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  1. Ideally they are opposites, but not anymore.
  2. So this is to counter a previous thread so that we can enjoy balance on these subjects. Below are the Lefts solutions to the following areas: Their Economic Plan: initiate full scale communism, then start a culture war. Antifa? BLM? You know what to do... Healthcare Plan: initiate full scale communism. Oh, and start a culture war. Environmental Agenda: Permit more crippling of the economy in the name of climate hysterics - oh, and start a culture war Terrorism: Make every effort to transition to energy technologies that are nowhere near ready for use without the aid of fossil fuels and nuclear power. Oh, and start a culture war. Reductions in American Manufacturing: Side with China - give them all the power; we need to be humbled. And start a culture war. Homelessness Plan: Assist in the expansion of homelessness; in fact invite people from other states to partake of the programs paid by tax payers. And for f*ck's sake, start a culture war.
  3. You're the biggest consumer (and dispenser) of lies on this forum.
  4. These cultists have taken over key segments of society, but finally more and more normal citizens are pushing back.
  5. You as a safety space dweller need to do whatever makes you feel safe. I will continue beating you people over the head with the truth.
  6. Tripping and falling down multiple times on muliple occasions is. Point out the last president who tripped and fell down (especially multiple times and on multiple occasions). Point out the last president who was in almost constant need of direction. Point out the last president who mumbled incoherently through any kind of public speech multiple times and on multiple occasions. Your choice for president is an invalid.
  7. Well don't stop there, scumbag. You need a comparison to that list; roll out the democrat party's accomplishments in each of those six items.
  8. You choice for president fell again - pretty much right on his face. Yes, not only is this creep suspicious as f*ck, but he's also unfit to be president. How stupid does your side have to be?
  9. Category One is every goddamn democrat in Congress. Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, all of them. Not one of these a$$holes have proven anything other than being able to covince the poor and destitute to keep voting democrat. And why do you think they're coming in on their own? That's right, because they know a democrat is calling the shots. You see, stupid, never argue with someone who actually loves this country. You'll get your ass kicked every time.
  10. Actually YOU are the Nazi. You have a thing for dictators and you hate jews and black people.
  11. Yes. See, when self loathing psychopaths, like yourself, continually berate white people, it fills some people's heads with nonsense. And once people hear enough of your shit, many start to believe it, and thats when the fighting begins. You don't want to start fights, do you pervert?
  12. That's funny. The only racists I ever see are on the left. Hell, between co-workers, vote groomers, and government pimps, it's really hard to find a woketard who ISN'T a racist.
  13. Dave Rubin claims to be conservative, but he and his partner decided to deprive children of mothers, so he's a double edged sword at best.
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