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  1. 1. Old news. Today - everybody talks about it. Liberals talk about it, which is why they're limiting student immigration now. There's only so far you can go with programs that everybody opposes. 2. Cite... $12B ? That sounds high, and you are asserting $24B so please back that one up. But policy changes to stop 'illegals' is about mobilizing enforcement isn't it ? It would be interesting if Poilievre was going to prioritize that. The truth is that the housing industry is big money - a larger share of the GDP than in the past - and governments are rightfully afraid of pricking the balloon. Poilievre is a landlord btw.
  2. 1. No - the claim was that I "like" it or somesuch.... wrong wrong wrong. Cite me where I posted that I like police beatings, please.... 2. Heh heh heh.... cite ? Goddess, I actually did sympathize with the Convoy somewhat as did most Canadians. I know a lot of you ache for the chance to argue with me but you have to pick something we disagree on first. Check with me and I"ll let you know
  3. 1. I don't see it as being something we should accept or see as inevitable. It's a low bar, to say violence would happen if someone's way is blocked. If that's what you are saying. 2. I can accept some responses, not others. 3. It doesn't seem like a principle that can be applied in any society that allows protest. Do you believe trespassers should be subject to violence by police? People breaking windows? I don't.
  4. 1. Remember he did that in French only, and for a reason. And although I didn't agree, you had evidence of wingnuts at the leadership level of the Convoy such as demanding the GG take over parliament (or something), racist diatribes, and Wexit talk... 2. Nope. You're just wrong on that. Any anyway, I hear about that stuff on this forum all the time. There's stuff that happens that isn't even covered on forums. I'm talking about things a little more serious than Pat King sitting in jail for awhile...
  5. To the contrary - PP does a great job of holding Trudeau's feet to the fire, including blaming him for provincial shortfalls. My public Facebook feed is full of people blaming Trudeau for lots of things outside his control and that's a credit to Pierre.
  6. I find this topic to be another example that straddles the left/right divide inconsistently. We have safe-injection sites ? Why not safe sites for people who want to eat sheep pills ? SMH
  7. 1. I don't see why. There wasn't any significant instance of that happening in Ottawa. In fact, Canadians generally sympathized with the protests while also disagreeing with them. 2. I like that idea but it doesn't happen easily. You'd have to address the concerns of many subgroups.
  8. 1. All of the things you referenced are part of the right to process, I think. So I answered once, ie. yes to all of your questions. 2. So it is. You jumped in on a comment I made to Reason10. Mea culpa. I have nothing to say about the incident, however I feel like armchair fascists usually express glee at the death of those with different opinions. This isn't your POV, but part of the OP.
  9. 1. Strange, because you responded to those 3 things in your last post. And I responded to your response too. You seem to be tamping down the incendiary language, so let's call that an agreement. Maybe that's why the conversation is over. 2. Do you see Bill Gates as some kind of supervillain ? I fail to understand why he is frequently brought up in these conversations. Maybe you think methane is funny or something, I don't know. But you earlier made reference to non-experts failing to understand a complex topic. I would submit Climate Change is another example. 3. Just cite your science and I'll read it. I'm definitely open to it, and if you don't believe me ask me about my concerns about Climate Change exaggeration ...
  10. 1. I support the right to protest, yes. All of this happened with a right-wing populist protest in Ottawa and we accepted that. If someone had been killed, I would be horrified and moved by that. I would NEVER say "they took out the trash". If you don't want to retract your statement, that's fine. But I don't see what there is to discuss here.
  11. What will happen, though, is that the tribesmen will switch sides as to how bad our problems are in different areas. And don't forget the time honoured tradition of blaming the last guys for the mess we're in.
  12. This is an example of the normalization of political violence, ie changing social attitudes diminishing the seriousness of it.
  13. So... let me understand this now... Ignorant twats were not a factor 🤔... Well that's just no fun is it?
  14. And yet, for us they're identical...
  15. It was number one on CBC and City news sites for a long time...
  16. I agree but would also add intelligence, and ability to dunk a basketball 🏀
  17. 1. I didn't see any adverbs in those excerpts. 2. No, not unless. Rather.... "Especially if" 3. There's ridicule all around. No need to look down at those who don't have PhDs. Those with PhDs agreed with the crowd. I asked a Chemistry Prof about the vaccines, and got my (not horse medicine 💊 🐎) dose right from the source.
  18. 1. How about the effect of hyperbolic adverbs? Listen - information management by a central authority is central to order, period. This is why hyperbolic disinformation is sponsored by foreign nations. The opposition to science was not only permitted, but it flourished and it still does. 2. Which describes every fake science YouTube channel cited on here to inflame the ignorant about the threat of: -the UN -the WEF -Climategate -Transgender people -15 minute cities -Critical Race Theory -Woke -the education system -Bill Gates .... Ideas can just be discussed on their merits. Experts are helpful to give validity to ideas, and experts who differ on subjects that are actually contentious are especially helpful.
  19. 1. Okay, well instead of saying we'll fix the system, how about we make it fit for use by the existing electorate. 2. Okay, I like the fact that your suggestion is concrete and realistic. Not sure if it would do much to stop any party leader, such as Trudeau, since going against him would get you booted from the party anyway. Right? And if you try to run independently... Good luck. 3. I think if we look at the media supporting the public sphere, and what's wrong with that, we might come up with a solution that aligns The voter with the information they need. Some ideas here though. Thanks
  20. Ok, but Trump is much worse IMO. But,ok, we're electing incompetent leaders because we're sick and the political sphere is sick. What do we do to get better? The system is too complicated to reform, and yet desperately needs reform. Undemocratic solutions aren't the answer either.
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