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  1. I felt like this about Remembrance Day but learning isn't supposed to be easy.
  2. I agree with this, to the point that it's true for all individuals. We don't have rights unless the government tells us we do. And children are no different. That said, there are things that parents can do that preclude government programming. This includes things like taking them out of certain education activities, homeschooling them if you want, and certain amounts of conscientious objection to health practices.
  3. You know this how? How do you know this about nude beaches? 🤔
  4. One of these things is not like the other? Also how do you know this? 🤔 To add.. we would also take them to church. But we don't send them there in a taxi either. We tend to be arm's length distance from them.
  5. And again - I would bring them to a nude beach. Nudity should not be a hangup ...
  6. 1. Yeah... I suspect most parents would be against that anyway. 2. Driving 4X4s is legitimate transpo. Practice intelligent media consumption. 3. It was on here the last week or so. Another big yawn...
  7. I can think of ways in which disabled story time would be fascinating. Like a stuttering or drooling clown maybe ? And then people protesting that because they're on Government Pension and they hate the government. Can we just put a fence around all these people ?
  8. Ditto. It's for the parents. This will be likely a non issue in the near future. Gay parents will do it maybe... but its relevancy is tied to its status as a political flashpoint IMO. In the city, these things are offered as a side event to large gatherings that need content. I've never seen anyone object...
  9. 1. To get paid. 2.To show everybody what progressive parents they are, if they're straight liberals. If they're drag or gay people probably just to have a party with their friends... I don't get it myself. 3. Absolutely. But at the extremes there are instances where the state trumps the parents. These things are obvious and were not as controversial until the recent revolt of the populists. 4. I'm not posting inflammatory videos about how terrible everything is. I don't post things saying they're FORCING people to be inclusive, or that GROOMERS are trying to f*** kids. If people showed up and said "What's the point of this in schools exactly ?" I think you would have a better starting point for a point-to-point respectful discussion. 5. Many parents are ok with nudity. I'm one of them. If people have strap on dildos and such then I would hide that from my kid... that's my line on that. 6. And parents whose politics you absolutely detest will deploy their politics against yours. I talked about this with the wife last night. Nick Wright of First Things First (Sports Show) covered the Caitlin Clark story by decrying the toxic politics that every story is draped in. I think that's where I stand too. Some basketball lady didn't make the Olympic Team... big whoop. The so-called political angle is that The View decried her for being white, straight, and popular (surely her fault) or more accurately decried the media (remember ... all media is "left wing") for popularizing her on that basis... ya ya ya ya yadda yo... I think that this style of politics needs to be separated from actual politics. This happened, slowly, at the dawn of the 20th century as muckracking politics became less believable and interesting.
  10. Acknowledged. He would like to do that but I'll bet he doesn't say it behind closed doors. And don't imagine that other politicians even Olivia Chow are any less phony in this regard. I'll bet Trudeau starts those conversations with a sh** eating grin and tells them to ignore his public statements.
  11. Well that's an example of something anyone could be outraged over. I'm even getting a little hot under the collar m'self. Luckily for every idi0t in the world there are ten people with phones to record it...
  12. I have things to add from the other side.... they used to blame the wealthy. Corporations and so on. In fact that urge is so strong, even the populist propaganda uses it, with hand picked Billionaires personally pinned to the causes of our problems. Gates, Zuckerberg, Soros...
  13. The parents are ok with it... parental rights remember ? We happened upon such an event... kids were mildly interested, probably by the colours brandished by the readers... got bored after 10 minutes and we continued on through the park. Big meh. They wouldn't have remembered it a week after it happened. People are being manipulated into thinking that there's something to be outraged about ... people with a lot of excess outrage to spend somewhere.
  14. 1. Yes, sometimes they very much can. 2. Your anecdotes might be interesting but as I have pointed out, to think that the constitute evidence or are even convincing to the rest of us is mistaken.
  15. 🤔. Because.... Gay men don't have fathers? Because they don't have kids,? Sounds like this guy you made up in your mind is really getting you angry, even though he's NEVER GOING TO EVEN EXIST! What an a5s hole he is!
  16. 1. He's still unknown. Until he has power we won't know what's rhetoric and what's not. 2. I don't buy the left and right tags anymore. 3. Not as much as Russia did.
  17. If it's being done dishonesty then yes. But other than interpretation I don't see any gay groups saying the opposite, ie. That people are no more than their sexual desires or identities.
  18. And we will all follow it. The way out of it is for the center to wake up and tell the noise makers on either side to be quiet.
  19. There's truth in this, but also in the fact that our romantic partnerships are a visible aspect of our social currency. How to integrate this into a society? You don't. It happens as cultural practices change over time. Some activists push for things, and the response is rejection, acceptance... or maybe a shrug. Social media and internet squabbles eschew the shrug because it kills threads 😉.
  20. 1. Right, but if they elect leftists, sounds like you would defend them. Mighty sporting of you. 2. You're not a populist either it seems. Ok, well I will stand up to say your foundations on this topic are exceedingly well considered.
  21. The elites also robbed from local Gentry when they created nations. When you say our expense, you're referring to a "we"... So you're talking about the people here. And now there's a Venn diagram intersection between The sovereign and the leader of a People's Republic What's best for the people and how do you decide that ? How you decide if it's working? The new populists are definitely anti-corporate... Which makes me think they're more trending towards the latter type of leadership.
  22. You do realize that nations themselves are globalized tribes ? Until the central powers had maps and armies to force regions to follow their command and use their language you had local governments. Nations, as we know them, developed out of early Enlightenment I believe. Do we all feel patriotic about Provinces ? Regions ? Cities ? I know we all hate Toronto, but as a Torontonian I allow that to happen for national unity... er... Who in blazes are these daunting angels of pulchritude ?!?!?!?!
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