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  1. Sounds like you are. You are perfectly fine if someone gets 25 to life for disagreeing with that vile scumbag Justin Trudeau
  2. Nice to see the judge scold the soy boy crown who had his feelings hurt. It's a shame leftists occupy so many places of authority as it makes our country look like a joke.
  3. No I thought he was a tyrant for boarding up churches and raiding the home of a pastor over holding church service
  4. Every time Truey opens his mouth its evidence the guy's an idiot and a criminal.
  5. "Trumps gonna start a nuclear war!!!" "Trump is gonna rescind the rights of black people" "Trump is secretly working with Vlad"
  6. Pretty sick the harassment this woman is receiving over her political views. Only in Ottawa. Bunch of disturbed people down there
  7. 😆 you guys would know something about hysteria after the Donnie era.
  8. Riiight. Trudeau can grope women because "Donnie's bad"
  9. Liberals should hang their heads in shame
  10. Today's "far right" was yesterday's center. Problem is the left have gone to crazy town that anything right of Castro, they believe, is "far right"
  11. https://globalnews.ca/news/8846607/jason-kenney-ucp-leadership-vote-results-alberta/?utm_source=site_banner Nice to see this Liberal in disguise finally step down. Arresting pastors was about as sick as it gets
  12. Was the Canadian government preparing to use the military against it's own people? Trudeau most be one of the most corrupt people in history. Guy runs this country like a third world dictatorship. https://leaderpost.com/news/national/defence-watch/canadian-special-forces-conducted-flights-over-ottawa-protest-despite-military-directive/wcm/2188db92-7232-432d-a8fd-c773dfe8ce01?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR0m4FPOmV8FxED-KsS1MMVnJ-f9jXW1u65I9ZjWpBKEM2uSwsn9m7aivak#Echobox=1652718824
  13. It's sad that lefties are ride or die with a guy like Trudeau. Slings accusations of "racism" at others while bullying minorities, groping women, and wearing blackface more times than one can count. If Liberals had any ounce of integrity (they don't) the guy would've been punted years ago.
  14. Honest question Mike. Do you think if a Conservative candidate, say, had photos of him wearing blackface in circulation he would still be party leader? The reason Trudeau is still in office is because he's well protected by the media. The guy can make a complete fool of himself, yet the press softens it for him. A conservative would never get away with half the nonsense he does. As for this forum, it's become "a joke" because we point out what a joke the prime minister is. The material itself should be satire or hyperbole but it's really not.
  15. Poor Moonshine. Someone disagrees with the little fella on the internet.
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