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  1. If the FBI intended to kill Trump, why did they execute the search warrant in August, when they knew perfectly well that Trump would be spending that entire month in New Jersey? It’s not difficult to know when the former president is going to be there, so why not search when he was around… unless they deliberately served the warrant when they knew he would not be there? Biden is standing up for Israel and the Jews, even though it is politically difficult for him to do so.
  2. SUPER SUPER SUPER SIMPLE. The US Congress is GOP controlled. All they need is probable cause of ANY CRIME WHATSOEVER, and they can impeach Biden. But not even the GOP believes there is such probable cause, and they would LOVE to impeach him. So that proves you are a Big Fat Liar.
  3. Cause you’re full of shlt. You’re just lying your a$$ off. Biden has not ever once been formally charged of any crime. And Congressman Comer would absolutely try to impeach him if he could come up with probable cause of ANY crime whatsoever. So Biden’s been accused of things by nutcases but no evidence has come up. Zero. Zilch. Nada. It’s not there because he hasn’t done these things.
  4. Fck your sarcasm bullshlt. The man wants to be leader of the United States.
  5. Let me ask you something: Let’s say your a Canadian trucker, protesting in the streets of Ottawa, standing peacefully among a crowd of other truckers in the street, and some liberal motherfcker drives his car straight at you, barely misses you, then jumps out of his car carrying a gun? Is THAT GUY defending himself against YOU, or are YOU defending yourself against HIM? On top of that, the guy had just texted his buddy, saying that he was going to go out and kill one of those truckers. Who is the attacker and who is the defender?
  6. Is that why the ACLU defended Rush Limbaugh? ACLU sides with Trump against gag order given in federal criminal case ACLU of New Jersey Successfully Defends Republican Candidates' Right to Political Speech ACLU Files Supreme Court Brief Supporting Republican Voters’ Challenge to Democratic Gerrymandering in Maryland
  7. There’s nothing wrong with the flag pole itself. But his political expression is obvious and you know it.
  8. That sack of dogshlt said that he will be a dictator on day one. He uses Nazi terms. He ran on a platform of putting his political rival in jail. He refused to accept the results of the election despite losing 64 court challenges. He loves dictators like Putin and insults democratic leaders of our allies. He told Putin to invade our allies. He won’t stand up for Ukraine. He is a Clear and Present Danger to Democracy.
  9. Policies? That’s not the problem. I don’t like him because he is a despicable human being. He is a sexual predator who cheated on all three of his wives. He raped women. He said under oath that famous people like himself can grab women’s vaginas whenever they want. He tried to overthrow our democracy. Now he talks like a Nazi. He is repugnant disgusting human filth and I hope he has a heart attack and drops dead tomorrow.
  10. I didn’t say killed. The man eats junk food every day and he’s morbidly obese, so don’t be surprise when he drops dead from a heart attack.
  11. Oh bulshlt. Stop defending the Nazi. The swastika was an innocent symbol until the Nazis made it a hate symbol. Same thing with the word “reich,” especially when this repugnant piece of shlt calls for creating a new reich. America used to kill Nazis, not vote for them. That disgusting piece of shlt Nazi wannabe can’t speak German; he can barely speak English. He knows damn well it’s a Nazi word, so do you, so do the rest of his a-hole followers and so do the rest of us. His daddy was a Hitler-loving Klansman and so is Donald.
  12. Won’t happen. Look at some of the people he hired — the CEO of Exxon. Is that someone unqualified? General Maley, a lifetime US military officer? His national security advisor? Ask yourself this: Who will get, and why will he select them? It is abundantly clear that Trump will make his choices based on who will be most loyal to Trump, and not on who is the most experienced, who understands the job, who is competent, who would be good for America. No. Trump will choose Trump Loyalists. That’s why they flew to New York to visit him at his trial. Example: Mike Pence. Pence was VP for four straight years. Never once ever did Trump complain about his work. Not one single time. But when Pence said, “Hey, I checked with lawyers, and it would be illegal for me to stop the counting of electoral votes,” that was it. One act of disloyalty. And, Pence was clearly correct. Or both of Trump’s AG’s. You either hire someone with experience in law and politics, or an outsider. It’s either-or. There are outsiders who are qualified, but Trump choose an Energy Secretary who had no idea that the US Department of Energy oversaw the nuclear weapons. Pretty F-ing unqualified to hire someone who doesn’t know what the agency does. How about Biden? Only two cabinet secretaries have resigned, and only for personal reasons. Not one major official charged with a crime. We had the impeachment of Mayorkas, but no actual crimes were listed, so there wasn’t even a trial.
  13. Science isn’t knowledge. You obviously do not know what science is, which is why you somehow think the Bible contains scientific facts. It does not contain any scientific facts, it contains stories and commandments. But no science. Reading all the works of Shakespeare or memorizing the Bible or learning 12 different languages is knowledge, but none of that is science. Going to school is not science. Heck, schools have degrees in science and degrees in arts; they’re clearly differentiated.
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