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  1. So there was nothing to talk about back in September, when a teacher was literally showing tits and displaying odd behaviours in front of minor students? But now that it is proven that the teacher tried to lure and made child pornography himself, should we be concerned, or would Trudeau Sr (you 😆) disagree?
  2. Indecent acts are permitted if you're a protected class in Canada. At least, child porn is still an offense and not just a sexual orientation.
  3. And there we go; HCDSB teacher arrested on child pornography charges https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/hamilton/child-predator-teacher-hcdsb-1.6706487 --- Case closed. The teacher should go to jail if it is proven. Many, many people in this thread and in society in general had absolutely no red flags raised after a teacher was showing inappropriate behaviours/bodyparts to minors.
  4. Incredible. Promoting French is suppressing English. I have not heard something that stupid in a while. A continent with more than 300 Million native English speakers, for a province with 6.5 million native French speakers, the French are the threat. What an absolute comedy.
  5. Western Canada's main infrastructures were, for many decades, sustained by Lower and Higher Canada, which included Québec. So are many subsidies to the oil industries to this day, including the construction of pipelines amongst other things. On the other hand, as a Federalist yourself, saying that Québec is only taking handouts and begging for it to stay in Canada is laughable. There's a contradiction there. Why would you keep us if we weren't profitable? You know that Québec isn't broke and is a net contributor to Canada, but just hate it for what it is.
  6. And, it's done. The pledge of allegiance to a Monarch from a foreign nation ends for Québécois MPs.
  7. I agree with your points, but there is also a big disparity between the haves and the have nots in California, I think it's where in the US there are the biggest homeless camps/slums. 151,278 declared as homeless, about one-fifth of the homeless population in total in America. California weighs around 11% of the total US population. Overcrowded and very much dependent on big corporations. It is though a place where many brains flock to, like you mention, and is overall a good State. Calling it the dumbest State is quite strange to be honest.
  8. Why shouldn't the Prime Minister have fun? Are you all transphobic? (sarcastic comment btw)
  9. I really wonder as well what is the real take on the veil from Iranian women. I mean, yes there is really an oppression from society to make them wear the veil, but is it really forced or are the Iranian people more likely brainwashed by their families from the very beginning of their lives and not really against it in general? And do these women agree with forcing other women wearing it? It think we shouldn't be surprised to see many Iranian women for enforcing the hijab to other women.
  10. 1. Arab countries, you mean where the Babylonians were, where the religion of Judaism, Christianity and Islam came from? 2. Afghanistan was secular and pretty liberal in some areas, like Iran was at some point. This was 1970s Kabul at the University level, although not depicting the condition of women's livelyhood as a whole in Afghanistan, it is pretty telling. 3. Turkey is becoming more and more Islamized after becoming secular with Ataturk. 4. The Iranian nation is not only one voice you hear in our press. It is also the voices of many Islamists living in Iran, sadly enough. 5. What did they learn, really?
  11. https://www.foxbusiness.com/politics/desantis-overtakes-trump-2024-betting-markets-midterm-election-results-pour-in?dicbo=v2-c3687f6928e2d2742bb2a6e75a397d22 DeSantis overtakes Trump in 2024 betting markets as midterm election results pour in
  12. I overlooked that sentence and have to answer to that specifically. Islam is far from a dying religion, very, very far from it. That's why many people in the West are partly scared of it, because it is actually growing, and growing fast.
  13. I never said the Iranians were Arabs anywhere in my post or saying they're all the same. I made an analogy with the Arab Spring, where Democratic forces were supposedly fighting to instill freedom in Muslim countries of the Middle East, which led to ... nothing or that sort. As it does here in Iran, and so did protests back in 2009. And talking about Arab countries like you do, it seems like you overlooked my acknowledgement of a country that was vastly advanced in terms of economics but also in terms of societal norms; Tunisia. The same can be said about their education and their freedoms they had before as you stated Iran had. Another country resembling more to Iran demographically wise, Afghanistan, is another country which had great individual freedoms, but decades of misgoverning led to the population being totally in the grips of the Islamic Clergy. Not all Muslim countries are the same, and each has its own culture and flavour. But one thing is clear; Islam, being prevalent, leads to dysfunctional systems. I do not believe in Iran getting democratic or overthrowing their government for the best. If Tunisia and Afghanistan weren't enough, look at Turkey, a not-Arab country, another country which had many freedoms. It is totally falling from grace, because the Muslim government decides to apply what Muslims believe in. And what Muslims believe in, is clearly not equality, freedom or peace. For those reasons, I find your takes very optimistic, borderline child like. You have pure thoughts, very innocent, and want the better, I think. But this is not La La Land. We're talking about a tyrannic regime and a population that supported that regime for many decades. And also a country that may declare war for the worse.
  14. I remember the Arab Spring in 2011. Which country made advances in terms of Human Rights since the Arab Spring in 2011? In Tunisia, the country made a reference by those who apply the wishful thinking you've interiorized, is now more Islamic than before the revolution. In Egypt, it led to the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood, replaced afterward by a proxy regime. Out there as well, the country islamicized itself even more. In Syria, it led to the rise of the Islamic State. I do not partake in your optimism which is based on our side of the propaganda. There are protests by Secularists, but they are a vocal minority in a country like Iran. There are counterprotests actually FOR the Islamic regime, which are supported by many in the military/police and of course... the regime. Not only that, but Iran can also trigger a war against an opponent in the region to adopt martial law. Nothing will come out of these protests. Iran is a country that is way too backward, way too intolerant of others, way too poor to become something else than it is right now; another variation of every Muslim dictatorship across the Globe.
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