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  1. Public service announcement:  Sweden has decided not to vaccinate children aged 5-11.  They think the risks outweigh the benefits.

    They join The Netherlands, Denmark and the UK  who are all lifting restrictions.  So why is Trudeau adding more vaccine mandates?

  2. The 276 other vehicles are also part of the convoy, nice try but your bias is showing. And hundreds more truckers(in various vehicles) are also coming up from the Eastern provinces and the US.
  3. Everything he does is being carefully calculated and strategized to manipulate the public. He's officially isolating for at least 2 reasons. 1) To garner sympathy from gullible Canadians, and 2), to irritate the convoy and those who support it. Trudeau makes some bombastic comments about the trucker convoy yesterday and today he goes into hiding. It's trolling 101. They want to whip up anger among the truckers, hoping that this produces incidents of violence so they can shut them down. I wouldn't be surprised to hear that they've got the army on standby.
  4. Yup, the CBC has been doing Justin’s work for him, here’s a link of them hyping the idea of extremists within the convoy. (Although I hate to give them any extra views) Funny how they never look into extremism within their own ranks…Ottawa, I hope you like the smell of diesel!
  5. MH, you forgot about the $4,000,000. Edit, also yesterday The Netherlands announced easing Covid restrictions and today Denmark announced similar easing. Earlier England announced the easing of restrictions. I could go down the list of nations, but I think you get the point.
  6. Freeze their funding(go fund me), check. Freeze their communication(Facebook pages), check. Yesterday it was reported that the RCMP wouldn’t let them stop at their planned pit stop for food. These crack down moves are waking up even more of the public. Blacking out highway cams? Anyone who isn’t being programmed by the CBC can plainly see what’s going on… Reports are that thousands of truckers are coming up from the USA. In Alberta more trucks are going to “visit” their provincial legislature buildings. This thing is growing.
  7. So they’re going to Ottawa, and they’re bringing heavy iron( to the federal government minions presently scouring the internet looking for any excuses that they can makes claims of inciting hate in order to shut down the convoy: “heavy iron” does not refer to guns. It refers to semi trucks. Second, the only way you are going to get examples of inciting hatred is if you insert agents into the rallies and have them attack people or something like that. Better get on it…) This weekend is going to be some kind of show! It will be interesting to see how they try to suppress this story. After about three weeks of Ottawa jammed with trucks, and nation after nation starting to lift Covid restrictions, we may even see young Trudeau crack under the pressure…
  8. the trucker convoy is going to save Canada.

  9. But pretty much no one who could offer help, including the UN, would be able to resist the temptation to have someone elected who would be sympathetic to their(or whoever's) particular cause, or causes.
  10. I just hope the US doesn't devolve into a full scale civil war before then...
  11. Looks like Canadian truckers are presenting their case to Trudeau…

    1. OftenWrong


      They need to take a page from the “Yellow Jackets” movement in France, and the farmers national protest in India.

      Big government? Put the screws to ‘em!

  12. It’s no wonder that polls are showing a steady drain of Biden’s approval numbers. How long can you prop up a dementia patient? We are coming to the end of fake reality in the USA.
  13. “We have had more children die from the vaccine than from Covid itself”.

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    2. Goddess


      Vaccines don't usually have reactions beyond a few months if at all. 

      Usually that's true.  This inoculation however, makes your body create spike protein with no mechanism to stop it from producing the spike (which is toxic), which then travels around your body, landing in certain organs.  Spike has been found in brains, ovaries and testes, heart, the blood, lungs and liver.  This is why many who are reporting adverse reactions also report No Recovery 8-10 months later - still convulsing 24/7, seizures, tics, extreme fatigue, menstrual periods that go on for many months and debilitating migraines.

      This is my sister.  No improvement in her reactions.  She got the jabs early, too, because they pushed foster parents to the front of the line.  Ironically, she can no longer foster parent due to the adverse reactions from the jabs.

      I guess this is the chances you take (or force others to take) when you try out a new experiment and don't use the normal method of producing vaccines that use attenuated viruses and decide to try out the actual toxic spike.

    3. sharkman


      So sad to hear, Goddess.  Now Trudeau is after the truckers.  I hope they form a blockade of all major US crossings.  

      If it’s good enough for indigenous people…

    4. DogOnPorch


      Chuckle all one likes...paradise to our elites would be a brave new world with about 1-2 billion (malleable) people remaining by some sort of attrition. Be it natural or...unnatural. 

      It would solve a LOT of problems.

      Conceit is thinking that you'd be included in their paradise.  

  14. I think the leading edge of the truth is finally starting to dawn on the masses in the matrix. what happens when enough realize they’ve been part of a global experiment?
  15. The next variant has been found in France.  12 cases as of 7 am PST.  Isn't it just a little strange that they find these 'variants' so quickly?  Almost as if there's a little coordination going on...

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    2. BubberMiley


      Godwin is getting to be a little halfwitted. 

    3. betsy


      dividing Canadians - appealing to those who are vaccinated......................they're laying out the groundwork for the MANDATORY vaccination.

    4. BubberMiley


      You would never try to divide Canadians. :lol:

  16. And they also have factual knowledge on the thousands of people dying from the vaccines, but they are keeping that to themselves…
  17. 81% of new COVID-19 cases in Alberta are vaccinated people.

    Omicron is going to wake people up and save the day at the same time.  Better than a White Christmas!

    Edit:  not sure if it’s my phone, but my link seems to be acting up, trying again:



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    2. BubberMiley
    3. Shady


      You should lose some of that “jolly”, it’s high risk for covid.  

    4. OftenWrong


      Like a mad Santa.


  18. In my status update, I put a link to an interview of Dr Steven Pelech, a long time professor of neurology and immunology at UBC. This doctor has started a petition calling for a halt to the rollout of covid vaccines due to several safety concerns. Here are some of the highlights of his concerns: Pfizer-BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine is now authorized for use in Canadians 5 years or older, and Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine for those 12 years and older; These mRNA vaccines enable presentation of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein on the surface of healthy body cells to evoke inflammatory and thrombotic responses that lead to cellular damage and destruction; The injected vaccine nanoparticles spread throughout the body, with accumulation in endocrine and reproductive organs, raising concerns of possible infertility, autoimmune and other health issues; Safety studies for these mRNA vaccines in children are too brief and underpowered in terms of number of participants to rule out risks greater than 1 in 1000 for short- and long-term adverse reactions; The American Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System has documented over 800,000 reports of adverse reactions and 8000 deaths linked to COVID-19 vaccines, and this registry is considered to document only about 2% of actual injuries; The degree of natural immunity in children and youth is unknown, but it is robust, complete, and long-lasting, and vaccinating COVID-19 recovered individuals increases their risk of vaccine-induced injury; and Children and adolescents are at extremely low risk of COVID-19 morbidity and mortality and for transmission of SARS-CoV-2. Compared to COVID-19, their risk of vaccine-induced injury is at least a magnitude higher, including a 1 in 5000 risk of myocarditis. And apparently Fauci has been up to it again: Just last week newly released emails showed Dr. Anthony Fauci and his boss at the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) wanted to conduct a “quick and devastating” take-down of renowned scientists and infectious disease experts who proposed a lockdown-free COVID control strategy. Ridicule was one of the strategies, using health regulatory agencies and mainstream media which are at the disposal of these powerful people.
  19. Dr Steven Pelech, a UBC professor of immunology and neurology, is calling for the suspension of vaccination of children because of what it’s doing to the heart.  

    Caution, many truth bombs!


    1. Shady


      There was absolutely no scientific reason why anyone under 18 should be vaccinated anyways.

    2. sharkman


      And watch them try to ruin this professor’s life for daring to differ with the ‘science’.

  20. I think that among the uninformed(masses), CNN’s reputation will suffer tremendously over this. As the sordid details leak out people will be shocked that they watched these sickos at all. It’s probably why they quickly hired squeaky clean Wallace when they had to fire Cuomo.
  21. I read this recently:

    The unvaccinated have the most skin in the game.  If they are wrong, they die.  Sat what you will about their misguidedness, but you can’t call them cowards.

    They are literally willing to bet their lives. Real skin in the game. 

    1. BubberMiley


      That's one of the stupidest things I've ever heard. That's not true at all. They're not likely to die. They're likely to suffer from long-term covid and they are definitely more likely to infect the vulnerable people with whom they come in contact. All because they're frightened of a sore shoulder.

      But they never fail to tell people how brave they are. That's true. :lol:

  22. And for a few more laughs, here’s Jen Pisaki.  Sorry, Pasaki. Pesaki?  Who spells their name like that!  Psaki!! Buy a freaking vowel, Pastromi!!



    1. sharkman


      During the press conference, at the 2:55 mark she starts giving the bird while flipping her hair.  I’ll bet psaki has wanted to freak out like that for a long time…

  23. It seems that Bubber and Michael’s only role on this forum is an attempt to increase posts and traffic.
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