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  1. Reagan got shot. Kennedy got shot. Clinton was impeached. Prove me wrong.
  2. It doesn’t matter whether she pays. Trump won 2 cases against her and set a precedent. Every time your MSM start barking like seals about these Stormy Daniels Indictments, they are lying.
  3. No, it was a great exercise for you lefties to actually dig up some real news. It really happened. Trump has won court cases vs Daniels and she now owes him over 500,000.
  4. Yah well. And which main stream news source reported yesterday that there was a ruling against Daniels and in favour of Trump? None? Or buried at the back or bottom of page whatever?
  5. The indictments are based on Daniels who has lost twice in court already. Cohen is also a loser in court. It doesn’t have a chance, this witch hunt is just another attempt to get the public to look at the side show instead of the real news.
  6. https://www.republicworld.com/amp/world-news/us-news/trump-indictment-9th-circuit-awards-trump-121962-in-attorney-fees-from-stormy-daniels-articleshow.html “In 2018, December, porn star Stormy Daniels was asked by a judge to pay Donald Trump nearly $293,000 for his attorneys’ fees and another $1,000 in sanctions.…” “United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit on Wednesday awarded Trump $121,962.56 in attorney fees from American porn star, Stormy Daniels. Taking to his official Twitter handle, Trump's eldest son Donald Trump Jr wrote, "9th Circuit just awarded Trump $121,962.56 in attorney fees from Stormy Daniels. The order was just released. This is in addition to the roughly $500k she already owes him."
  7. In October’22, the US dollar peaked, at a value of 1.13 and change. Today it’s 1.01 and change. With BRICS now stronger than ever, and looking to start their own precious metal backed currency(with its own “Swift” like system), the dollar will most likely continue its way down. What we Canadians should be asking ourselves is, why has our dollar not grown in comparison to a falling USD? Instead it’s stated in the same trading range, which means it’s getting weaker as well.
  8. Yes, interesting, isn't it? The hundreds of pedos that the FBI has video and other evidence on are let alone. Epstein's island had tons of evidence as did his various mansions. Maxwell gets an obviously light sentence instead of a death sentence. Joe and Hunter are let alone though there is rock solid evidence that they've taken millions in payments from China. But Trump gets indicted. Several years after the fact. It's obvious the deep state has become very desperate. This will finally get things rolling though, putting the final nails in their coffins. Expect crises and emergencies to spring up, eye catching nothing-news stories(like the Chinese balloon) all to distract us from real news as they squirm and skirt about, trying to maintain their control. It's going to be an interesting spring.
  9. Could you please make some sort of point? That is connected to the title of this thread you’ve started? I rewrote that three times, in an attempt to be dispassionate. Success may have eluded me.
  10. Mexico has officially applied to join the BRICS.

    That will put over half the globe’s GDP opposing the West/Global financial system.  Next up, another manufactured crisis to force the CBDC on us.

    1. Aristides


      Brazil, Mexico and South Africa are ICC members, Vlad will have to pass on conferences in those countries.

  11. It might actually come to this. Once they indict Trump, and then the other side spills what they have on Biden and Biden Jr, it might get pretty ugly. If inflation and the economy gets worse or even doesn’t improve, and people have to choose between food and heat, it WILL get ugly.
  12. I get a feeling that Trump would be the better of the 2 options for Republican president.
  13. 2500 people and families that lost an income. This may mean nothing to you, but it means something to their lives.
  14. Either way, it was caused by the same economic conditions and market. You want to believe their press release while they no doubt line their own pockets? Knock yourself out.
  15. Perhaps your sources aren’t that reliable. Look up Silvergate Bank.
  16. To be honest with you, I’ve never working in the banking industry in any capacity. I do, however, have the ability to say that when 3 banks collapse in 4 days, that dropping stock prices, as well as investors heading for the exits, seem to be detrimental to a bank’s health.
  17. And here’s more wreckage from the crisis: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/us-regional-banks-remain-under-092829687.html “Most banks are solvent under normal circumstances. The problem is, pretty much no bank can withstand a full bank run,” said Steve Sosnick, chief strategist at Interactive Brokers LLC. “The FDIC action removes the idea of a deposit bank run, but what we’re seeing is an investor bank run,” he added. First Republic Bank sank 79% for a record drop, sparking multiple halts for volatility Western Alliance Bancorp lost 85%, its biggest drop ever PacWest Bancorp was down 60%, hitting a record low Among other regional banks sinking more than 20% on Monday and triggering halts: Customers Bancorp Inc., Comerica Inc., Zions Bancorporation, East West Bancorp and Bank of Hawaii
  18. That FDIC fund only has 125 billion in it. They will burn through that pretty fast. And then what?
  19. This is starting to look like a crisis. And the government’s favourite go-to move is to take advantage of a crisis to cram something through that people wouldn’t accept under normal conditions. Never let a crisis go to waste.
  20. This has been a long time coming. Michael Burry has been warning about another major crash, like the one he saw coming in 2004 or so. When it happened in 2008, he was ready for it and made something like 500% for his investment firm. It could be a bloody Monday.
  21. And another bank bites the dust, moonbat. Makes one wonder how the employment numbers will be affected with these bank failures. https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2023/03/12/regulators-close-new-yorks-signature-bank-citing-systemic-risk.html U.S. regulators on Sunday shut down New York-based Signature Bank, a big lender in the crypto industry, in a bid to prevent the spreading banking crisis. … Signature is one of the main banks to the cryptocurrency industry, the biggest one next to Silvergate, which announced its impending liquidation last week. It had a market value of $4.4 billion as of Friday after a 40% sell-off this year, according to FactSet.
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