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  1. I said borderline. 😏
  2. I will say, I'm starting to agree that rolling restrictions on freedoms based on case counts and hospitalization figures are oppressive and borderline fascist. But that shouldn't be conflated with a bilateral policy of requiring truckers who cross the border regularly to be vaccinated. That's not terribly controversial.
  3. I agree, this round of restrictions is especially punitive and unhelpful. Notice, we're telling everyone their cloth masks are useless, yet we still need to wear them? Only N95 masks? But no one really has the guts to mandate N95 masks or mandate 3rd doses for passports. With Omicron, the idea of having a server wear a mask and making people wear masks when going to the bathroom, BUT sitting and eating is a safe zone makes no sense.
  4. Well if Dr. Tam thinks Omicron has peaked then that settles it. :) 

    1. OftenWrong


      And if she changes her mind in two weeks, that settles it too.

  5. Canadian Soccer Star Alfonso Davies suffers from Myocarditis. . . From a COVID infection and not a vaccine. 

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    2. BubberMiley


      Especially if they go unvaxxed and get covid 

    3. OftenWrong


      Preconditions place them at risk for many things. That’s why it’s reasonable to allow more exemptions.

      At the very least, persons with other illness should be monitored closely by their physicians.

      But family physicians arent really involved in this much, are they.

    4. Infidel Dog

      Infidel Dog

      I looked for something supporting this claim of pre-existing conditions.

      The closest I could find is this:

      "Other players have had myocarditis before coronavirus, Nagelsmann said, but noted it wasn't really relevant to the team how Davies contracted it or to how it would be treated."

      That's from the CBC. I could give you the full quote from the CBC but because I enjoy pissing off the right people I'll give you the full story from a right wing source:


      Another day, another story about a soccer player being sidelined due to sudden-onset heart-related illness. 

      Continuing a disturbing trend of professional soccer players being pulled from games, Canadian star Alphonso Davies, who plays for Bayern Munich, is showing signs of an "inflammation of the heart muscle," according to CP24

      He is only 21 years old.


      Davies has been ruled out of Canada's three World Cup qualifiers set to take place in Janaury and February.

      His club manager, Julian Nagelsmann, has said that the problem was caught during a follow up COVID examination.

      “He'll sit out training until further notice. He won't be available, also in the coming weeks. The ultrasound shows this myocarditis isn't so dramatic but it's a sign of myocarditis. Still, it has to heal and that will definitely take some time,” the skipper commented.

      He didn't attribute the inflammation to Covid right away, stating: “There are different reasons, especially viral load or the flu, for instance, that can cause cardiac problems."

      "That occurred pre-corona to other players. Now the probability is higher if you combine corona and top athleticism, that might cause other problems. But that's not relevant for us right now. It's not relevant to the treatment. It doesn't matter if Alphonso Davies had this from the flu or Omicron-Delta or whatever. That's not really the decisive factor," he continued.

      “The situation is that it's absolutely awful, terrible. What can I say? A bad situation for us.”

      Davies has stopped training and is widely considered one of the best left backs in the world. 

      He is fully vaccinated and got his booster in December, reports says.


  6. See this is happening all at the same time. This is the concern more than the severity of Omicron.
  7. Let me re-phrase. I was stressed about my inability to get a haircut. Not the act of getting one. I don't feel comfortable if my hair gets too long. That being said, knowing that Omicron is airborne and only really prevented by an N95 mask, I did find myself somewhat anxious doing indoor dining over the Holidays. Not that I fear an Omicron infection will kill me, but that an infection is likely regardless.
  8. If he's fired, it's for more of the Lockdown fetishizers. At least this lockdown didn't result in Personal Care Services and Non-Essential Retail being shut down. You know there's a faction that want that. I remember a year ago stressing about getting a haircut.
  9. I'm not sure what the end-game here is either. Restrictions in Ontario are set to lifted in two weeks. Fat chance anyone in the Healthcare system would support that. But the implications are that large sectors of the economy have to stay shuttered because small percentages of the population are getting very sick. Is this something we have to endure going forward? Do we as a society tell the Healthcare Industry to STFU and do their jobs. Stop complaining and trying to engineer a society void of risk. The ones that have bore the brunt of this pandemic, more than most? My hope is that Omicron is moving through the community so fast that it peters out. We're starting to see it in the UK. So this is not a revolving door of variants, but the last act of this pandemic. We've created this culture where any threat to our Universal Healthcare is met with words like "Circuit-breaker", "Lockdown", "Reduced Contacts". It's creating a lot of resentment.
  10. Sure. But Omicron has presented a unique challenge, not seen anytime in the Pandemic. No one can say they don't know anyone that got COVID anymore. Now this version isn't as pathogenic as previous versions and we have good vaccine protection, so that's good news. But it's moving through the community so fast that simple percentages make for difficulty in the Healthcare system. The other big concern is the labour shortages Omicron is creating and not just in Healthcare. People are getting sick all across many industries. I'm even noticing the parking lot at my work is sparser than usual. Perhaps, after this wave, we can declare that a COVID infection that doesn't require such scrutiny and finally then we will have achieved an Endemic virus. A first step, towards that, happened in Ontario where publicly-funded, PCR tests were only given to those that really needed them.
  11. This may be a bridge too far for many. I won't shed a tear for this people though.
  12. The ICU numbers keep going up though. We can hope and pray that we're close to a peak on these numbers. AND that staffing shortages will work themselves out. The UK seems on the downside of their peak already. Our cases are going down too, but testing has been limited.
  13. Omicron kind of changes that game. If it hadn't supplanted Delta in much of the world, I suspect we would still be seeing good protection from double dose vaccines. As you get older your immunity drops. We're now talking about fourth doses for the elderly. I believe I was optimistic about all this in early December because those under 20 made up a huge plurality of active cases. When you look at the population of unvaxxed, I would surmise that they are mostly younger people. But that's just a guess. That balance has shifted to those that are older. This chart is inaccurate however, because Ontario has stopped testing the general public.
  14. No I have not. But it would explain the jump. You'd also have to consider the age of those vaxxed being hospitalized. I'm pretty sure it's amongst the older age group.
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