobody's supposed to be living in a trailer that long. We were lucky nobody reported it or the like. Well there are legit concerns - but i feel like they must have solutions if anyone put in the effort to find them. oh don't be stupid. (i ain't paying for a camp out of MY tax dollars , we'll just run 'em off a cliff or something.... )
  25. true. You're just a running yoke You ok there little guy? I think the effort of trying to imagine fake things to be outraged about has strained your brain Probably true then. Yep - liars, frauds, losers, !diots - they all annoy me. Basically lefties like you
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