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  2. Very well said... Peterson is such an intellectual nullity that podcaster Joe Rogan tripped him up on this "incel" point. If incels are the "losers" why is Peterson championing them or does he even care ? They're not reproducing by definition so they're evolutionary trail mix right ?
  3. About 25 or 30 years ago I once wrote a letter to the federal Minister of Justice to ask why a criminal in Canada who was wanted for the murder of multiple people in the U.S. was still here after years of the U.S. trying to extradite him. He actually sent a letter back to me. He said the guy has been appealing the extradition and everyone has a right to appeal in Canada. (I think it had been going on for about five years).
  4. https://data.worldbank.org/indicator/NY.GDP.PCAP.CD?locations=US Boo hoo things are so bad... https://data.worldbank.org/assets/images/placeholder.png
  5. Sorry, are you calling Biden "left" ? As the great pinball machine once said: "tilt"
  6. 1. I said: "Organization and management professionals are professionals and a domain of expertise on their own. Medical people have weight and perhaps even veto over organizational changes but they should not be in charge of organizations, normally, IMO. Paying people more as an incentive is an option, so to say that someone gets paid a lot doesn't say whether they provide value for the $. I also say that an informed "public" (and I don't mean all voters, the general public or the masses really) will help us have better discussions. Those are ideas I don't see often. I thought you were agreeing with me because you put some blame on poor administration. 2. Ok, so what declined ? I think that organizations need renewal and the comments you make about Healthcare have been echoed in Education, Policing and General Services too. And the echoes come from people inside the system. Organizational renewal is hard, and success is hard in a world where every misstep is broadcast as evidence of failure. 3. I used to hear this from teachers too - that the "suits" were "others" who only cared about money. Maybe, but that's evidence of bad management right - if they act that way or even if they are perceived that way ? Let's stop thinking of managers and sales people as selfish c***ts should should be got rid of. The question is: Who should the managers be listening to - which classes of stakeholders ? It seems to me to be: Patients and providers, as people, and taxpayers as the ultimate bosses. It sounds simple but I have seen that triangle used in management, generally, and it's a great way to think of things. If anybody answers automatically with "spend more" or "cut" then they don't understand the concept of providing help for $, which is what this is about. A smart "public" understands this, which we have never had.
  7. I have mixed feelings. On the one hand area or regional based management would reflect and represent local coastal values better than Ottawa can from over 3000 miles away. There are other things we would have tried, ideas derived locally that Ottawa just wasn't willing too entertain. On the other hand we also live on a planet where little happens in isolation anymore and where everything is increasingly connected. If the day ever comes where there is one big government, fostering area based management or bioregionalism will be the only way it could do it's job - looking after the bigger picture and leaving the details to the locals.
  8. You're probably right, but what the hell, I'd like to at least try.
  9. Im not agreeing with you, since you haven't said much of your own ideas merely countering what I've said. You think it's "crazy", but the reality was one of the best health care systems in the free world. That is no more. It was delivered by people who were passionate about health care, not upwardly mobile careers in insurance sales.
  10. Pillow Guy, others, go nuts at DeSantis for hosting a lawyer they don't like at a panel discussion. https://www.mediaite.com/election-2024/trump-allies-attack-rino-backstabber-desantis-for-promoting-dominion-lawyer-say-hes-totally-disqualified-from-2024-run/ He describes her as "an extraordinaire when it comes to First Amendment defamation" Hmmmm....
  11. Uh-huh. Notwithstanding the directives you lemmings receive from Don Lemon (Lemmin?) and the rest of the race hustlers.
  12. Ha yes, it must have been that sore butt causing her to call out the Biden lies. Although, could it be that Sleepy Joe was outmatched by a fiddle
  13. Once in Canada, Canada will have no control over them. It is impossible to monitor every individual that gets here. In addition, there are countless lawyers and judges, courts and the Supreme Court who will automatically defend their right to be here without question. Once they are here, there is almost nothing the government, authorities or anyone can do. We have seen that playbook over and over. Remember the guy who fought for al Qaiada and received 10.5 million dollars. Canada is a very weak impotent country when it comes to terrorists.
  14. The Russians have too many coming problems in the South to attack Kiev.
  15. So basically you would prefer 'area based management' when it comes to BC and our federal government, but not when it comes to borders and 'national interests' on the global scale?
  16. Weather satellite sees a heart form in the clouds above the Atlantic Ocean. Photo: Space.com
  17. The only thing missing from the Biden comedy hour speech was Nero's fiddle.
  18. Get them to sign a document that says they can believe whatever they want, but if they act on any that aren't acceptable in Canada they will be deported immediately. Call it "The Primitive Societal Traditions" document, or something like that. Tell them their wives and children will be allowed (and encouraged) to stay. Apply it to any and all immigrants. I wouldn't have minded signing that. Edit> I suppose I should change "wives" to "spouses". I forgot Magachuds can be female too.
  19. Today
  20. This is the way I understand it (and if anyone else knows better, please jump right in). The 'quota' is just a license to produce a certain amount of milk. If a farmer calculates he needs a 100 head to meet his quota he purchases a 100 head. Or... purchase 200 head and dump a lot of milk. It's up to him. The $30,000 per cow estimation is solely based on what an average cow produces and the cost of a quota at any given time. As I've already stated, the rules for buying and selling quotas are different depending on the province. I would imagine that if one had a few million to blow there would be better investments than buying a quota and not having any cattle. It would also likely be frowned upon by the powers that be. As far as I know a quota is good until it's sold to someone else or passed on to a family member.
  21. Those are just two scriptures among lots and lots of scriptures. You have to look at the Bible in its totality, not just cherry pick your favorite verses and throw the rest out. Go find Jesus and repent of your sins. You'll feel better. Best, Deluge
  22. See, THIS is what gets me in trouble with conservatives. (I already p!ss off the goose stepping Woke liberals just by waking up every morning.) Thing is, I work in the system. I see how it works. So much of what politicians from BOTH sides are feeding us is total bullschitt. I don't think a private school could be compared to a public school, simply because the circumstances are so diverse. They might as well be apples and oranges. Obama certainly believes private schools are superior because that's where he sent his daughter. For those who think we should just voucher everyone to private schools, or for those who somehow think private schools are just magically superior to public schools, I bring up the following: If you're going to compare a private school to a public school (for whatever reasons: ideology, superiority of instruction, access to colleges) look at the basics. (Nothing else, would you want your child to have at least what is offered at the public school) 1. Compare the buildings. ALL public schools I've seen are HUGE buildings, compared to private schools. Huge because they also include science labs, music labs, a gym, a huge cafeteria, etc. Those items cost a lot of money. 2. Think about how much this bigger building costs to maintain (plumbing, electric, storm damage, simple janitorial things.) How much did the building cost, and is that cost financed over a period of years? 3. Think about how much the equipment in a public school costs, the gym equipment, the computers (in the 80s and 90s, computer labs, in the 21st Century, every classroom has a bunch of laptops, one for each student), the science (STEM) equipment, Total up what you think THAT bill would be. 4. Compute what you think the salaries will be for the lay personnel, (janitors, security, cooks, office assistants, etc) 5. Compute what you think the salaries for the teachers will be. (Keeping in mind that your wonderful private school would have to out spend the public school to attract the best teachers.) 6. Compute what UTILITIES would cost (water, power, etc) 7. Compute the cost of liability insurance. Add ALL that up, (your numbers are probably as close to accurate as you need for this comparison.) Then add on an element of profit for the single proprietor owner or the corporate board who owns it. Be as generous and as stingy with the profit figure as you would like. It's not going to matter. Add ALL that up. Factor in the number of students already attending this school, or factor in the number of students this school would be able to accommodate and leave the teachers with a modest size of a class. Divide that HUGE number of costs by the number of students, either attending now or planning to attend. Present that to the average parent as a tuition and see how many parents who claim to care about their kids would be willing to part with that money every month, (since this school would get ZERO government funding.) This point is where conservative private school buffs get pissed at me and walk away. I get grief from both sides of the aisle, because politicos (or people who have never worked in the field) have NO fcking idea what it's all about. Are public schools perfect? Hardly. I've subbed for a few teachers who punched students, so you won't hear me say they are all angels. But suggesting a private school is somehow superior to a public school? Maybe they are. Maybe they're not. But you won't see too many middle class parents wanting to shell out the tuition for their kids, especially when the FREE public schools (with all the kids' friends) are right up the street. It's impossible to compare a public school to a private school. They might as well be different planets.
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