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  1. I agree with you 100% as long as you agree that the epistemic crisis crosses political boundaries. In other words, there is more unprincipled analysis than principled analysis across the board. How many people criticize protests based on the makeup of the attendees, including our current prime minister? If you have to break down the people making the argument, in order to analyze the validity of the argument, you legitimize ad hominem.
  2. You're wrong about me, and I have not seen anything that backs up your claims about the protests at scale. I already explained why you are biased, because you're using the same methods that anti convoy people used to discredit that movement. I'm taking about picking sides for the demonstration. You have a desperate need to classify politics in a binary way. I can't find anything to base a discussion with you on for this.
  3. I think so. But Charlottesville was a White Supremacist Rally and these are Anti Israel protests. The Ottawa rally was an anti Trudeau rally. All different things.
  4. 1. The university protests are about Divestment. Again, you are finding a reason to take a side, a knee jerk reaction and rush to judge. 2. I am, because I'm not trying to label one side correct and the other one wrong as you do again and again. These situations are complicated and you're indulging yourself to broadly weigh in with one side. 3. Based on what ? People were posting tons of pictures of Convoy protesters with Swastikas etc. but I knew it wasn't indicative of the protest as a whole. That's because I'm objective and you're not. This discussion won't go anywhere, though. I have said my piece.
  5. I agree with this part. The protest here is in sympathy with them for the most part, as far as I can see. We can pick out outliers, individuals who are behaving poorly, and that's arguable ... but it doesn't condemn the whole movement any more than Pat King did for the convoy.
  6. You are myopic when it comes to your own biases. The tribe I'm speaking about is students and you take a dislike to them. There are few qualitative differences between this and the ottawa protest and yet you favour one over the other based on outliers. "a lot of them" "some of them" these are weasel words you can pick out to cheer for the side that resembles your tribe the most. You despise my objectivity, that's your issue.
  7. Well both sides isn't automatically a bad thing. Maybe if there's Nazis on one side it's a bad thing.
  8. 1. Your assumption that bad workers are at the core of healthcare system problems is not substantiated and reflects the type of ignorance Canadians have about management, that I was thinking about. Command and Control management is becoming extinct but the Canadian public is unaware. 2. But they are today. They frame the debate and they are the ones who demand improvements and change. Except this is done through Federal and Provincial elections - which are such a remote means of control that the system stays stuck. I agree with your point about paperwork and bureaucracy. But pulling bureaucracy out of public services is even harder to manager than just operating the system. 3. They're actually business terms. 4. It's worked terribly but just because you can train a parrot to say "Culture Change" doesn't mean you can make the parrot a manager. 5. Using such language is not a solution. Actually changing things top down is. That's what you want, and I agree. And it's called Culture Change. Unfortunately fake managers imitate the language of good ones, much as kids pull their grandparents' clothes out of the close and play dress-up. 6. Except you're going to have a private monopoly not much better than a public one. Again, I didn't say I was against two-tier so I don't know why you're still discussing with me as though I am. 7. Your assessment is simplistic, but again I agree with the idea that two-tier can help. But not if we have public attitudes that will essentially turn Healthcare into Rogers vs Bell Canada all over again. You want a slightly better product at a much higher cost ? Go that way. Anyway, I don't think there's enough we disagree on here to continue the conversation. I could explain some management scenarios I have been through but I don't think there's much point.
  9. 1. I guess you missed my point: offering 2-tier would necessarily mean a re-org. 2. These are part of any system - public or private. 3. I see your point, but as per my point 2. you will need to develop better management across the board - in both the public and private system or the public system will collapse. The rest of your post sort of restates your points again. Canadians have a deep ignorance of management, and the public's role in it. We are served by monopolies with bad service practices, which has transformed us into a society of consumers with low expectations. Culture change is needed and - no - it's not impossible as you suggest. Past failure is not evidence that it can never happen. That's like saying the Leafs will never win the cup again because they haven't done it in 57 years.
  10. Many...Most... From what I've seen, posters here are basing their support on tribal affiliation. Many and most Are the kind of terms that people used to discredit the convoy protesters right? Didn't Trudeau say many of The leaders were racists etc? Go to the principles of democratic engagement. A group of people are protesting what they see as an atrocity. It's not necessary to form an absolute opinion on all of it. There are points on both sides. Remember that Canadians didn't agree with the Convoy protesters but sympathized with them. Also... I strongly agree that the river to the sea is unacceptable, and shouldn't be said in an atmosphere of tension and threats. They also get cute with signs in Arabic, that apparently have violent slogans written.
  11. If you can admit stuff to watch, you can admit that some people feel it's tough enough to want to protest. Are you against this protest then? It sure seems a lot less inconvenient than the Ottawa convoy protest.
  12. 1. And 2. contradict each other. You also pose a very serious problem with 2. that I agree with: how can those in charge execute this? We have to start acknowledging that we don't think about MANAGEMENT enough in the public sphere. There are public entities and non-profits that are well managed. We need to make more. Maybe we mandate private healthcare to form subject matter groups with public health.
  13. I hear you and I read you. Kissinger is dead. Who has an idea of what would work? A new Westphalia peace? You have 3 great powers, all with major flaws.
  14. 1. I sure didn't say THAT. 2. So ? That was 35 years ago right ?
  15. I always think that argument is over-used. I still do. Not sure about the rest of them who drop that term a lot.
  16. Hint: He lives in Moscow. Multi-polar doesn't have to mean armed conflict. If Russia had any future as one of the poles they wouldn't be betting all their chips.
  17. I never understood why you had to declare an allegiance when you register for voting in the USA. Seems to favor status quo. Is that information public?
  18. Well do you think there's a too far ? If so then all you disagree with the protesters on, is where that line is.
  19. So... we can't oppose Israel in any way ? Or... it's wrong to ? I find that weird... we even oppose the US and we're joined at the hip to them.
  20. If he's still around he's voting for Trump. Nobody talks about the hippies anymore... because it's embarrassing to the left AND the right.
  21. "take the bait" ? Things were worse back then... and the Democrats never came back from it - which is what I expect you're saying But anything burned was rebuilt pretty soon after. And the 77 year old radicals are voting for Trump now. So... get off of ... your own lawn ? 🤨
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