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  1. 1. Sure, but if we had more liberals on here you would have heard the screams, as I did, when he was PM. He was going to ban abortion etc etc.
  2. Oh come on, they didn't even do that for the robocall scandal...
  3. Your concerns are valid, but as you say we are also allocating free speech decisions to private big tech firms. Which option do we want? I don't want government to mandate speech to the nth degree but disinformation is an existential threat now.
  4. I am a kind man and a Christian. I will help you out of the hole and put you back in your hole. Enjoy the thread.
  5. 1. I got vaccinated for you. I took a huge risk, right ? I don't think selfless is exactly the opposite of selfish by the way. I'm normal. If you fall in front of me, and land in a mud puddle with your panties over your head... I will, as a stranger, offer to help you up. You are welcome. 2. I think they do get paid. If they are selfless then they can take an oath of poverty like a nun. There are a giant pile of dudes lining up for 6 figures, and a defined benefit pension plan that pays out when you are in your mid 50s. 3. Ha ha ha ha... I took it that you wouldn't get a vaccine ? And now you want my millions and billions. Get bent and go back to your hole, or your tree...
  6. 1. I don't agree that this is society's ethic but you yourself as said it's your ethic. 2. I'm going to get vaccinated, pay my taxes, pick up litter, signal when I change lanes and so on. I will not ask 'what is in it for me'. I will be thankful for being in a supportive community. I will also stay the hell away from you, though, if I can at all.
  7. So ... you are throwing your lot in with the ants and termites. I doubt that. Are you daring me to search again ?!? 😄
  8. 1. Bullshit. Look at her comment. 2. Therefore... what ? I don't have to do anything and my consumer mentality entitles me to entitlement. Again, bullshit. 3. Doug Ford always had the power to kill you.
  9. I have heard this said before. I was correctly suspicious: https://www.macleans.ca/economy/economicanalysis/why-im-not-going-to-give-at-the-cash-register-in-2015/ "Retailers aren’t legally allowed to claim a deduction for donations of cash that doesn’t belong to them, even if they did collect it"
  10. "I am part of the problem" "I have embraced selfishness as an ethic" "I can no longer expect anyone to do anything for me"
  11. 1. Well, I'm with you then. Why does the nation pretend to care about things but not follow through is my version. 2. I would think TV folks need to be a little pleasant. 3. We knew that last election. 4. Kind of, but it sounds like you want to give forgiveness to one who doesn't apologize, to one who made the mistake as a mature public figure... Personally, I find celebrity fake through and through. I see the reaction of the masses to such folks' crimes as random.
  12. 1. It's just a search. No magic. 2. Sure. Who are you mad at though? People don't apply consistent rules
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