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  1. Remember the position the School Board took! Hey, you're against someone displaying tits in front of students? Well, you're a bigot if it's a trans according to the School Board, innit?
  2. The folly of ignoring people's energy needs is creating a mess in Europe and will make it barely livable in some areas. Europeans, who pushed for renewable energy and abandon nuclear can't rely on their renewables to get heating for this winter, and to be fair, the climate change or global warming push comes as being exaggerated most of the times, many predictions went flat out wrong such as ice caps in Arctic melting completely for the year 2013. In fact, that year, the icecap grew by a third after a cool 2013 summer according to the BBC. https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-33594654 It is also highly political, like COVID. Some politicians, like AOC, really manipulate the anxious masses with sentences such as the world is going to end in 12 years if we don't address climate change. "The world is gonna end in 12 years if we don't address climate change and your biggest issue is how are we gonna pay for it?" https://reason.com/2019/01/22/alexandria-ocasio-cortez-calls-climate-c/ All in all, I think the problem is mostly the fear of global climate change, and not global climate change, that is the biggest problem. Like COVID was a bigger problem than it was because people feared COVID a lot, and before that they feared terrorism, and before that they feared communism, etc.
  3. I think Poilievre does not want to get involved with that. He's more of a fiscal conservative than a social conservative, which in my book is fine btw, but also there is the fact that this teacher obviously doesn't represent the transgender movement as a whole. But like you said in your previous post on page 1, the fact the admin doesn't do anything is preposterous to say the least.
  4. 1. The values are learned through experience, not being throated down by ideology. You don't need to impose values as well. 2. It was deemed racist to require wannabe teachers to have a standardized math test, because minorities had lower scores than people who are White. Once again, the context is similar; to the guise of promoting your values, you are downgrading the school system by diverting it from its main role, teaching academic subjects.
  5. This is something that exists since when...? I don't know. But with your knowledge of History, I'm sure you know you're describing what we call Royalty. Aristocracy has been existing forever and in many forms. Many people in society will forever have privileges.
  6. I find them to be actually the light at the end of the tunnel we were in back in early January of this year. Since their protest, the COVID movement has become irrelevant. No one wants to be brought back in lockdowns anymore and many of the laws that were voted for simply disappeared or are not arbitrarily applied like in the last 2 years.
  7. The people about us who control you and me already, do they want you to be content, and not threatening, and stay in their dominant position, or to make it as bad as possible for you so that you revolt? Are the people at the top interested in money, or are they sadistic sociopaths that want people's blood like vampires? I think some nuances in your reasoning should be brought, because the system is clearly broken in many ways, but I don't think being too dark or white helps thinking outside the box and finding concrete solutions to our issues.
  8. I think corruption exists in my province at higher and lesser degrees depending on which sectors. It is a real problem, but I don't think a violent revolution would bring your desired results, otherwise France would have become the most efficient State in the World.
  9. No it does not make the news when it happens, it is very common and saw it only less than 10 years ago, I also have relatives who had the same thing happen to them. It is also very common to have a dress code in many corporations/office environment. You know you are defending an adult showing its private parts to entire classes of minors?
  10. You think it's that bad, compared to before?
  11. Denmark follows the Science. Canada follows the Science TM. ® ©
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