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  1. Pierre Poilievre explains what the problem is causing the housing crisis and how the Conservatives would deal with it. Quite an informative video. Reportedly approaching 4 million views already. To view, scroll down the screen to the X Video showing Trudeau on a red background and click on that screen. HOUSING HELL: Poilievre lays blame on Trudeau for housing crisis in short doc (msn.com)
  2. The truth is the Palestinian children and young people are taught to hate Israel and the Jews from day one. That is just the way they grow up. There are some Palestinians that work in Israel and have realized that hate is a fruitless path but they do not control the majority living in the West Bank, Gaza, and elsewhere in the middle east. Since there is nothing that anyone can do to change that, things will just continue the way they are indefinitely.
  3. Melanie Joly, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, was on the news this morning again touting a "two-state" solution for Israel and the Palestinians. It is clear she has no idea of what the causes of the conflict are. A so-called two-state solution would not work for several reasons. 1. The Arabs (or many of them) have absolutely no inclination to give up their belief that Israel has no right to exist and their desire to destroy Israel. This struggle has been going on for centuries and is not going to disappear by simply carving up Israel and giving the Palestinians half of the land. 2. Cutting out half of the land of Israel would seriously threaten its security and ability to defend itself. So as far as Israel is concerned they will never allow it to happen. They are in the best position to see how determined Iran and the terrorist organizations are determined to eliminate them. So it is a waste of breath for the Minister of Foreign Affairs to keep harping on that line. We know it obviously sounds good to simpletons and therefore plays well to the base. But it is totally unrealistic.
  4. I can tell you the DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) ideology and policies are having a devastating effect on many Canadians. These policies are resulting in people who are unable to speak English being put into positions that seriously and negatively affect Canadians. Yet they are there trying to provide services to the public. I ran into two of them lately. One was in a critical position in the health care system. One of them phoned me to discuss serious health care issues. Unfortunately for me I could barely understand a word that was said. The second serious incident happened today when I phoned the Walmart support number to find out why I had been double-billed for a load of groceries. I could barely understand a single word. It was very frustrating and we both struggled for quite a while to finally get to the answer. In both cases their accents were strongly east Indian or from that area of the world. These people are being put in key positions regardless of their lack of ability to communicate with the population of Canada. It appears the ability to communicate with the people they are supposed to be serving is a very low priority. What is important is giving the appearance of implementing DEI. Of course in Jagmeet Singh's case, the problem is not lack of ability to speak English. The problem is his ideology is completely alien and screwed up. There is nothing rational about someone who rejects free enterprise in the west and embraces Socialist authoritarian types of government.
  5. Your comments make little sense. Did you read it over before you posted it? The first paragraph makes absolutely no sense and seems to have nothing whatsoever to do with my comment. Not sure what you're trying to say there. Don't know what natives have to do with blasphemy. In the second paragraph, are you complaining about authoritarianism? Not sure where in my post authoritarianism comes into it. Don't think banning blasphemy is authoritarian or unreasonable. What is unreasonable is course loud mouth reprobates that go around cursing and blaspheming and spitting on the street. These people should be in a mental institution. Obviously they were never taught anything. You know in the Old Testament blasphemy was considered a serious crime. "To blaspheme is to speak with contempt about God or to be defiantly irreverent. Blasphemy is verbal or written reproach of God’s name, character, work, or attributes. Blasphemy was a serious crime in the law God gave to Moses. The Israelites were to worship and obey God. In Leviticus 24:10–16, a man blasphemed the name of God. To the Hebrews, a name wasn’t just a convenient label. It was a symbolic representation of a person’s character. The man in Leviticus who blasphemed God’s name was stoned to death." What is blasphemy? What does it mean to blaspheme? | GotQuestions.org "The “supremacy of God” is a section in the Constitution of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedom. The phrase in the charter states, “Canada is grounded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God”. Therefore blasphemy is an insult to God and country since the country is theoretically governed by the Constitution and the Charter which specifically state that the said Charter recognizes the supremacy of God. There it is in black and white. Contrary to what multiculturalists and ecumenical people of various religions say, the God mentioned in the Charter can only be referring to the God of Christianity and the Bible because there is no other God. No politician or judge has the power to change the fact that there is only one God, the God who inspired the Bible, in English, the King James Bible of 1611.
  6. The so-called rebate for carbon tax paid is not actually a rebate because it does not compensate fully those who paid the carbon tax. Carbon taxes are charged to those who use natural gas for heating and run private or commercial motor vehicles. The rebate has nothing to do with how much anyone paid in carbon taxes. The rebates go to those in the lowest income brackets whether they paid any carbon taxes or not. It is not related to how much carbon taxes they paid. So it is a redistribution of income scheme. It also doesn't matter how much one receives for income. One could be on a pension and still pay relatively high carbon taxes if he has a natural gas heating system which requires a lot of natural gas and if he is living in a remote place and is required to drive great distances. Also, if one drives a truck and it uses a lot of fuel in a business such as transport, he will pay a lot of carbon taxes in the fuel. I am not aware of anything in the rebate system that considers when a person uses a vehicle for business and is required to use a lot of fuel. The only thing that might compensate for that slightly is the reduction in taxable income for business expenses. But that is not going to compensate much for the high cost of carbon taxes.
  7. Depends whether you believe in any kind of morality or moral compass, including some respect for your fellow man.
  8. Why should Canadians be subject to Marxist intervention and control of everything in society, what we read, what we see on television, what we are taught, what we hear on media? We need to dump the politicians that promote and support interventionist, Marxist, control.
  9. We need to defend real freedoms. That includes freedom of speech that is rational. Opposition to government overreach is rational speech for example. We live in a time where Marxism and Romanism and progressive ideology are a threat to our freedom. "In our twentieth century America few among us seem to realize what a priceless heritage we possess in the freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of assembly that is an integral part of our everyday life. Nor are many aware of the bitter and prolonged struggles our forefathers went through at the time of the Reformation and later to secure these freedoms. Instead it is quite the common thing to take these for granted and to assume that they are the natural rights of all men. " from the book Roman Catholicism Roman Catholicism : Loraine Boettner : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive In your opposition to Judeo-Christian civilization and culture you should consider the alternatives are likely Communism and/or Romanism or a mixture. Don't forget especially that it was the believers in the Bible that brought the Reformation 500 years ago that resulted in your fundamental freedoms such as freedom of speech and beliefs. The population of Europe went through a hundred years of wars to win you the freedoms you have today and a large portion of the population in Europe died for that.
  10. No. Blasphemy is a different category. It is offensive to millions of people. It has no place in public places where children and adults with some sense of decency go. Blasphemy should not be considered as ordinary speech or opinion for the same reason threats should not be considered as acceptable speech.
  11. Marxist-leaning politicians do it because they can. Canada is becoming more interventionist and authoritarian every day. What religion do you think Trudeau etc. are most connected with besides Karl Marx's religion. Loraine Boettner warned about this in his book Roman Catholicism over sixty years ago. Roman Catholicism : Loraine Boettner : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive One would think after a thousand years of tyrannical rule by Rome over the population until the Reformation around the 1500s, that people would wake up. Apparently not. We are going backward.
  12. Criminalizing speech is a part of Communist and Romanist ideology. Careful what you say in China or other Communist countries. Seems that Canada is moving in that direction. Loraine Boettner wrote over sixty years ago: "Our American freedoms are being threatened today by two totalitarian systems, Communism and Roman Catholicism. And of the two in our country Romanism is growing faster than is Communism and is the more dangerous since it covers its real nature with a cloak of religion. " Roman Catholicism : Loraine Boettner : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
  13. "Our American freedoms are being threatened today by two totalitarian systems, Communism and Roman Catholicism. And of the two in our country Romanism is growing faster than is Communism and is the more dangerous since it covers its real nature with a cloak of religion. " From the book Roman Catholicism by Loraine Boettner (copyright 1962). May read online at: Roman Catholicism : Loraine Boettner : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
  14. Are you a non-practicing Catholic by any chance? It appears apparent the Catholic church is divided. You have many Catholics such as much of the Liberal government including Trudeau who are Catholic yet support LGBT, same-sex marriage, etc. progressive ideology. Then you have other Catholics like the poster you are talking to who support more traditional Catholic teachings. There is a major divide within the Catholic church itself. I would guess many of the progressive Catholics are non-practicing and rarely go to the Catholic church. Many politicians I believe are like that. The only time they go is for weddings and funerals. Some may go infrequently and are somewhere in between.
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