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  1. Those places are anomalies... And here's the graph of Iceland's population over time.
  2. Seriousness is subjective. If I were a professor I wouldn't worry about myself... Any economics professor worth their salt might have noticed that we had the two worst quarters of wealth Gap in the last year. This could just be a bad professor.
  3. If things got significantly worse, we would be in a situation close to social breakdown. We're at the point where a growing minority of Canadians, working canadians, are unable to make ends meet.
  4. QP is archaic and the entire process isn't responsive or efficient. Best way to fix something to replace something so complex is to build a better system alongside and wait for the 1st system to collapse as people move to the 2nd one. It can't really be done in an orderly way, IMO.
  5. 1. Ok, well obviously this is the case. Is the discussion about whether or not this is a problem ? If so then the answer is 'yes' and we are done here.
  6. 1. Well, do you want to have a detailed examination of what the problem is ? Loaded questions might be a starting point but let's get to the details. 2. They have lots of ways of saying 'no' including 'I don't have the numbers right now'. If nobody cares then we get what we paid for. What is the answer? 3. Ok - weird that such a wonky thing would be on AM but who knows...
  7. Okay, then why not use specific language? Trump has been clouding the question for years in reference to the last time Iranian funds were returned. And what does it have to do with what happened? Do we know that Iran was involved? And what would Trump do exactly? Isn't this all being built on the Trump peace plans that were put in place? I'm a little cynical about this stuff, but still at pains to point out the hypocrisy and opportunism.
  8. This is possibly the most important question facing democracy right now. I'd like to look at the example A Little closer. Did you see you were listening to a senate hearing on finance on local radio? Maybe I can start by asking which hearing and which radio station?
  9. EVEN FOX https://youtu.be/JJLpyF5E1cU?si=Bi-3LQUyFplmlO1S
  10. I saw that even Fox put an editorial comment in their reporting to discount the baseless claim that the money was somehow diverted quickly for this reason. We're at the point of democracy where rumors and lies are the number one talking point.
  11. I've heard it before. Also that settlers with their plush lives are "fed up" hearing about it. After all those wars are in the past... The insanity of taking a hard line rather than a political one should be pointed out. We are one ldiot politician away from resuming the guerilla wars that happened in the 17th century in this region.
  12. Why disagree? My guess is as good as yours as to what the man is like away from the cameras. I reserve the right to call you out for posts that are below your ability to write something engaging and useful here.
  13. It's a guess, though and not something that anyone can comment on without second guessing. If course their government has done things for Canadians. Use the bandwidth better.
  14. My guess is that Trudeau is too selfish/deluded to step down. Barring a miracle economic turnaround the Liberal Party will be decimated. Poilievre will also not be able to fix our problems, I reckon. Two elections out... the world will be very different and a younger generation will be more difficult to fool...
  15. Not a well based criticism, but a slam. One can say he failed or is even incompetent without resorting to lie comments like this. He even cares about Alberta.
  16. The pill became popular fifty years ago. Centuries ago isn't relevant.
  17. The rules were created because of those events.
  18. No civilized nation would target civilians.
  19. Israeli leadership is already hardline. People were saying this would work, what happened?
  20. Well I AM a conservative after all... so I am not sure I can support all this guillotine talk... But yeah, in the 1960s they were absolutely running out of ways to make money. You see everybody who had been decimated during world war II was back producing... Almost this thing called competition that capitalists actually hate.
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