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  1. Blackbird, Robbed in BC? Move to Alberta. ==== Nowadays, people speak of "privilege". You could have been born in New Jersey. Clueless.
  2. In both 1980 and 1995, I voted in favour of a new arrangement. After voting, I recall clearly walking down the street on 20 May 1980 in Quebec City. The paper ballot was in both English and French. I read the text half way then switched. Then voted yes. René Lévesque was remarkable. I learned later, my 1995 vote was disallowed.
  3. Nowadays, the divide is not religion. It is partly language. But Trudeau Jnr is an utter failure as a federal Canadian PM. ==== Trudeau Jnr reminds me of Joe Clark in 1979. Clueless.
  4. To make myself plain: The federal Liberals once made it possible for Canadians to get along. Laurier, Mackenzie King, Chrétien, St-Laurent Heck, Macdonald, Mulroney and even Harper did the same. ==== These federal PMs all tried to speak to everyone in Canada.
  5. I am not supporting Russian imperialism. I am trying to understand life as I know it. ==== In 1900 or so, the Austrian-Hungarian world was wonderful. I have been to many of its cities (now in so-called Ukraine, Slovakia, Galicia, Romania, Poland... ) Billy Wilder was a product.
  6. Repaid? ===== We in Canada - including Alberta - are well off because of federal Liberals. Alberta could be Venezuela or Nigeria. It happens.
  7. Given the oil sands, it won't. Until some Michael Faraday/Steve Jobs figures out a way to store power. ==== Like Austria-Hungary once was, Canada is a civilised country of different languages. I hope we don't become Sri Lanka.
  8. Blackbird, I approach this question from a completely different way. The "environment" is a common resource. Example: Your neighbour imposes a cost but you can't stop her. Well, you can move to a different neighbourhood. I can't move to a different planet. ===== I entirely agree that the Left has taken over this issue. Watermelons: Green on the outside but left inside. And with the Left, it is always about "control".
  9. Why do Catholics know about this? And why are so many protestant boomers learning about this?
  10. I strongly disagree. A tax on carbon dioxide emissions is a premium on an insurance policy.
  11. The world does not lack for children. It lacks educated children.
  12. Norway has its own currency. 790 million euros? That's about $1 billion. Albertan taxpayers give about $10 billion to other Canadian provincial governments every year. Europe has about 330 million people. Canada, about 35 million. To compare, a Norwegian is giving about 1 cent to "Europe" while an Albertan is giving $1 to Canada. ===== Of course, Norway has access to an ocean. How to define "rich": Money? Not at all. Wealth is options. The freedom to choose. Rich people can choose.
  13. I disagree. In this 21st century, Montreal (and Bombay etc) are proof that cities of various unilingual people - like Lemberg once was - can thrive and live together in peace.
  14. The 19th century term is irredentist. Trudeau Snr wisely referred to it as making the West Island the Danzig of the New World. ==== In Quebec, we don't have front license plates. I recently saw a car in Montreal with a front plate combining yellow/blue and red/white leaf. Like Montreal, Lemberg was once a city where unilingual people of different languages lived together. Now, Lemberg is Lvov. Or rather, Lviv. Its buildings a reminder of the people who once lived there.
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