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  1. It’s hard to say, they like to pick someone who wasn’t expected. I like Kari Lake, or Sarah Sanders. Who knows…
  2. Anyway, back to the topic at hand. Yes I want Trump to have a long run this time around. But here’s the thing, with all his rallies he’s never stopped running. This is probably how he beat Biden in the latest poll. And if he has this much energy, he’ll be fine mentally for the next 6 years. Certainly better than Biden, who is so weak it’s obvious he won’t be running in 2024. That will be Harris. Against Trump. Nobody will be able to prop her up.
  3. You said you don’t like Trump’s politics. You were asked which politics, and you have yet to answer that simple question. And I didn’t gave Trump credit for Scotus, you have me mixed up with Bush Cheney-2004.
  4. None of this equates to politics. These are mostly just personal impressions and opinion.
  5. Trump is going to run in 2024, and I can understand the concerns about his age. But we are looking ahead into the future, the unknown. Let’s first take a look at what he’s been up to since Jan 20, 2021. He’s been working hard since he left office, hasn’t he? Rally after rally, and more importantly, speaking the truth about the Biden government wherever he goes. The border. The economy. The trans, climate, and Ukraine agendas. Hunter. On and on it goes, dropping truth bombs. Thats been giving conservatives hope and courage all this time, all across North America. When there otherwise didn’t seem to be any. He’s been relentless, not bad for an old guy. And fighting off dozens of law suits at the same time. I’ve never seen anything like it. His efforts have helped to give energy to conservative pundits and the social media platforms. People I watch on YouTube for instance. We all know he’s doing things in the background that may never even come to light. He’s earned the right to step into the ring one more time. The media that hounded him are down by one. CNN, or the fake news, as he liked to call them, are toast. Do you think that’s a coincidence? He won that battle. But if he runs, he’ll be wiser in regards to the needless tweeting, etc, I think. Oh yeah, that’s two down, since Twitter is now an ally. A good running mate, and he’s a shoo-in. Really, in spite of the 2000 asses.
  6. And for the bonus round, some Peter Schiff:
  7. Here’s a warning and a tip on the coming correction:
  8. Sorry but this is just more huey. You need to also explain away Michael Burry(his last tweet from last week, was, “sell.”). And Jeremy Grantham. There are more, but let’s start there, because you’re such a busy guy.
  9. I thought you’d like that one. Let’s see, you’re ‘too busy with work’ to actually post your own content and data points, etc, but you’ll watch my videos posted to try to find something to whine about. Yeah, you’re ‘busy’ alright…
  10. FedEx layoffs… https://www.freightwaves.com/news/fedex-to-cut-global-officer-director-workforce-by-at-least-10 “Wednesday’s announced cutbacks are part of a reduction of 12,000 jobs since the June 1 start of FedEx’s 2023 fiscal year, according to a company spokesperson. In September, FedEx reported subpar fiscal 2023 first-quarter earnings, which it blamed mostly on a sudden and dramatic drop-off in trans-Pacific volumes and an inability to cut costs fast enough at its FedEx Express air and international unit to align with the lower demand.”
  11. Again, they could have taken it out off the coast of Alaska, or in the far northern wilderness of Canada or Alaska where no one lives, if that was the main goal. And to say nothing about it until the media catches wind of it, speaks of time and information management. And then what followed was propaganda…
  12. So apparently now the US military is enacting a No Fly Zone off of South Carolina. Biden is saying, we’ll take care of this. Right. They should have taken care of it when it was off the coast of Alaska, or over Alaskan or far North wilderness in Canada. Where nobody lives. But they purposely let it fly across North America. We are obviously not being told the truth. What is the truth, I have no idea. But, to hold off informing the public until the media catches wind of it. That is a classic delay tactic. And what usually follows after that kind of time and information management is typically propaganda.
  13. Here’s another video with Robert Kiyosaki, warning about this recession. This one’s just for moonbox.
  14. Since this also certainty affects Canada, I’ll add this here. A report on the Canadian real estate market expects a deep decline, up to 50%, before this is over. https://betterdwelling.com/canadian-real-estate-prices-to-fall-lower-worst-case-is-a-return-to-2014-values-oxford-econ/ “ Oxford Economics(Ox Econ) updated its housing outlook for Canada today, with a key insight being home prices are still projected to fall further. They say Canada is only about half through the correction—if things don’t break. If things get really bad, the firm warns that home prices can be cut in half, and fall back to 2014 levels.”
  15. And that does not address the issue that I presented.
  16. “Someone posted that they just made a fresh batch of synonym buns. I replied, you mean just like the ones grammar used to make?  Now I’m blocked.”

  17. That CTV report seems to be reporting on the balloon AFTER it left Canadian airspace, when it was over Montana. The Canadian government seems to be saying, yeah, we saw it the whole time. Am I misreading this? I don’t recall any Canadian reports AS it travelled through Canada.
  18. I just saw a report that this Chinese surveillance balloon flew over Canada on its way to the US. Why did our government not reveal this to us? Why did Canadian media not report on it? Were they unaware? Surely our military can detect craft that are 11 miles up.
  19. Trump should shoot it down and get China to pay for it. The costs involved, and any damages incurred.
  20. Look. You just said I didn’t watch the Buffett video. That is a misrepresentation of what I said, and what I did. I’m quite happy to disappoint you on the other points, because what it boils down to is you disagree with me based on politics. You look for nonsense such as this to whine about, while being quite useless in terms of actually providing any content of your own outside of your responses/whines to me. Your too busy with your day job(probably clerical) to post your own info? BS.
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