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  1. Tithing was an obligation according in old testament traditions. For you to associate that with Satanism is an incorrect interpretation. I don't know you, but respectfully this seems like changing scripture to suit one's own preferences. That has also been done with dietary rules, lending of money, keeping the sabbath holy, wearing unclean garments, divorce etc. etc. etc. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tithes_in_Judaism#cite_note-4 If you want to all of a sudden bring a strict interpretation to one part of scripture and not another, it makes people ask "why" ?
  2. I googled "Block Jewish students" and only came back with Twitter accounts alleging this. That said, there are plenty of reputable sources that are documenting anti Semitic incidents and indeed even in Canada, they protest in Jewish neighbourhoods. I don't think that the public is charged with condemning terrorists but we are charged with holding our fellow citizens to account for such racist behaviour.
  3. The socialism is equally to theft part is your own interpretation. I would say taxation is closer to tithing, which Jesus supported.
  4. I remember that quote. It's not very strong in terms of argument though. Lyme was a psycho...
  5. 1. 2. 3. 4. None of this has anything to do with free speech other than maybe you getting ejected from the meeting. But I am curious as to the stated reason... Anyway, thanks for trying. Inclusion is an important social message to teach the next generation. Your opposition to it is noted, I suppose.
  6. That's a symptom of a system that needs reform and it is a problem. But I was talking about the system not individual doctors. Doctors themselves are unjappy with the system.
  7. 1. Yes. 2. I know how the devil came into the public imagination but it's not relevant to 63% of us so a non-starter. I was brought up deeply religious and theistic. 3. Fine but you still have to deal with me as a member of the public. So you can spend your time trying to convert me if you think that's my core problem. Respectfully, I'm well past being converted. 4. I don't consider anyone on here an opponent. Not even trolls and chuds.
  8. 1. What ? That's ridiculous if true. The system depends on feedback from the basic publics: patients and the public, ministries and governments, healthcare workers. 2. This is exactly the problem. Harper tried to address this. But then people don't even know what CIHI is. They track how well or not-well services are. 3. Why does it work in other domains ? Why does it work in France ? Why does it work for pizza ? There is supposed to be a feedback loop. IF people are unaware that it's even possible to have one then it's hard to imagine them asking for one. 4. See #2. https://www.cihi.ca/en When Harper started trying to move things forward with CIHI, I posted on here about it a lot. Unfortunately, the function of politics as a kind of online entertainment supplanted any useful discussion and so we have chud vs chud...
  9. 1. I reject your premise outright. 2. If me rejecting your idea right out of the gate is "discussing it" then sure... but it's not going anywhere. 3. I don't care. It's not a basis for discussion with the public. 4. I have developed ideas of the causes that don't rely on faith. I don't share yours so there's no point in discussing it, again. 5. 6. It's all nonsense and superstition. Respectfully, you have to take your private faith out of the discussion if you want to move forward. I checked. This says 37% of Canadians believe in Satan. I'm stunned but it's still a minority. https://news.gallup.com/poll/14083/divine-subjects-canadians-believe-britons-skeptical.aspx#:~:text=When it comes to the,believe that the devil exists.
  10. 1. Yes. How can France - a nation with a union mindset - outdo us in public healthcare including lower costs ? 2. With respect, the public is part of any public healthcare system so there is some responsibility on the public engagement model in how things are done. I don't think asking the public for vision of future public healthcare models is an exercise that tells us much... aside from "people are unhappy". Does the public even know about CIHI ? Stephen Harper gave it focus, as I recall, as a way for "the" public to get information about service delivery. And still the only argument I ever hear is public vs private as though there's no other thing to discuss. 3. Again - if the public doesn't pay attention ALL the time, vs during a crisis, how can we expect good answers ? 4. Commissioned polls by unheard-of institutes are actually currency of past discussions and not helpful We aren't France but if we are going to have 2-tier then we have to be more like them in our publics as well as our delivery. Otherwise the lower tier will go to garbage immediately. I would tie the top tier to IMPROVED service levels on the bottom. IN other words, if people can afford to pay more then that money will be used to fund public health too. I don't care who provides the services but clearly new organizations need to be developed. And unionizing them is cheaper than contracting out.
  11. Satan is a fictional character. So this is a thought exercise but not done for any reason of exploring or discussing with people who disagree.
  12. The hard left and hard right... Don't agree with that. But I do. The guy engaged in a pre-World war II. Land annexation gambit. We don't want to throw the clock back that far. Increasing your personal wealth by bombing civilians... no.
  13. Also would have sealed its victory. But there is a contention that Bill Clinton promised something along those lines, but it was withdrawn.
  14. Ok but the Dems aren't the poster children for staying away from foreign wars. Kennedy and Johnson had Vietnam, Clinton and Carter funded and deployed third world wars. The theory of containment is alive and well. That's why we find proxy wars... Russia was never going to be a NATO partner.
  15. This is going to rock the liberal world once people become aware, because it acknowledges the culture war assertions if the so-called Chuds, ie. That doctors are not taking proper steps to counsel children. I have been following this as a critical issue for the public sphere for awhile. But it needs to be a starting point to disassemble liberal chudism.
  16. Because the arguments and public input Are absent and Canada does not have a management mindset. We discussed Public services in terms of should they exist or not?
  17. He wrote a whole book. Praising Franklin Delano Roosevelt. You have to understand that a certain point socialism becomes conservatism because there is a type of conservative who praises social programs as holding up status quo. This of you but I have even been accused of being on the left from time to time. .. In terms of taxation, we all have to take a pragmatic view of how to pay for programs without discouraging investment. That's all. It would be nice though if we could imagine some new way of making the world better that doesn't look backwards at Old solutions. A neoliberal YouTuber I follow talked about publicly funded housing developments that are making 10% return. That's happening because developers have become too fat and turned down anything without a guaranteed 20% return. At that point, the system fails. Fails. Adam Smith's invisible hand test
  18. There's a performance aspect to being Opposition Leader. He's doing well also capitalizing on world events. Many disagree.
  19. Sometimes I give my toddler chocolate for breakfast, just so we can move on.
  20. How is he doing a good job? His job is to convince people he'd be a better PM than Trudeau. Don't you think Trudeau is carrying most of the load on that project? His responsibility is minor as opposition leader. It will be higher soon.
  21. Low level of comment... You're on the same level as people who liked Trudeau for his hair. Really, You should stop posting here.
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