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  1. He was the PM right before my birth. He failed to unite Canada, but he meant well.
  2. 1) Form vs substance. 2) I agreed with the point that the loss of farmland isn't an issue. 3) No
  3. 1. Their military budget is higher, the number of active soldiers is higher, the number of reservists is higher, their war production is higher, they manage to mass produce artillery shells, tanks, weapons, ammunition, drones, missiles. They also have more power in Africa, have better relations with India and China. 2. They lost battles in 2022, including the infamous convoy. But they made it up for it and in 2023 they lost fewer jets than they were able to build for example. The intel in the West said that Russia would run out of missiles very soon, it never was the case. 3. They are now winning battles, complex town battles in entrenched positions with a lot of preparation. They are maybe selling their oil at a discount compared to what it was before, but the IMF says that Russia will have more of an economic growth in 2024 than almost any Western nation. The oil that was directly sold to the Europeans is now sold to India, which then up sells it afterwards. 4. It still didn't kill their economy. Their currency is now used for bilateral trade between multiple partners, which wasn't the case before the sanctions. 5. Garbage? How is it garbage? The iranian drones explode well, have a good reach, and have been copied by the Russians. The Kimskanders work just fine as we saw, and penetrates the Western AA. The 152mm shells, they might be coming from whatever part of the world, they still work. It's me who doesn't understand your take. How is Russia penetrating the multiple lines of defense in Ukraine, if the equipment didn't work?
  4. OK, my bad. I think you're still wrong though. The occupation of Ukraine would have been difficult to say the least, and the youth is incredibly more European than Russian culturally speaking. In the event as to which Putin would have conquered Kiev in 2022 and installed a puppet State, there would be many friction behind the scene as Putin has only a few years ahead of him. The popular pressure would have mounted up and Ukraine would eventually be in the EU, over a few decades maximum. Putin would not have invaded a NATO member. MAD exists. I think Russia is even more powerful now than it was before the war. And even more dangerous, as it has less economic ties with the West.
  5. The point is, there will be at some point verification, an ID of some sort. Poilievre said no to the digital ID, so it opens the door to what, do you believe?
  6. And still, you find the increasing cooperation, or even vassalization between Russia and China a good thing overall? So our game to intimidate Russia through sanctions and military supply/covert ops made our enemies much more powerful and united.
  7. Once, again, double speak... on the double speak. Which game am I playing? None. I'm pushing your contradictions to your face, because they are very obvious and have a goal of pushing war against Russia, which I oppose 100%.
  8. Dude, even PornHub says that if the Bill passes, they would block access to Canada. It's clear like mineral water that the system of self-reporting your age on porn websites is not going to be enough. They will enforce this law with IDs, just like for example in Louisiana. Part of the Bill;
  9. Double speak example; Russia is extremely dangerous and is extremely strong, is about to conquer Europe if we don't save Ukraine! Russia is extremely weak, the second best army in Ukraine and rotten to the core! So, what is it?
  10. Please.... read... He supports the Bill, and supports to verify users' ages before they access porn.
  11. Please tell me how this is a good development for the Western World, to have two very strong countries that were apart on many aspects and have territorial/influence conflicts, and now to have them allied or subservient to one another. How is it a good thing for us?
  12. Hold a sec, read it thorough please, he said it would not require a digital ID, but would use for example physical IDs such as drivers licenses, health insurance cards or even means of payments such as a credit card to be able to access porn.
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