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  1. It's weird how the Republicans only care about the Debt Ceiling when a Dem is in power. 


    1. Shady


      It’s not about raising the debt ceiling, it’s about eliminating it.  Democrats want to completely eliminate it.

    2. TreeBeard


      What’s it good for?

  2. Cite. Vulnerable individuals should be getting a Booster, but mandating shots every 6 months is a bit of a stretch.
  3. Happy Vax Passport Day Ontario! 

    1. Shady


      There’s nothing to celebrate about becoming East Germany.  Hopefully it’ll only be until the spring.

    2. Shady


      There’s nothing to celebrate about becoming East Germany.  Hopefully it’ll only be until the spring.

  4. Stopped a lot of them. Especially for the fully vaxxed. We aren't because certain restrictions stayed in place. No celebration about the End of COVID that ended up costing your Federal partner in the election.
  5. Because its still summer. AND there are still many unvaccinated people still getting infected. We'd have daily numbers under 200 if it wasn't for the unvaxxed. Keeping masking in public indoor spaces has helped Ontario not go down the path of Alberta. Winter is the big test for how we can handle the fourth wave. Things didn't get bad last year until November.
  6. Suburban Toronto is the most powerful region in the country. No party can win power without its support. 

    1. TreeBeard


      This makes sense, since it is the mostly densely populated place in Canada.

      Cities are actually under-represented on average based on population per riding than more rural areas.  

  7. 100% COVID is not the measles. It will mutate and immunity will wane. A vaccine is the safest way to build up an immunity against a virus that'll be with us for sometime.
  8. O'Toole was fully supportive of Jason Kenney's handling of COVID, which has led that province's Healthcare on the verge of collapse. I'm not sure I can support that kind of leadership. 

    1. Show previous comments  20 more
    2. Boges


      That's not true at all. I didn't vote for him in 2015 or 2019. 

      And if O'Toole does win, I won't be upset. 


    3. Argus


      The idea Trudeau cares about Covid, as opposed to 'saying the right things' is laughable. This is the government which failed utterly to prepare, threw away PPE gear, retasked the health units which were supposed to watch for pandemics, ignored the Chinese one, telling Canadians to go have fun on spring break, and didn't do a thing until Trudeau's wife caught it.

      They didn't even try to order PPE gear until the end of March, refused to close the borders, at first, then refused to institute health screening or quarantines. They made a secret deal with CHINA for vaccines, and when they finally realized months later that China was jerking them around floundered around the world throwing buckets of money at pharmaceutical companies to let us in line ahead of others. How much we'll probably never know as they made the costs state secrets. 

      They have shown little interest in fighting covid, and Trudeau's policy on vaccines was identical to O'Toole's up until the election, when he evidently felt he could make political hay out of pitting O'Toole as softer on vaccines than him. Thus he helped further politicize vaccines.

      Alberta performed well through most of Covid. It was only the fourth wave that hit them hard.

    4. Boges


      The 3rd wave hit them hard as well. 

  9. I think you're the one that may have to "set-up" elsewhere. These public health measures are overwhelmingly popular. A politician like DoFo wouldn't enact a Vaccine Passport if he didn't realize it's a political winner. And a lot of these mental health issues comes from dealing with family or friends that refuse to accept the reality and this pandemic and ruin their personal relationships because they don't agree we should be doing these things.
  10. I agree. It was tough for everyone, which is why we need to do all we can to prevent more lockdowns. But to take the permanent step to end your life over a very temporary condition is quite extraordinary.
  11. VAERS doesn't prove a death was caused by the vaccine. Only that someone died recently after having the vaccine. And with hundreds of millions of doses administered in the US, that's a statistical certainty. The only serious side-effect documented, AFAIK is rare mycarditis in young adults for the mRNA vaccine and blood clots for the AZ vaccine.
  12. I bet you're quibbling with Causation due to Correlation when coming to terms with the fact that Lockdowns always result in a reduction in cases.
  13. And of course you have non-VAERSE related stats to back those claims up right?
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