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  1. Tangential question ? Ok ... sometimes it goes sometimes not.
  2. Yeah... the post wasn't about that. Old Ideas can be good ideas is the point and I agree.
  3. 1. Maybe they have businesses running somewhere ? Maybe they're on welfare... Why do you care ? 2. They were probably refugees. I would ask why someone who can clearly think and type is on disability when there's plenty you can do in your field online. I WOULD ... but I don't think that way...
  4. God did something in 1900 BC... Is somehow relevant to today while the same Chuds will say Slavery and Equal Rights (Civil Rights Act 1964) aren't...
  5. https://toronto.ctvnews.ca/florida-teacher-arrested-on-sex-assault-charges-based-on-peel-region-investigation-1.4073019?cache=ypdchpshbgmanqg%3FclipId%3D642681
  6. Ok - but the anti-Islam thing went away for a quick minute when they helped organize anti Trans marches FYI. And I'm sure you weren't complaining about immigration 5 years ago before these effects really hit right ? And you do blame provincial governments for their failures in capacity planning for the services they provide right / Anyway... here's to huanced positions...
  7. They want a ceasefire to stop Israel from destroying Gaza I think...
  8. Exactly. They have been taking a tough right wing position for years... how did it go?
  9. I'm not intending to quibble here but I did hear on Canada land that Canada is still a leader and there's this.. " Exploration and mining companies that have their headquarters in Canada accounted for the largest portion of worldwide non-ferrous exploration budgets, reaching 38% in 2021... " https://natural-resources.canada.ca/our-natural-resources/minerals-mining/mining-data-statistics-and-analysis/minerals-and-the-economy/20529
  10. The solution, once again, is to tax working people... the same ones whose programs are being cut...
  11. It is possible that his persona was created years ago by Frito Lay as a long con to do product placement on here. 🤔
  12. Another bomb... They all seem to be endeavors that wealthy and powerful people believed others would take to, and therefore they bet a lot of resources on that prospect.
  13. I get more of a hall monitor vibe. Also the guy who acted like the smartest kid, with a B- average. He was on Reach for the Top but mistook the hardened chewing gum stuck under the table for the buzzer button and so didn't answer any questions.
  14. Well sure but every country is having a problem with social media, even the country that owns the companies...
  15. Sure but unless you can invent a better word that rings true... something between "militant" and "terrorist" then tie goes to the worst word... You can call them "terrorists (with reasons)" or somesuch but it's news not analysis. One thing that I heard from Canadaland this week is that the speed of information has pushed the reaction time up against decision time. So, they argue, the analysis has to happen sooner irregardless of an emotional waiting period as in "now is not the time". I'm more on the fence about that idea than about the word "terrorist" but it speaks to you and Moon's laudable goals of thinking over reacting. And, again, although I disagree I fully understand the rationale for using such a word.
  16. Well sure but that's not new - that's just migration away. Depopulation on a national and global scale without war and such is something even more rare and hard to assess.
  17. 1. Of course but you have to deal with the public you have... educating them to think deeply is a decades or centuries long project. 2. Disagree.
  18. 1. The language used at the top level of description is a framing device. So I would say 'not really' no. 2. I agree with your reasons, and think you have made a logical conclusion but I don't agree with it. The dumbness of the world is truly a thing but calling Hamas "fighters" when they butcher civilians, as they did, affords them too much respect IMO.
  19. I agree with the first part but not the second. "Terrorism" as a method of targeting civilians with brutality in their ordinary lives is a specific thing that people hold a revulsion for. I think it's informative to separate that from other forms of violence.
  20. Did you even know the Sun was run on government money ? WIthout it they'd be gone. But Trudeau wants to censor people and take over media... that's why he funds the paper that throws rocks at him... or... err....
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