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  1. Nope - report said they were all viable locations for the future. Sorry. And distance between doesn't really matter although it could determine size depending how far back you want the ponding to go but generally - release from one dam and the next catches it. IF the terrain would support it you could have dozens . And each of these locations are many KM apart. The distance between c and e is over 40 km as i recall - d is in between them. And of course - that was ONLY with the tech available in the 70's. THey might be able to build even more now on the same river. Distance isn't the problem. ANd lets face it - you couldn't even figure out they were in bc. You're hardly qualified to say how far they have to be apart ROFLMAO!!!! But if you like go look up the original report. And here's more fun - MOST of these sites of existing dams below could have another one on the same waterway. That's quite a few. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_generating_stations_in_British_Columbia So what's happening here is you look like an !diot, and you don't LIKE to look like an !diot - so you're desperately and frantically trying to find SOME POSSIBLE "loophole' or detail you can conceivably look 'correct' on. THat's why you're so desperate and being so weird. I wish i could help you - but you couldn't even get the province right. Sorry - there's tonnes of locations to build dams, there's even quite a few decomissioned dams that could be redone, there's tonnes of run of river.... your intitial claim that we're basically out of hydro options for the future is entirely busted. There's nothing to be salvaged of it.
  2. Told you numerous times. The same place they were the last time i answered. And i totally called it about you being a little girl-boy who's having a mental break down over your lies didn't I What kind of loser repetatively asks the same question after it's been answered again and again. And you're sounding hysterical. I can pretty much hear the tears as you type.
  3. Right where i told you they are. Are you unable to read? Do i need to use crayons? Is english a 3rd language? Were you dropped as a child? Did your mom drink a lot during pregnancy? I've told you like 4 times now And if you believed climate change was real you wouldn't feel the need to lie constantly, you'd just present the truth. You clearly don't. If you have to lie to make a point then you don't have a very good point. So let me guess - you're one of those little girl-boys who's going to keep posting the same question i've answered over and over because you're crying about looking like a loser and you can't think of anything better to say?
  4. Shut the eff up. Nobody cares what you' think - you're clearly a joke. Every single thing you've said proved to be wrong, but you still keep sealioning. "Duh it's in alberta Derp". You are a prime example of why people who talk about 'climate change' should just be ignored. All they have is lies it would seem. If it was a genuine concern you'd be happy to present the truth instead which is clearly not the case. I guess even YOU don't believe in Climate change as a threat.
  5. Thought so. That's because you don't know what the eff you're talking about and would rather lie than tell the truth and be a man about it. Look at the very first line - "It’s not called “Site D,” " But so what - if the truth don't fit, lie about it. Sites a-e are precisely where i said. They're between Hudson Hope and the alberta border. I even gave you that hint so you could back out gracefully and look it up. But you don't care about the truth. You don't care about climate change, you don't care about Hydro power - you care about virtue signalling and your echo chamber and you'll lie like hell to protect it. I find that pretty disgusting.
  6. Well if it's strata or subdivision they will sell to a new owner - and sure people are doing that. Old rental buildings are being bought up and converted to strata for example. But - then the people who buy the strata's dont' do it to rent. They do it to live in, because they're concerned about rentals. Which drives the price of rentals up because there's more renters and fewer spaces - and more sophisticated investors or investment companies buy up some of those stratas and REALLY jack the prices while offering lower service. Now it's 3500 in greater vancouver for a newer but SMALL 2 br - it'll be that for a 1 bedroom within about 18 months. What younger kids earn that for god's sake? What new canadian does? Thats after tax .
  7. So this is money already planned for - not a new mandate - and it's over 4 years with only 500 million total this year. They're running a 40 billion dollar deficit this year btw. They're really trying to pump her as still being relevant - but it's interesting because the rumour was she was demoted because she was a leadership hopeful and let people know. Now she's hyping up her position - she's in the media talking about how important her job is and how every policy goes past her desk and being visible sending out these letters (which are kind of bullshit). I think there's some blood in the water and the jockeying for the next leadreship race is already underway. Trudeau will HATE that.
  8. https://archive.is/DALaP New Treasury Board President Anita Anand delivered the deadline in writing to her cabinet colleagues, meaning many ministers in new roles only have a few weeks to find cuts that were first promised in the 2023 budget. The March 28 budget announced a goal of saving $7.1-billion over five years through a 15-per-cent cut to discretionary spending on consulting, professional services and travel over five years. It also announced a planned phase-in of a 3-per-cent spending cut by departments and agencies by 2026-27, with a goal of saving $7-billion over four years. As well, both plans are expected to produce continuing savings in future years. And Crown corporations are expected to find a combined $1.3-billion in savings over four years. The budget indicated that only $500-million of the $15.4-billion in spending cuts over five years will be booked in the current fiscal year.
  9. Still means having a tenant. Some provinces may still see that but a lot won't after covid. Here in bc for example this is what happened. Remember most rentals are strata lots these days, they're not building much purpose built rental stuff. So - the insurance for strata went up all of a sudden and without warning by 200-600 percent. It's the largest single expense for most stratas to begin with. So some people saw their fees jump 25 - 100 percent. But the gov't didn't allow them to pass it on to renters. So.. fair enough, whatever Then covid hit - and if your tenants didn't pay you weren't allowed to evict them. No compensation, So many landlords were stuck with nothing for their units. They were expected to pay for those people free of charge. That went on for a couple of years. Then inflation shot through the roof. Higher strata fees again but hey - at least the law says you can raise the rent by the same amount as inflation! SO not so bad. Except - they changed the law and said no. Can't raise it. Meanwhile if the tenant trashes the place it's hard as hell to get them out. Nobody wants to take that risk any more. Rental units are getting sold off, rents are going up like crazy - a SMALL two bedroom is going for 3500 a month in burnaby right now (someone i know just rented) and it's just getting worse. Largely. Although density can be an issue. People think it costs less per sq ft to build a massive 500 unit tower vs a 75 unit lowrise, but it doesn't. It's about twice as much for the highrise. So - theres a line. but generally speaking density is better.
  10. Well you've convinced me. Nobody can figure out WHAT you convinced me about but you've convinced me.
  11. Of course i can. I Just dont. Why would i pander to a liberal troll? Every position you take almost without exception is left of center - often VERY left of center. So nothing then. Well we knew that. You're very obviously a liberal. Hell if YOU can't even provide evidence you're not then there you go.
  12. Well the problem he'll face is that home-to-person ratios are not going down. So prices will still tend to go up or be stable. it's more of a question of how many will be squeezed out of the bottom. We may see little 'panic blips' in the market with slight downturns which vanish quickly - if i were him and that happend i'd get back in as soon as possible. I think high home prices are going to be a thing for quite a while. At best it may grow a little more slowly if it ever finds it's top end.
  13. Being a lying sack of crap again NOT in alberta dipshit. I've posted plenty of documents so far - where's the one you were going to provide to prove that site d is in alberta? Or the one saying we don't have any more places to build dams? What a garbage person.
  14. As i posted - BC has tonnes of hydro capacity and Ar-hole thinks site D is in alberta NFLD of course has massive hydro potential and if they hadn't gotten completely screwed by quebec would be selling surplus at a pretty penny to the us right now. That 'atlantic loop' would provide for that as well. There's still lots of hydro potential out there. This guy's an !diot.
  15. yeah -it doesn't work when you do it from your mommies basement. You actually have to go out into the real world It wasn't very long ago many of us decided the PC wouldn't change. So we started a new party with a whole bunch of other people that was very different, eventually taking over the PC. If you think the CPC is the same as the old PC party you're too dumb to use a fork safely. Political parties change all the time. ALL the time. Chretien's version of the liberals is not justin's. The party mulrioney ran is not the CPC. Jagger's NDP is not Layton's NDP But yeah - I guess if you're a whiner crybaby living in mommies basement stuck on the sofa with no actual knowledge or experience - it can seem hard to change things.
  16. It's a good idea but people are afraid to be landlords right now. B.C. homeowners reveal they have the space but are reluctant to rent: poll Over a third of British Columbian homeowners have space in their home that could be rented out but isn’t. https://vancouversun.com/news/local-news/bc-homeowners-reluctant-rent And who can blame them? During covid many gov'ts just said "Well you have to let renters stay for free - because apparently you're responsible for paying for social services now. " Bad tenants are hard to get rid of. Gov'ts like that in bc won't let you raise rents higher than inflation despite the fact that insurance costs for example went through the roof for stratas - and yet when inflation went up they said "oh... well.. we can't let you raise it THAT much.... ". Unless you like fighting all the time and are prepared to charge insane rates to make it worth while why would anyone even consider renting out their space?
  17. So you f*cked up and you don't even know You just made it up that it was in Alberta ROFLMAO - wow, what a complete loser you are ROFLMAO!!!! man - like i said, you're just a lying sack. Did you honestly think i was stupid enough not to know that all these sites were in bc? They're scattered between hudson's hope and the border, Why do you do this? Why make yourself look so pathetic? There's NO value in it, all you're doing is making people convinced that everything ELSE you say is a lie as well - what the hell is the point? Is it just compulsive with you?
  18. Is it. Is it really. You woulnd't say that all 5 are between hudsons hope and the alberta border. Why don't you post the link to where you're seeing the site d dam location. I have a funny feeling you've messed up and confused it with a different project and i know the one, but hey - maybe i'm wrong. Go ahead and post that. If i'm wrong i'll apologize about the site d location. If you're lying ... well we'll deal with that then.
  19. I wish i could say you're wrong. If i was a younger person today, i'd be buying a motorhome and urban camping already.
  20. Because you are again, lying and being dishonest. See how that works? Sites d and e. That's already been long established. And now you're just repeating the arguments that have already been shot down. Show me a single engineers report that says otherwise, Show me one that says we can't build any more dams in bc. You useless m0ron. You whine and cry like a biatch about other people providing proof - where's yours? Maybe stop being a lying sack of grit and start being honest and people will take you seriously.
  21. No you said "we have no more rivers left to dam". those were your exact words. None. Zero. None of our rivers can be dammed. But in fact we DO have rivers left to dam, MOST of the rivers we've already damed can have other locations and the peace river can take TWO more which have already been identified. So we do have rivers we can dam. So you're a lying sack of shit who's trying desperately to re write what he said because it was SO AMAZINGLY stupid. So why the hell would we take you seriously? You can't even be honest about what you actually said. You can't even be a man and say "well i guess there are a few more places we could build dams" - no, instead you've got to be a p*ssy and try to twist your own words and claim "well what i REALLY meant when i said no rivers is blah blah blah"So - given that level of dishonesty why would anyone treat anything you say seriously in the slightest? Even YOU can't agree with what you said. The carbon tax should fix that.
  22. Yeah you did. Go back and read it. Again - more dishonesty. And you whine about being called a name. Tard.
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