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  1. On second thought, maybe you should load up on this latest round of vaccines. Get 2, one for each arm. After all, never in history has a pandemic virus lasted 3 1/2 yrs and counting. Japan must be lying, yeah that’s it.
  2. Yes, that’s a good question. Let me answer that. The reason that Japan released such a controversial study is that the findings are so ground shaking that in spite of the blow back, they are trying to get the truth out.
  3. So Japan released game changing results that all Covid variants were developed in labs as opposed to occurring in nature. So of course the Western Media ignored it… Except of course where the media “fact checks” it. And criticizes the study as not being peer reviewed. Which proves that the study exists, though I can find no info directly on the study, they’ve done a pretty good job on scrubbing the web. So before you freak out, ask yourself this. Why would Japan, one of the most careful and meticulous peoples and cultures on the planet, allow such a study to be released?
  4. I’m not that interested in what your propaganda sources say since they were so wrong in predicting the Russian army collapse. The point being, it hasn’t collapsed. Not even close and it’s still there in Ukraine in spite of everything. Which is too bad, but it is what it is.
  5. Speaking of retarded things, you started this thread a year ago now, claiming the Russian army was collapsing. That was retarded. They haven’t collapsed nor been forced out of Ukraine, though billions have been spent to oust them. Thanks for coming out.
  6. Your naivety is that you believe all of the facts are being presented. Until you understand that there is a global power struggle going on even though your MSM propaganda hasn’t said so, you will continue to make Judgments based on incomplete info. And what does that make you? No better than anyone else though you are really confident about it.
  7. And if you believe the official story line, then that money and the third party trustee are all acting in good faith. But after seeing Biden’s seedy involvement in Ukraine and Burisma, I simply don’t trust the man. They may want hostilities around Israel so as to then push the two state solution on Israel. Edit: I could be more clear on my Biden opinion, I believe he has very little to do with his administration directly as his mental faculties continue to decline. I’m really referring to whomever is pulling the strings, running his administration. And the left wing solution is typically a two state solution.
  8. Two things. One, 6 billion dollars. That’s the amount that Biden gave Iran 2 weeks ago, so Biden and his handlers may have even had a hand in this attack. My question is, what is their end game? Second, Hezbollah. I wouldn’t be surprised if Hezbollah either was also involved in this directly, or will soon jump into the fray. The hatred of Israel and Jews is going to be the end of groups like this. I can’t believe they are stupid enough to poke the bear, as it were, and then dance in the street over it.
  9. The old Bill Clinton move? I could be wrong, but I think the typical voter in Israel is too sophisticated for that. The reason for a possible levelling of the playing field is the nuclear reason. And Iran has a lot of confidence these days, don’t they? Or at least this latest attack by Hamas would suggest so.
  10. People in the know have been expecting Israel to, uh, level the playing field for about a year now. Netanyahu knows that Iran is behind this, they are probably hunkering down right now, awaiting the response.
  11. Another week and another bankruptcy. https://www.the-sun.com/money/9218328/bankrupt-airlines-western-global-iaero-sas/ THREE major airlines have faced bankruptcy deadlines in the past month following years of turbulence in the travel industry. Western Global, iAero, and SAS had major deadlines in their bankruptcy proceedings in September. ... "All three airlines reported losing hundreds of millions of dollars while operating through the pandemic. Airlines generally struggled through 2020 and 2021 as pandemic lockdowns, lower travel rates, and worker shortages created headwinds throughout the industry.Some companies faced struggles in 2022 with increasingly inclement weather - particularly Southwest Airlines.But the industry has largely recovered from the period with high travel rates, increased ticket prices, and new worker's agreements." I'm not surprised, quite frankly. After a pandemic with forced lockdowns across the globe, with many restrictions hanging on way too long as things returned to normal, yeah, there was going to be carnage in the airline industry. And I'm sure that cruise liners, and tourism industries across the globe have suffered greatly under the pandemic. So what does the WHO and the WEF want(and just how is it that these unelected bureaucrats have any power over Canada?), now that everyone is carrying antibodies for C-19 as we head into another wave? More restrictions and jabs for everyone, of course. Hey, they will probably resume interest rate hikes as well. I wish I was making this up.
  12. Yeah, wow!! He’s such a dumb guy!!!
  13. We all know that if this story about cocaine on a plane was about Trump, there would be a massive circle jerk on the left. The mainstream news organizations would drop whatever they are covering and go with this rumour 24/7. But since it’s about Trudeau…crickets. And notice the right is not forming a circle. This is a one page thread, and it’s half full of you leftwingers.
  14. It’s funny how the left has so little interest in questioning what their side does. In this case, why was Feinstein still working when she had clearly lost the mental capacity to do so well before 90 years of age! https://www.politico.com/live-updates/2023/09/29/congress/judiciary-replacement-senate-feinstein-gop-00119065 Typically when a seat is vacant there is no fight about allowing vacant committee seats to be filled. Committee appointments are often done by unanimous consent. If any Republicans were to object to a UC request, Democrats would need 60 votes to appoint a senator to fill Feinstein’s role on the Judiciary panel, meaning at least 10 Republicans would need to vote in favor of filling Democrats’ majority on the panel, assuming they move to do so before someone is appointed to the California Senate seat. As usual, it looks like the political considerations took priority over the woman’s health.
  15. Rriiiiight. The left in this very thread, including you, make all kinds of snide comments when a conservative passes. Shall we check the comments of you lefties when Limbaugh passed? Hypocrites.
  16. Come on folks, rub your 2 brain cells together. It’s obvious to anyone who can think critically that Trudeau is in the middle of a tit for tat pissing contest with one of the largest countries in the world. Now, ask yourself, are all of these things mere coincidences? Trudeau’s plane is stuck in India for 2 days. He gets home and immediately accuses the Indian government of a crime on Canadian soil. Then India responds with a drug accusation. Can you see the big picture here?
  17. You would be surprised. After all, a guy that loves dressing up in foreign garb when abroad, wears brown face and then lectures his voters about racism? And now this nazi business. What an i-d-I-o-t. So his plane is grounded for 2 days in India because it’s, get this, broken down. Trudeau gets back home and immediately starts a crusade against the Indian government for murdering a Canadian on our soil. Next comes the Nazi outrage. Now India releases news about Trudeau having a cocaine fueled holiday. Let’s see if this story has legs. I half expect India to release video evidence(through back channels of course) of Trudeau stumbling around the hallways of his hotel and harassing hotel guests in a drugged stupor, now that his wife left him.
  18. Joe will never make it to the starting line in 2024. Your media sources are hiding his increasingly confused speech, his trips and slips and his impeachment proceedings. Are you ready to cheer for Kamala?
  19. Donald Trump in a recent speech: “In my second term, which we’re sorta’ having now,”
  20. And here’s a newish study on the impact EV cars and green energy are having: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-12545855/Devastating-transition-green-energy-metal-mining-23-million-people-toxic-waste-rivers-polluted-farmland.html The researchers found that 23 million people worldwide, as well as 5.72 million in livestock, over 16 million acres of irrigated farmland and over 297,800 miles worth of rivers have been contaminated by mining's toxic byproducts seeping into the water. This metal mining includes many so-called 'rare earth elements' essential to the manufacture of high-tech electronics, solar cells, wind turbines and all the batteries needed to store sustainable 'green' energy.
  21. There are some things that are changing. The industry that makes all of the weapons is making out like bandits. The elite in Ukraine are lining their bank accounts from the billions being sent over in “aid”. So are certain elitists in the US, through kickbacks and the like. Then there are the dozens of nations whose various immigration programs are being bled dry by 100,000’s of Ukrainian immigrants and the Syrians before them, etc.
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