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  1. The US already found somebody else to lead. His name is Joe Biden.
  2. “They all do it” is not a legal defense.
  3. I don’t want anybody’s ass. Well.. not any man’s ass, that’s for sure. I believe that Donald Trump has been VERY loose with following the law. I sincerely do. Example One: When the biggest issue in America was Russia’s obvious interference in the election, and whether Trump was involved, Donald asked Russia on live TV to release Hillary’s emails… and they did!!! I don’t know if that broke a law or not, but it’s an awfully criminal thing to do. Number Two: After ALL of the Russia investigation, it should have been beyond crystal clear that you don’t ask a foreign government to intervene in your election.. which is precisely what Trump did in that phone call to the Ukrainian President. HE KNEW BETTER!!! They definitely told him not to do something like that. Then he took a LOT of classified documents and refused to give them back and falsely claimed that he’d given them all back. These things he did were not accidental. All three were very deliberate. Why did he do all this? Because he’s a rich a-hole and he thinks the laws don’t apply to him
  4. Let me get this straight: The guy ran for President promising to “Lock Her Up,” right? Right? He lead crowds in chants of, “Lock her up” over and over at campaign rallys? So what is he complaining about? And isn’t he the man who took out a full page ad demanding the prosecution of the “Central Park Five,” who were proven innocent via DNA evidence… yet he never even apologized for their ten years of incarceration? So it’s not like Donald thinks criminals should be able to get away with breaking the law, right? Michael Cohen was sentenced to 3 years in jail for these crimes on a plea bargain. Donald is free to do the same thing, I assume.
  5. Then it’s time to break the 240 year precedent and make it clear that nobody is allowed to break the law. Cause today, it seems like a lot of people get away with breaking laws. Maybe if the ex-President gets convicted, it will be clear that criminal activity has a price.
  6. Why do you say that? Was Stormy Daniels paid off? YES Was the pay off made to benefit Trump’s campaign for President? YES Was the $120,000 payment legally accounted for? NO Nobody made Donald do these things. Nobody “set him up.” I’m just giving you facts. Whether these acts are a strict violation of the law is for the jury and judge to decide. If he broke the law, the punishment must occur. We cannot have a system that lets rich and powerful people break laws.
  7. I’m not part of your argument with Contrarian. Remember, he is a Libertarian, so he is not my political ally nor yours. If you want to identify yourself publicly and all that, you’re welcome to, but otherwise, we have our anonymity and let’s just roll with it. Facts are facts. Whatever you claim shouldn’t be based on your status as a veteran, it should be something you can demonstrably prove.
  8. If Trump committed no crimes, why should he worry? Then again… why did Michael Cohen go to prison? Wasn’t it the very same crimes? How do you know that the transgendered shooter was a “lefty”? Even if they were, what’s that have to do with the other 150 million liberals in America?
  9. Who cares? This thread has to do with Trump being indicted of crimes. Your Canadian military service has no bearing on that.
  10. And now it’s Trump’s turn to face the music. Michael Cohen went to prison for this and Trump was absolutely a co-conspirator in the same crimes. The real problem is if some people are allowed to break laws.
  11. Trump took out a very expensive, full Page ad in the New York Times which helped lead to the wrongful conviction of the Central Park Five. DNA evidence proved their innocence after 10 years of incarceration. So don’t tell me this is unfair.
  12. You clowns are all about law and order until you aren’t. The GOP went after Clinton over having sex with his intern. They went after Hillary over emails. Take your lumps. If the guy broke the law, he should face the music.
  13. According to the Times and Post, a President has been arrested before, while in office. “In 1872, President Ulysses S. Grant was arrested by a police officer for speeding in his horse-drawn coach in Washington. The officer stuck out his hand to signal a stop, and Grant obeyed and then accompanied the officer to the police station.” Unsurprisingly, Grant did not complain on social media. He did not attack the police. Democracy was left unscathed.
  14. If he broke the law he should be prosecuted. Is it legal to pay a porn star “hush money”, to help your campaign, and then cover it up so that the money which benefitted the campaign isn’t traced to the campaign? I don’t think that is legal. His defense I think is whether he’s made such payments merely to protect his reputation, before he was a political candidate. Given his many public statements bragging about sexual activity, I doubt it. But let’s see.
  15. We already have more people in prison than any other nation, so what should we do about all that?
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