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  1. Let's widen the focus a little to take in the last 60 plus years. Does anyone disagree that attacking Afghanistan in response to 9/11 was folly?(As if their government had anything to do with it) As was attacking Iraq when all of the terrorists were Saudi nationals. I fully supported both responses at the time, and it wasn't until years later I began to understand that Bush Jr(and Cheney) was not trustworthy. There really weren't WMD in Iraq. Saddam didn't need to be deposed. Neither did Gaddafi. Neither did leaders in South America or Asia(Vietnam, Korea). The US has been very busy in the last 60+ years, have they not? We speak of decadence, but there is something else at play I think. Something that goes beyond politics, religion or any of the other usual suspects. In that time frame, 2 presidents have been shot, and one forced to resign. Historic economy crashes in 1980 and 2008. So many military actions that you can call the US anything but peaceful. And I don't quite know how to label 9/11. Really, I don't know what to make of it. Perhaps my perspective is off, but Kennedy being taken out seemed to change the course of the nation. The very next day, Johnson entered the country into the Vietnam war, the most disgusting waste of American blood and treasure that accomplished nothing. I don't think it would be wrong to say that there is a lot of justified hatred that has been earned by the US around the globe since then. What has the US become? Eisenhower warned his nation in 1961 of the dangers of a Military Industrial Complex. It seems this entity has benefited greatly in the last 60 years. But other than that, I really have no answers. I'm glad to see others can recognize that the American empire has been in decline, because many on this forum seem blissfully unaware. It is inevitable that another power or alliance would form to oppose what America has become. An powerful economic union has formed in the BRICS nations. They now have over 40% of global GDP and a similar percentage of oil production. While Biden tries to wean his nation off of fossil fuels, an economic catastrophe is brewing. This will only aid BRICS. In all of this, I feel like a farmer. I can not change the weather one whit. I can only stick my head out the window and say it's raining.
  2. Someone intelligent and ruthless would wait in the background, for an opportunity to present itself. Such a person would be unknown.
  3. In the fallout of Iowa, a revelation. Deranged democrats are trying to steal the primaries for Haley. The plot involves registering as republicans, which is like personal fraud. Then they vote in the republican primaries as if they are republicans, for Nikki Haley. The scheme will fail, of course. Thankfully there aren’t enough deranged democrats to affect the outcomes, and Trump supporters will easily carry the day. But it’s like the presidential election is happening during the primaries, because Biden won’t have a prayer, and the Dem brain trust knows it.
  4. What Canada needs is a person from outside of the political establishment, the elite power structure, to rise up. Someone not tainted by existing political parties, like a Preston Manning, who changed the political landscape.
  5. The hardcore left continue on in complete denial of the sea change that is happening all around them. But at least 1/3 of Biden voters have woken up to the disaster their party is in. It’s due to a steady drip, drip , drip of decisions, results and jaw dropping embarrassments. The Administration’s heavy handed Covid response. Social media shutting down and banning free speech. Billions for Ukraine and none for the border or disaster stricken areas. The Biden admin changing the definition of what a recession is, so they can claim there hasn’t been one. Allowing gender change for children behind the parents backs. Drying up Ukraine aid and then blindly supporting Israel. Lying about the real inflation rate and unemployment rate. Three years of blaming everything on Trump instead of taking ownership. It’s been an unmitigated disaster. The good news is, it’s finally waking people up to the reality that Trump was better. He’s looking better and better. Hence the multiple court cases against him. Lawfare. That’s all they’ve got. And had he actually done something illegal they’d have thrown him in prison years ago. So he’s clean…
  6. This just in: Vivek drops out AND endorses President Trump! You better come up with another plan, Biden and Dem/Media/DeepState braintrust, because Trump will be the nominee. Court cases and lawfare? Say goodbye to Fani Willis. Also say goodbye to the "republican" candidate who came out of Texas, John Anthony Castro. He apparently got his name on the ballot so he could immediately sue to get Trump off the ballots of 24 states. Unfortunately for Mr. Castro, he's now been arrested on federal charges regarding tax laws. Interesting case, this one. He never raised a cent for his campaign, just the 20 million that he contributed. He never participated in a debate. His only play was to sue Trump in 24 states, trying to get his name off the ballot since Trump incited J6. Funny how his efforts fall in line with the rest of the Dem effort at large, eh? So long, sucker.
  7. Looks like Trump is the big winner in Iowa. And the never-Trump vote gets nicely split up by Haley and Ron. The Trump Train is inevitable though, and you can see the fear among the left on this very forum(with their ever more desperate anti Trump threads). I am going to seriously enjoy this campaign as the left becomes totally unhinged.
  8. I’m not a fan of Frank Luntz(or Fox News) but perhaps I should watch that video anyway.
  9. Here’s a thought about the 7 years of “Trump bad” from the media. The media has become the boy who cried wolf. They’ve been waking the masses up to the realization that Trump isn’t actually that bad, and CERTAINLY better than Biden. And perhaps the possibility of a Biden candidate in November would actually be a good thing. I’ve been saying all along that there is no way Biden will make it to the election, but I’m starting to hope he does make it. He’s such a mess that nothing would help Trump’s campaign like a stumbling bumbling Joe.
  10. I was relaxing this evening, eating made-on-the-stove popcorn while watching some Badlands. Canncon to be specific. And it dawned on me. (BTW, did you hear that Hertz Rentals is going to sell 20,000 of their EVs and shift back to gas powered cars? Too expensive to insure and repair compared to gas powered) It dawned on me that Trump is going to have to beat the Deep State at its own game before the election, if he is to win it. All the lies to do with J6, Ukraine, Russia, China, NATO, Covid, CIA, FBI, DOJ, Clintons, Biden and both parties, to name a few. It's a tall order, but I also realized he's actually succeeding. Truth is making a come back as it leaks in like light around a door frame in a dark room. And of course, it's not just Trump. He's got an organization that is quite large, has no shortage of resources, and is very dedicated. Then you have conservatives across all demographics that are stepping up and spreading the truth. I mentioned to some colleagues this week that one of our main governing bodies in BC quietly announced to its staff to stop using the Rapid Tests as they are too inaccurate to be reliable. To my surprise, everyone agreed that all of this rapid testing for covid didn't really help. So the billions spent on these and the useless masks for 3 years was just another waste, and people are starting to realize this. I wonder how many millions of people were improperly counted as covid patients when they just had a flu? My point to you being, that the blind trust to our medical system and the "science" has taken a beating. People are waking up. People are realizing that the EV has serious issues. The economies suck. We're being lied to. 9 more months of these revelations, and you can see how Trump could actually win back the White House.
  11. All I can say is hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! 😝
  12. Good news to start off the week, another Hezbollah leader bites the dust! https://news.yahoo.com/israeli-strike-lebanon-kills-senior-111732058.html The security sources identified him as Wissam al-Tawil, the deputy head of a unit within the Radwan force. They said he and another Hezbollah fighter were killed when their car was hit in a strike on the Lebanese village of Majdal Selm. … "Whoever thinks of war with us - in one word, he will regret it," Nasrallah said. As you can see, these Hezbollah guys are not the sharpest tools ⚒️ n the tool shed. That was 4 words…
  13. Yeah, BRICS just added Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt, Iran and Ethiopia. They are all dumping USD, and then you have countries like Japan that are selling US treasuries and buying into their own currencies to keep them from sliding. And when you add the US debt, with a yearly interest payment of one trillion, it’s plain to see the writing on the wall. Here’s a really good primer on the situation.
  14. Morgan Stanley. You've heard of them? They just downgraded their outlook for the US dollar, which further illustrates that the Yankee buck is weakening. I'm not sure why you're so unaware of what's been happening for the last 2+ years, but whatever. When the US dollar finally tanks due to things like their national debt and the over trillion dollar interest payments, then I guess you'll get what you get when the markets tank too. At least you could have followed Warren Buffet's lead who started pulling his money out of the DOW last spring and has 140 billion sitting on the sidelines, waiting for something. But I guess you're smarter than Warren Buffet. https://watcher.guru/news/brics-morgan-stanley-downgrades-the-u-s-dollar Multinational investment bank Morgan Stanley downgraded the outlook for the U.S. dollar from ‘Bullish’ to ‘Neutral’ on Friday. The global bank cited that the Federal Reserve initiating interest rate cuts led to the decline of U.S. Treasury yields. Morgan Stanley’s outlook for the U.S. dollar is now officially ‘Neutral’ and downgraded from its previous stance of ‘Bullish’. The downgrade comes at a time when the BRICS alliance is advancing to uproot the U.S. dollar’s global supremacy.
  15. For sake of argument, let's say that you are 100% correct in the above. What you are saying is that a sitting president had the US border handling immigrants illegally. For what, 3 years? And no court intervened. He wasn't arrested for this. He is now not being prosecuted for this. It seems a sitting American president can just dictate whatever he wants, whether it's illegal or not, and as long as he has either the Senate or the Congress, he gets away with it? Which means that Biden, or any of the previous presidents could theoretically break the law if they wanted to. Thats a strange reality, I think you are going to have to colour me skeptical on that one.
  16. Ooh, I’m embarrassed, eh? 😝 Your clumsy language in which you thought you were winning a point by claiming to another poster, that you “took science classes in college”, is the most laughable thing I’ve read in this forum in the over 15 years that I’ve been here. So thanks for that. An actual college student would have mentioned the specific field of study, not termed them “science classes”(as if you were still in grade 9). And would have mentioned a degree earned, or not mentioned it at all. And in rebuttal to my earlier pointing all this out, you posted a photo of some college to help “prove” you actually attended there! Priceless!!
  17. Okay then, riddle me this: How is it that Trump was able to slow immigration to a crawl? And remember the comment, “they aren’t sending us their best”? Why is Biden unable to even verbally address this issue? Surely he could do better than Trump’s bull in a China shop approach.
  18. I may have struck a nerve with that “science classes in college” dig. Sometimes the truth hurts…
  19. The only way you are going to join up with reality is to stop consuming your usual propaganda. I dare you to stop all media consumption for 2 weeks. You will be surprised at how schrill it all sounds.
  20. Hey nimrod, thanks for revealing how bad your comprehension is. A post right below the one you quoted already pointed that out. Then I replied, admitting my error. I see those "science classes you took in college" are really paying off.
  21. And here's a couple more, just for moonbox. 15 BRICS nations signed agreements to ditch the US dollar. https://watcher.guru/news/brics-15-countries-to-ditch-us-dollar-for-oil-trade#:~:text=India and the UAE already,for oil and gas trade. The new BRICS members are laying the foundation for the de-dollarization initiatives. India and the UAE already settled oil trade in local currencies in September this year. The move was a historic landmark shifting away from the US dollar for oil and gas trade. India paid its local currency, the Rupee, to settle 1 million barrels of oil with the UAE. Additionally, Saudi Arabia also confirmed that the Kingdom is open to accepting local currencies for oil. The development threatens the existence of the US dollar as developing countries can now opt for local currencies instead. BRICS looks to uproot the US dollar’s dominance in the oil sector and replace it with their respective local currencies https://watcher.guru/news/10-u-s-sectors-to-be-affected-if-brics-stops-using-the-dollar The BRICS summit ended on a high note in August after the bloc inducted six new countries into the group. Leading oil-producing nations Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt, Iran, and Ethiopia will join the alliance in January 2024. Also, Argentina is the only new BRICS member that does not produce and export oil. The one common thing between the 11-member BRICS group is their disdain for the U.S. dollar. Moreover, BRICS is looking to end dependency on the U.S. dollar by promoting their local currencies for cross-border transactions.
  22. India signs an agreement with another BRICS member to trade in rupees instead of dollars. The UAE, to be specific. https://www.reuters.com/world/india-ties-up-with-uae-settle-trade-rupees-2023-07-15/ "The two agreements will enable "seamless cross-border transactions and payments, and foster greater economic cooperation", said a statement from the Reserve Bank of India on Saturday. India, the world's third biggest oil importer and consumer and whose central bank last year announced a framework for settling global trade in rupees, currently pays for UAE oil in dollars. Bilateral trade between the two countries was $84.5 billion in the year from April 2022 to March 2023."
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