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  1. That's strange. Canada has been very welcoming of the 250,000+ Ukrainian refugees. Let's just come right out and say it- some ethnic groups are more compatible with the Canadian way of life and values, than others.
  2. From the July 2, 1942 edition of the New York Times: https://www.nytimes.com/1942/07/02/archives/allies-are-urged-to-execute-nazis-report-on-slaughter-of-jews-in.html from November 25, 1942: https://www.nytimes.com/1942/11/25/archives/himmler-program-kills-polish-jews-slaughter-of-250000-in-plan-to.html From December 18, 1942: https://www.nytimes.com/1942/12/18/archives/11-allies-condemn-nazi-war-on-jews-united-nations-issue-joint.html Your hatred of Jews hinders your ability to debate properly.
  3. "Government officials from the State Department to the FBI to President Franklin Roosevelt himself argued that refugees posed a serious threat to national security. Yet today, historians believe that Bahr's case was practically unique—and the concern about refugee spies was blown far out of proportion." The "official Government narrative" and the reality of the situation did not align. FDR and the US Government had knowledge of the Holocaust by 1942, and persecution of the Jews of Germany throughout the 30s. There was even a movement to boycott the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. The Government did not want to say that they did not care about the plight of the German Jews. Feeding the press the "spies" narrative, was easier to accept on moral grounds.
  4. That was a one-off deal. The Jews were persecuted at the worst time possible. The majority of North American Jews came from the Russian Empire during the pogroms and antisemitism there during the late 19th century up until WW1. By the 1930's most countries had drastically reduced immigration due to the Great Depression. However, Jews, like many other groups, have always contributed to Canadian culture, and as a whole, have not brought their wars to their new homeland. The Palestinians have a horrible track record of this. From personal experience, nearly all the Palestinian-Canadians I have met, hate Jews in general. They also,a s a collective, celebrated 9/11, and openly waved Palestinian flags from overpasses just a couple of hours after the October 7 massacre began. Until these people can leave their wars and prejudice behind from where they came from, I am against any immigration from that part of the World. What does it say, when even other Arab nations build walls, preventing Palestinians from entering their countries?
  5. Actually, they have already published exact numbers. Canada has agreed to admit 5,000 Palestinian refugees, no more than that. No country is foolish to take in anywhere near 1,000,000 Palestinians. 99.9% of the Canadian population would be completely against a number over 50,000, and it would be political suicide to admit that many refugees, considering the backlash of admitting 2.3 million people to Canada since 2022.
  6. The US refused to give refuge to Jews, considering it was the Great Depression, and most countires had tightened their immigration quotas, especially to Jews. It had literally nothing to do with being "spies" as the persecution of Jews was well known to the Western World. Illegals are not "flooding" Canada. It's non-permanent residents that the Government has let in.
  7. 1. The only way Israel could potentially empty out Gaza, is by genocide. Right now, Israel is not even remotely close to emptying out Gaza. Egypt, Jordan, and other Arab nations are refusing to take them in. 2. How is Israel "losing" to Hamas? 3. Canada has only pledged to take in 5,000 Palestinian refugees. so many questions...
  8. Well, I think Biden is headed to defeat. The Democrats know something that the public does not. It would make no sense for some of Biden's most influential allies to start calling on him to resign. I am convinced Biden is in cognitive decline, and it will just get worse from here. The problem with the Democrats, is they either chooses great candidates that can win (Clinton, Obama, etc) or candidates who had no business leading the party (i.e Hilary Clinton- voted most unpopular first lady in US history in 2001). I am still convinced that the only Democrat who can sink Trump, would be Obama, and he cannot run.
  9. Trump is going to put an end to American democracy. If he wins the US election, there will never be a fair or free election in America in our lifetime.
  10. It's definitely my opinion. And it is the opinion of millions of others. Let's face it. Political forums are full of angry White men. If we look at the voting demographics, angry White men tend to vote for Trump in droves. This is his demographic. I am not surprised that people are attacking me, when it's been proven that if the shoe was on the other foot, the Republicans would make jokes about their political adversaries nearly dying (Paul Pelosi, the tall dude from Pennsylvania having a stroke, etc). Trumpsters are truly the fascists of the 21st century.
  11. Hypothetically, if this was 1938, you would not want Hitler dead, with the hindsight to know what he would do in the next 7 years
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