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  1. I think you've missed the spelling mistake. BTW do you agree with the GOP establishment that him being charged is similar treatment to Mao and Stalin considering he's innocent until proven guilty?
  2. Trump's been indicated!!!! 🤣 But Biden is the one with an addled brain? https://twitter.com/jeanneenabottle/status/1641574762047479811/photo/1
  3. Other than Healthcare, The US has two pretty unique national problems. Guns and Incarceration. The solution to those on the right is more guns and more prisoners.
  4. The comparisons to autocratic regimes are hilarious. If this was Mao or even Putin! Trump would already be in a Gulag awaiting a show trial. In the US he gets to negotiate the terms of his surrender. Is the base stupid enough to believe this tripe?
  5. The Good Guy with a Gun argument is becoming more irksome the more I hear it. This shooter rolled up with 3 weapons and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. Does every school need an armed guard? Even a Christian Middle School? In Uvalde there were officers that were supposed to protect the school. They waited outside and let kids get murdered because they were outgunned. A pistol won't do shit when someone decides, for whatever reason, they want to murder people on their way out. So is America really going down the path where security needs weapons of war, because weapons of war are so easy to get? Seems more like a 3rd world country than the richest country to ever exist.
  6. Lots of people have Mental Health issues in lots of countries. In no other country can people with Mental Health Issues buy weapons of war and hundreds of rounds, no questions asked.
  7. And because they probably like a lot of what's in the Old Testament, which is fundamentally a Jewish document.
  8. So what countries do you feel work culturally? Certainly not the UK or the US. Both are as culturally diverse as Canada. France, Germany, Spain? Are those countries models of cultural integration? Do we need to go to Eastern Europe where the cultural make-up is more homogenous to see examples of a country should be? I think not. Japan is the one Advanced Economy that is quite homogenous and they're headed for a demographic catastrophe as they refuse to embrace immigration and their fertility rate collapses.
  9. I think you'll find, more than not, Canada's culture is driven by very non-religious things. And if anything Canada's culture is linked to the wide diversity of religions and culture, not just white-bread colonialists who though Reformers in Europe were't pious enough.
  10. Well you seem annoyed when people pray wrong so. . . Since a lot of Catholic Doctrine came about long after Jesus lived, and the Bible was written, I suspect you have strong opinions on them. I certainly do.
  11. So? AFAIK Catholics and Protestants have very different ways, in which they pray. In Ontario and Quebec, Catholics seem to have way more sway, politically? Does that annoy you?
  12. Maybe I'm prejudiced, but I can't get over his delivery. And yeah, it pisses me off when I click on a video telling me "This is why EVs are Crap" and he mentions and easily irrefutable issue for 3 minutes and moves on to something else. I clicked on this video for a comprehensive take-down of EVs, so Eff you, you hick!
  13. Two of those articles focus on Tesla. Tesla has its own unique problems with service. It treats cars like an iPhone. It's probably advantageous for them to just get a new car. I'm also confident Tesla isn't just throwing a car with a broken battery into the landfill.
  14. And you've been told multiple times, in this thread, that EVs are far less likely to combust that traditional ICE vehicles.
  15. The uproar over this is Conspiracy Theory tripe. It would be lovely to be a 15 minute walk from all necessary amenities. Suburbs aren't built that way however. That being said, If this "was" going to be made policy, how can they determine you work 15 minutes from your home? Or that your family is 15 minutes from your home? BTW infilling Suburbs is the only way to actually make them sustainable. Suburbs can only make money with Single-Family units if they sprawl like a virus. And that's not sustainable. The prudent move is to infill the land with more affordable multi-family dwellings. Condos, Duplexes, Basement Apartments, Townhomes etc etc etc. People opposed to such things are nothing but NIMBY's and are part of the problem. If they want only Single Family homes in their town, they best be prepared to pay significantly more in taxes.
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