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  1. So you've never heard of a pg 18 rating for a movie. Gov'ts have never done this because the internet is relatively new and it's kind of an emerging issue that's become more and more prevelant. I have to provide id to buy smokes - should we be allowing kids to do just whatever they want now?
  2. Not giving minors access to porn? And you feel we ARE protecting children by letting them access porn? So - 10 year old walks into a 7/11 and wants to buy a copy of 'back door badonkadonk' and we're ok with that? There's no such thing as appropriate age restrictions on sexual content?I think you're going to have a tough sell arguing that 7 year olds should have a basic right to watch gay 3 way sex if they want to.
  3. If you don't read the paper you're uninformed. If you DO read the paper you're misinformed.
  4. But - if what you're saying is true then you're claiming you CAN change your gender just by changing your physical attributes. Sooooo - gender IS actually at least substantially a set of physical characteristics. If you can change someone's gender just by ripping their balls off then obviously it IS physical at least to a very large degree even if there's other factors. So your previous statement would be incorrect.
  5. Campaigns matter and nobody knows that better than him. He may feel that right now will be his best chance. Inflaton numbers are coming down, the bank is talking about lowering interest rates, danielle smith pushed trans issues up in the public mind again, he's got enough money for a few big spending announcements, trump is resurgent in the south .. maybe he can throw enough mud to make something stick. Look - your whole argument is based on the idea that this is a crappy time for him to go and he should by logic and liberal dogma stay on as long as he can. I agree, no doubt, nobody's arguing that, you win, bow bow bow. but - sometimes there are other factors at play and sometimes politicians do very surprising things. And he may have pressures on him that we don't see directly. But if you look at the push to get nominations signed up, the push to do major announcements and get his face out there, a new look, a sudden push in the papers for stories about how PP feels about trans people, and the fact his back bench is in near revolt and every month for the last 7 months the polls look worse and worse - all i'm saying is that it woudln't surprise me at all and if he IS thinking about it then end of april is a logical go/no-go deadline.
  6. Then why is it necessary to change a person physically to match their gender? If it has nothing to do with biology then we shouldn't be doing 'Gender affirming surgeries" or treatments in the first place. Can't have it both ways. if gender is completely independent of physical traits then changing physical traits shoudln't be required.
  7. I know - but it doesn't make it easier either. If justin's convincing himself that he may have some sort of shot and he knows that it's going to be a hard fight, why spot your opponent an extra 5 points? It may be that he believes he can hold the cpc to a minority. I mean who knows It really doens't make sense for him to go right now but i definitely see signs of getting ready for that so he's at least thinking about it, whether he wants to go or fears he'll be forced into it.
  8. Fact is he really hasn't done any. And if anything he keeps improving and polishing his game. That's what's killing the libs - the guy just doesn't really make any mistakes, there's virtually no forced errors. The biggest 'blunder' was his talk about bitcoin which barely lasted more than a news cycle despite all the efforts of the libs and now it turns out anyone who'd invested when he brought it up would be far further ahead and would have outperformed stocks or bonds or gic's or the like. The guy is a calculated player who is fast on his feet, and they won't be able to surprise him with any quesitons like they did scheer and erin. And based on what we've seen so far his campaign will be meticulously planned and well executed. Even on level ground it would be a tough fight for justin. Which is why i say i'm not sure at all there will be an election but then you have to take into account justin's eqo and other factors which may be pushing him.
  9. it has always been the liberal policy (often stated) that you stay in power as long as you can at all costs. This is true. And as i said, normally i'd be the first to agree with you - this isn't the time. It makes no sense. But - i still see the prep work, i see Justin announcing billions of dollars in spending when he just doesn't have that much money to give away and i see the media obviously being pushed to make him look good right now. So maybe he's just trying to boost his polling numbers to get his party's support back, or maybe he's just prepping "just in case". Maybe he's not going to go at all, or he's going to make a final decision after he sees how some of this plays out But it's also quite possible he just doesn't see things getting better and he thinks he can turn the danielle steel transgender issue into an election issue (saw more articles about that too) and maybe do something during a campaign to scare people enough to squeak a minority out I'm by no means certain at all there'll be an election - but it was worth putting out there given the signs.
  10. Or those who make stupid cheezy statements rather than actually make sensible arguments.
  11. I'm sure you and they are writing a fiction you hope to replace history with even as we speak. Let me know when the disney movie comes out The first colonials nations did not occupy all of bc. There weren't enough of them to even consider that.
  12. Like knowingly driving the price of food and shelter to the point where many canadians can't afford it and can't care for their families properly with his money and immigration policies. Or did you think that a couple thousand new rental units within 3 years in a province where he's importing tens of thousands of new residents annually was some sort of altruistic gesture. Worth noting btw - that this was PP's idea, he and the conservatives said this precise plan was one of the things they'd do if they got in, and eby ran with it (who can blame him, i'ts a good idea) and trudeau's just jumping on the bandwagon by spending other people's money and riding on the coattails of others. The cpc deserve credit for proposing the idea the ndp deserve credit for implementing the idea, trudeau deserves nothing for showing up at the end with other people's cash for the photo op.
  13. That is by NO means guaranteed in the slightest. The libs are the bloc's greatest opponent in quebec - you don't win elections by propping up your opponent and saying how great HE is. They MIGHT buy one vote or something if they put a few billion on the table for immigrants for quebec but that would not last long. And meanwile the ndp AND the cpc will be trash talking them as hard as possible. It's not a viable answer. Politically it may well be better to just pull the plug and walk. There is one other factor that occurred to me - on april 26 i believe the new ridings come into effect and canada gets 5 new ridings, all of which are likely to go cpc. So if he's going to step down or call an election this year - or is afraid he's going to get forced into one, it might be wise to do that before the end of april. If the writ is called then we go with the ridings as they are today. I mean - don't get me wrong. I agree that it's a bad time to go for them. I wouldn't expect them to based on the polling and i just don't see a path to victory for him. But - i see the signs one would normally associate with prepping for an election and i know for certain that for some reason he's at least thinking about it. Having said that - he's gone right to the edge of preparation before then backed off - it was like that in spring 2021 when we all thought he was going to call it in late winter early spring - then he backed off until fall. So we'll see.
  14. Would explain a lot actually - "Duuuh, Tony and Rocko heres would likes ta talks ta you bout dis here "imagine i saw it on mullberry st" book by dis dr seuss fella. "
  15. Guy's been here for a week and Blocked half the board for daring to say he might be a bot and still refuses to answer
  16. Nah. I mean you can make the argument that mother Teresa was self serving because it made her happy to see the kids survive but it's not really an accurate statement. Some people do have a desire to contribute and understand that we have a duty to the greater community and that by contributing and serving others we can serve ourselves as well. Compared to those who ONLY think of their own benefit. There's a difference. Trudeau frequently takes actions that are harmful to Canada for his own betterment and doesn't bat an eye.
  17. Normally i'd agree. But i wonder if he's got much of a choice right now. He might not. The ndp know they cannot wait till the end to pull the plug, they have to do it before the next election date. They've been making rumblings about not renewing the coalition and making trudeau 'face consequences'. He may very well believe that it's better for him to say 'The ndp is unreasonable and we will not be pushed to implement a half baked solution" rather than wait for the ndp to say "we've tried to work with the liberals but they're terrible, we're ending the deal and calling for an election". He may also face a lot of pressure from inside the party. he can't step down - nobody wants the job right now. But the liberals are watching their ratings nosedive every single month and young people are being turned against them, they might rather get the pain over with now. You never know - he might just be preparing "just in case" but i do see the signs of the party getting ready for an election and there's really no immediately visible reason why they should, so it makes you wonder. He doesn't work 80 hours a week and he takes more vacation days than almost any other canadian worker. And nobody's paying for free trips to jamacia for the average worker either
  18. My normal feeling looking at the polling and such is that there would be no chance the libs would pick a fight right now. They're so far down in the polls that its not funny and the ndp is up a little from the last election. But - the signs of preparation are there so it makes you wonder if there's some back room pressures forcing his hand. Maybe notbody is willing to step in if he steps down so they're pressuring him to roll the dice and either he wins or he's gone and they'll have 4 years for voters to forget about him
  19. No he didn't. And the banks have never claimed that. And they got paid in full and on time. Every bank out there wishes all their customers 'defrauded' them like that. They did their own estimates as to what trump was worth. They're not stupid.
  20. Or at least a strong possibility. Big announcements from trudeau in bc. A lot of the known-lib-friendly televison news media are making a point of showing him and various photo ops in a favourable light more often than the news really justifies. Some other positive slant stuff going on that suggests positioning. Trudeau has a new look. I hear rumours of strong efforts to get the riding nominations done. On top of it the deal with the ndp is coming to a close and he won't want to leave jaggers in the driver's seat. And on april 26 he new ridings come on line in canada - 5 new ridings from the last census and they're all likely to go cpc. I SUSPECT his people have tried to get him to step down and pressured him, and rather than do that he's considering rolling the dice and hoping he can come up with some sort of win that keeps him in power. Or maybe he believes jaggers is going to backstab him and he'd be better off to be the one pulling the plug. It's a terrible time for him to go but he might think that there isn't going to be a better time. I"m definitely sensing a move towards being ready to jump into an election from the libs right now. Maybe they're just being extra careful incase jaggers backstabs them but either way the forces of darkness are stirring. Well know by the end of April. IF he's going to go this spring it'll be before then to avoid having the new ridings come on line.
  21. I don't think he cared one way or another. They did very little. Now they're saying they prefer biden. And whether he liked them or not there's about a million miles difference between that and showing he's some master strategist working on behalf of putin and russia in a secret alliance. Yeash.
  22. Wrong question. And you know that. Still being the little b*tch are ya? Shocking. Trying to change the channel again. Anything to defend your liberal buddies Why are you like this?
  23. well they are organized and coordinated actually, that's pretty well documented. And many are smuggling guns and drugs. People are flooding across the border in defiance of the laws so ... yeah that's pretty much an invasion.
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