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  1. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2024-election/trump-vice-president-running-mate-pick-jd-vance-rcna157485 We will see if this is consequential or not. I'm guessing it might have an effect in the margins. There might be a few fence sitters that don't like Trump or Biden but think Vance would be a better replacement if/when the POTUS dies. Time will tell. Mostly this is an election about the anti's. Anti-Trump vote v Anti-Biden vote.
  2. Actually: Protesters knock down White House security barricades as tensions mount over Floyd’s death
  3. Tmyiu know who wants to reduce fossil fuel use? Countries that don't have fossil fuels. This is a power grab by outlawing the resources other countries control.
  4. No. Lies that Trump said people will die if he's not elected. Lies that said Trump will be a dictator. Lies that said Trump wants to be Hitler. Lies that said Trump is working for Russia. Lies that said Trump will ban abortions. Lies that said Trump will enslave blacks. Those are the lies that led to the assassination attempt. Lies that you repeat as if they are facts. Lies that you live and breath. Those lies are insidious, inflammatory and disgraceful.
  5. His appointment was illegal. Special Counsel are supposed to be extra DOJ not intra DOJ and they are supposed to have limited scope and limited jurisdiction. Jack Smith was in the DOJ and was given an unlimited scope woth unlimited jurisdiction. There is no room for appeal.
  6. There was no coup. You still are repeating lies that led to an assassination attempt.
  7. Jack Smith has been abmonished by SCOTUS for his banana republic b.s. before. You guys and your insistence on believing these fantasies and lies are why we had an assassination attempt. It's disgusting and sad that you can't wake up from your fantasy dream and see reality.
  8. It's the same playbook he used on Bob McDonnell. He's one of the worst abusers of our judicial system in the history of the country.
  9. It's not dead in the water, it done sank and is gone forever. This is proof that Joe Biden was engaging in lawfare/banana republic style government. It is time for him to resign in disgrace.
  10. There was no incitement to violence. That is the lie that incited an assassination attempt.
  11. And I'm making stuff up? You are the problem. You are the reason there was an assassination attempt.
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