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  2. I have a sixties vintage muscle car with a big block engine. After I back it into the garage I have to leave the door open for a half hour to get rid of the fumes. Guess we shouldn't have emission controls on cars either.
  3. The prosecution is clearly political. Had she organized the same protest for Trans access to women's bathrooms she'd be a national hero
  4. "Bolshevik" simply means "Majoritarian" the Truckers as an analogy to Russo-Soviet history, would more accurately be described as "Kulaks" it is the likes of you who would be the Bolshevik majority in that context
  5. no it doesn't you just have shitty reading comprehension and jump to ridiculous conclusions to make yourself sound smarter by comparison you are just making up my position based nothing that I said
  6. not killing babies is pro life health care rationing death panels isn't pro-life stopping people from defending themselves isn't pro life Malthusian anti-human central planning isn't pro life listening to doctors gone politicians who demand to shut everything down isn't pro life Chelsea Handler is wrong about everything she said
  7. Context matters. They are claiming a protest broke the law and that accepting a freedom award broke her bail conditions. In what democratic society is that legitimate to throw somebody in jail over?
  8. stop putting words in my mouth I've had enough of your strawmen, Cathy Newman
  9. Universal health care isn't pro life? Being able to go to school or a store without getting shot isn't pro life? Having a world you can actually live on isn't pro life? Listening to medical professionals during a pandemic isn't pro life? Ah but controlling women is pro life.
  10. That is pure fantasy. She is accused of breaking the law. She breached. She is going back to jail because she cannot be trusted to comply with the bail conditions. All she had to do was obey her bail conditions but I guess that was just too complicated for her. Typical Bolshevik entitled whining separatist.
  11. You just can't stand that women could do anything without your permission.
  12. Today I learned that the PM can arbitrarily set and change bail conditions.
  13. she is wrong about all of those things none of her positions are pro life and she opposes the actual pro life positions openly
  14. That's a load of garbage. She's being harassed by law enforcement for embarrassing drama boy.. pretty sad that you and others support it
  15. the unborn child being unable to live without her body doesn't make the unborn child's body her body so butt out
  16. Well, she is Socialist Credit so does that mean she is a leftist? The Social Credit Party are basically Bolsheviks. They confiscated private businesses when they were in power and set a whole new standard for corruption. I guess you are right. She is a leftist Bolshevik of the separatist persuasion. Like most of that ilk, she is stupid as well. Stupidity is not a crime but failing to comply with the courts is. I have no sympathy for someone who wants to destroy Canada.
  17. and to let every idiot spout BS and disinformation.
  18. 1. it's to "discuss" ie. to be "social" 2. Riiiiight.... 😂
  19. Hey, if a person being "accused of mischief, obstructing police, counselling others to commit mischief and intimidation." minor infractions cannot stay within her bail condition...it is not leftist, nor political they are just plain idiots and stupid. Why add charges to already petty incidents. Her actions are idiotic.
  20. don't be sorry the purpose of social media is not debate the purpose of social media is to disseminate reactionary agitprop
  21. 1. It's not clear, though, if that will result in a material change in trade flows. I acknowledge for sure that the sentiment in liberalized trade blocs is to pull back but less like Brexit and more like anti-China and anti-Russia sanctions. 2. Somewhat, yes, but national interest sometimes means reviving old friendships such as Canada and ... uh ... Venezuela too. 3. See 1. 4. But there was always a "national" interest, including the interest of US-owned multinationals right ? I would say they're less focused on balancing the interests of foreigners as their own donors... uh... voters.
  22. Which one of those things was she wrong about? Which one of those things do Republicans support?
  23. It can't live without her body. It sure as hell doesn't need your body so butt out.
  24. Chelsea Handler is hostile witness who knows fuck all about Republicans and concocts strawmen of their positions to make her stupid ideas sound smarter
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