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  1. He should worry because leftists are wierdo lunatics who'll stop at nothing for a tiny bit of power
  2. When trans ideology calls for the murder of innocent children, you'd be crazy not to go on a rant Whataboutism isn't really an argument
  3. Voted for lunatics based on a promise of harassing a political opponent
  4. Yet you are the ones continuing with frivolous allegations and indictments based on political differences. Sad
  5. Your ilk have made America the newest third world hell hole. Sad what people like you have done to a once great country
  6. Soros is a nazi.. nothing jewish about the man
  7. New York should just join Sudan.
  8. 😆.. sure bud. Have a snickers
  9. I'm just interested in having some fun. You obviously not so much
  10. The only one exploited was your sister after doing a shoot on pornhub
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