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  2. Would the Americans keep them out of our Arctic and it’s waters? This is a country that actually needs submarines that can operate for extended periods under ice. We also need real warships that can operate in ice, unlike the patrol ships armed with pop guns like the ones we are building.
  3. Sure but there is no way the Soviets would have launched with that kind of inferiority. Back then, missiles also only carried single warheads not multiple warheads like today. The US had an even bigger superiority when it came to manned bombers.
  4. Things could get interesting in China if Evergrande goes down. If the Government doesn't bail them out, it could drag others down with them.
  5. I agree. It was tough for everyone, which is why we need to do all we can to prevent more lockdowns. But to take the permanent step to end your life over a very temporary condition is quite extraordinary.
  6. Today's message from the office of public opinion and good intentions:

    JOMO - The Joy of Missing Out.

    It's perfectly fine to do nothing. Nothing at all.

    People get used to it...  


  7. Anybody but Trudeau.  Don’t reward gross mismanagement and corruption.

  8. It sets the precedent for all kinds of new legislation concerning public health. New powers can now be expanded, for the good of mankind. If not kept at bay, there are certain elements who would like to see you become a veritable pincushion for getting shots of every dank potion and elixir these chemist dream up. Got that? Chemists...
  9. Today
  10. According to the latest numbers, Ontario has vaccinated over 11 million with at least one dose, with the population over 12 of about 12.3 million. Adding two groups, those who are medically exempt from vaccination (1-3%), and those who recovered earlier (up to 1/2 million), the total of population with some or strong protection against current variants should come to just under 12 million. And it means several things, for today and tomorrow: 1. The remaining eligible still not vaccinated fraction is tiny, at most a few percent. Can it cause the upheaval that is happening in the system according to media reports? If it's happening is it due to vaccination issues or the chronic state of the system itself? Everybody's guess as we have no reliable and trusted information to confirm that. But we know that some jurisdictions in the world are doing much better, and the virus is the same. 2. If it cannot be confirmed with confidence, what is the grounds and justification for vaccination-based restrictions? Are they based on reason and science (see above), or another guesswork of anonymous experts? And for the future. All hinges now on the next, fifth wave in the January - April timeframe. Either we dodge it somehow and then a sigh of relief, though a downside would the expectation that the that rumbling and bumbling policy and crumbling system somehow worked and could be used as-is in such events in the future. Or we don't. And in that cases (see above) it should be absolutely clear that: 3. The wave would be that of vaccinated and the policies would not have been successful. Blaming non vaccinated would look very unlikely (given the numbers, above) to plain scapegoat hunt for failing policy. 4. We haven't learned much (how to handle these events without escalating drama and a big panacea shotgun (lockdowns, masks, uniform vaccination). And so, likely right back to square one. And then, 5. What path would it leave us with? Mandatory vaccinations in some and growing number of areas are already a fact, just by a policy, no checks and very little if any justification. Ability to work dependent on (continuing?) vaccination. Mandatory universal vaccination? Yes but what is mandatory without enforcement? And can the society be kept safe without isolation of non compliants? There. This is not a given and maybe we'd still dodge it. But a scary thought is how close we've come to that. And it didn't even take much. And nothing is finished yet.
  11. Liberal minority incoming this election is unlikely to alter the balance of power much at all pointless election is pointless thanks Trudeau
  12. That's good. Go out and vote. I already did - advance polling.
  13. the pollsters know what is going to happen if they say differently they're lying I'll be voting for the PPC shortly
  14. All polls indicate a very tight race. And, Bloc and PPC, and the bust of the Green Party can play a surprising upset. The Blocs are surging in Quebec (which could be a spoiler for Trudeau). Singh might be able to hold on to his supporters. And it's a three-way race in BC! PPC supporters could swing to O'Toole at the last minute....or, they can really spoil it for the Conservatives. They also say that voters who are anti-Trudeau could just go for the PPC or Green as a protest vote! Pollsters are all watching to see what will happen. They're not counting anything out. They say it's all about the turn-out of voters who will actually vote! Go out and vote!
  15. popular vote is irrelevant it ain't a tight race Trudeau way ahead in the seats that matter particularly in Ontario the Conservatives are simply not going to win an upset is not in the cards the only people deluded into thinking otherwise are those blinded by Trudeau Derangement Syndrome wishful thinking is a helluva drug
  16. All polls indicate a very tight race. And, Bloc and PPC, and the bust of the Green Party can play a surprising upset. Go out and vote!
  17. All polls indicate a very tight race!

    GO OUT and VOTE!


  18. China is incapable of invading Canada only America can do that and doing it wouldn't be worth it for them Canada has no good reason to go to war with China or vice versa
  19. No, like Switzerland. Do you have any idea of what would happen to the northern hemisphere if you have hundreds of hydrogen bombs detonating? 75 ICBM's would destroy the US and Canada and you forget the manned bombers both sides deployed.
  20. Covid isn’t going anywhere. Your identity will be tracked to asses compatibility within the new economy. It’s not a choice anymore. Hariri was right. We’re ruled by data feedback algorithms that have nothing to do with democracy.
  21. The Soviets had far fewer nukes than they were letting on. They had 75 ICBM's at the most. The US had 170.
  22. Okay, Myata, are you willing to participate in a Swiss style conscription system and pay for the acquisition of naval. air and army assets capable of defeating any enemy?
  23. it's close in Quebec but the Liberals have never lost a federal election without shitting the bed in Quebec and that is not happening the Conservatives need to win Ontario to get a minority as well they have never won a federal election without winning in Ontario a Conservative majority is not on the table and a Conservative minority is in pipe dream territory considering how the stars would have to align in both Quebec and Ontario for them to have a chance
  24. I am not convinced that vaccinating 100% of Canadians, the remaining 20% against their will, will solve your problem. You had a problem with a shortage of beds and doctors even before Covid hit. Let me ask you this, when you called a government agency in pre-covid days, did they not always respond with "we are experiencing higher than normal call volumes, your patience is appreciated" ?? There you go. They were incapable liars then, they are the same liars now.
  25. Scientific evidence generated by doctors associated with the vaccines who may be paid to make such statements. The vaccine manufacturers are raking in billions of dollars for an unproven product. "more than 50%" can be acceptably effective for you, but not for me. You see, since I do not trust our government for anything, I cannot trust them on the vaccines either. They've told me one too many lies already.
  26. IPhone is coming out with a new device that will do the Naziesque 'Papers Please' for them and they're so proud.

    Watch how smug this guy below is as he tells you about it. Why are these types always so smug?


    1. OftenWrong


      Because they are scared shitless about their own mortality.

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