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  2. Then it will be our fault. Though I honestly don't expect Poilievre to be worse than Trudeau from any reasonable perspective.
  3. For example? I'll admit that I'd be pretty leery of letting two guys adopt my son if I knew I was dying or something, but I also understand that there definitely are gay couples who are great parents and it's unfair to deny them the right. I'm wishy washy AF on this one. If I lived in a country where gays weren't allowed to adopt I don't think I'd join protests with them. I put the safety of kids way ahead of the rights of adults, but then it's a certainty that there are straight couples who shouldn't be allowed to raise kids either. tough call. I guess the world has come to the point where gay men can adopt and it was a bold move, but I really think there needs to be a Woody Allen law, where marrying an adopted child becomes illegal. It's disgusting. I thought that it was just one episode? TBH I don't know anything about Peppa Pig, but I did some googling and theoretically Peppa is banned in China because she promotes gangster attitudes. This is funny, I hope it's a spoof: https://www.halaltimes.com/muslim-launches-peppa-pig-ban-campaign-son-announces-wants-hog/ Some places say it's banned in Saudi, some say it's not, some say it's banned in most countries in the ME, some say it's just banned in China, I specifically checked Israel and I think it's not banned there. Seems like banning Peppa in entire countries is some kind of running joke, but I don't think it's funny if she wants to ban all of Peppa. It's pretty sad. Mussolini and Hitler were both socialists. They're the exact opposite of "small government", ie right-wing. Fascists need control of everything, and some examples of German fascism are the Gesundheitspass, which did the exact same thing as the vaccine passport and had just as much of a scientific basis. Another example is freezing the bank accounts of dissidents. That's LPOC territory. As is control of social media and the media. LPOC, LPOC, and LPOC all day. it's really bizarre to see people making connections to Naziism now, with a woman who hasn't done anything yet, when they never noticed it under Trudeau. So in Canada that's the "unvaxxed" and in the US it's "white nationalists", and the "extreme MAGA republicans" who are all terrorists.... Quebec just called. They wanna get a more comprehensive list, just to make sure that they're not missing anything. The whole idea of changing genders at will is really appealing to kids, just like the idea that they can become princesses if they want to, but they actually don't get to be princesses at all, and if they change genders they don't get to have kids. To give them the idea that they can make extreme lifestyle choices before they understand the concept of consequences is sickening. You're moving ahead with a culture that thinks: 18-yr-olds aren't capable of understanding the consequences of signing up for a student loan, and 8-yr-olds are capable of understanding the consequences of genital mutilation. I'm not gonna pretend to respect your opinion on this one.
  4. For sure. Tweets by twits (or is it twits by tweeters?) are just that, nothing..
  5. Yeah but thing is, we Canadians seem to give political parties at least 3 terms of screwing up before we punt them put.
  6. Ignore them, then. You've nothing to fear.
  7. no, I am aware that the majority of Canadians are simply trying to live out their lives in peace & prosperity but we have once again reached an epoch the collapse of a global order, not unlike 1914 most Canadians are passengers now, as they were then our local politics are actually driven by geopolitics the vast majority of people hope for the best, simply do not believe that the worst could occur the Jews did not resist the Nazis, they did not fight back until it was too late because they couldn't possibly believe that the Holocaust could actually occur thus why the Zionists now : strike first, strike hard remain ever vigilant, on the brink of war, to the threshold of thermonuclear
  8. The current lot seem to all smell like a Swiss ski chalet.
  9. Oh yeah, 8 days to accumulate another over 1,984,700 twits
  10. Possible. Dunno. If he makes it and he sucks like Trudeau then four years later we can put in the Liberal, whoever that might be. They almost have to be better than Trudeau.
  11. Seeing too, that upon checking, your article posted came from Sept 19th and it is now the 27th...with many new #trudeaumustgo posts coming every minute by the looks...that's a lot of people and it continues to grow. Ignore them. That's a plan....
  12. Just helping validate your statement "Over two million posts apparently. Regular Canadians branded by Trudeau." Personally,I could not care less. as I don't twit. Just passing on information from True North News, the leading conservative website
  13. Political parties come and go...you Dixiecrat. Or is that a Whig? My point stands.
  14. Ben, you haven't pointed to a single statement I've made that is wrong except in your woke hollywood mind. And let's be truthful here. You're not interested in discussion. You're interested in condemnation. Someone who disagrees with you has to be browbeaten into silence, right? Not gonna happen.
  15. Yup. They were built to educate kids, not turn them white. And teachers were buried in those cemeteries too. As for notifying families, don't know enough to say.
  16. Ok so not sure why you think that your point still stands?
  17. What is true is that the political rainbow when viewed from altitude is actually a halo. When one goes too far in either direction, one bumps into Stalin and Hitler having tea while discussing how to chop-up Poland.
  18. Seeing too, that upon checking, your article posted came from Sept 19th and it is now the 27th...with many new #trudeaumustgo posts coming every minute by the looks...that's a lot of people and it continues to grow. Ignore them. That's a plan....
  19. That's just the opposite of what is true. The three main parties converged decades ago.
  20. Where there any white kids from remote areas in those schools? They were built to turn them white. Do you think regular boarding schools would just bury kids in the yard with no records or notifying families?
  21. I'll leave it to you to count. It just goes on and on and on. https://twitter.com/hashtag/trudeaumustgo
  22. Today
  23. https://tnc.news/2022/09/19/trudeaumustgo-trend/ "According to Rebel News, the #TrudeauMustGo hashtag went viral on Sept. 15, 2022, ranking as the number one hashtag in politics, with 153,000 tweets." A few short of 2 million
  24. Again, Britain did not have an open border, only EU passport holders could move back and forth unrestricted. You think Boris and the bunch of Oxford/Cambridge pals he led weren't elite? They are the UK elite. The Tories are the party of the UK elite. The UK now has the worst performing economy in Western Europe. Brexitiers yearning for the good old days of the 70's when Britain was the sick man of Europe and it looks like they are getting their wish the way the Brit economy is performing. The Pound just hit an all time low. As far as defence goes, it is still part of NATO and unless the UK can move its geographical location, it has no alternative but to work with other Western European countries. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2022/sep/25/city-braces-for-more-volatility-mini-budget-rocks-pound-parity-dollar-bond-tax
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