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  1. Carbon cycle and the ocean

    Thanks for being a good sport about my jabs on the website.  Not meaning to be personal, but it makes for some good theatre while we actually DO touch on some critical issues.

    One of our business relationships is with an Irish company that makes water treatment filtration equipment for municipal and industrial water and sewage treatment.   They have shown some fantastic numbers in demonstrations and in service, but I began to notice that each time they knocked those out of the ballpark, the same filtration medium was involved.  So, I brought that up and they were nice enough to introduce me to the owner of the company that developed said media.   His credentials in the world of water - both fresh and oceanic - would fill a small book.  His payback to the world is trying to get the message out about something that really IS a major concern.  You can find Howard's website at:   www.goesfoundation.com    Reality is: a lot of "climate science" is driven by the want of funding for a particular agenda.  It is pretty hard for a legitimate scientist to make his or her point against the rather large momentum of "CO2 all bad, xxxxxx all good (because I get paid for xxxxx).   Please try to keep an open mind as I am saying this out of genuine concern, not some sort of political agenda.

    re: transportation stuff:   I am very much IN that business.  When I walk into my former JV partners, now largest client, we are designing, building and installing EV charging stations.   I am hardly on the "other" side of that issue.   Mining of Lithium and Cobalt is genuinely a nasty business and an EV uses literally THOUSANDS of the same little cells used elsewhere.  There is not enough Lithium known or forecast to exist to put even a tiny dent in the storage capacity needed to electrify any significant amount of transportation.

    see you back in the bull ring.

  2. Plastics are a problem. But some are particularly pervasive and have easy alternatives. Recycling works when there's a market for the product being recycled. Most glass, aluminum and cardboard does get recycled. The problem with plastics is that it's cheaper just to make new plastic.
  3. Which is precisely why certain products are being banned. No one is trying ban aluminum cans.
  4. Sure if we stopped eating meat and all took public transportation a lot of the global problems would be solved. No one wants to do that tho. Cite some credible sources that indicate THIS is the real problem? Spewing toxic gases until they run out is good right?
  5. Good thing most of Ontario's power isn't subject to these issues. 2017 don't inform the current environment. And you'd expect the province with 1/3 of the population would have most of the "power outages". The article doesn't indicated any of the power outages were due to "lack of supply". The Power goes down because of weather or a freak accident.
  6. There is plenty of capacity that can be tapped into. This isn't the US where citizens refuse to pay for anything through taxes. I'm talking about crappy old transmission wires. The overall capacity is there. Newer communities in Ontario don't have this problem. Do you have evidence for this? BTW I haven't seen a brown out in Ontario, well EVER! We have a very good grid currently. Nuclear and Hydro are very stable sources and the supply of LNG is ample. It's how most of us currently heat our homes.
  7. Again the storm speaks to aging infrastructure of delivering power. Which is certainly a concern. But it doesn't speak to our generation mix. I think it's pretty good and I hope we continue to invest in Nuclear. I will agree that how the previous Liberal Government handle Green Energy was wrong. They overpaid for it. Hopefully now that the Conservatives have been given a huge mandate, things will improve.
  8. It's a somewhat fair analysis. I'm glad he pointed out that China is actually doing a lot to invest in Green Energy. A lot of people don't realize that. Though a lot of his critiques aren't issues here in Canada. He points that out in the video. Canada has a relatively population and vast natural resources. Most of our electricity is made using green sources. But something no EV critic ever understands or concedes is that the relative energy an EV uses compared to an ICE makes it a no brainer for efficiency. An ICE needs an extraordinary amount of relative energy to operate. A litre of gasoline is quite energy dense, but most ICE vehicles need a lot of it. If you had a 50 kwh EV motor. You're only need the energy equivalent of about 5 litres of gas to charge your car.
  9. I have, yes. And with these stations I would be more likely to use an EV when I go to Montreal again. It's a start. These are Fast Chargers, people won't be waiting there all day. You don't have to be rich to own an EV. And the Oil industry is heavily subsidized. The government knows this is the way personal transportation is going, so infrastructure is being invested in. Also, these are privately run Charging Stations. Users pay to use them. No different from the Canadian Tire Gas Stations at these OnRoutes. The government isn't subsidizing Tim Hortons here. It's just a convenient place to have these things.
  10. You should probably provide a cite for your claim that Ontario's grid is "vulnerable". With the move to Natural Gas over Coal, I think we've greatly improved the situation. And with such area, we have Wind, Solar and Hydro options that we can look to. The storm only effected isolated areas. And speaks more to how we get power to homes rather than how we generate power.
  11. How is this a waste of taxpayer dollars? https://www.onroute.ca/brands/ev-chargers
  12. I'll take a look when I get the chance. To be clear, I didn't buy an EV because I thought I was saving the world. I got an EV because I do have a 90-100 kms commute and I was in the market for a new car. I don't want to be bound by the gas roller coaster. Say what you will about electricity and natural gas, their prices are for more consistent than gas. So if you can budget $500 for a new car, you know that you can largely eliminate a few hundred dollars a month by avoiding buying gas and regular oil changes and other maintenance. Back when I was paying $50/week for gas, that's a real savings.
  13. The Ted Talk? I referenced this in my post to Nationalist. People get caught up on the emissions to produce an EV but completely ignore the emissions associated with production of gasoline. They just focusing on the emissions from the car itself as if that gasoline just appeared in your Petro Canada via teleportation. I also quibble with his insistence that people require an EV with identical range of a comparable ICE. If your daily commute falls within the range the EV you want to buy then you should have no issue. An EV doesn't need to go 500-800 kms to be viable. We'll get their eventually though. If people have to drive hundreds of kms a day or don't have a garage, then EV ownership will be a pain. But for those that have a garage and a sensible commute, they're amazing.
  14. The baby steps are that private industry realize that innovating in ways they use I doubt anything Trump did contributed to that. Efficiency will always lead to improved emissions. Moving from Coal to LNG will do wonders for Emission totals. He trumpeted Coal as something he would continue to advocate for. But Coal doesn't make sense when you have Natural Gas.
  15. To encourage the likes of you to get an EV. Chicken or Egg. The issue that spurned this thread initially was the network of EnRoute Stations in Ontario. Along busy transportation routes, mostly on the 401, Ontario have these service stations with a gas station and plenty of food. These stations should also have EV chargers. Currently you have to find chargers off the highway in Big Box parking lots. And these chargers are always owned by private companies. We just need more of them.
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