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  1. I've tried to demonstrate over and over again, without many comprehending it, even if Natural Gas was used to continue to generate electricity and fill the gap in demand as we move towards electrification and more renewable electricity, we're still way better off in terms of emissions as EVs and Heat Pumps are WAY!!!! more efficient than ICE vehicles and Gas Furnaces. Not to mention the emissions it takes to physically refine and transport gasoline and natural gas to where it needs to be instead of a centralized location to generate electricity.
  2. You're the one that said "Carbon is Good." ICE vehicles don't just beltch out Carbon.
  3. Which is why the Ford F-150 Lighting is a bit of a fools errand. The battery is too large to be practical. A car like the Hyundai Ioniq 5 would meeting 90% of a drivers needs and can charge pretty quick.
  4. Lock yourself in your garage with the car running and see how good all that Carbon is for you. It's funny how you call other people stupid all while saying something so ridiculously stupid yourself.
  5. I'm sure all these people who won't get EVs because so far there isn't an EV Pick-up Trucks that go 1,000 kms will be lining up to buy that. 🤣
  6. WTF is a Lupo? Here's an article/blog showing cars people actually buy. The only cars achieving anything appreciably under 6l/100km are hybrids. https://www.castlegartoyota.com/blog/2023/01/31/the-top-9-most-fuel-efficient-cars-on-the-market#:~:text=Starting off strong%2C the Toyota,CE%2C SE and LE trims.
  7. Sure! A lot of the same sentiments in your BBC article. That in Switzerland they're taught to respect the weapon and not that's a God given right that they should have access to weapons. Posted just now Russia and switzerland are devleoped nations. So is mexico for that matter. And that's just some of them. my anti virus freaks out going to that site But it doesn't matter. The fact is they have lots of guns and few shootings. You can try to twist that but it's a simple truth. Russia has few guns but lots of murders So because some people are really good at re-loading, that means that guns with high-capacity magazines are no more dangerous to real life humans than a WW2 era gun? I guess Military's around the world should be able to save a lot of money with this information.
  8. I think I specified in my comments I was talking about developed nations. Here's a counter to your Switzerland argument; https://impakter.com/why-gun-ownership-switzerland-not-same-us/ Which is what we're talking about. The type of gun, not the fact people own guns. You could, and I could call you a bigoted homophobe. I don't think you've avoid pretty caustic ad hominem comments in this thread. You're clearly passionate about this. I try to avoid such things because it lowers the decorum of the debate. Who's us guys?
  9. Energy storage will be a game changer for renewable energy in the coming years.
  10. A lot going on in this post. I really don't feel like multi-posting. I will concede that "Culturally" the US is a lot angrier a country. I do think other countries have a better relationship with guns. They're not seen as a God-given right because of some amendment devised when they were fighting a domestic war. Their politics are way more polarized. Though I see some similar elements coming with the way people dislike JT. Back when I was "young" I really disliked Jean Chretien and Dalton McGuinty. It never once occurred to me to put an Eff Dalton bumper sticker on me car. Earlier in the thread we discussed cars. An angry disaffected person could use a car to kill scores of people. But driving cars are also highly regulated. Imagine if gun owners had to buy insurance in case their weapons was actually used to kill someone . . . like designed. It seems a faction of Americans want as few regulations on guns as possible. Regarding angry. I actually had the same thing happen to me where someone passed me on the shoulder when I was in the Carpool lane. He chipped my windshield because rocks were flying from the shoulder. It was an Old man with his wife in the passenger seat. We see from the incident in Sault Ste Marie, that violence is possible by anyone, including a family man.
  11. Reading Comprehension. . . I said "ISN'T" and issue. You can't lump Mass shootings like this with traditional violent crime because their causes are much different. But they're causes not unique to US, the rampant use of guns are. You say stuff like this in polite company? I'm stating that much of the developed world has it right in regards to gun control and much of the US has it wrong. You're free to disagree. Especially when you share a massive border with a country that has more guns in it than people. Would a wall work?
  12. Lots of stale talking points here. It's funny how in one breath ya'll will say that Batteries contain too many rare earth metals and in a second breath you claim that all those valuable metals will just sit in a landfill and not be recycled. I just did a road trip from the Toronto area to Montreal and need to charge 6 times. I didn't have to wait once. But most EV owners that own a single family home will charge at home for a vast majority of their EV usage.
  13. You don't think those elements of loneliness aren't a reality for people in other countries? Being able to commit mass murder because your lonely seems way more common in the US. Why? Guns! I'm not the one that coined the word Incel. A lot of this violence comes from people who label themselves Incel. The guy who took a rent-a-truck down a Toronto street years ago was an Incel.
  14. As I said, the lack of EV infrastructure is less of a problem because most EV owners have an avenue to recharge at home. Hydrogen definitely has a role to play in the movement away from Fossil Fuels. I think it will be required to decarbonize International Shipping and Commercial Air Travel. We need to bolster Green Electricity first though, because Hydrogen derived from Fossil fuels is somewhat pointless.
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