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  1. Contrarian, I voted "Other answer". IMHO, an individual (woman, man, wife, husband, child) is rational. But groups of individuals? For example, a family or a country?
  2. Diefenbaker named Georges Vanier as Governor-General. Trudeau Snr forced our military to function in two languages.
  3. Army Guy, "Through translators." As you well know, modern military bureaucracies/systems function in one single language. Yet, if this whole idea of a post-national, civilised system is going to work, it will require a military that functions in several languages. Prior to 1914, the Austrian Empire had a military/bureaucracy that managed in several languages. We in Canada today have done the same.
  4. No, cash won't end at some time down the road. "Cash" will always exist - whether issued by the State or not. At issue is whether private parties will accept this "cash". ===== taxme, the history of "cash" (paper money, as you call it) is remarkably different in Canada and the US. We joined Bretton Woods late and left it early. The Bank of Canada was created decades after the Fed. Our last major financial crisis was Confederation Life. And RBC is in the top 20 world banks by assets.
  5. IME, all Americans (left, right, progressive, whatever... ) are like Donald Trump: Loud, brash, typically turning the conversation to themselves. Moreover, Americans lack any sense of irony. They are incapable of seeing themselves. As you see Donald Trump, the rest of the world sees Americans. ==== Johnson's famous speech was in Mar 1968. Let's wait and see. (I have always liked the phrase: "If nominated, I will not run. If elected, I will not serve.")
  6. ExFlyer, you misunderstand my point. I agree that it is costly. The fact that Canada's military functions in two languages is both remarkable - and enlightening.
  7. I am going to stick with "you Americans" because that is how you Americans typically imagine we foreigners. Foolish people think that it is entertainment. ==== I admire you Americans. I would prefer a contest/debate/choice between first Trump/DeSantis and then Biden/Kennedy Jnr. You Americans have a way of doing things that - well, the rest of the world is simply jealous.
  8. If there were a H-Bomb, a meteor - if we screwed this up - I suspect that some life form form would survive. Is that progressive? ====== People like Obama refer to the "arc of justice" as if it is natural. I strongly disagree.
  9. Evolution is not progressive. === Eyeball, do you know the origin of the word "progress"? Henry VIII and his court/entourage travelled - they progressed.
  10. I agree with Chretien. He was correct to object to Bush Jnr and the invasion of Iraq. ===== Canada's military is remarkable - like our federal police. It works in two languages.
  11. And Army Guy, you guys want to show Ukrainians how to fight Russians. But you can't even speak French. === Do you know what "U Krai" means in any Slavic language?
  12. Change? Let's see what works. ==== America has an amazing way to test ideas.
  13. Surprisingly, I favour Gorbachov - or as he referred to the TienMeng Square people - "Hot Heads". Like, Deng Xiao Ping - I'm a pragmatist. But when it comes to change, I prefer evolution. I'm conservative.
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