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  1. 1. Ok - so if you can't find cites, then you should at least admit to having a faulty memory sometimes right ? I found you 3 posts where I expressed sympathy for the Convoy members. 2. 3. Ok. Well I already found some cites showing a memory gap, and as such I can only ask that you keep an open mind as to your impressions. I'm not going to go find cites to convince you, though. You seem nice enough, so I am holding out hope that people on here can disagree and - very occasionally - not need to fill in gaps with negative memories/impressions just because. 4. I hear it's nice outside but I have been in my basement office all day I should go out... maybe I will. Cheers.
  2. No... in our last discussion I asked you for a couple of cites but you didn't come forward. You could also just say you withdraw the claim. I had to show my own cites for your post that I didn't care for the Convoy folks or whatever. I don't have any kind of grudge against you, you know. I think you do post from the heart. You said about me (and eyeball) "You claim it is virtuous to blindly obey and believe anything the government or its departments tell you." And... "I dont' remember you speaking up about much or expressing any kind of sympathy at all and I see you raising long debunked nonsense about what happened during the Convoy," The second one is pretty objectionable, and tells me you don't know me at all. I think you just fill in the gaps based on my snarkiness and refusal to accept broad and emotional claims about the system/the government/institutions ... but I resent the implication that I would not care about people involved in a grass roots movement. Anyway, if you don't want to give me the satisfaction that's fine. I'll move on. But it's pretty noticeable for you to make claims about me and then go silent... only to ask others for cites. Anyway, have a nice day sincerely.
  3. Well, family issues are difficult I know myself. Peace and resolution be unto you then.
  4. 1. Amen, brother. I stand with you on this 100% and will defend to the death your right to say it... uh.... 2. Have him send me his headshot. 3. Uh... 🤨 well THIS post got un-fun very quickly. Good luck with your family I guess...
  5. Therein is the dichotomy of Canadian politics. Scandals don't matter if you like the guy. Similarly, we toss out scandal-free (or almost) leaders like PMs Harper and Martin pretty easily. But anyway, as you are all saying, at this point in history having a vision is the most important thing. PP might have it, but he's not talking about it so much... yet. His fans on here don't seem to think that it's important - I had a thread where some suggested he just needs to cut the Carbon Tax, CBC and some civil servants and we'll be ok.
  6. Yes, but I thought it was due to a court ruling. Also - how are we paying for health care if they don't live here. 🤔I don't understand.
  7. They form a new committee to govern. It's nonsense. Also.. here's the Western Standard calling MOU author a convoy organizer. So maybe I was only slightly confused. https://www.westernstandard.news/news/convoy-organizer-james-bauder-loses-bid-to-move-trial-out-of-ottawa/article_f157ffa2-abab-11ed-9b8b-6379ffb5af78.html
  8. I didn't get the information from the CBC, just a bad brain. Mea Culpa, I stand corrected. But honestly, the protests were loosely organized so maybe it was all random dudes. I can only remember the two main folks who were on trial. Somebody had some document that said the governor general was supposed to take over the government. But why are we even talking about this again? I thought this was about claims I made about them all being Nazis and me not sympathizing. Can you at least acknowledge that you were wrong about me there? I've already admitted I was wrong just now. What's the point of this? Are we just going to tit for tat talk about who is wrong about this or that? I don't see the point. All I wanted to say is I never hated the Convoy people. That's it.
  9. 1. ? No. The Ottawa cops stood by for a long time. They're not going to just crack down every time. 2. I just don't think there's anything else to discuss. We have different opinions of the law is all. I can't really tell what yours is exactly.
  10. 1. Well, dear, you simply misremember. I don't remember everything I type on here but I'm 99.9% sure I didn't write that. Mostly because I didn't think that. Look at the 3 posts I found from a search. 2. I don't think I watched any coverage of the Convoy on CBC at all. Maybe while flipping I might see something and stop and watch but I absolutely never sit in my living room with an agenda to watch CBC Television of any form. So you have said that twice. You can stop saying it now. I respect you enough to respond honestly so you can do me the same courtesy and not make up things about me. 3. There was a document submitted - the MOU I think it was called - by Tamara Lich and another organizer. I don't remember any discussion about that, but you can always search and see if I said something that was incorrect or ill-advised. Tamara Lich wasn't a random dude, though. But - hey - I might be wrong. 4. I listen to local news on the radio in the morning. If you can't deal with that, or you think it poisons me somehow I advise you have a look at how respectful I have been towards you these last posts. You were wrong in several instances, but I don't think you are poison or a liar. You were just incorrect, no biggy.
  11. 1. I trust that our security employees should be able to manage that. 2. The irony is that you are accepting people breaking the law to commit violence against perceived lawbreakers. So... I guess you like vigilantism ? I don't know, just seems that way. Does it feel to you like we don't have anything to discuss here ? Feels like that to me. I guess I'm finding out how you feel about things, but beyond that...
  12. 1. I don't remember it that way, but depends on the question. 2. You're not paying attention then. Not that you have to but: Now I did for a time think that Trudeau statements on the convoy didn't happen but I was proven wrong so I retracted those statements. 3. Cite ? Noting what I said about mistakes I posted and retracted. 4. How many of your arguments require you saying things about me that just aren't true ? I don't watch CBC news. 5. I take you seriously enough to respond honestly.
  13. "She went into the moviesShe's been there ever sinceShe walked out to the lobbyFor a box of Jr. Mints" Some German lady played that song for me and I thought... who eats Jr. Mints at the movies ? The band is American. We Canadians get along.
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