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  1. Today I learned that the PM can arbitrarily set and change bail conditions.
  2. 1. it's to "discuss" ie. to be "social" 2. Riiiiight.... 😂
  3. 1. It's not clear, though, if that will result in a material change in trade flows. I acknowledge for sure that the sentiment in liberalized trade blocs is to pull back but less like Brexit and more like anti-China and anti-Russia sanctions. 2. Somewhat, yes, but national interest sometimes means reviving old friendships such as Canada and ... uh ... Venezuela too. 3. See 1. 4. But there was always a "national" interest, including the interest of US-owned multinationals right ? I would say they're less focused on balancing the interests of foreigners as their own donors... uh... voters.
  4. You're all over the map. You said that a salary was high and socialism was the cause. Now you are talking about expansion and public capacity planning. It's hard to find a discussion points when we're all over the map, sorry.
  5. Some great points but I don't see that trend has reversed yet. The US China trade war didn't achieve its goals although the Biden administration doesn't know what to do with trade either.
  6. Some things that I would be a hypocrite to criticize are the use of established studies as cites, and the acknowledgement that Trudeau panders to public opinion. The latter seems to me to be a major leap forward in understanding how to defeat the Liberals.
  7. 1. The point of discussion is to listen and learn also. It's not to disagree on everything just because.
  8. I agree with you, however when you complain about public healthcare, there's really only the US to go to for counterexamples.
  9. Not sing but... listen or whatever they do with phones and kids - they send them a Tweet with a link to it or something pretty sure.
  10. 1. Keep up, chucklef***. I have posted the example from 2016. Unless "many" means six. 2. 3. etc. Yawn - you are a broken record weeping for a Canada that never was, to rationalize your many failures and cognitive shortcomings.
  11. 1. You have to do more than write a sentence to land a point, right ? Here's the USA: "A health care CEO's salary in large American hospitals runs above $1 million a year. A 2019 Forbes report found only eight of 82 nonprofit hospitals paid their CEO less, and some paid as much as $21 million" https://work.chron.com/average-salary-ceo-large-hospital-3693.html 2. You should try to actually focus on solving problems rather than labelling things with scary words.
  12. 1. I don't think that was a protester, just someone who wanted to kill Kavanaugh. If you are ok with guilt by association let me tell you all about this Nazi convoy of drag queen haters. 2. Of course it will. Judges protect judges pretty well.
  13. Ok but the Convoy is fine.... give your head a shake. You either like protests or you don't. Are they being violent ? Disrupting peoples' lives ? Anyway - my example of how Canada does things: prayer in school in 2016. Somebody says something. It stops.
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