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  1. Ok so not sure why you think that your point still stands?
  2. That's just the opposite of what is true. The three main parties converged decades ago.
  3. 1. Not in every case, no. They do LOVE a salacious story though and Meloni's little love notes to the past Fascists are exactly what they love. 2. Or like the Meloni government official saying gay folks shouldn't be free to adopt, trying to ban Peppa Pig. You're on my side on this. 3. Left AND fascists are anti-religion ? Ok, well maybe... Fascists were always right-wing... the Nazis weren't big on religion and Soviets definitely not so ok on that point. Bodily autonomy for women is something the left prizes... Rule of law is something all governments love, and the leftist government of Chile just submitted a constitution so I agree with some of these 4. Not really. The Fascists are all about 'cleaning up the scum' ... etc. Nazis also were concerned about the birth rate so had so-called pro family policies including clamping down on birth control so... https://academic.oup.com/gh/article-abstract/17/3/445/580340?redirectedFrom=PDF 5. Not at all. There are families with two moms and although you might lose consciousness at the idea, the rest of us are moving forward with a culture that shows families as they really are not as you would like them to be. It's not up to Meloni's far-right government to confuse children about real families and the freedom to be who you are.
  4. Of course someone who calls everyone a Communist is NOT far right ... 😂 Of course not ...
  5. No ... that was Meloni's government that brought that up... Me pointing out that scrambled values and priorities are reflected in that is not me caring about Peppa Pig. These are your heroes and their cancel culture at its shining best...
  6. 1. Not pulling my hair out. Just sneering at the gullibility and scrambled values in display. 2.Right... it was almost 3 weeks ago after all and only a senior member of her govenment... 3.Sorry I didn't start this thread. I'm not offended, just continually surprised and disappointed with citizens with scrambled values and priorities.
  7. I give any leader slack when they are accused of 'causing' a global phenomenon. This includes Biden, Truss, Trudeau, Meloni and even Trump. Leaders who scapegoat, though, are scrummy bottom feeders... imo
  8. Pretty spotty Communists, in that working people are becoming worse and worse off thanks to wealthy landlords and corporations. After the economy collapses, though, maybe...
  9. I'm confused - do you like the system or not ? Or do you like it when your cohorts get elected and say it's corrupt when they don't ?
  10. As suspected, your priorities are scrambled...
  11. Because most people are too lazy to try to understand economics, 'left' and 'right' have morphed 100% into issues of identity politics. And those are about opinions, no need to think or reflect... just "do you like how a man in a dress looks". This is the result of media, consumer society and advertising consuming all of the public imagination and making every opinion equal to every other. So theoretically the fresh new look of politics is like this: "She likes Putin... well i don't know about that but she wants to ban that horrible Peppa Pig so I like her !" Mindless.
  12. 10 years old poll puts Italian acceptance of LGBTQ 14 points ahead of the USA. But... sure... it's a big problem... gotta ban that Peppa Pig episode because there are two mama bears in it... Again, I repeat: give your heads a shake. You are being duped by people who don't even believe what they are telling you. https://www.pewresearch.org/global/2013/06/04/the-global-divide-on-homosexuality/
  13. Believe what ? That they won ? Yeah, I don't start screeching that the election was stolen when it doesn't go my way - that's other folks...
  14. Of all the problems Italy and the west have, we finally have a government brave enough to ban an episode of Peppa Pig. Give your heads a shake... These clowns are getting power by demonizing big nothings with the support of mindless online puppets like those here...
  15. Is the WEF telling the UK prime minister to do what she's doing? Here's a hint, she's doing the exact opposite of everybody else and isn't working either. And everybody's mad at her too, blaming her for the same things were blaming liberals for here and democrats for in the usa. I don't remember what her name is, and there's no point in bothering to learn that she is down close to 20 points in the latest poll I heard.
  16. Idi Amin, Mussolini, Hitler were all laughed at too The elite have been running the show since forever. If you want a better deal, then you have to ask for one. We used to reward Fords and Edisons ... nowadays John Rockefeller wouldn't make the list of top fifty billionaires, adjusted for inflation. Don't rail about the elites if you think that the status quo is the only alternative.
  17. The thing about conspiracy theory folks is that people are used to them now. Street corner oddballs were a novelty too, once.
  18. Speaking of which... Is Pat King still incarcerated? Asking sincerely.
  19. Using images as a basis for criticism... "You can't judge a book by its cover"
  20. 1. I have questions about that too - but there is a lot of disinformation on both sides on this. The politics is trumping the facts.
  21. Devout readers of The Rebel are known to kill Muslims too, and we don't deport all readers of that far right tag...
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