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  1. 1. 2. We don't have socialists, we have basically the same economic approach from the two main parties. My point is that Rex Murphy us a clown 🤡 for evoking Marxist tropes.
  2. 1. 2. Is the fact that it's a FLAG the problem? So if it was a banner it would be ok. Christmas and Easter celebrate singular groups and maybe the fact that you don't see that says something about your approach to this question. 3. I support the Truckers in that I empathize with them, even if I don't agree with their aims. Kind of like gay people. I respect you as a poster, and in no way have I consciously tried to belittle you. If you disagree, point out where and I will address it thanks.
  3. 1. I don't get why you keep bringing up religion. These topics are separate and taught in conjunction with topics such as history, English, current events... 2. There's no expense to highlight some aspect of society. At whose expense is Christmas or St Patrick's Day? 3. I said above that we can commemorate other groups as we like. I am a big fan of Remembrance Day for example.
  4. 1. That's not what it's for. 2. No more than talking about Mr and Mrs Claus does. 4. Inclusive means welcoming those who are excluded.
  5. 1. I already said it is. And if the point is that it's outside the scope, how the hell does flying a 'hetero' flag fix this? 2. It's long past controversial for most people, and I suspect most parents are fine with it. I only have seen it challenged by a few people on here which is not a bellwether for my community. I would always be sure to provide an acknowledgement to students that some cultures (notably the hardcore Christians who united with Muslims in Ontario for example) who can't accept the lifestyle of LGBTQ and we have to live with that. Just as there are Jews who believe women are unclean for part of the month.
  6. Yeah, you said that your grandson isn't taught those topics, that he is taught public school curriculum but those are taught there.
  7. Right, but I was responding to the suggestion that Catholic schools teach these things uniquely, otherwise I don't understand the point of the post I responded to with that.
  8. 1. Because one side needs help? 2. No, you are by suggesting that all flags must be flown.
  9. Any time an arch faux Marxist shill like Rex Murphy uses the term 'working classes', the thinking brain becomes very suspicious. Why here's his little newspaper group calling for more TFWs and NOT RAISING the minimum wage.. But Rex will tell ya... That CARBON TAX is how the MAN KEEPS YOU DOWN 😂 https://nationalpost.com/opinion/national-post-view-raising-minimum-wage-isnt-the-solution https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://financialpost.com/opinion/temporary-foreign-workers-canada-expansion&ved=2ahUKEwju8oDiroL4AhUCCs0KHaGoDtMQFnoECAkQAQ&usg=AOvVaw0ZNfyCUbwypGd2DXDJTn1r
  10. 1. It's not 2. No it's not 3. That kind of "what about ME" approach dismisses the lesson therein. Teach empathy, inclusion and positivity. Accept people who are different, like trans folks, Convoy people, Sri Lankans etc. Build a project here, to create a productive and peaceful society.
  11. 1. I don't know. Let's pick some relevant ones. It's not that hard. 2. That's bullshit. They don't need to show the Irish flag, the Rwandan one at the moment. The point is to show love and kindness rather than push back on collective expressions of empathy. There are plenty of examples where we can show children when to draw a line and be tough when necessary. This isn't one of them.
  12. We teach morality, health, civics and personal growth too. Always have.
  13. I don't think that you are a Marxist. I am making fun of the Trump cult that name calls everything fascist in the face of the facts.
  14. Coincidentally, five thirty eight references this film on their popular blog. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/there-is-more-than-one-big-lie/?ex_cid=538twitter What I didn't know was that D'Souza is a criminal that was pardoned by Trump. Also a large number of Big Lie believers said that they would change their minds about Biden's legitimacy if things happened such as him being sworn in but they didn't. This continuing embarrassment is still being exploited by Trump and his cult today, although with declining influence.
  15. You misunderstood my sarcastic humour. Of course liberals and such aren't Marxist. It's a ridiculous idea. Anyone who says so seriously marks themselves as a Court Jester.
  16. This is a standard response from people who watch severely biased news sources: that you watch slightly biased news sources and are brainwashed. Meanwhile, you know their arguments from this board and can dissect them...
  17. And an unrealistic idea of how organizations work in a society with a common morality. How exactly would they hire people, to only select people who would play ball with such activity ? Especially when all of your training, and all public dialogue goes against it ?
  18. 1. Interesting thoughts... I would love to hike a mountain to attend a "Nymph" colony if I were single, and younger, and a backpack full of lotion and latex. Are some of them chubby ? In any case I would of course confess this at some point. 2. I think God treated the universe like Rotisserie chicken - set it and forget it. If he exists. 3. Inspiring, thank you.
  19. Maybe a good starting point is to look at the reforms that have happened over the last 1000 years to keep the church relevant and acknowledge that ancient mores aren't really what religion should be about. I say this as a practising Christian and a Catholic.
  20. That's because those with true power - ie. not the people who vote - explained to him afterwards that they would not support the party. The cycle following Parkland saw $33M from the NRA directly, not counting weapons companies, spent on political influence to all sources: https://www.opensecrets.org/orgs/national-rifle-assn/summary?id=d000000082 Freedom of Speech - am I right ? Again - the Gallup poll I posted earlier said ELEVEN percent of Americans supported weakening gun laws.
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