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  1. You are as out of touch with regards to me as you are with what happened, and is happening in Ottawa. Trudeau made a huge miscalculation when he had Canadian bank accounts frozen and vehicle insurance cancelled, all with no court involved or guilt decided. He will never win another election and will probably get monkeypox as he did Covid. Tamara is a hero and her memory will far outlast Castro’s bastard kid.
  2. Is that Bill C 36? If that bill gets passed I will certainly not be posting here anymore. This forum will probably lose most of its conservative members and become nothing but an echo chamber. Good luck Greg.
  3. Yes, things are definitely not typical. An up week for the DOW, with an exclamation point. I’ve heard that the US is in a recession too, and with food shortages possibly worsening, the summer looks tough.
  4. Here’s another thought. The WHO health(?) ‘treaty’ that many countries have recently signed, I bet it has provisions for how to conduct elections during a pandemic. The US and Canada have both signed this, which signs away their sovereignty. Under this stupid treaty, the WHO is given the power to decide when a pandemic is a pandemic in treaty member countries. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is how mail in ballots will be mandated in November.
  5. Moneypox? Pretty accurate as countries line up to purchase the latest vaccine… My theory is that I can see how this will be the reason they give for a strong ‘mail in ballot’ campaign in November. Let’s face it, the Democrats don’t stand a chance on a level playing field. But mail in balloting will allow them to print millions of fraudulent ballots and stuff ballot boxes again. It’s just a theory at this point, but they stand to lose both Houses with the economy, inflation, gas prices and the fiasco at the border.
  6. So why did the US government buy $119 million in monkey pox vaccine? And you didn’t know that until just now. And they still predicted the year and month.
  7. Come on, folks. They predicted the year and month of the Monkey pox pandemic.
  8. https://www.truthforhealth.org/2022/05/monkeypox-was-a-table-top-simulation-only-last-year/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=monkeypox-was-a-table-top-simulation-only-last-year How convenient. And exactly how did these people know that the world was at risk for a Monkey pox pandemic one year later in May of 2022? Just as Fauci was sure there would be a pandemic during Trump’s term. Something is starting to smell about this.
  9. Yeah, pretty funny. She’s on a downward trajectory and hopefully loses her job for the last time in November.
  10. It's pretty obvious that Biden is going to be used as a scapegoat and quickly replaced by Harris when the outrage boils over.  Who will be pulling her strings?  Same person.

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    2. sharkman


      We can only hope.  A lot of ducks need to get lined up for them to win back both houses, but it’s definitely possible.

    3. Boges


      As we know, they can impeach, but can't convict and remove from office without 3/4 of the Senate. 


    4. sharkman


      Yup, that’s a lot of ducks.

  11. 10 days later, and we've reached a milestone of sorts. The DOW is now down 8 weeks in a row. Couple that with the Biden administration's war on domestic oil production, and his unofficial 'no border' policy in the south(well over 2 million have crossed into the US from Mexico and been given debit cards, iphones and bussed or flown to locations all over the country), and you have the worst job performance in US history. Then there is the 40 billion the US government just voted to send to the Ukraine. 40 billion they will have to borrow to send, when their own country is starting to have all kinds of food shortages and now a new pandemic to contend with. What kind of lunatic does this to his own country?
  12. There are military whistle blowers, bio lab whistle blowers and now these ones to do with the election. Durham has people from Hillary’s 2016 campaign now cooperating to save their sorry skins. And then there is the Chinese politician, high up in the security apparatus of their nation who apparently brought reams of data. The courts have turned on the Biden administration, who is in deep trouble due to the evidence on his son’s laptop. What a difference a year makes.
  13. I heard about this, beautiful news. Anyone who lives in some kind of freedom or democracy, should be able to see that forcing people to take anything is wrong.
  14. You are blind to what’s going on in Canada and the world. That’s okay, by summer you’ll be screaming bloody murder.
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