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  1. There is a huge misunderstanding about people like Putin and Gates. Gates pays for things. Trudeau Jnr and Putin command things. ==== How rich is Putin? Well, how rich is Joe Biden?
  2. How will this end? Has the US federal government become a Ponzi scheme? ==== Harper wisely said that Americans will figure out a way. But at over 150% of GDP, I wonder how. Huh? Japan's government debt is well over 200% of GDP. (Because of Harper, Trudeau Jnr's spending means we're still below 100%.) ===== In macroeconomic theory, if the growth of government debt is greater than real GDP growth, it's a Ponzi scheme. -The government is borrowing faster than the economy can generate tax revenues. -But wait. The government never dies. For you on the right or left, think: the State never dies. ==== As I always say, whether in Japan, Russia or Canada, it is not how the government/State pays - whether my credit card, debit card, my name on a loan - what's the difference? No difference. It is what the government bureaucrat politician buys.
  3. Bingo. I gotta love Pierre Trudeau. ====== On an entirely topic, why did this war start? IMHO, this is a disaster caused by western diplomacy. Our Western diplomats - the MSM - made this war possible. It could have been avoided. Heck, these idiots could start a nuclear war.
  4. You Americans can send young guys to die abroad. You proved that in Vietnam. You won the Cold War and the Soviet Union is no more. ===== But now, Trump is correct. There is no reason for any American soldier to die abroad.
  5. As a foreigner, I have been thinking about this. Bush, Clinton: they're wrong. Trump is right. You won the Cold War - back off. ===== America is a wonderful country.
  6. Define "Ukraine" - U Krainia - at the border. ===== Lvov? It was once Lemberg - like Montreal and Calcutta today - cities where unilingual people of different languages live together in peace. To my knowledge, Putin has no desire to make Lemberg part of Russia.
  7. Where is Biafra? ==== I prefer our previous federal PM. While I disagreed, he had a clear idea of a federal State. And I've always liked his quote : "He would make the West Island the Danzig of the New World." Who was the "he"? Duplessis? Laurier? Lévesque? Dunno. But Trudeau`s quote makes plain why I love America.
  8. Define "ukraine". ===== In Canada, I can define Acadian - sort of. In Europe, it is more problematic to define "ukrainia" - let alone galicia or pomerania.
  9. At best, Putin is a wily, modern Catherine. Compare this to the Chinese or worse, the Arabians. ===== JFK and Reagan defeated the Communists. Now, we have to bring these people into the modern world.
  10. Because of Woodrow Wilson, we speak of "Ukrainians" and "Poles" nowadays. As a progressive, Woodrow Wilson believed at the time in nationalism. But nowadays, we have a different - more accurate, more forward thinking view.
  11. Huh? Eastern Prussia are the only good parts of modern Poland - except for the cities once in Austria. Malbork, despite various wars, is still a beautiful city. ===== The Russian parts of Poland are simply ugly - still today. Like Belarus.
  12. Several years ago, I was in Crimea. Everyone that I met spoke Russian - except for a few Tatars. ==== Crimea and the Donetsk are Russian in the same sense that the West Island is English. Ukraine? It is like Cochrane or Moncton.
  13. Advice for tourists, all the good places/cities to visit are on the left/West. They were part of Austria-Hungary - for example, Lviv, or rather Lemberg. Beautiful city. Donetsk? That's Russian.
  14. I understood this war in the south. But this war among Slavs, the so-called Special Operation, I think Putin is wrong. He could have achieved the same without bloodshed. We in the West would have agreed - as we did when Russia took Crimea. ===== I reckon that this is a mistaken signal between Putin and the US -Trump or Biden, whatever. Maybe the US deep state. Obama, to his credit, let Putin take Crimea without provoking a nuclear war.
  15. Remarkable map. It is a creation of the Soviet Union. ==== Here's a suggestion to Putin: You get Crimea. Germany gets Kaliningrad.
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