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  1. That's what all of NATO is doing. They aren't fighting which they would have had to do if Ukraine joined NATO. In fact they would have had to do it in 2014 when Ukraine annexed Crimea. Your "fear" of Nuclear war leads you to be an appeaser. The same type of person that allowed Hilter to gain power. You're a Neville Chamberlain.
  2. It's such a dumb opinion. It doesn't even track logically. We are all appalled by the invasion of Ukraine. We aren't sending troops in to die, but support Ukraine in defence of its homeland. You come in here with the moronic take that supporting Ukraine's defence is warmongering. And that supporting Ukraine is effeminate because we won't join the fight. Which you say you don't want. DUMB!
  3. It begs the question, what information what could convince you of the reality of this war? Footage of Putin hanged in the streets?
  4. Awe Muffin! Someone's projecting. Can bear the fact that Putin might be losing.
  5. Now who's sealioning? Even direct quotes are cast in doubt without any alternative narrative.
  6. Everywhere. This report isn't opinion. It's reporting things Putin is on record saying. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/oct/05/putin-appears-to-admit-severe-russian-losses-in-ukraine
  7. You don't have evidence that they're well equipped. Ukraine is well equipped thanks to NATO.
  8. OK but Putin, in his own words, called for an additional mobilization and these desperate annexations. Also, a professional army defending its homeland > a bunch of conscripts thrown into the meat grinder.
  9. So you're not a real man? Good to know! Putin started this war if he uses Nukes only he will bare the blame.
  10. A joke. It was a joke that Russia annexed territory like Hitler in 1938. Everything you say is propaganda from the Kremlin. It's NATO's fault that Putin can't annex the territory he wants. Poor Putin, he needs to drop nukes on Ukraine!!!
  11. Seems Easy when untrained conscripts are thrown out as Cannon Fodder.
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