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  1. ok - seems like an anti-example The authoritarian regime in Germany grew out of democracy, in spite of democracy. And it wasn't democracy that killed the Soviet Union either. I mean, don't get me wrong, I like the idea but it seems more like authoritarianism dies with utter collapse/devastation.
  2. The Eastern Bloc dissolving has had an appreciable impact on world political economic gyrations. Without a clear opposition to the liberal order, we lived 'the end of history' as per Fukyama's essay until the 21st century challenges of China, Russia, Islamist Terrorism and especially economic inequity rose up and presented challenges that demanded a level of unity that social media actively tries to erode.
  3. The premise of the thread seems strange to me. The neoliberalist and establishment project since 1945 has been to build out a Western Alliance that is economic and Military so as to provide for prosperity. Until the established order started being challenged more directly in the 21st century the wars were sideshows. Would you Rather be alive in 2023 or 1914?
  4. 1. Hmmmmm.... well SOMEBODY said it, I don't doubt that. But it wasn't Yahoo! at least not revealed as such in the article. If you are referring to the headline it's from Reuters and it refers to a 'reported strike' so ... are they referring to a news report or a report on the ground ? 2. I'll just give you the benefit of the doubt here.
  5. Who is 'they' ? The Toronto Star isn't cited in the article either. Trudeau's reference to international law may imply that he was implicating Israel but it's not clear either. Be assured that all this stuff is written for him by smarter people...
  6. 1. About the same as 'woke' I would guess. 2. When you don't have anything else to offer but politeness then I guess you have to be polite.
  7. Except... people who refuse to take politics seriously are our #1 problem. People who use vague language to cloud the issue when problems need precise descriptions upon which trust can be built. If you don't think that these things matter then you are wrong. A Chud is someone who can't be reasoned with. They need to be tagged and walled in.
  8. Bump. Republican States, children getting married...
  9. Yeah, the situation in Israel requires thoughtful and careful thinking and language. That's a perfect situation for Chuds to start Chudding.
  10. Yeah... ask yourself why you are talking to such a person. How bored can you be ?
  11. Tangential question ? Ok ... sometimes it goes sometimes not.
  12. Yeah... the post wasn't about that. Old Ideas can be good ideas is the point and I agree.
  13. 1. Maybe they have businesses running somewhere ? Maybe they're on welfare... Why do you care ? 2. They were probably refugees. I would ask why someone who can clearly think and type is on disability when there's plenty you can do in your field online. I WOULD ... but I don't think that way...
  14. God did something in 1900 BC... Is somehow relevant to today while the same Chuds will say Slavery and Equal Rights (Civil Rights Act 1964) aren't...
  15. https://toronto.ctvnews.ca/florida-teacher-arrested-on-sex-assault-charges-based-on-peel-region-investigation-1.4073019?cache=ypdchpshbgmanqg%3FclipId%3D642681
  16. Ok - but the anti-Islam thing went away for a quick minute when they helped organize anti Trans marches FYI. And I'm sure you weren't complaining about immigration 5 years ago before these effects really hit right ? And you do blame provincial governments for their failures in capacity planning for the services they provide right / Anyway... here's to huanced positions...
  17. They want a ceasefire to stop Israel from destroying Gaza I think...
  18. Exactly. They have been taking a tough right wing position for years... how did it go?
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