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  1. The strategy that the West used was wrong. If you would simply look at the result and then think critically about it. Why was West Germany and Japan’s rebuilds so successful after WWII? Why did the strategy employed in Russia fail? Were they the same strategy? Putin is the result of a failed Western effort.
  2. I’m going to suggest something that may be considered radical here in the West. One thing that countries with unity all seem to have is that the vast majority have similar views. And where do they get these views from? Their controlled media. The State has a firm grip on what is truth, and what is permitted to be disseminated to the population. As dangerous as that can be, it creates a people that tend to get along. Support their leadership. Are free to build and expand, for example, without EPA, lawsuits and protestors chaining themselves to equipment or blowing up trains. Say what you will about Saudi Arabia or others like them, they have fewer mass shootings, don’t they?
  3. More proof that you don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s puzzling because your thread on Axis of Tyrants was pretty much bang on.
  4. Is that what google told you? The point is, whatever it was that was done, it didn’t work at all, did it? That’s just the plain reality.
  5. Yeah, whenever I want a good laugh I look up this thread. The truth is, Russia collapsed over 30 years ago. Job done, foe vanquished, danger to the free world averted. Brought to you by Ronald Reagan, an actor that became a politician late in life. Weird how a non politician could figure out Russia, eh? But something went quite wrong, obviously. Russia wasn’t exactly welcomed into the family, were they? With all of the billions(180 billion by the US alone) sent into Ukraine now, helping Russia back then could have averted the disaster that we have now. Even if Ukraine had kept its nuclear weapons Putin wouldn’t have dared attack. Ukraine was disarmed by the West, and Russia was allowed to twist in the wind, the perfect climate for a dictator like Putin to arise. Now we have the globe fearing nuclear war. Nice job, NATO and UN, way to go.
  6. Wow. 4 pages on a topic that Trump HASN'T spoken on. The epitome of derangement.
  7. Those things are all true, but they are not necessarily the marks of a society or country that all should emulate. But they have something, something they’ve achieved that allows their nation to achieve an efficiency and success that many can’t. It seems to me it could be as simple as unity among its people. The people mostly agree on what’s right and what’s wrong. What’s allowable and what should be shunned. How one should attempt to live their life. Here in the West, we have become the very opposite of that. It’s praised as diversity, but the end result is people screaming at each other instead of listening to another view, something coming from a fellow human. Respect, where did it go? Take this thread for instance, or just about any thread on this forum. Hate, attack, belittle, name call. Where does this come from? Why are we so hateful to each other? It’s hatred at the grassroots level, and it stunts the growth of a people. This hatred and disunity that has been going on for at least 20 years has made us stagnate. The West has been treading water while our enemies have been making gain after gain after gain. And as much as the readers of this forum may disagree with everything and name call, something is seriously wrong with our culture that is promoting this screaming at each other. China. Iran. Russia. A new Axis of Tyrants does exist, and we let it happen.
  8. I do not receive those words from Legato, they have no part of me. I have to admit that I did not know what fatima was, or meant. I saw the thread title, and assumed it must have to do with something in the muslim tradition. That said, I have not had much to do with the Catholic tradition, but the Catholics I have rubbed shoulders with in my life have always been upright, fair and kind to me. In fact, in 2 separate instances, my then new career was greatly aided by catholic folk who took a chance on me. I am curious about these fatima secrets, or whatever because I've heard of people having very serious dreams and such about the near future. One such saw a plague coming over the world, which turned out to be Covid. Another saw Russia attacking Ukraine. It was seen that Roe vs Wade was going to fall. Like I said, very intriguing stuff. Now that I think of it, the economic disaster that was 1979-1980 was seen, my parents had a book describing the events and were able to prepare for it. Many family friends went bankrupt at that time.
  9. Israel has bombed the nuclear facilities in both Iraq and Syria, both to prevent them from joining the nuke club. Probably some other nations as well. Iran presents an ever growing threat.
  10. I’ll tell you what. When Iran gets bombed by Israel, and if you still remember this, message me privately and I’ll tell you what I know.
  11. Hey, Biden has been an amazing president, for both democrats AND republicans. No doubt about it. He has woken people up to the reality of the American government like nothing in history. Trump claimed there was a swamp, but his work only reached some of the Dems out there. Biden has proved beyond a doubt that the American government and ruling class has been taken over by the swamp. A billion dollars at a time. Only the hard core brainwashed still can’t see it at this point, and that’s okay because they are the small(if noisy) minority. They will scream and moan loudly, being dragged into reality by forthcoming events like the upcoming election. So thank you Biden. This may have single-handedly saved the nation, and by extension the free world. And the final nail in the coffin of the brainwashed will be his arrest and sentencing.
  12. Hezbollah. Hamas. What is it with Iran? And they’ve been jonesing for nukes like nothing else, and that is definitely a problem. Not just because of Iran’s hate for Israel, but also because of the two aforementioned H’s. The most recent example is the billions Biden gave Iran, and then Hamas attacked, and as terrorists would. Once Iran has nukes in its stockpile, they will end up in Hamas’s hands, just like all of the other weaponry that does. Because of those in the inner circle of Iran’s leadership that will see to it that a stray nuke will go missing somehow, or a facility be found unsecured. Then should a nuke explode in Israel, Iran could claim innocence, or some other nonsense. Those bent on mass murder can be so creative, can’t they? This must never happen. And so it won’t. Israel is going to bomb Iran, taking out its nuclear capacity, just as they’ve done in times past. It’s inevitable, it’s a done deal. Count on it.
  13. He doesn’t need to do any of that. He only has to do better than the disaster that has been Trudeau and he’ll get re-elected with a majority. Pay attention now. This is what happens when one party selects an empty suit with a brand name(Trudeau) to lead them and the suit thus wins elections until something serious happens.
  14. I’’m not claiming any of that. You said there weren’t any government mandates to use bugs in food products. I said government mandates weren’t needed to start putting insects into food products and showed proof from 12 years ago. Once again you can’t see simple concepts that run counter to your programming.
  15. They don't need to be mandated. The woke are so conditioned to be ahead of the 'curve'. Take Starbucks. They are using insect ingredients in at least one of their products. And if it's being reported that they are using it in one, you can be sure they are looking to advance that agenda. https://www.npr.org/sections/thesalt/2012/03/30/149700341/food-coloring-made-from-insects-irks-some-starbucks-patrons Call it the tempest in the Frappuccino. Some Starbucks patrons have been distressed to learn that the chain's Strawberry and Creme Frappuccino owes its pink coloring to crushed insects.
  16. The interview reminds me of a move that Trump has been using occasionally with the MSM. When he wants to get a piece of news or development reported by them, he inserts a...well actually I shouldn't describe it totally. Let's just say the media jumps on it, reporting on the item that he inserted. But, the detail that he wanted to be reported on gets included in the coverage just the same. This interview, which as you say is being attacked or 'discredited', is still getting out there nonetheless. All media attention draws views. The brainwashed aren't going to change their minds about anything ever, so what they think doesn't really matter. But it draws people who can still think critically about a given issue.
  17. Wow, that’s an amazing amount of views. This one interview will do more for truth regarding Ukraine than the last 2 years of Western news coverage. Asleep Americans will start to wonder what’s going on over there, and why hasn’t their president so much as talked with Putin since before the war. Instead he keeps sending billions to Ukraine while the American border situation has become an emergency. Illegals are attacking and murdering citizens, California cities have become homeless camps, and no solutions for that are in sight. Plus, Biden’s failing memory is now impossible to hide. The man is a mess. The Dem party is in a panic to replace him. But they keep voting for those billions to Ukraine too. Come election time, Trump will have a field day with that Ukrainian aid. It’s now around 250 billion, depending on how much of the latest package ends up there. Every last penny of it added to the US debt which is currently 34.2 trillion. And now a trillion every year just to pay the interest.
  18. Alex, I’ll take Poland signed a pact with germany a full 5 yrs before Russia’s 1939 pact, for 200.
  19. Nonsense, just as I proved you were wrong earlier in the thread. You’ve got nothing so out come the childish insults…
  20. One day you may discover that it’s okay to agree to disagree with your allies instead of attacking with tinfoil hat nonsense. Make me proud!
  21. Yep, he has a track record that’s been analyzed. He also has some big skeletons in his closet. The leadership contest was a farce, believe whatever makes you happy. By the fall this will all be out and known anyway. Whatever your Schiit is, you obviously don’t know enough about the WEF.
  22. And you are making the rookie mistake of judging a politician based on what they say instead of what they do. Learn from what the pros do…
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