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  1. I would say that nobody was getting arrested, but I suspected that the time would come 😞 The people who said we're living in Communism were wrong though, then I mean not in five years. And those who wanted a culture war... you have it.
  2. I can speak about volunteer projects, when done right, being illuminating in that the alienation aspect of work that is so common, is swept away.
  3. The picking up pieces part is tellingly socialistic though. All for one and one for all (when those too big to fail, do fail and fall)
  4. As expected, no response from betsy 😕
  5. 1. There's no reason the state can't mobilize people to achieve those goals that you stated. The US government did this in the 1930s to great effect, not his work Fair but as infrastructure projects. 2. Not sure if you're agreeing or disagreeing with me, or what the point is but maybe you're agreeing with me. 3. Okay, yes you seem to be agreeing. We are multiple times more wealthy than we were 50 years ago. It seems to me the distribution of wealth should be a less difficult problem then producing it.
  6. 1. I think we have discussed before. Workfare is an example of psuedo-volunteer corps being deployed for public service. 2. True but we can't come up with a model collectively, we usually follow big brains into their vision. 3. I largely agree with this. The thing that people are also missing is that we're using corporate and social models from the past and getting frustrated when they don't fit. I watched an entire video from a channel called "Economics Explained" that was puzzling on how tech corporate monoliths who create 100% unemployment should be "taxed". If you had a magical machine that served the interests of the entire earth but it was owned by one man - what would be done to coax the machine away from that man ? That's what they were essentially asking. The answer is, of course, that you take the machine away from him and make him a god, a saint, kill him, put him in jail.... and then move on...
  7. Well we went through this with the industrial revolution... and it took decades to fix... the final result was the welfare state, unions and the social compact. UBI could easily make use of the available labour if there was a will to try something.
  8. Well it's very possible to control them, as evidenced by their response. I get it - if the government came to my house and told me that I would have to give them 1/2 my earnings I'd be upset too... if it was 1916 that is. They don't consider themselves to be subject to national control and maybe they should now.
  9. No, that's the first time you've made that assertion.. the previous posts, they were argumentative. You claim that the fact that this guy previously quoted the WEF and was listed as a contact, but now demonizes them and wants to ban them... Is irrelevant. Ok then. Thanks 😂
  10. I'm proud to be called out in this directionless rant. On a web board, if you want to discuss politics you have to try to be objective. Your picture of the spiritually battered Canadian, as a result of the federal government, could never be proven so why even state that? Of course Trudeau is unpopular, and for sure the economy is behind that. No serious commenter would ascribe the situation to passport design, and DEI. When the Conservatives win the next election, I suspect that you will immediately be satisfied by the superficial changes that the new government makes to the point where you believe national unity has been solved. The truth is that huge economic problems are going to be approaching us, and the new government is going to be challenged. I will support them as I do any Canadian government, and I will be on here with honest analysis and criticism of the real issues.
  11. You haven't contradicted my claim at all. Of course he can ban a lobbying group. But looks like he was all for it before it became a conspiracy theory.
  12. That article doesn't contradict my claim. He cited WEF reports in the house of commons and was listed on their website as a contact. https://web.archive.org/web/20210401060525/https://www.weforum.org/people/Pierre-poilievre
  13. The worst nightmare is when Poilievre wins and has to actually deal with problems. On the plus side, Chud memes will disappear as they have for Doug Ford... It's pretty telling that the populists use such bullshitty tactics to help their team... I guess that's the new brand... Btw lots of Cons were on the WEF list including Poilievre. Will those bogeymen disappear too?
  14. Betsy... here's you denigrating Trudeau for being a drama teacher... You're pretty hypocritical about the issue of experience it seems... https://repolitics.com/forums/topic/25455-donald-vs-hillary/?do=findComment&comment=1193940
  15. I disagree. Government created a new era of prosperity in the west post WW2, which included equality.
  16. The best thing about the coming Poilievre victory will be the memes going away. Like they did for Doug Ford no more anti government hysteria on social media
  17. Oddly the one thing that's worse is economic equality and the memes never mention that. As you mentioned, fear spreading and divisiveness is the biggest goal of the project. It's a big problem, and we need to fix this top down and bottom up.
  18. How about working to undermine international cooperation? Fueling conspiracy talk about the UN, WHO, NATO by starting with the WEF.
  19. There's a meme that says "If you're reading this in English thank a soldier" implying that military loss means the end of your culture. Well that doesn't explain Quebec. England forged Canada as a place where royal authority dictated inclusion of a French Catholic nation... and a place next door to the birthplace of modern democracy. All that, with a healthy economy, set up the political topology that is Canada. It will continue, once/if we adjust to the new public media sphere and world political economy. Easy Peasy 😄
  20. That was an interesting link. Who is the elite in that one ? Both sides of that debate (or all 3 individuals) are elite academic left- or centre-leftists.
  21. They don't understand the term. They even talk about the elites in lockstep with Marxians while they imagine Communism is shaming people into using pronouns they/them/theirs. The so-called "democratic model" had a tacit element of hierarchy - in that the messages were not aimed for a large group of people who didn't participate in elections, didn't read the news etc. This was the post-WW2 political-economic boardgame as communicated by the media channels of the 20th century. The current model looks more like the 18th century or pre-radio days. We need to step back and re-design our democracy for the media landscape of today. That would either mean tamping down on freedoms or redesigning our systems to be more inclusive and simpler so that engagement would be more natural than it was under the top-down mass media sphere (TV, cable, radio)
  22. Basically - Republicans are cheap and would rather take a tax cut and buy a pool to make the 2nd wife happy and all Americans accept the results as balanced as the money rolls uphill and collects at the tippy top of the anthill. Although I did't see it mentioned: The Liberals are basically ok with it, because they want to fight about identity politics I guess. More interesting to me is how the language of Marxism is being slowly adopted by the Chuds - most notably the use of the term "Elites". At one point they may actually wake up and discover that their Buddha Trump was born into wealth and lived in a system that facilitated the continued success of stupid wealth .... We shall see as they say...
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