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  1. For me, this is the crux of this event. I don’t quite know why I feel this way, but I do. Most of the interactions between the police and the crowd members that tried to warn them about the man with a gun, they could be explained away. The cops couldn’t see him. Or they looked and saw nothing. Or they assessed the person warning them and decided he/she was a crank. Or a hundred other explanations on why the warnings were not heeded. But when the counter sniper team themselves saw the sniper crawling into position. This was a clear and present danger. They either reported it or they didn’t. There is no other option. If they didn’t report it, then they are complicit in the crime. Then, their superiors either passed the threat along to the Secret Service or they didn’t. There is no other option. If they didn’t pass it along, then they are complicit in the crime. Then, the Secret Service either decided to act on the warning, or they didn’t get the warning. I don’t think they would leave Trump in harm’s way had they been warned that there was a sniper on the roof. Or they too would have been complicit in the crime. What am I missing?
  2. I think you are trying to rationalize what happened. It’s a natural response, but it may not be helpful at this point, trying almost to justify what happened. Trump should have been removed as soon as the counter sniper team first saw the threat, at least 2 minutes before shots rang out.
  3. As well, So they would not shoot first, I've heard that as well. My issue is this: when Crooks was spotted crawling into position, and reported by crowd members to the police, and obviously seen by the counter sniper team, why was Trump not immediately taken off stage, moved to safety? That does not make any sense.
  4. Can someone please fact check me on this? Because last night apparently a representative for the Secret Service said that adjoining properties to the Trump venue tasked by the local police. https://nypost.com/2024/07/14/us-news/secret-service-blames-local-police-says-it-was-tasked-with-securing-properties-surrounding-trumps-pa-rally/ “Instead, securing and patrolling the factory grounds of AGR International Inc. — located about 130 yards from the stage where Trump was speaking Saturday — was the responsibility of local Pennsylvania police, Secret Service representative Anthony Gugliemi said, according to the New York Times.” I have seen a video that shows the police swat sniper team on a roof watching the young Thomas Crooks as he crawls into place and then fires at Trump. They flinch as the bullets start flying, but do not shoot until at least 5 bullets have been fired. Ill try to find that video.
  5. No, I have an emotional support animal for that, you should get one too! For you I suggest a large husky.
  6. The Trump win will be historic, epic and one for the ages.
  7. Here’s another one for you, the current director of the Secret Service assumed her role in 2022. Her previous position? Head of security for Pepsi. Trump’s team insist over the denials of the Biden(?) administration that they have been requesting for more protection repeatedly, to no avail. Bongino, who seems to have contacts within both the Secret Service and Trump’s security detail, is saying this is what he’s hearing as well. We know that a bill was introduced to remove protection on Trump if he was to be convicted of some of the charges. It all looks pretty disgusting.
  8. That’s what I thought. You’ve got nothing, but ignore the MSM downplaying Biden’s slurring, mumbling and forgetting names and how to get off the stage. Shaking hands with the air. You better get an emotional support animal too, because when Trump wins, which is now guaranteed, you will lose it entirely.
  9. Prove it. Let’s see the physical manifestation of this with Trump. No? More propaganda with faked video nonsense. You have no idea what the truth is, but keep breathing in that fairy dust….
  10. Fun fact for critical thinkers: The Secret Service Director was hired in 2022 by the Biden Administration. Her previous position was head of security for: Pepsi.
  11. Get this, SFB. This attempt on Trump seals his victory in November. Seals it. So you better get an emotional support animal or something, because with your extremist views you’ll end up barking at the moon with the rest of the brain dead otherwise. Totally your call.
  12. And here we have the blind spot of the left. Only able to see propaganda coming from one side. But then an event happens that embarrasses the media sources they trust, and their programming kicks in instead of critical thinking. Like Biden's atrocious debate performance, which FORCED the media to admit something that the right has known for 3 years. Biden has dementia. He can't remember simple things unless he's pumped up with drugs. The left's response is not to ask, " hey, why did my trusted news sources hide Biden's dementia from me for 3 years?". Because hey, Trump is the next hitler, which is just another simpleton theory that can be disproved in 5 seconds. Keep on drinking that kool aid, bro.
  13. Apparently you are unaware of the democrat strategy to registrar as a republican so you can try to sway a republican primary. No idea what the shooter was(rep/dem), but giving money to a political organization when you are so young, that's an activist right there.
  14. Pay attention. This is because there is a struggle going on RIGHT NOW to gain control of the narrative. Not the truth, but the narrative. So the response of the people can be shaped and controlled. To what end, I have no idea at this time. The nonsense about Trump being the next hitler? That's a conspiracy theory that has been planted in people by repeated viewing of nonsense, half truths and complete lies that get repeated often enough to become plausible to certain people. They get duped. The shooter was duped as well. Many parts of the news media are nothing more than operations to control what people believe.
  15. The first priority is always to get control over the narrative. Not the truth, but the narrative. Usually the truth needs to be buried so deep that only conspiracy theorists are wiling to dig it up. Why was the Secret Service so inept? It turns out that President Trump's Secret Service detail was not the full presidential package. His team had asked repeatedly for the increased protection, but it had been denied by either the director of the Secret Service, or underlings in the Biden Administration directly. Either way, it's pretty obvious that the team covering Trump was not large enough for the venue.
  16. You’ve spent the last 8 years or so taking in propaganda and left wing Trump conspiracy theories, so you deserve the id10tic outlook you now possess.
  17. He donated to Act Blue, a far left political organization. He may have registered as a republican, I haven’t seen proof of that, but no republican donates to an organization that is trying to get democrats elected. https://thenationalpulse.com/2024/07/13/breaking-trump-shot-during-rally-secret-service-covers-45-holding-bloodied-ear/ “The National Pulse has found Federal Election Commission (FEC) datamatching the name to a location in Bethel Park, which–if the same person–shows the shooter was a donor to the Progressive Turnout Project through ActBlue, a left-wing political fundraising platform. The Progressive Turnout Project helps to elect far-left Democrats to Congress and other offices.”
  18. This event sounds the death knell for the campaign of whoever opposes “hitler” in November. You hitler conspiracy theorists better ramp up your weak Trump hate. You’ve been using hitler so often in the last decade, it doesn’t whip up public outrage anymore. So what’s left? Stalin? Putin the Second? Good luck fellas.
  19. Psalms 91:7 "A thousand may fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand; but it shall not come near you..."
  20. It does not look good. There is no saving face for the secret service. Trump should fire them immediately and bring in a private force. Get Hell’s Angels to do security as well. I don’t even want to think about the implications. The Secret Service did nothing about a guy crawling across a roof in close proximity to the event.
  21. And apparently the shooter is dead, at the hands of the Secret Service. That’s one that won’t be let off by a crooked judge…
  22. You really should stop watching the propaganda arm of the liberal party.
  23. Now is not the time for your posturing, you arrog”nt tw*t.
  24. I hope he’s ok, the deranged lunatics need 4 years of Trump in their faces
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