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  1. And where in your link did it say that unvaccinated Canadians can travel freely on public transportation like all other countries allow? I presented evidence that the opposite is true. I have no clue what you're gloating about. You are wrong. You presented no evidence to say otherwise.
  2. Is she wrong? What is she wrong about? The evidence you posted had nothing to do with the fact that: Why not just admit you were wrong and I was right? You make yourself look uninformed and foolish.
  3. I followed the Hinshaw trial. It was more than that. She was definitely questioned as to what science she was following for all the mandates, lockdowns and restrictions. She had no answer. "Just following orders."
  4. Care to answer my question as to why you only chose the triple-vaxxed to include in your calculations?
  5. I guess. I'm just saying that if I was CMO, responsible for the health of 38 million people, I'd want that information before I force-vaccinated them all with an experimental vaccine produced by a company with one of the highest fines for medical fraud in history. And I certainly would not base force-vaccinating an entire population with that same experimental vaccine produced by a company well-known for fraud, on CBC headlines or based on what they "say" the trials show. Sorry, if I don't agree with your view of Tam or Henry or Hinshaw as being the saviours of Canada or champions of Canadian health. Hinshaw and Henry are both being hauled into court over their failure to check this all out before imposing damaging mandates and restrictions. I agree with that. They had a duty to report and act on the truth, not on CBC headlines.
  6. It really is. Almost half the deaths are coming from 82% of the population. And rising.
  7. Have you seen Pfizer's record for fraud? They are not "my" Pfizer documents. They belong to Pfizer. Pfizer was forced, by law, to release them. They didn't want anyone to see them for 75 years. Why do you think that is (again, given their propensity for medical fraud)? And yes, vaccination for pregnant women should have been halted immediately. There are also "useful idiots" who go along with it. For money, for fame, for power - whatever their reasons are, it varies. Many whistleblowers have been coming forward. They are silenced and fired. Why do you think that is? Why do you think none of the MSM has reported on what the Pfizer documents say regarding pregnancy? And why isn't our government, Tam or any of the provincial health officers alarmed by what the documents say? As CMO of Canada, and with a responsibility to care for the health of 38 million people, why didn't Tam request the trial documents from Pfizer at the beginning? She likely had more pull to get access to them, than the people who went to court to get access to them. Yet she did not.
  8. Is there a reason why you are only including triple jabbed people in your definition of "vaccinated"? Is it because that number fits your narrative better? Because according to the charts, there are about 8000 deaths amongst the vaccinated and about 10000 amongst the unvaccinated.
  9. Interesting choice of numbers there. The charts show the number of vaccinated deaths is nearly the same as the number of unvaccinated deaths. And that deaths amongst the vaccinated are rising much faster.
  10. Yes, that is the question more and more people are starting to ask. When Pfizer says the vax is not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding due to lack of testing, why did our government tell women it WAS safe and force pregnant women to vaccinate and fire them from their jobs if they didn't? Glad to see you are finally asking some questions.
  11. Not harmless. Permanently damaged my sister and many others - 1 out of every 10,000, in fact - far higher than any other vaccines which are pulled from the market after less than 5 deaths. Save lives? Even Pfizer is saying now that their vaccine does very little, it's the reason you have to get "boosted" every 3 months, even though it actually wears off after a couple of weeks. If you think it's worth it, to risk death and permanent disability, blood clots, heart attacks, lowered immune system for 2-3 weeks of 12% efficacy, enjoy your 10 jabs that Trudeau has planned for you. Some of us value our health more than that, though. I'm flabbergasted by how out-of-touch you are.
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