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  1. Cause there’s a hell of a difference! It is FACT that House Republicans release doctored evidence! They said so! So Hunter will testify PUBLICLY, where his answers can’t be doctored. Would you testify in PRIVATE to people who have full control over the recordings of what you say and release only portions they want to release? If he’s forced to do that he should take the fifth to every question.
  2. Yes, the exact same people who plan to released blurred out January 6 footage.
  3. Dude, the hospital incident was most likely caused by a Hamas rocket misfire. Why? First, if you look at the Israeli damage, it’s from bombs. Bombs create compression shock waves and craters. You can see this in photos. But in the hospital incident, something landed in a parking lot adjacent to the hospital which started a fire. What could do that? Why, the unspent liquid fuel of one of Hamas’ rockets. Guided and unguided bombs do not use liquid fuel, or any propellant. Has Hamas fessed up to killing their own citizens in a hospital? No, they blame Israel. As for the comment about killing “children,” nobody wants to see the death or injury of innocent children. (Well, maybe @Reason10, but what can I say?). I think, probably, what @WestCanMan was trying to say is that there are Palestinian fighters and combatants who are 14-17 years old, but Hamas puts them all into the “innocent civilians” bucket.
  4. https://www.nytimes.com/2023/12/06/us/politics/hunter-biden-contempt-charge.html?smid=nytcore-ios-share&referringSource=articleShare If you can’t get past the paywall, I can PM you a one time link which will let you read the story. It’s included in my subscription package.
  5. Hunter Biden has agreed to testify publicly before Congress. The GOP has refused, threatening to hold him in contempt of Congress if he refuses to testify in private. This demonstrates the sheer depravity of Republicans in Washington. The man agreed to testify. Why should the American public stand for this insistence that Biden testify in secret? What would that serve, apart from allowing Republicans to selectively edit and release his testimony… the same guys who plan to release “evidence” of January 6 with blurred faces?
  6. Biden taught there, and brought tremendous prestige. Henry Kissinger did the same, as a Georgetown professor. Plenty of congressmen lecture and teach after serving in office. I don’t see what is wrong with it.
  7. The Speaker of the House is ineligible to serve in Congress. He stated that he is ordering the faces blurred to prevent the Department of Justice from prosecuting criminal activity present in the footage. Johnson is clearly giving aid and comfort to the insurrectionists with this measure.
  8. Isn’t gas banned by the Geneva convention? And, I think it would not work because gas like that has to be dosed. Too much is lethal, but I’m not an expert at that. When the Arab nations went to war with Israel, they surrendered before Israel could reach their population centers. Hamas fights from inside their population centers. They are pure terrorists. They view their civilian population as a weapon of war. Mao wanted China to be a nuclear superpower. And he understood that, in order to do it, he would need to sell the rice that his people needed to live. Tens of thousands starved to death so Mao could make China a nuclear power. He considered this a “necessary investment” for the greater China. This is the kind of thinking Hamas has. Unfortunately; it’s like a cancer it only grows if you don’t kill it. I know it’s absolutely horrible but that’s what it is.
  9. Unfortunately, fighting house-to-house inflicts very high casualties upon the attacker. The defender can hide anywhere and can’t be detected until he has fired upon the attacker, inflicting casualties. Even worse, the attacker cannot displace the defender using gunfire, because you’re in the street and the other guy is inside a building. He shoots, then runs somewhere else inside the building to shoot again. So you need to use a mortar or worse to take out the enemy…. Along with any civilians who may be in that building. With Hamas, the situation is far worse because we know they have many miles of deep, concrete reinforced tunnels throughout Gaza. So they fire upon Israeli soldiers, hop into their tunnels and show up across the street to attack again. This is incredibly dangerous for the IDF.
  10. If Israel’s goal was the elimination of the Palestinian people, wouldn’t their population be decreasing instead of increasing?
  11. I’m not putting words in your mouth. You said what you said. Civilians are dying in Gaza because Hamas uses them as human shields. You have not explained what Israel should do instead.
  12. No, you misunderstand war. See, you think wars only happen between armies. Wars happen between nations. There is a government or governing entity that wages war against another. And the entity that dragged the people of Gaza into war is Hamas. Hamas could end this war TOMMOROW: Here are the hostages, and we surrender. All done!!! You have a fantasy in your head that Hamas members wear great big green Hamas hats and live in great big Hamas houses, and how come Israel doesn’t just attack THAT. It’s because they cannot. It’s impossible. You also think the Gazans are all civilians and the Israelis are all soldiers. The Israelis are drafted. They don’t want to do this, their wives, husbands, children and mothers want them home. These Israelis are fighting Hamas in the streets and taking casualties. But the only number you’re hearing is Palestinian dead. You don’t even know how many Israeli soldiers have died so far. Why is that?
  13. Sure. For example, “Hospitals should be protected during conflict.” But Hamas stored weapons in a hospital and dug an enormous tunnel underneath it to store weapons and use as a command center. Israel does not have to abide by rules which their enemy exploits to advantage.
  14. My friend, this simply is not how warfare has ever worked. It’s not a football game. There is no referee keeping score. The two sides fight until one or both surrender, under terms of truce or otherwise. You need to think about what you’re suggesting. There simply is not an umpire. This war originally broke out in 1948 and the side that fights Israel has lost every time. There’s the argument that Jews “stole” Arab land. But two million Palestinian Arabs live in Israel and the rest re-located. By comparison, since 1948, Jews were forcibly expelled from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Yemen and Afghanistan. What about THAT?? CRICKETS!!! “It’s ok to expel Jews, but Palestinians can’t be moved ten miles!” The Palestinians have received refugee aid for 75 years. They’ve refused to establish a nation on their own land for 75 years, and instead choose terrorism. They receive billions in humanitarian aid and illegally spend it on tunnels and rockets for a war they cannot win. Did Jews start wars with the countries that expelled them? No. They moved to an infinitesimally small piece of land and turned it into a nation. The Palestinians are the aggressors. You know perfectly well that Hamas started this. Israel has found over 800 tunnel entrances so far, and nearly all are in civilian locations such as playgrounds, daycares, and hospitals. And you think Israel should sit on their butts and let Hamas murder another 2,000 citizens. No sir. The nation you live in would not accept that. No nation would accept that. If Hamas surrenders and returns the hostages, the fighting ends.
  15. So more Jewish deaths is better and more humane than more Arab deaths? Jews have mothers, too. These soldiers are just kids who are drafted. Why are their lives worth less?
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