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  1. Just because you accuse the Democrats of fraud doesn’t mean it happened. Dude, you listen to the Pillow guy and the Tucker Swanson TV dinner guy screaming that there was fraud, over and over, so you believe it because they’re so convincing. But they never showed you any evidence. It’s the whole “Saddam has weapons of mass destruction” con, all over again. Arizona painstakingly recounted every single ballot, using an extremely partisan firm, and they found no fraud. No Trump appointed judge anywhere was convinced.
  2. You’re right: We need to stop everything in Washington DC so the entire nation can focus on the Very Biggest Most Important Problem: AOC Went to a Party! Never mind that Saudi Arabia Gave Jared Kushner $2 billion. AOC Went to a Party! Scandal to end all scandals. Biggest Moral and Ethical Lapse in History! She went to a party! The hand-wringing must never stop! Where’s the FBI? Where’s the warrant? We need a special prosecutor! The woman went to a party! Even worse! She was outside without a mask! Outside! Without a mask! What do you think this is, Iran? Maybe Iran will let women outdoors without masks, but not here in America, baby!
  3. Maybe you forget, but when she went to the Met Gala event, she wore a long white dress which was emblazoned with “Tax the Rich” from head to toe, in huge letters.
  4. That’s cause you’re a racist white trash POS. Don’t worry about your grandkids. They won’t be racist a-holes like their loony grandpappy. Have you ever looked at any of the CEO’s of the big high tech companies? Apple: CEO is gay Oracle: CEO is Russian immigrant. Tesla: CEO is African immigrant Intel: Started by European immigrants Microsoft: CEO is Indian Google: CEO is Indian. Founders are Russian immigrants nVidia: CEO and founder is Chinese I could continue… it goes on and on and on like this.
  5. 1) Biden was not at any time an elected official 2) Kushner was handed $2 billion immediately after serving as the President’s most senior advisor and Mideast envoy. Kushner had very strong influence over massive expenditures in the Mideast, military aid, and so forth. 3) Virtually every single business in the US does business with China. 4) Hunter Biden & Jared Kushner: It’s nepotism, plain and simple. And Saudi investment advisors recommended against giving Kushner the $2 billion because he’s not qualified to manage that kind of money. It was clearly a gift. I don’t need to defend Hunter Biden. As I said many times, if he broke a law, prosecute him. It really is neither here nor there, but he’s no different than a zillion other kids and spouses of powerful politicians who used their connections. It all smells like turds but these two are far from the only turd in the cesspool. But $2 billion with a guarantee of $165 million in cash to Jared is obscene… and ignoring this while investigating a party invitation is… man, how can anybody take this stuff seriously? Investigating a party invitation.
  6. You only care about attacking every single group that isn’t white. And you’re completely full of crap. Slavery in AMERICA was white people OWNING black people. And it was brutal. I truly think you must be a deeply deranged and psychopathic individual to refuse to acknowledge it. You need help. You are not well.
  7. It’s a certainty that every member of Congress gets invited to parties and fundraisers of all sorts, all the time, like $20,000 a plate fundraisers. They get invited to more of these events than they can possibly attend, because their presence brings prestige. Last week, the Prince of Wales and Joe Biden attended a big event in Boston. I’m sure it was expensive to attend, and I’m sure that the Biden’s and the Wales’ didn’t pay, because the organizers wanted them to be there.
  8. Who cares? White people enslaved black people for over 200 years HERE, in America. Whatever happened in Liberia or Brazil is irrelevant.
  9. Really? Cause I thought you people call everything European “Socialist,” like their government, their healthcare systems, the EU, their labor standards, etc. And if being a goose stepper is bad… what have you got to say about Trump having dinner with a card-carrying goose-stepping Nazi?
  10. She went to a party. You’re f-ing kidding… they’re investigating her for going to a party. All the sh1t that goes on in Washington and THAT’s the big scandal? I guess if she went to a party and didn’t accept an envelope of cash or snort an ounce of cocaine, it’s an ethical problem.
  11. Pride parades where are ‘beyond the pale.’ What does that mean?
  12. The most important thing you need to know about the AOC ethics investigation is this: Saudi Arabia gave Jared Kushner $2 billion.
  13. My kid came out to me, and I gave her a big hug and said, “That’s wonderful!”
  14. You ldiot, if there WAS fraud, there are dozens and dozens of Trump-appointed judges who would have overturned the election results. You don’t riot at the Capitol, you don’t suspend the Constitution. You take the evidence to court. Trump had no evidence. There were recounts all over the nation and NOT ONE SINGLE PRECINCT ANYWHERE IN THE NATION CHANGED ITS OUTCOME. Arizona has a ridiculous recount that proved no fraud. They wound up finding MORE votes for Biden than originally tallied. So it is worth repeating that you have no evidence at all, not a shred, and you are truly an ldiot.
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