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  1. The next step of this would be for me to find a link where they actually did talk about the story or didn't. So you're saying that WE was in the news and CBC didn't mention it? Or SNC Lavalin during that election? That would be pretty good evidence of them being grossly unfair. Is that your claim? And if I found evidence otherwise, you would retract this claim and say you were wrong?
  2. Where did you get that number? It's a fraction of their annual budget. Your last sentence is a gross exaggeration. You're going to need some parts of the CBC, even Poilievre is saying so. I stand by my assertion that their biases are less extreme than most on here say. According to insiders they're very aware of this part of their reputation.
  3. 1. True enough. I left that out on purpose. Nothing to do with with the context that you mentioned which doesn't apply anyway because corporate alignment isn't even the key part. The rest of your post is about climate policy... Which is a tangent. I would say climate policy has a good level of support which is why democracys are acting on it. But it's a drift in the best case...
  4. I mean they ARE liberal. They're not 'left wing' but they're liberal. We need to come up with a framework that perhaps separates the classical terms from the current context. liberal = believes in freedom of expression and enterprise Right Wing = long term belief in business rights, individual rights, law and order, nationalism Left Wing = belief in unions, social contract, collective rights Marxist = an adherent of Karl Marx's philsophies Fascist = an adherent of strong police state totalitarianism Now need terms to explain today's drifting ideologies and stay away from MAGA, Chud, Globalist, Woke ... Populist seems to fit. But I can't think of any more
  5. Are you saying that we don't need "news" ? It's an interesting point, if so. I'm not sure how I would approach that position. I'd have to think on that.
  6. Well, news has always been a loss leader so... you can see what is happening with it now. Nobody really wants it - and I know "nobody" is overstating it. My point is that a major building block of rational policy since the early 20th century, a bridge between government and the public will be lost. The last time we were in that state we didn't have universal suffrage I would guess.
  7. Keep in mind though that "stamping out" means not streaming THAT Disney movie but only streaming THE OTHER Disney movie. This is what amounts to revolution in consumer culture with kids today
  8. I agree with you about what constitutes bias. My beef is simply with the word cheerleading
  9. I can't add to any conversation that tries to submit that everybody is left.. or everybody is right. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Postmedia_Network Post media owns 90% of Canadian daily papers, and is itself 66% owned by a company close to the Republican party. If you don't agree with some opinion they expressed, or don't find it right leaning enough, it doesn't mean that Canadian newspapers are left wing overall. And to say there's a radical bias in MSM, meaning electronic and press media, that would mean they are promoting radical leftism... Leftism... Which necessarily includes nationalization of businesses. It doesn't make sense to use absolute terms like radical left, but to actually be referring to your point of view. Marxist s do the same thing when they say everything is right-wing because it promotes private ownership. There's just no way to pin a public discussion when we're talking about definitions that's in one person's head, versus public definitions
  10. 1. I don't see it. Also again we're talking about the written press, which is almost all conservative and or right wing.. 2. Leaving politics out of it, we are in unfortunate position where nobody wants to pay for news anymore and yet it's an essential service. The Liberals are coming up with a not very imaginative solution. The Conservative leader may be considering just having his own party provide news content. In which case the Liberals and NDP would do the same, and we would be back to late 19th century American media model. 3. Not sure who they is in this context. The big social media Giants are so huge that they barely care about Canada. CBC, television and radio are different animals, Canadian Network and niche television are different too. It's complex a landscape... All we will know is that any one of them will except a government payoff, especially if the National Post does.
  11. Yeah, Truman was President before Nixon was VP. Marxism is dead and I'm not in favour of reviving it as a contemporary bogeyman... Wokism, culture war, etc. etc. we've already talked that to death. Nothing more to add. Hopefully I explained why Trump can be seen as classically right-wing. Have a great day yourself...
  12. Well it IS liberal biased to the same degree that University graduates vote leftish from what I have seen. Ideology will come through in the reporting... and that is indeed small l liberal at least.
  13. It depends, of course, on who writes the show and the target audience etc. The people who produce these things have specific goals, usually to get viewers. CBC even had a right-wing show or editorial here and there. But Conservatives generally avoid CBC like a bad taint so they wouldn't listen anyway. If you want to have a laugh, try to track down the story of the first time right-wing ( 😮 ) CTV got the rights to the Grey Cup from the CBC ...
  14. The rockbed of his policies are pro-nationalist, anti-immigrant, pro-business... he regularly rails against Marxism, which I don't think any Republican candidate before him did since... maybe Nixon but before he was VP. He had Nick Fuentes over to dinner, also... that seems a little off-brand for centrist conservatives. This idea isn't at all controversial but it is thread drift. Hopefully I answered your question as to why I think he's very right wing. Your opinions may vary.
  15. 1. Sorry - autocorrect. I meant CTV. 2. TV Networks aren't mentioned here, nor are the channels I mentioned - podcasts, etc. Not to say they won't be begging for money soon. They will. Bell got money to maintain jobs then laid off thousands. I am not a fan of direct government funding but the dead-dumb argument that governments fund media to get favourable stories doesn't make sense. Not a word game. You haven't been convinced of anything on these pages as far as I have ever seen.
  16. Yes but it's a job program. ALL governments in Canada are terrified as to how to keep employment up as automation and offshoring takes wide swaths of jobs away. Pipelines, EV Plants, arms manufacturers... they are all government darlings. I would really love more posters who don't see every single thing as a left-right war... Our challenges go beyond that in so many ways...
  17. Well... but... you accept the premise without evidence, based on your gut feel. 99% of my online life on another forum is convincing liberals and such not to do such a thing. They know Trump is a bad man, so why offer him any justice. They know vaccines should be mandatory so why not fire people who don't take them. You are either for objectivity and political process or against it. You seem to be against it. 1. Ok - so you SUPPORT government funding then for the MSM. Got it. 2. Regardless, you thing the Globe is left-wing then you are staring out the Overton window at a landscape of your choosing.
  18. 1. "Then it's a you problem isn't it" 2. It's a boring strawman... the original question was asked by you and answered by me. Are you just doing this because you don't want to go to bed and want to stay up ? 3. Or maybe.... you already know the answer. 4. I don't. You have to learn how to be a person all by yourself. 5. No. Ok, that's enough questions... go to bed.... *Switches off light... Peppa Pig nightlight comes on*
  19. 1. And yet it's government funded. And owned by Americans, majority ownership. 2. Ah yes, the changing landscape.... if something doesn't cheerlead Trump it's Marxist I hear...
  20. I heard Jesse Hirsch - ex CBC - on a podcast talking about the culture and he said it's heavily biased towards "Government" itself. ie. standards, bureaucracy, top-down decision making, ignoring the people etc. That, to me, is a synopsis of Canadian business culture to a T.
  21. 1. I asked for a cite, I think. When did CNN, Global, magazines, podcasts, private radio stations... get cash ? 2. You need to try the IGNORE feature. I only see posts from thoughtful folks like you.
  22. 1. Why is it a problem ? Is it a problem to find things insulting ? I don't think it is. Is it a problem to miscommunicate ? Maybe ? So who is charged with fixing that ? Maybe both sides. 2. 3. 4. I don't have time to teach you how to be a human being, sorry.
  23. That's for traditional press, not electronic press. Canadian newspapers are by and large conservative, led by the National Post and Globe and Mail. So are you asserting that the National Post Kisses Trudeau's ass? CTV was mentioned in the OP. That was founded by two conservative families working together. The Globe and Mail founded by the Thompsons... NP Conrad black... "Additionally, the legacy media company FP Newspapers Inc. received $6.2 million in taxpayer funds from the Liberal government"
  24. Because not everyone is 100% motivated by money? Also lots of MSM isn't funded by the government.
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