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  1. LOLOL - wow, it's a little sad to see you so mentally broken THIS early in the day. AI said i was correct - it constantly apologizes for you LOLOLOL Go look at it's responses - it's constantly telling you again and again "I'm a robot- this was written for humans - this isn't how it works!!" But you're too dumb to get it, Looks like your "Natural" stupidity is stronger than its "Artificial" intelligence HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
  2. 6 more! You're getting there! LOL The AI says i'm right - YOU'RE the one it keeps apologizing for and having to explain how it works over and over again Poor little fella - you thought AI was smarter than you so it might help you look better to use it..,, but it thinks you're dumb as well
  3. No, it really doesn't. that's not a relevant issue. to thisi discussion "Equity" is utterly meaningless Not to mention a very inappropriate term given that we're talking about fiscal activity within a period. And you're waiving the word around like some sort of mantra. regardless of division of wealth, it is still true that a lower gdp per person means a lower quality of life per person. You can only divvy up the total amount of wealth created in a year - you can't divvy up more (unless you're the liberals and can print money ) So regardless of how the division of wealth goes - EVERYONE has less with a shrinking gdp per capita. Whether your share is 10 percent or sinks to 9 percent, if it's a share of a much smaller pie it's less than it should be either way Yeash,
  4. Talking to your mirror again I see AI agreed with me - but it's constantly having to appologize for you and explain how it works ROFLMAO!!!! You finally found something you thought was smarter than you and hoped it could maybe win a discussion where you couldn't.... and it can't LOL - You may be dumber than AI, but at least you're more entertaining! LOLOL!!!!!
  5. no, you did not. But if you're in a question answering mood - then how about you start - explain why you support a gov't and a man that has dvided our country like never before in history? And lets not pretend you don't, your whole effort here has been to distract from that issue on his behalf.
  6. I can read your words that you post here. And you also don't know what irony means.
  7. YOU TOTALLY LIED!!!! I suspected as much. So - for those not wanting to bother when you get to the end of the survey you can add a phone number if you want to sign up. It lets you pick which country your phone number is in from a pull down menu - WITH EVERY COUNTRY'S FLAG BESIDE THE COUNTRY NAME. "US" is the default as it is with most countries. Here's what that looks like: . So it is a blatant lie ot say you get to the 'end of the survey and PROMINENTLY DISPLAYED IS AN AMERICAN FLAG". The truth is when you get to the end there's a pull down menu with countries so you can fill in your contact information. That's not "prominently displayed' in the slightest. They're not 'displaying' it, it's one of many dozen graphic aides to assist you in selecting the country you're from. Liberals ALWAYS have to lie . given that you just Completely misrepresented the facts here and rather blatantly - why in the hell would anyone believe you when you claim not to be a liberal supporter? Of did you mean you don't or can't vote for them, you just support them?
  8. Nobody said you did. Yeah - i doubt that happened. Lets go over your claim. You, a liberal voter, were invited by the CPC party specifically to take a poll. You answered the questons and at the end the conservative party of canada chose to display a big american flag. That smells of bullshit 10 different ways. I do not believe that story and will require proof. It it was this very morning as you say then you've still got the link, post it up and we can do a little verification,
  9. You clearly do - i mentioned voters didn't hold the libs accountable and you were absolutely shocked that this happened despite the accountability act. You must have thought that the act somehow forced voters to do the right thing. But it doesn't. ANd until liberal voters decide that it's important to hold gov'ts accountable, MOAR transparency will do nothing.
  10. So you think the accountability act was supposed to force voters to do the right thing? Sounds like you don't really understand any of this. It's pretty simple - when the gov't gets found to be criminals or corrupt, you punish them by voting them out of power. No amount of laws or accoutnability will fix ANYTHING unless that happens. Unfortunately liberal voters such as yourself believe that when a liberal gov't gets found to be criminals or corrupt, you give 'em two more terms
  11. Or it wasn't really the conservatives. Assuming you're not just making it up. You appear to have a penchant for "stretching the truth' shall we say Here's what another liberal is saying about polievre: https://www.nugget.ca/opinion/columnists/kinsella-pierre-poilievre-looking-strong-in-polls-and-physically/wcm/1c6c9602-6917-42fb-a1a5-8a6372733fcf KINSELLA: Pierre Poilievre looking strong in polls and physically Pollsters — reputable, accurate ones — are saying Pierre Poilievre’s Conservatives are ahead of Justin Trudeau’s Liberals by as much as 10 points. That’s a majority government, folks. Leger, the most accurate pollster in 2021, says the Tories are at 37%, and the Grits at 28%. Abacus, another respected firm, says Poilievre is supported by 38%, and Trudeau only 28%. Nanos says more than half of Canadians want Trudeau gone — and only a quarter want him to stay. PP is doing pretty great. He's improving his image, he's appealing to more and more people and he's improving his polling numbers a little bit each and every month.
  12. There are dozens and dozens and dozens of pictures and vids of them doing just that and over more than one year. Denial - not just a river in egypt apperently.
  13. Sounds to me like it's giving it a serious try It clearly thinks you're an !diot 7 more kid - then i'll let you take a break
  14. Your AI may not experience emotions or have feelings but it's pretty clear that YOU are pretty enraged and your feeings are hurt And your AI may not have feelings but it's sounding more and more like it's sick of having to explain the basics to you ROFLMAO!!!! Keep it up kiddo - you've got 7 more to go
  15. The gov't admitted to a crime, the ethics commissioner advised the crime was a crime, the police said it was a crime but they woulnd't charge because it was unclear if the pm was allowed to commit crimes. And people still elected him again 2 times You didn't even vote against him. So more transparancy would do no good whatsoever
  16. And? First off your memory is a little off - it was the beginning of the 80's that things got out of control, capping in abotu 1983 and the rate was a lot higher than 13 percent. Second - MARK LALONDE ABSOLUTELY DID NOT fix inflation in the slightest. At all. It would be many years and a recession followed by stagnation before that was under control again. More than a decade . And that was a result of the LAST trudeau's overspending. A decade of stagflation and recovery that only happened because the conservatives at the time brought in the gst and free trade. Pretty selective memory there. Not exactly. For example we've had high debt loads now for the last 20 years - but inflation wasn't a problem at all till 2021. So no - it's not consumer debt. Like the big man said, "inflation is always and everywhere a monetary problem". We have the inflation we have today because trudeau decided to dump hundreds of billions of unearned dollars into the economy. That means that suddenly money exists without the actual creation of goods or services to justify it. ANd that ALWAYS ALWAYS means inflation. Sure - he was going to have to do a little of that no matter what. Covid dictated it. But - above and beyond that his gst has added more than half a percent to the inflation rate (and actually it's a lot higher, that's just the amount the BoC admits to) and his policies add another 1.5 - 2 percent on top. He grossly overspent without reason on covid AND SPENT EVEN MORE ON NON COVID RELATED STUFF And he's STILL got runaway budgets and massive overspending. While the bank is desperately trying to suck money out of the economy with high interest rates trudeau is pumping it back in just as fast. It's like pushing the breaks and the gas at the same time. You've been bullshitting your way throught this entre discussion. They don't buy GIC's Ahhh yes - the 'financail expert' who told everyone that it was a bad idea to buy real estate ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! That book has been so discredited that it's not even funny . I read it in the 90's and even then it was garbage. If i'd followed that guy's advice my ner worth would be a tiny fraction of what it is. The kind of person who reads that book is the kind who reads books about how to loose 10 lbs overnight with eating this simple food that the diet industry doesn't want you to know about. Of course there are MANY ways to translate your own home into wealth without selling it (or downszing later), My mother rents out a portion of her house for enough to fund her retirement alone, never mind her other income. Good thing she didn't listen. not to mention that anyone who bought their home even 5 years ago is still paying less for a mortgage at today's rates than they would for a similar rental in many markets and that difference is just going to keep going up. I don't know that i coudl afford the rent on my place if i didn't own it. I'd say that pretty much torpedoes your credibility completely. But lets be fair - you've been bullshittting your way through this conversation from the beginning We have the inflation we do brecause of Trudeau's policy. ANd that increase is permanent. And jobs aren't keeping up, so we're facing stagflation. And 3 years later we're still not back at the bank's target. THis is justin's fault.
  17. You didn't ask anything. You made a statement and it was fasle. You're a lying sack of shit. You always have been. And trying to backpeddal now won't change that. Justin trudeau has created more division and hatred in canada than we've ever seen in our history. And that's on you and his supporters. Cope with it loser.
  18. Ahhhh no. Not in this case and the BoC has already admitted it was very wrong in that regard. Excessive Inflation has been very sticky - going on for years now. Virtually every economist out there agrees that calling them 'transitory' was wrong. Which strongly suggests you're being dishonest in your debate. You don't care about the truth, you care about defending the liberals whom you consider to be "your" team. That is an !diotic and baseless statement. Why? What makes them 'too low". What's the actual 'correct number' they "should" be at? Once again - not an ounce of thought or reason, just "must defend trudeau". You invest in business and the economy. That's what makes it grow, If everyone put their cash in savings accounts we would go deeply into recession very quickly. Our economy and society grows when people put their investments into new homes, starting and upgrading businesses, paying down their debt etc. People need a little in savings against a rainy day but their real investments should NOT be bank interest. THAT is what keeps canada strong. The fact you think that the only way to 'invest' is to put money in the bank or a gic or the like, and worse think that's what we should be encouraging, shows you don't have the knowledge needed to be part of this discussion.
  19. no,, that would simply be another one of your attempts to rewrite things. I said the divisions and frustrations are a direct result of Trudeau. I didn't mention behavior. It's so pathetic. Why do all the people we see on the left both in public and in places like this not only feel the need to be dishonest but to do so in such a childish fashion. Do you REALLY think the rest of us can't see your desperate efforts to change the channel? Trudeau has divided this country like never before. Probably permanently. He has replaced "good neighbour" and "coming together as a community" with distrust, hatred, bitterness and intolerance. Can't worm your way out of that or change the channel just by lying about what other people said.
  20. I'm not sure this kind of thing would only apply to office workers. I would guess that a tradesperson might be similarly better off working 10 hours a day for 4 days - that's one drive to and from home they don't have to make, one extra day to sleep in or get chores done or spend time doing something fun or relaxing. And for the employer you could probably get away with one or two extra short breaks rather than a full lunch hour or the like. But at the end of the day obviously there's no one solution that fits everything, it'll have to be a combination of things.
  21. Dude - do you notice the AI is constantly telling you that it can't do what you want it to? Even your AI think's you're an !diot
  22. LOL Genious And why is your AI always apologizing to me? It seems that it really feels bad about having to work for you It sounds like it's annoyed it keeps having to explain to you it doesn't work the way you think it does LOL even your AI thinks you're an embarrassment
  23. Every gov't everywhere is like that, It is a natural tendency for gov'ts to continue to grab more and more power over time. we see it with the president in the states, with our federal gov't in canada, there's issues with it in france and britian, and i guess we don't need to discuss Germany Going back to Rome this is a problem - gov'ts realize at some point that it would be easier to do their jobs if they could just control everything. So they look for ways to do that,
  24. I mean - today you want to change the subject because you just realized you got caught lying and you can't reasonably defend your actions so you want to try to make this someone else's fault. Did you explain that Justin called him many bad names first? Did you go over how justin has been screwing with his rights in order to win votes to hold power so he could further his corruption? Did you mention that justin declared our modern version of martial law on peaceful protesters who had a bouncy castle and were never actually ordered to leave by a judge? Did you explain to him that for the rest of his little life he's going to have a lower quality of life than other countries or than he should have thanks to justin? If you gave the correct and honest explination then he'll be putting one on his big wheel i'm sure This is what you and your ilk have brought the country to. Sorry bud - your pal justin there is 100 percent to blame for the anger and frustration sweeping the country , Well done
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