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  1. https://beta.ctvnews.ca/local/edmonton/2023/5/29/1_6418233.amp.html Danielle Smith's United Conservative Party won a majority government in Alberta late Monday night. The NDP managed to steal several seats in the province's 87-seat legislature, including in Sherwood Park and Calgary. Good news for conservatives across the nation. A win, but many more to fight.
  2. It’s funny how swindlers and cheaters don’t see anything wrong with their nefarious activities even when it’s pointed out to them. They are outraged at the suggestion and wail on with the name calling. A word to the wise is sufficient.
  3. The point is, you don’t have the expertise to help anybody start a business in Canada. What you’ve provided so far looks to be out of first year college text books from 30 years ago. Stay in your lane, comrade.
  4. And notice that when the left doesn’t have the facts or truth on their side, they go into argue mode and fill up the thread with bickering nonsense.
  5. Perhaps you could lay out what expertise you have in starting a business in Canada. Since you’re from some far away country, and didn’t you languish under communism?
  6. Ah yes, the non specific response. I made several points so I have no idea which point or points you are referring to. Which is what's needed to properly respond to you. I'm going to go ahead and recommend that you keep on living in fear until you get over yourself, which most likely will never happen until you are pushing up daisies.
  7. It's interesting how you can get triggered. Why don't you tell me whether you agree or disagree with what I've said?
  8. Interesting responses. There seems to be a consensus that things will be worse in the next 5 years. I have a friend who surfs the dark web, as he calls it, and from what he tells me I suspect there is a lot of fearmongering going on there, and a lot of propaganda. And whatever your perspective, I think we can agree that our media sources are also rife with fear and propaganda. Fear of climate. Fear of people. Fear of the future. I would submit that fear has always been pushed on the public, and used to get specific results. That makes such fear a form of propaganda. Think about that.
  9. Wow, there’s a lot of drama in this thread, although I have to award bonus points for the BAT GUANO reference. If the left would just calm down, and refrain from being common, I’m sure the right would do likewise. I pick on the left since your side tends to think of themselves as having more intelligence than the ‘Fox watching’ right. If you’re smarter, then let’s see some of this higher intellect in action.
  10. I can always count on you for the fake news, or deep state version. Thank you for that.
  11. https://www.azmirror.com/2023/05/15/kari-lake-granted-new-trial-must-prove-maricopa-county-ignored-signature-verification-rules/ And the judge in the case, who ruled late Monday that Lake can take her sole remaining claim to trial on Wednesday, made clear that the former GOP gubernatorial nominee has her work cut out for her: She must prove her allegations by “clear and convincing evidence,” something he noted she hasn’t yet done in her monthslong litigation trying to toss out the November election. Noting that Lake’s allegation of election fraud “leaps over a substantial gap in the evidence presented,” Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson wrote in a ruling Monday ordering the new trial that the evidence she has presented “falls far below what is needed to establish a basis for fraud.” Funny how the judge is pre-judging the case. Also funny, he gives her a trial which means there appears to be a possible case of election fraud. But then he comments on how weak her case is. Then why give her a court date to present her case? It won’t matter on appeal anyway. As soon as some uncompromised judges deliberate over the evidence, things will start to happen.
  12. Things are ramping up. Yesterday Durham released a jaw dropping report on his investigations into the 2016 election and the many domestic attempts to interfere with Trump’s campaign by the CIA, FBI, Obama and Hilary campaign. It’s jaw dropping. One other thing happened yesterday. The IRS shut down its investigation of Hunter Biden. Next week Durham has agreed to testify. Expect a major fake news story or false flag event to compete for attention. I checked, no Chinese balloons are available, they are going to have to come up with something else.
  13. Must be a slow news day. This just in: Durham will testify in the Congress committee investigation next week.
  14. Here’s some good news for you. Although the Biden crime family has been threatening and silencing witnesses behind the scenes, at least 5 whistleblowers are cued up and ready to sing. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2023/05/15/least-5-whistleblowers-come-forward-biden-family/ The whistleblowers include and IRS agent, and an Obama era stenographer. I imagine that the Biden’s are freaking out behind closed doors. Someone should put a tail on Hunter. His drug intake will be spiking and so will the chances that he’ll do something actionable.
  15. True, but then again it could be argued that it’s already way too late. The US is headed for insolvency due to the end of the petro dollar. As soon as the US buck starts dropping in earnest(in contrast to the last 6 months) the world community will dump their US bucks. This surplus of US cash will crash the dollar. Then it won’t really matter who spent what.
  16. In BC, the minimum wage is going up to 16.75/hr on June 1st. On that day I will stop tipping all except dining in restaurant meals, for old times sake. Our various governments rip us off in so many ways and there is a limit to what a budget can take. You want to make more money? Go to school, the army, or some other organization in which you can get marketable skills.
  17. Have no fear. More states will become insolvent. Most people will turn to the federal government to save them. They are beginning to realize that sleepy Joe is taking better care of Ukraine( has he sent 100 billion yet) than he is of America.
  18. Funny how the resident Californian, also a left winger, won’t even attempt to defend this disaster of a governor. Just like the left, ignore it until the story goes away. Really, that’s why they are going to ultimately lose. This unrealistic tactic gives them blind spot after blind spot.
  19. You are obviously projecting. You’re also using a tactic that teenagers are fond of. It’s time to realize that you’ve become boring. Also, none of it is on topic, and if the left doesn’t like the truth they tend to whine about it or try to change the subject, going off topic with non witty attacks. I’d say try again, but we’ve already seen what your best looks like. Good luck.
  20. Not anymore, the Kyle Rittenhouse effect has kind of changed the game…
  21. They sure want to protect the Biden family, but they can’t talk away the 10 million bucks. Say, that reminds me. How do you suppose Biden got to be so wealthy, on a public servant salary? Why do you suppose people would be willing to throw millions of dollars at a Vice President? Does that pass the smell test?
  22. Another week, another bank:
  23. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/hunter-biden-ex-wife-kathleen-buhles-divorce-attorneys-were-aware-romania-deal-payments According to 2016 and 2017 emails reviewed by Fox News Digital from Hunter's abandoned laptop, divorce lawyers for Hunter and Buhle were aware of payments from a "Romania deal" and discussed how it should be divided among the two parties. Rebekah Sullivan, who was representing Buhle during the divorce proceedings, appeared frustrated in a Dec. 15, 2016, email to Sarah Mancinelli, Hunter’s lawyer.
  24. So you’re okay with the Biden family members receiving 10 million through 16 shell corporations, from foreign nationals? Wow, you must be either a politician or a dirty judge. They’ve got the receipts on this, but they are not releasing their whole case to the dirty media for obvious reasons. There are probably wire taps and or various kinds of surveillance in place to record as the Biden family now freaks out behind the scenes and tries to cover their tracks. payback’s a biatch.
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