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  1. I reckon that Toronto is to Montreal what Singapore is to Hongkong To work well, society requires order.
  2. Are you autistic? A real person would ignore/laugh at my question "fair bit".
  3. 1. In Montreal, I trust the STM guy. 2. State bureaucrats are likely to become, uh, bought. 3. We Canadians live in the cold north.
  4. In a thread about Mulroney's death, I'll say this: the Japanese LDP lost power because it changed the VAT. Ordinary people hate consumption taxes. Why? They can't avoid them. Thatcher tried a poll tax. Mulroney's original GST was 5% - but applied to everything - everything He backed off - the tax would be 7%m but not on food or rent. Albertans hated him. Whatta guy!
  5. Well said. 1. The US is the only civilised society without a federal value-added tax. Mulroney reformed ours. I suspect that some American politician will be forced to have the courage to impose a US federal consumption tax. 2. I remember when Mulroney ran on free-trade in 1988. Everyone remembers his debates with Turner.
  6. A smart editor would paywall such content - and then add a MarketPlace.
  7. I am amazed that there is no response, no opinion on this thread. The federal Liberals and NDP just signed a federal pharmacare bill. With this law, there will be fewer incentives for new drugs, or new medication.
  8. In 1976, Stanfield resigned. There was a federal Conservative leadership. Joe who? Clark (Catholic, from Alberta, lousy French) won. Wagner (from Quebec) lost. Mulroney (Catholic) came third. Note: Federal Conservatives chose Clark a third candidate someone outside Quebec. (People folded Mulroney's name so that it was "Money".) === In 1979, Clark became PM, in a minority government. He bungled everything in Feb 1980 and the rest, as they say, is a walk in the snow.
  9. Andrew Coyne is behind a paywall. And the simple fact is that years ago, I was willing to pay a dollar or so each day to find what his editors chose to show me. I'm stilling willing to pay. I miss reading Coyne. Nowadays, I can go elsewhere.
  10. Golden age? I remember very costly DC-8s - and Lester Bowles Pearson. I remember Freddie Laker.
  11. Idlewild became JFK Malton became Pearson. Dorval became Trudeau. No doubt we'll name Ottawa's airport after Mulroney. In Quebec City, it is Lesage. And in Halifax, it is Stanfield. When Harper dies, YYC will become Harper International. ===== I've always liked New Orleans. Its airport is Louis Armstrong International. And in France, before the euro, France had Berlioz on its 10 franc note.
  12. Agreed. Swedes and Finns are practical people. The Americans (Dems) have offered much to join NATO.
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