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  1. Questioning the assertion that a talking puppet is showing bias, that's not conservative it's just critical thinking πŸ€”
  2. Remember that movie The Omen?? It was about Al Gore 🀣
  3. 1. It's proven as much as it could ever be proven. See the Greenhouse Effect 2. "Trace gas" is meaningless and irrelevant. 3. I addressed that. You are part of a small and shrinking minority who believes only what they're told by their tribal leaders...
  4. If you're going to even reply to the things like this, rather than just stamp it with a πŸ˜† as it deserves... You can probably add a single fact or observations like.. these things happen... there's not always a reason... and there's no reason for the Democratic Party to do this now than, say, during Trump's speech.. On the other hand, it doesn't matter.
  5. That's a good point. That proves something about politics generally. Trudeau, Obama, Trump. A bartender /teacher, community organizer, a bankrupt reprobate who did pizza hut commercials and was a game show host.
  6. Did you know that the government controls the money supply already? Are you all stocked up for a barter economy? πŸ€”
  7. To explain chuds yet again. I have explained that there are left chuds and right ones. I have explained that they are defined by their ignorance, their susceptibility to fallacies, and so on. Even as such when I describe them.... It floors me when someone says " how dare you insult me!?" πŸ˜‚
  8. 1. No, I make general comments, not specifically about anyone here. 2. There's a RISK. That's different.
  9. 1. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Florida_Man 2. No, they're not. They're populists who oppose things that conservatives stood up for as recently as Harper. Like security, and liberalization of trade. 3. I don't those ideas make anyone a peasant per se. 4. I don't call you names. I didn't call you a peasant. You did call me a cultist. And another thing, I don't think I said that there's a crisis. 5. None of it will be that easy. Only a minority of people don't think humans are causing climate change and warming.
  10. Well I got one answered the question you posed. Then your post didn't respond to my points but just restated what you already said about Carbon, and Canada's size in the world. Why would I respond again when you did that? Then you threw in a conspiracy theory at the end that the UN is trying to control us through fear? How could I even disprove a speculation that a secret plan like that exists? The global utopia is the one that you imagine that we would have if only we cut the Carbon Tax, I suspect. That's too simple.
  11. Why would you? Has he shown a level of civility or principle to make you think that it's possible for him to regret? I haven't seen it.
  12. 1. You've never heard of the Florida man meme.... Ok then... Not a libbie joke, just a joke. 2. I'm conservative because I value our institutions and traditions, and generally see conspiracy theories about scientists, police agencies, universities and institutions as a the views of suspicious peasants. This quote seems garbled: "Oh but I have used the scientists' own conclusions Mike and you...more than anyone here I'd suspect...know it. ". Don't know what you are trying to say.
  13. Because the joke is that Florida is full of goofballs, like Florida man. If you want to crash the joke by bringing statistics, that's a bummer. Let the record show that you do in fact try to bring institutions, statistics and authority to an argument from time to time. But not for serious matters like Climate Change. Only to make sure we all know that jokes aren't real...
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