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  2. You are not capable of honest debate. You dont have the self control to keep things civil. Its why your here. Because your angry, uncontrolled rhetoric is not conducive to constructive debate and youd be banned elsewhere. You are incapable of controlling yourself.
  3. By "honest" you mean as long as the poster agrees with you. And all yall call yourself Christians? For all yalls sake, you better hope god doesnt exist. If only you had the where with all to recognise that the way you express yourself through anger is problematic. But you dont. So your incapable of growth. And your incapable of learning. https://christianscholars.com/blessing-for-insult-in-todays-argument-culture-seriously/
  4. Aren't they the same? Find me anything currently woke that isn't dumb, or lacking any thought of unintended consequences or pragmatism in solving an issue. Maybe you're right on this not full on being woke, but have seen so many far left government officials on such issues using the same catchphrases to defend it. IE many people will die, providing zero supporting data to show that this is remotely true.
  5. That's looks cartoonish, so I was expecting some part of it to be funny, but it just started up being stupid and gained momentum like an abnormally dumb boulder falling off the Empire State Building. Ironically, it makes me want to Google more Bors memes/cartoons just so that I can laugh at him some more.
  6. Take a victory lap: this is the one and only topic that you're the resident expert on. I heard that you refused a promotion out of the taste-testing dept.
  7. What a load. Carbon taxes in Canada have done nothing to slow or stop emissions. Canada's emission are miniscule compared with the rest of the world. Canada emits about 1.5% of the global total. So why are we being punished with carbon taxes and higher cost of living as a result? We are being scammed by the liberal/NDP scam artists and media.
  8. Is it theory? CBC has the article posted themselves: https://cbc.radio-canada.ca/en/media-centre/trusted-news-initiative-plan-disinformation-coronavirus Trusted News Initiative announces plans to tackle harmful coronavirus disinformation Members include, but are not limited to: BBC, CBC, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, AFP, Reuters, Financial Times, WashPo, NYTimes, Wall Street Journal, and the European Broadcasting Union. So, when they said that they were "tackling harmful covid disinformation" what they really meant was they were on a global book-burning tour. They were propagating Fauci's lie and going scorched-earth on free speech and most likely the truth. This is beyond "theory". It's not a theory that TNI exists or that they manufactured parts of the covid narrative. Their hands are right there in the cookie jar. It's just a matter of what you think about it now.
  9. but individual freedom by direct relationship with God is the source of all our security & prosperity Anglo American Empire of Liberty any country run by the Vatican has long ago been reduced to a third world banana republic hence why all the Latin Americans are fleeing to the American religion Glorious Union; founded by Presbyterian John Brown, to free all the slaves everywhere, or die trying
  10. Read again. They just aren't required reading. Simple enough to understand?
  11. Picked the wrong item for your example. Bananas are 75-98c/lb even here in the boonies. All the way from C America. MOF I just bought mangosteens from Asia for $2.49 and Red Delicious apples from Wash State were $3.99/lb. This transportation excuse is total retailer's BS. The ship from Honduras costs nothing, but the truck from the warehouse cost everything, all because of the 20c/L carbon tax? The truck from the warehouse 100 miles away is just so expensive it adds $1 to every jug of milk? The 100 mile trip from the refinery in a 20,000L delivery truck adds 20c to the gas price? $40 a mile? Soory dude, but I've lived with this BS for years and done retail for 30 of them. $200 to deliver a pallet of 20 computers from Richmond 1100km away. $25 for hald dozen boxes by Purolator, most suppliers free shipping on $500 orders. And give up on your anti-EV BS, you don't drive hundreds of miles a day, you don't have as much regular maintenance on an EV, but if you smash them together you'll pay more. And most of the EV makers are knowingly pricing their models to steal all the incentives for themselves. Just like how if you buy a car from the dealer a block from the assembly plant, you'll still pay the $1750+ 'delivery fee'. As for shaming people, well there's Climate change happening and we're trying to reduce emissions. The only 'shame' is on you if you refuse to do your part.
  12. You're making a huge assumption. You're like one of those people that says inane things like, "There are no absolutes". I would try to point out the irony to you but why?
  13. 1. You are doing what you always do... clouding the issue and refusing to accept what you yourself wrote. Top of Page 2 you called something I wrote a lie and when I responded you called THAT a distraction. So I'm not sure what to do at this point. Are you still calling me stating my opinion on something a lie or ? 2. Those aren't opposites. A question can be both and yours was. 3. You seem to care. 4. Such as calling an opinion a "lie" and when I address it saying I'm not causing a distraction. The main problem is that you see discussion as competition, and acknowledging points as getting a goal scored on you. So it's impossible to build any kind of discussion. 5. No, I'm staying right here where I have been for 20 years. Insult redacted. 6. I address your point that I don't give my take on things enough, and then you steal my definition... and THIS is the thanks I get. Insult redacted.
  14. but there is no such thing as a Church of Protestantism so there is no cause for us to agree, quite the opposite as each Protestant enjoys a direct relationship between themselves & the Almighty ultimate freedom of the sacred individual is the source of our power
  15. Today
  16. How come? You cannot distinguish what is rightous or not? Here is the question you may ask to yourself: Matthew 7:12 New International Version 12 So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.
  17. It would be ironically fitting if Trump managed to win POTUS, while losing BOTH HOUSES of Congress cause he spent all the Party money on legal fees. One wonders if Lara Trump knows ANYTHING about US politics. LMAO
  18. From the article: "American liberals are, in short, becoming increasingly illiberal. They are surrendering to the temptations of the closed mind. We must be careful about what this means. There are hard (sometimes very hard) and soft forms of illiberalism that exist regardless of their ideological (left-right) variations. The hard forms are totalitarian or authoritarian. They rely on the threat of force in some measure to maintain power, and they are invariably anti-democratic and anti-liberal. Think of communism, fascism, and all the various hybrids of authoritarian regimes, from Putin’s Russia to Islamist states that support terrorism". And since most democrats/anti-Trumpers are still trying to conceal their true selves, they continue to project this shit onto others.
  19. The loony monk saw nothing but a plate of food. He was mentally unstable and the result is 20-30,000 supposedly Christian denominations. You knuckleheads can't even agree amongst yourselves. LMBO
  20. Money is ESSENTIAL to broadcast YOUR MESSAGE to the VOTERS. And "theatrics" can play a role, though is NOT essential. At the least you need enough money or personal work to get your message out so people know for what they're voting. Few will vote in the primary for someone they've never heard from.
  21. lost souls in a pagan wilderness of thorns is not a faith, quite the opposite none the less, Latin Americans are converting to be Evangelicals at an exponential pace they flood into Anglo-America, seeking the prosperity of the Protestant Enlightenment no man nor office between them and their Saviour since the Vatican has made itself into an instrument of godless atheist tyranny by choosing a Marxist Leninist to be the Pope in Rome Whore of Babylon, exactly as Martin Luther foresaw
  22. Leftoids don't get to control speech on Repolitics - that is what's most important.
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