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  1. Yeah, there was a big media splash today about the liberals approving new spending on multi dwelling infrastructure. Trudeau was loudly proclaiming that this will include 2 and 3 bedroom housing for growing families(and how many parking spaces per unit, big guy? None?) A sure sign of an upcoming election.
  2. Putin never killed Navalny. It make’s absolutely no sense, either. To kill an opponent when you are in the afterglow of a historic interview with Tucker, which swept the globe. If he was going to have him killed, it would have been years ago. He didn’t because Putin didn’t want a martyr. It was just dumb luck that Navalny died. And Biden is certainly trying to ruin his opponent, I never thought of it this way. But it’s more likely that Biden’s handlers, whomever they are, are masterminding the Trump effort. Biden probably wears diapers at this point, and can’t string 3 sentences together let alone quarterbacking a legal, political and media campaign against the orange man.
  3. What do yoooooooou think will happen to Japan?
  4. After WWII? Was their debt level 32 trillion? Let’s watch what happens to Japan.
  5. Easy does it big fella, starting too many threads in a single day may be biting off more than even your cavernous Godzilla mouth can chew. For instance, here you are making broad pronouncements on a business tycoon who has been just a tiny bit more successful than you. Or are you a multimillionaire, big guy, eh? Keep trying…
  6. That’s right, moonbox, You’re nothing but a drive by. You’ve got nothing to refute the argument so you try to change the subject instead. And NATO knows that Russia isn’t collapsing, almost 2 years after you started this thread about Russia collapsing. Otherwise they wouldn’t be suggesting a new Russian attack.
  7. Yeah. The Russian army is collapsing hard in Ukraine, and the official narrative is for everyone to fear that they’ll attack Poland or some other NATO country and collapse there too. Does anyone even think about what they are reading anymore?
  8. The point is, Russia collapsed, which is the point of this thread. Russia collapsed. We had them. How did they manage to become a global thread when we had them, smart guy? Or are you too busy with your crab pots to think about it?
  9. Let me throw some numbers at you. US debt to GDP is at 128%, and climbing. No nation has ever been able to come back from 130%. They go bankrupt. They experience actual hyper inflation that wreaks havoc on fatality stats, as well as the economy. They are never the same. Next up, 8.9 trillion in US treasuries are coming due this year. That means that the US government has to pay off that 8.9 trillion that they borrowed. Their tax base can not pay this, the yearly deficit is already well over 1 trillion in the red. They don't have the money. Can they borrow it? Print it? Either option will serve to be the straw that broke the economy's back. The US just keeps raising the debt ceiling and sending more cash to Ukraine instead of dealing with this catastrophe. So they'll probably start a war, if domestic terror events haven't started up by then(there are now over 8 million illegals within US borders, some of them known terrorists from the ME). The US government, Congress, Senate and president all know this, and they are not telling the people. Which is probably wise as the resulting panic would be unproductive and even devastating to the nation. So sometime this year, probably before the election, the dollar, the DOW and the economy are probably going to crash. The government will probably blame Russia, but at that point it won't matter one bit who is to blame. Batten down the hatches, we are in for rough seas. I've never been a prepper, but Canada will certainly get a cold from Uncle Sam's sneezes in this case.
  10. The strategy that the West used was wrong. If you would simply look at the result and then think critically about it. Why was West Germany and Japan’s rebuilds so successful after WWII? Why did the strategy employed in Russia fail? Were they the same strategy? Putin is the result of a failed Western effort.
  11. I’m going to suggest something that may be considered radical here in the West. One thing that countries with unity all seem to have is that the vast majority have similar views. And where do they get these views from? Their controlled media. The State has a firm grip on what is truth, and what is permitted to be disseminated to the population. As dangerous as that can be, it creates a people that tend to get along. Support their leadership. Are free to build and expand, for example, without EPA, lawsuits and protestors chaining themselves to equipment or blowing up trains. Say what you will about Saudi Arabia or others like them, they have fewer mass shootings, don’t they?
  12. More proof that you don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s puzzling because your thread on Axis of Tyrants was pretty much bang on.
  13. You don’t know what you’re talking about.
  14. Is that what google told you? The point is, whatever it was that was done, it didn’t work at all, did it? That’s just the plain reality.
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