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  1. Don't pay attention to the piece of sh*t fraud that we cheated into the White House. Just listen to our mindless blather about the other guy. -- The left
  2. And thank God for that. Really, who in the f*ck wants to live in an anti-Constitutional Republic? I mean, besides you border erasing reprobates?
  3. He ate his hogs. He uses it to wash his girlfriend, Ol' Bess, out in the pasture.
  4. The better approach is "Preserve life; take responsibility for your actions".
  5. You mean "left-wing lunatic" and I'm not done with that yet. You got the Trump thing right, but I'm still not convinced, so let's move to abortion: where do you stand with that?
  6. 1. Science is knowledge, or the pursuit of knowledge, and that's been around since before the Bible. 2. Rebound, you really need to stop crying. Look, I get that you leftoids have grown accustomed to condescending to other people without repercussions, but I'm here to help you understand that those days are rapidly coming to an end. I'm a reactor. I react to opinions, especially opinions that come across as insulting. There isn't a leftist ANYWHERE that doesn't think he's better than conservatives or believes he isn't above the golden rule. If you don't like my responses then you can always hit ignore.
  7. Then why the f*ck are you even here? You sit there like some pompous a$$hole and drop your scientific bullshit. It's obvious you're here to pick a fight and that must be because your life is so what, rich and fulfilling? lol Tell you what, junior. Let's go back to one of your dumbass comments about God. Point out in the Bible where God defies or ignores (or whatever the f*ck you said) logic and science.
  8. I'm not going to dig through your posts, but we can test this out right here: Talk about Trump's court cases and indictments. What's your thinking about the timing and motivation behind them? ALL of them. Also, talk about every single charge behind every single indictment and court case against Trump.
  9. I see. You're one of those enlightened a$$holes that SAY you stand for the disadvantaged, but insulate the f*ck out of your life to keep you safe from them.
  10. There are conmen all over this f*cking planet. What makes Donald Trump so special? Oh, that's right, he's running for President and democrats hate Nationalists, especially him.
  11. What's cartoonish is your view on everything. You STILL think Utopia is your future, don't you? lol
  12. Rebound, you must be one dumb son of a b*tch if you think we believe that this thread is purely for informational purposes. Everyone knows that you're just another hater trying desperately to steer voters away from Trump. You woketards really don't get it, do you?
  13. I don't think so. You're a left-wing lunatic and everyone knows it. I'm just here to help you understand that.
  14. 1. That's bullshit, and we both know it. lol. You're probably on a dozen other political sites and this one is just part of your monthly rounds. 2. You have climate scare, pride month and fantasies about burning the constitution. In other words, you have no life.
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