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  1. If Canada had been smart, they would have combined the coast guard and navy. It would have made a lot of sense because we need both on our coasts and would save billions of dollars.
  2. "Canada needs an Arctic defence strategy as Russia, China eye the north" COMMENTARY: Canada needs an Arctic defence strategy as Russia, China eye the north - National | Globalnews.ca
  3. In case you haven't figured it out yet, that's exactly how politics works if you want to win an election. People vote for the party that can best expose the other party. Its called politics. Conservatives point out the legitimate failures of the Trudeau government. Of course it requires criticizing them because those are the facts and only facts that people listen to.
  4. They're definitely not fit for a northern country like Canada. They appear very fragile and junky. They would not be able to withstand the Arctic for one thing. A vessel in the Arctic must be capable of breaking through heavy ice. These would not fit that category. Guess the never thought of that when they bought them. They were purchased just to be able to say we have some subs. Useless.
  5. "All four of Canada's submarines were tied up last year for repairs and maintenance — news that has the opposition Conservatives questioning whether the Liberal government can keep the second-hand fleet afloat for another two decades.' Canada's submarine fleet spent 'zero days' at sea last year: government documents | CBC News What use are submarines if they are tied up for repairs and maintenance much of the time? Canada had no submarines available for a full year. They even look untrustworthy and like pieces of junk.
  6. To operate in the Arctic a vessel must be very reliable, have a special hull to withstand hitting large chunks of ice. I doubt the old submarines Canada bought are capable of that.
  7. They can't be deployed there because they are poor quality and the Arctic is a remote, rugged place. Artic vessels must be capable of withstanding being hit by large ice blocks. Of course. Canada has three large coastlines to defend and the best defence against a submarine is another submarine.
  8. That's not correct. America is our ally and has no interest in taking over Canada. We could be required to defend the Artic from a country who decided to take it over, like China or Russia. But we do have a commitment to NATO and our allies, which includes defending Europe. Because of neglect of our military, it could not be much help now.
  9. We have liberal and left politicians whose whole purpose is to divide Canadians based on race, ethnic origin, religion and ideology as much as they can. Constant talk about diversity and inclusion, etc. are extremely powerful divisive words. talking about race repeatedly and having the CBC, CTV promote their agenda is doing nothing but cause division and distrust of politicians. Yet a large percentage of voters continue to support them and vote for them. This might be just one big reason why this country might not survive in its present form.
  10. Yet another issue just raised its ugly head in the health care system. Global BCTV News just reported doctors are spending a huge about of time on paperwork and miscellaneous duties. This is cutting into the number of patients they can serve. Paperwork is a cornerstone of bureaucracy plus computer work for everything. You couple that with endless procedures and regulations and you have a recipe for disaster. I believe that is one of the major problems with the public health care system. Nobody is even talking about the bureaucracy, administration, and paperwork and computer work associated with everything they do. This may be one of main reasons why the health care system is struggling to keep afloat. Another thing about public systems is it is heavily controlled by bureaucrats from the top down. Nobody can innovate or do anything to speed things up because they will run afoul of the delegated way of doing things. These problems are likely next to impossible to change in any significant way because they are deeply entrenched in the system. People should know the NDP and liberals do not understand these things. The government has increased the federal civil service by 25% since 2015 when they came into power. Bureaucracy is big government and that is what they believe in. So don't expect things to change. More money will be spent but I will be surprised to see significant changes in the way the system operates. I have not heard of anything that is going to solve the problem of over a million people not having their own doctor in B.C. for example. One would think with the years that this problem continued to grow, they would have seen this coming and done things to avoid it. But the fact they did not stop it from happening is a sign that politicians do not have the answers and since they control the system, how is it going to change? Meanwhile the NDP is demanding that the public system be expanded and far more people hired as if that is the only problem. More bureaucracy and more money thrown at a bad system will not fix it.
  11. How could the Canadian government be so dumb to buy four junked submarines from the British? "'I'm appalled we've done a dumb deal with an ally like this.'—Mike Hancock, British MP "My God, it's a sad tale, isn't it? 'Buyer beware' should have been painted on the sides of these submarines." Hancock, a member of Britain's coalition government, has tabled questions in the Westminster Parliament about the deal. He told CBC News he is asking "why we sold them to you knowing there were intrinsic problems in the submarines." "It's either incompetence on behalf of the Canadians, or sheer, smooth-talking salesmen from the MOD [Ministry of Defence] here in Britain," he added. Canada paid $750 million for four used Victoria-class Royal Navy submarines in 1998. They had been decommissioned in 1993 when the U.K. decided to focus solely on nuclear subs. The subs had been based in Hancock's Portsmouth riding. Canada renamed them: HMCS Chicoutimi. HMCS Corner Brook. HMCS Windsor. HMCS Victoria. Since then, the navy has spent billions of dollars trying to get them in fighting shape." Used subs a 'daft' deal for Canada, U.K. MP says | CBC News We should not forget what a disaster the Canadian military equipment purchasing system. We needed a major change long ago but it doesn't look like it happened. The F35 fiasco that dragged on for years is another example of the mismanagement by the government.
  12. Canada top soldier voices concern over strength of Canadian military | Watch (msn.com)
  13. Do you believe the federal and provincial governments will be able to fix our broken health care system? I heard that seven million people are without a family doctor in Canada. It is obvious band aid solutions will not fix that problem. We still have people like the NDP fighting against allowing private clinics from operating even though they might be able to help solve the overworked public system and the important point is people will still be covered by the government. It is not a pay for service private system. So why would the NDP oppose allowing private providers from assisting in providing services if it gets the job done and reduces waiting lists? Is the NDP more interested in ideology or fixing the system so the patients will be helped? Seems like to me they are more interested in protecting the unions in the public system rather than putting patients first. ________________________- "Can Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Canada’s 13 premiers and territorial leaders fix our health care system that decades of federal and provincial governments of all political stripes broke? Obviously it can’t all be done at once when they gather in Ottawa Feb. 7 to set the stage for a deal where the federal government will increase funding to the provinces and territories in return for conditions on that funding they will have to agree to individually. The problems go back decades. Fixing them will take years. The question is whether the agreements arrived at today will point Canadian health care in the right direction, with effective reforms. Politicians going back decades were responsible for creating the myths that Canada’s health system care is free, publicly-funded and the best in the world. In reality, our system is expensive compared to other countries around the world with comparable universal health care systems." GOLDSTEIN: Health care is broken and our governments broke it (msn.com)
  14. "If the reports are correct that a significant number of Canada’s main battle tanks are poorly maintained and possibly inoperable, this may reflect broader problems within the Canadian Forces. The cost of maintaining battle tanks is predictable and the cost of not adequately maintaining them is foreseeable. This problem is a decade in the making and totally avoidable." Letters: Defence minister should step down over tank debacle (msn.com) This is a result of the low priority the liberals have given the military. Perhaps partly because there are many pacifists in Canada and especially in the Liberal and NDP parties. They live under the delusion that peace and diplomacy can protect a nation from aggressors. That is not how the real world is. It is a utopian dream of many liberals but it is not reality. They much prefer to support things like the U.N. and W.E.F. and send hundreds of millions of dollars to various other countries.
  15. Canada is broken. That reason is more than enough reason to demonstrate and protest against the government. Trudeau and the liberal government should resign and allow Canada to try to get out of the mess it is in with a broken health care system, broken military, broken housing supply system, broken justice system, broken economy with the inflation and many other things.
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