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  1. He's been challenged, debated and humiliated publicly several times. Slavoj Zizek, Sam Harris, Joe Rogan come to mind...
  2. Twitter isn't private, and my question remains unanswered.
  3. I guess you could just address what I said instead of walking away from the discussion? I mean, I'm open to the idea that I might be wrong about this... But you haven't given anything to look at.
  4. Maybe but with SNC, the party in power wasn't directly getting kickbacks.
  5. That's nice. Trudeau tried to speak with his justice minister so that Bombardier could compete on overseas contracts. Definitely wrong. He accepted a vacation, also wrong. Played hooky on Trust and Reconciliation day. But he did NOT allow personal friends to benefit directly from public lands designation and receive a kickback... The RCMP will have the last say I guess.
  6. Actually I said your post provided RELEVANCE, like needed oxygen. The opposite of what you think.
  7. Calls people names and acts like a troll. I guess you don't think the people should conduct themselves with any kind of dignity. And you wouldn't kick someone out of your house for acting like a boor? Private spaces are a thing.
  8. The housing minister resigned.. This is more crooked than anything Trudeau did, where are the Chuds on this one??? 😂
  9. Three examples from history. That's how you make a point. Watch for a response with some diminutive insult...
  10. Do you think it's ok to fire someone who make public statements about your company?
  11. Yeah, well it DID go to court and although this one was a slam dunk, abuse of power wouldn't be. Nobody who believes in free speech should be concerned by Peterson's continued ldiocy.
  12. Yes, it's an opinion because we'd all have to guess if we had professional engineers who were allowed to espouse conspiracy theories, call women fat and ugly, and so on... Come to think of it, Trump has ushered in the era of the "insult comic" president so it's no surprise that his troll army wants all of society to behave this way. Just an opinion, yes. Your opinion might be that it would be awesome for doctors and lawyers to call people "n*gger" online...
  13. 1. Yes, as do I and anyone who belongs to a professional organization. Moreover, I can't even say anything about my EMPLOYER in public or I will be fired with cause. 2a. Yeah, no. Professional associations absolutely need the right to boot members who embarrass them, otherwise such associations would have zero value. Cranks and chuds could join and make the designation worthless. 2b. Yes that would definitely work, if he rescinded membership. I think that this whole issue would die if that happened. 3. I can assess Peterson's case independent of how I feel about him. That's called objectivity. I think when people constantly try to make it about that, it's something the college of psychiatrists would call 'projection'.
  14. Nope. I'm sure you love using those terms but how about talking about your hypocrite Peterson who preaches accountability but makes YouTube videos when he has to face full adult discipline. Also - what kind of professional conducts themselves like that ? He's a disgrace.
  15. I don't think that the college could be so stupid as to be surprised with dr. Peterson's response. Their motivations seem pretty clear. Peterson will have to abide by the code and stop being such a special lil YouTuber or face the accountability he's always talking about...
  16. Your assessment of the causes is subjective and loaded with blame the victim type logic. Freedom is not a new ideology, and blaming all trans folk because some hotheads engender hate towards them is a non starter. "If black people knew their place there wouldn't be so much racism"
  17. I can't tell if the synopsis of trade deals is your take on the book or their take on the deal. I get the sense that someone thinks that the decimation of manufacturing jobs was an unintended result but it wasn't. With those salaries so far above world market levels there wasn't much further that manufacturing could go. The idea is to give up one sector for huge growth in others and new sectors too as well as lower prices and higher profits. That part worked beautifully. What didn't work was relying on trickle down economics to manage the winfall. And I don't believe that populism came out of a working class revolt against the Clintons as a result of this. Poor people still vote Democrat it seems. A lot of it is right, and also no mention of Clinton's welfare cuts or Hillary's Walmart board membership. Yeah incredible because they're so communist haha...
  18. Calling China a parasite because they now do the manual labour to provide Americans with manufactured products... 🤔
  19. Even the police? Military? Medical establishment? Business? The Manson Family candidate could probably get that kind of reaction. Oh well I asked the question...
  20. Out of curiosity, what would a candidate have to do to make you think that they are different from the pack, and possibly somebody could really make changes?
  21. Yes, me too. Canadians should be, all of us, and perhaps Americans too. If found guilty I suspect some states will proceed to disqualify him from the ballot.
  22. None of that amounts to Trump being worse than Hitler He's WORSE than Hitler because of what he COULD have done... That's an odd game to arrive at such conclusions.
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