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  1. The Liberals were in power for the vast majority of our history. One of the reasons I can't vote Liberal.. they take no responsibility for their actions and blame conservatives. It's like the Democrats in the US who use the bs "we switched sides" nonsense when pointing out they are the party of Jim Crowe and slavery
  2. Sadly lefties were major abusers in the residential school era now they have their sites set on a new race to do harm to. Sad
  3. So? Is north America actually the back of a tortoise or not?
  4. Same attempts are made today by the religion of woke, telling white people they are inherently racist and going all cancel culture any time you want to support white heritage.. White culture is apparently the only culture where its racist to celebrate it. You can celebrate black culture, Asian culture, Latino culture just not white culture.
  5. I dont know you lefties seem to call everyone a Ruskie these days.
  6. Trudeaus mum must be getting some speaking fees from the Red Cross.
  7. No I asked if they were the ruskies. Seems to me that your ilk calls anyone they disagree with Russian bots. And I said I call people totalitarianists...
  8. I dont call people Ruskies but do call people totalitarianists when they demand you take an experimental injection to keep their employment
  9. Not my obsession.. anybody that you don't agree with is a ruskie
  10. Or are they just the ruskies? Lol... take your meds buddy
  11. They wanted for people to freeze to death and this loser wanted the same. Very sick people actually
  12. People like you are a disease to society. Yes let's punish him for disagreeing with us. What are you 5?
  13. So a lefty snowflake got mad and evicted a guy for serving those lowly anti vaxxers eh.. 😆.. yeah and people like you sure do love us all
  14. Harassing businesses 😆.. Well the business owner at Iconic Cafe and others said they made more money those two weeks then they would in three months. The only folks claiming they were being harassed were lefty snowflakes
  15. Anyone can buy a hat and claim to be Maga.. the lefties are kings at disinformation.. As they clearly created the fake collusion story, it's not a stretch to suggest they also planned Jan 6th
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