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  2. The strongman symbol is more subtle than that. For one it involves evoking a feeling in the masses of intolerance towards a specific group. Trudeau us a failure as a strongman, we agree. But I say that is an image he is now trying to portray, in subtle ways but it's a change from the loving "Sunny ways" guy to the dark days of covid, mandates, and government sanctioned intolerance. The sun don't shine anymore. I don't understand what we are arguing about.
  3. 1. They were there. 2. What is this nonsense ? You would expect all of this without a pandemic ? 3. What is IFR ? Tens of thousands dead so yes a response makes sense.
  4. they are far left union workers who mostly vote NDP and Liberal this isn't America in Canada the truckers are commies you would fall for the far right extremist angle
  5. Oooops...forgot Tito. Davorjanka Paunović.
  6. Clara Petacci. Olga Lepeshinskaya. Samira Shahbandar.
  7. Given their support, it would be a failure even by January 6 standards. But it's no secret they are largely far-right delusional nutjobs who think they can dissolve the government with a petition.
  8. Fascism makes sense to a disturbing number of Canadians. But if we check our history, the Natives and Japanese in particular can tell us Canada is a hair's width away from locking people up at the best of times as well as the worst.
  9. Mussolini and Tito and Stalin and Hussein ... not dashing 😂
  10. 90% of Canadians are vaccinated and most don't agree with people not being vaccinated. The great majority of people support mandates. The Conservative Party is self destructing. They started self destructing when they chose O'Toole with his liberal agenda and now they are supporting the anti-mandate, anti-vax people which are only about 10 to 15% of the population. They are really digging themselves into a deep hole which they will never get out of for the foreseeable future. O'Toole and some of the radical anti-Covid restriction MPs in his party are taking them down a losing path. This will not end well for the Conservative Party. I can't see the majority of grass root conservatives, which are generally older people supporting them. Many people over 50 have health issues and can't afford to risk dying from Covid. A poll was done and the largest segment of the population that support the Covid restrictions and mandates are in the older age bracket and 50% of the people below age 35 support the Covid restrictions as well. So I really don't understand O'Toole's reasoning. He is making a grave mistake in supporting the convoy and that gang. They are totally out of touch with reality. Sad.
  11. IFR for seasonal flu is 0.1% IFR for covid is 0.15% Where were these "community values" before covid? There were not restrictions, no lockdowns, no business/school closures, no forced flu shots, no segregating society, no masks, etc for the seasonal flu. We are doing all this for 0.05% increase in IFR. This makes sense to you?
  12. 1. Then he's not a strongman nor will he be one. 2. That wasn't a strongman talking. That was a wimpy kid talking about scary bullies. Trump would have simply said I'm going to crush them... I'm going to stop them... Complaining about racists isn't a strongman thing - telling your people you're going to squash the criminals is. I don't believe I have to explain this to you.
  13. Trudeau gets to play up this convoy to be Canada's January 6th ZOMG White Supremacist Insurrection! and Canadians will eat that shit up bet that
  14. Trump-dity Trump-dity Trump Trump Trump.
  15. It's crazy how delusional the far-right have become. I don't see them ever coming back to reality.
  16. Trudeau says it's 90% vaxxed. These ones vaccinated are making up 80% of hospitalizations. In what world is this a good thing? In what world does this say the vaccines are working? How did we allow them to demonize coughs and sniffles, but normalize heart attacks, myocarditis and heart inflammation?
  17. CBC has decided to tackle the problem by limiting posts in support of the truckers.
  18. For sure...the Eva Braun effect. But the reality is that we're all being led down the garden path to a place not advertised in the concentration camp brochure.
  19. The strongman was always portrayed in history as a dashing ladies man. "All the girls want him."
  20. 1. Exactly. Ergo his attempts to look strong shall flop. 2. The one where I linked to the video for you. Remember you were outraged. Even you. What is he doing there, if not channelling Don Trump. "They're frequently racists and misogynists." "They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.” How great is the leap?
  21. It must be sexual if you think about it: actually wanting strong voices to order you around.
  22. I said borderline. 😏
  23. So you draw your line on fascism there? Interesting. You've come a long way baby..
  24. Govern me harder, Daddy. ....came the cry from the Left.
  25. 1. At the tail end of the epidemic, the rationale for actions becomes a little more nebulous so Liberals and Conservatives will start to fall back on their ideologies in reaction to day-to-day. 2. It's controversial if people say it is. The "f*** your feelings" people are showing their feelings... holding babies on highway overpass railings and waving flags... over... something. Believe it or not, leftists used to have the market cornered on us-vs-them politics long ago...
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