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  1. That is simply not what happened. There was no coup, no insurrection. And they started entering the Capitol building(95% were let in, invited) before Trump even finished his speech. In which he told them to go home. The best thing you could do for yourself is to stop watching the news, all of it. They have become profit whores. They put profit and their activist causes ahead of the truth.
  2. I’m not surprised to see silence from the “just get vaccinated already!!” crowd and the likes of Big Mike Hardner. Nothing to post in this thread, folks? Although i guess some of them deserve a partial pass. The vaccine campaign was forced upon a trusting public that doesn’t realize how bad the medical “profits first” industry has become. But still, red flags should have been going up all over when people were losing their jobs if they didn’t take the jab. That is coercion to the worst degree. And vaccine shipping with intentionally blank ingredient sheets.
  3. That’s another Azov Battalion job, probably came down from that insane dictator they’ve got... Look, Ukraine is totally Fubar. Totally. When Russia first attacked them, it was the American overlords that had their own Biolabs blown up to hide the evidence, and then warn that Russia might use biological weapons. Then if some engineered biological viruses, etc, from the destroyed labs still hit the population, they could blame Russia for American engineered disease. It’s disgusting, really. America was evil under Clinton, Bush, Obama and Trump. It’s a monster that needs to be put down. The CIA has been evil since the 50’s. The wars they’ve caused, instigated and controlled, it’s almost as sick as bringing Nazis over after WW II because they had some interesting ideas about war tech and propaganda. What, I’m crazy, or as I like to call it, cray-cray? Give it 3 months and let’s see what develops in the world. If it doesn’t happen then I’ll buy a straight jacket. That is all.
  4. I mentioned this elsewhere, but the ruling on this praying coach is like a three-peat win for conservatives over the weekend. It’s a somewhat stunning development. SCOTUS first struck down New York’s concealed carry gun law, on Thursday? Then came the Roe ruling. Now the prayer ruling. Put those together and you’ve really got an indication of something. Something has changed about SCOTUS. They wouldn’t make multiple rulings like this all on the conservative side. Even with all of Trump’s picks, they went to great pains to not favour republicans. When SCOTUS saw the case on the 2020 election, they slapped it down quickly even though the evidence was worthy of serious deliberation. But something has changed, like they’ve become unfettered. (It’s just a theory, relax Big Mike Hardner!) Let’s see what rulings they make next...
  5. Mark it down, Scotus has become unfettered.  June 23 they ruled that the New York gun law was unconstitutional. Then they overturned Roe.  Today they ruled a coach can pray at a high school football game.  Conservatives can start celebrating now!

  6. It’s far more true to say that messed up people commit violent acts. Men are just better at violence than women.
  7. I stopped reading after, “ most men despise women”. That is such a sad view to cling to.
  8. I know, right? It’s going to be a long summer for the left, and then the mid terms will bury them...
  9. Exactly. This type of argument is a knee jerk reaction. The legal system is going to go after the abortion providers, not the women stuck in awful situations.
  10. Well, that’s one down. Roe v Wade overturned as my source above said. I was reminded that they first predicted it June 2021. I’ve noticed elsewhere that it was beyond strange that Scotus held on to the decision for about 6 months. It would have been even longer but for the leak. That suggests a possible struggle within the court, and it’s certainly a bad sign. But there are plenty of bad signs lately, if you are not hoodwinked by the MSM. What really happened at the Vegas shooting? Why did the Uvalde police not stop the killer? How did unarmed citizens get into the capital building? Who is the Scotus leaker? Why are food facilities burning down? Why has no one been arrested from Epstein’s black book? What really happened at the Nashville Christmas bombing?
  11. As usual, the left on this forum trots out all the usual straw man arguments, so predictable. 1)It’s because they can’t confront the truth of the matter. Trump has struck again with his SCOTUS picks. (I asked yesterday what he was going to do next and I guess I have my answer.) 2)Religious freedom is making a comeback under SCOTUS, because it’s enshrined in the US constitution.
  12. Page 38, 15 pages have been added to this thread since Friday. Did it do any good, change any minds? Does it matter to the reality of the situation? No, no and no. There is a part of the bigger picture that puzzles me. Why the delay in releasing the decision? And apparently it only was released now because of a leak of the decision. That means they wanted to keep it under wraps even further along than the end of June. Can anyone think of why they might’ve wanted to do that? Why would a court make a ruling, and then keep it under wraps for six, seven or eight months before releasing it. I’ll tell you one thing, it’s not because of justice. There is some other reason. Who benefits?
  13. Yes that’s right beaver. The Constitution makes no provision for abortions. But it does make provisions for guns. Lots and lots of guns. And since we’ve started another page in this thread, it behooves me to once again appreciate the foresight of Donald J Trump and his Scotus picks. A moment of silence, everyone, and hats off. You in the 4th row, hats off.
  14. Uh, the answer is no. I think at this point we should all pause and reflect on the president that keeps on giving. This abortion decision is brought to you by Donald J Trump. What’s he going to do next? Biden is toast and he knows it.
  15. Very true, environmentalism/climate fear has forced commerce and trade in ways they never would have developed vs a state of true free trade.
  16. Here’s a link in addition to my above post: https://www.newsmax.com/newsfront/russia-lithuania-kaliningrad-ukraine/2022/06/20/id/1075176/ “Russia may resort to tough measures should the situation in the Kaliningrad region aggravate to critical due to the blockade — in terms of food, energy supplies, in social terms,” the senator told Lenta.ru. “If Lithuania continues acting the way it is acting now, causing a very difficult situation to develop in the region, Russia may take very tough actions.”
  17. Wrong, Herbie. On all counts. And it’s quite possible that 2300 babies per day will not be killed.
  18. Two couples I know had to go out of country to adopt. Why the hell can’t giving a baby up for adoption be honorable?
  19. Yeoman work, West. My wife’s sister in law had to take the vaccine or lose her job.
  20. A woman should also be able to decline a vaccine, right? “My body, my choice” Some women just need a primer about a baby inside of them being not their body, but someone else’s...
  21. And I think it’s time once again, to point out something that should be repeated on at least every page of this thread. This landmark ruling is brought to you by the People’s President, Donald J. Trump!
  22. If Biden is like Brezhnev, then Trump is like Kennedy. Biden and NATO are right now supporting Lithuania who is blockading food supply from Kalingrad to Russian ally Belarus, via the Suwalki corridor. NATO countries are supplying troops all along the Russian borders with Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. Once again NATO is trying to goad Russia into war. I’m telling you, the world government wants to take Russia out. If this goes into all out war and Russia starts losing, Putin is crazy enough to launch nukes. And very few people seem to know that Russia now has hypersonic ballistic missiles, nobody else has this technology. 3 times faster and therefore can’t be shot down with Patriot style missile systems. We are getting closer to a nuclear solution.
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