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  1. I feel like it's the same thing. But yup, let's wait for the result. Let's vax our kids in the meantime, too.
  2. Did you even read the article? Myocarditis and heart inflammation is one of the major adverse effects of the vax. Especially for teenage boys. Honestly, you act like 13 year old boys are just dying in their sleep for no reason all over the place. "Geez, can we really say it was the vaccine even though he had the exact adverse reaction they warn about with teenage boys?" Gimme a break.
  3. So, the people who did NO research before getting the shots, just took them without checking into anything, just because they were told to......are shaming and blaming the people who DID do the research before taking the shots? MMmmmmokay. Totally your choice, but.....mmmmmokay.
  4. Jump around. Jump around. LOL. I'm familiar with this tactic that narcissists use. Jump all over, bring up stuff that's not being discussed, ignore points made, machine gun questions, demanding answers and explanations that you're not entitled to, rewording a person's thoughts to sound ridiculous. Yes. Because we were talking generalities and you wanted specifics and information on what my exact medical choices were, which you are not entitled to. But narcissists always feel they ae entitled. It's the hallmark of narcissism. Entitlement.
  5. I don't know. Car crashes kill more people every year. But you're not demanding that everyone have their driver's licences yanked. Obesity kills more people every year. But you're not demanding that fat people be denied access to McDonald's.
  6. No I didn't. I said I had taken other vaccines. I did not tell you "all about" them. Or which ones I have taken. It's up to me to divulge. Or not. I respect everyone's decision as to what they will take into their bodies after they weigh all the risks. You have no such respect. You seem to feel entitled to know the how and the why and everything about other people's medical choices. You seem to feel that it's okay to force people to do things medically that they are uncomfortable with doing.
  7. Where did I say that? Again, you are not an honest debater. You and others here insist that coronavirus research is not new. I agree. So with all that research they have done, why did not they not isolate the vulnerable from the beginning? We all know flus are harder on the elderly and obese. Why did they not do this? Our country has had a clear pandemic plan for years and they tossed it all out the window. Lockdowns, masks, shutting down of businesses and schools, destruction of the economy was to be the LAST resort in catastrophic circumstances only, not the FIRST. Is it me personally who is killing people? Or was it someone else (government? Big Pharma?......) who killed all those vulnerable people? Its very convenient and gives you that lovely self-righteous glow to believe that the un-vaxxed are the cause of all this, but they are not. Bask in it, while you still can. I suspect you are going to look like a giant fool in a few years time.
  8. Instead of debating in good faith, you imply that since I have (in my mind, legitimate) reservations about this particular vax, I'm also a neanderthal who believes all vaccines cause autism, which is not even the subject under discussion. You know exactly what you're doing and saying. You are not engaging in honest debate or discussion.
  9. I've made my mind up when I'll take it. I'm not there yet. It's too new, the animal trials all failed, we do not know the long-term effects of it and the short-term effects are not looking acceptable to me. It disturbs me that something like this- a vax only approved for emergency, experimental use is being forced on the entire public. Everything to do with the roll-out of it goes against science and any doctors, immunologists, viral biologists, etc who speak about the dangers are quickly shut down, discredited and/or fired from their jobs. The media and government is now dividing people into 2 groups, sowing dissension over an illness with a 99.5% survival rate. The vaccinated people are now talking sending unvaxed people to camps, denying healthcare, denying employment, utter hatred being spewed. When all this is happening, it tells me something is not right. it tells me that someone is not looking out for the public's best interest. Whether that is government, or Big Pharma or someone/something else, we don't know as of yet. But the whole thing is fishy to me.
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