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  1. You keep saying you need thousands to be "in on it." But you really don't need thousands. You only need a few. And a bunch of useful id io ts. Like yourself.
  2. Ah yes, I forgot about this thing with you - you believe that bad people tell you when and why they are doing bad things. When my kids were little and I saw cookie crumbs and chocolate chips melted all over their faces and shirts, and I asked them "Were you eating cookies?" and they said "Nooooooo." I knew they were lying. Some things are just obvious.
  3. If these people are telling you only "kooks" use ivermectin, you're being lied to. I dont' care how many letters they have after their name.
  4. Let's see what you found. Because I suspect you're about 4 years and a lot of misinformation behind in that regard, due to your inability to assimilate information and proclivity to believe everything the gov't says. There are now over 80 studies that show IVM is efficacious against covid, from 82-95%. And I posted many of them years ago. I also recently posted how the Frontline Doctors group sued the CDC and FDA over IVM and....won. The FDA and CDC had to remove all their posts and pages on their website demonizing it. I've also explained why it was demonized - if there was a treatment for covid, then Pharma could not have gotten the Emergency Use Authorization for the jabs and wouldn't have made $billions. It's also on the list of important medications that every country should have....for humans. It's like Tylenol for safety. Millions of Africans take it weekly. Chris Cuomo just came out talking about his vaccine injury and how he is now prescribed and taking.....ivermectin. Do you deny all this? How odd. There's over 80 studies showing it is 82-95% effective against covid.
  5. I dug up the truth about Ivermectin in less than 2 minutes. I dug up actual medical studies and data. You - Mr. Accountability - what have you dug up? Nothing, because you don't really believe in accountability. The government hands you a slice of 💩pie and you ask for seconds.
  6. Canada Unity Memorandum of Understanding (Freedom Convoy 2022) : Canada Unity : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive That MOU, as I explained to you 2 years ago - was from a group that tried to attach themselves to the Convoy, called "Canada Unity" and it's leader was James Bauder, not Tamara Lich. As you can see from the above link. None of the authors of that MOU were with the Freedom Convoy. You gobbled up misinfo from CBC.
  7. Are you stoopid? I know I don't. That's why I dig. That's why I pay attention to others who dig and hear what they find.
  8. No. No. You do none of those things. You turn a blind eye and make excuses for everything. You advocate continuously that they know so much more than we do, so we should just shut up and do as they say and not question.
  9. I seem to remember a lot of posts by you about how the Convoy was all Nazis, white-supremacists, who wanted to overthrow the government, etc. Basically whatever the CBC told you. I remember you stating some document about overthrowing the government was from the convoy "leadership" and I tried showing you it wasn't was from and was just written by a random dude and I see you're still saying it was, so..... Whether you listen to the CBC or not, you still "listen" to the CBC.
  10. I'll see if I can find it - I was reading something about it recently but didn't save the info at the time. I'm not asserting the dollars are doubled. I read the numbers being brought in are likely much more than we're being told - possibly double. Sorry for the confusion.
  11. I have asked you direct questions before and received mostly trite, non-answers. I dont' remember you speaking up about much or expressing any kind of sympathy at all and I see you raising long debunked nonsense about what happened during the Convoy, so...... You prolly believe Diagalon is a "violent extremist, white-supremacist" group, too. Like a good little CBC watcher. You like the CBC, I like to check things out. We are quite different. Not wanting to argue. But I likely take you about as seriously as you take me. Peace ✌️
  12. Nobody wants to talk about it, lest they be called "racist" and "anti-immigration" - but we need to put a halt on immigration, TFWs and fake students - right NOW. Canada's population increased by a million in just 9 months. Calgary's population increased 6% in a year and Edmonton, nearly 5%. The strain on infrastructure, housing, healthcare, the economy, schools, food banks - literally everything - is not sustainable. I believe I read recently that looking after illegals entering the country is costing taxpayers $12 billion a year and that the numbers being reported are likely quite a bit higher, like almost double. We can't afford it.
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