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  1. And another bank bites the dust, moonbat. Makes one wonder how the employment numbers will be affected with these bank failures. https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2023/03/12/regulators-close-new-yorks-signature-bank-citing-systemic-risk.html U.S. regulators on Sunday shut down New York-based Signature Bank, a big lender in the crypto industry, in a bid to prevent the spreading banking crisis. … Signature is one of the main banks to the cryptocurrency industry, the biggest one next to Silvergate, which announced its impending liquidation last week. It had a market value of $4.4 billion as of Friday after a 40% sell-off this year, according to FactSet.
  2. https://news.yahoo.com/svb-fallout-spreads-around-world-154331383.html “Fears of contagion have reached Canada, India and China. In the UK, SVB’s unit is set to be declared insolvent, has already ceased trading and is no longer taking new customers. On Saturday, the leaders of roughly 180 tech companies sent a letter calling on UK Chancellor Jeremy Hunt to intervene. “The loss of deposits has the potential to cripple the sector and set the ecosystem back 20 years,” they said in the letter seen by Bloomberg. “Many businesses will be sent into involuntary liquidation overnight.” The SVB failure has implications around the world it seems, which could make for an interesting Monday. And Yellen has apparently said no bailout is coming.
  3. SVB had holdings of other banks. Apparently 90% of their total accounts were uninsured. You know what that means folks? They are going to be out of luck. Here’s some more thoughts: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11847965/Financial-markets-brace-following-Silicon-Valley-Bank-death-spiral-bank-stocks-50.html “The ripple effect has already hit similar institutions, such as New York's Signature Bank, which saw its share price plummet 23 percent before trading was halted when the news of SVB's demise came in. The share price of First Republic, the 16th largest bank in America, also crashed by 14.8 percent and Pac West dropped by 37.9 percent. University of San Diego finance professor Dan Roccato cautioned that while SVB was 'a niche bank', more firms are likely to face troubling times ahead.” Have you ever heard of the phrase, never let a crisis go to waste? Bill Clinton’s favourite saying, and governments the world over love to employ this. When some crisis or other happens, that’s the time to force through an “emergency” bill or change, because people will be fearful and more accepting of a change that is said to help them. Think big, now. What financial change do the governments have waiting in the wings right now, ready for an emergency?
  4. Yeah? Well let’s see what happens when this contagion works through the economy: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/03/10/silicon-valley-bank-tumbles-for-a-second-day-weighing-on-the-bank-sector-again.html Shares of Silicon Valley Bank, tumbled for a second day Friday and weighed on the entire banking sector again on concern that more banks would incur heavy losses on their bond portfolios. Concern among founders and venture capital investors spiked earlier this week after Silicon Valley Bank surprised the market by announcing late Wednesday it needed to raise $2.25 billion in stock.
  5. Let justice be done though the heavens fall.

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      I sure hope so...

  6. J6 was staged.  The Qanon guy with the horn hat was escorted around the interior of the Capitol by Capitol police, who tried opening doors for him.  
    That’s why the left media won’t actually address the new footage, they just hiss and name call, like you on this forum.


  7. Oh wait. I thought it was Russia Russia Russia. And you all just bought that nonsense about Russia because your trusted sources of propaganda said so. Now that the powers that be realize that they are losing their grip on the public, they come out with a new fake news story. It wasn’t Russia. It was Ukraine. Supporters. Not a nation, but a group. They know the political leanings of this group, but they don’t know who it is. Really. That has the top tier kind of technology that Ukraine wouldn’t have. To set explosives on the bottom of the ocean, strategically placed to properly take out 2 gas lines. And remember, it wasn’t Germany, USA or Russia. It was a “group” that doesn’t contain them. But it has technology on par with the US Navy. Got all that? It wasn’t the US that only threatened twice to take out the gas lines, spoken by two top level officials, including the office of the president. They had nothing to do with it, ignore those whistle blowers. 🙄
  8. How about this headline to drive it home to moon guy, the Iraqi MInister: https://ca.finance.yahoo.com/news/us-home-prices-could-tumble-175620352.html?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbS8&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAACZ0STMjmbtVXq5IfI6pdsgC5FjViEEYe3QRU5FDv5z3ZCAeQfCt1GVKEoXps1rBJGHdzMROqQZ_xtAcDJhdTIpvF9GT3G2zRrHpjXNnfI40jWT6HzHkwDVByGmrZ76_t_YQ5-Be-ZX_8G84mw1hpAKSrZGj3XKedfcv6axAleEt "[I]f the observed price-to-rent ratio grows at an explosive rate relative to its fundamental-based ratio estimated with long-term interest rate and rent growth data, the bubble hypothesis merits attention," they said." "The possibility of a domino effect, where investors pull out of international housing seeking safety and liquidity elsewhere, also raises concerns of spillovers beyond Germany or the US to the global economy."
  9. Let's take a look at some current headlines, and see what the Iraqi Minister of Propaganda has to say about them: https://www.reuters.com/markets/us/blackstone-blocked-investor-withdrawals-71-billion-reit-february-2023-03-01/ "Credit Suisse downgraded its rating of Blackstone's stock to underperform in November partly because of the rise in investor redemptions from BREIT. Blackstone's shares were down 0.25% at $90.57 per share in afternoon trading on Wednesday. The stock lost 43% of its value last year. Blackstone has been exercising its right to block investors' withdrawals since November last year after requests hit a preset 5% net asset value of BREIT, which is marketed to mostly high net worth individuals." https://www.marketwatch.com/story/wealthy-clients-pulled-more-than-100-billion-from-credit-suisse-in-the-fourth-quarter-11675934028 "Beleaguered Swiss banking giant Credit Suisse on Thursday revealed that wealthy clients pulled 92.7 billion francs ($101 billion) out of the bank in the fourth quarter. Credit Suisse CSGN, +8.33% CS, +6.69% said two-thirds of the net asset outflows were in October, at a time of intense social-media speculation around its ability to survive. Credit Suisse has since announced a sweeping restructuring plan." https://www.reuters.com/business/finance/blackstone-defaults-562-mln-nordic-property-backed-cmbs-bloomberg-news-2023-03-02/ "March 2 (Reuters) - Blackstone Inc (BX.N) has defaulted on a 531 million euro ($562.5 million) bond backed by a portfolio of offices and stores owned by Finnish company Sponda Oy, as rising interest rates hit European property values. The private equity firm sought an extension from the bondholders to repay the debt, but they voted against it, a source familiar with the matter told Reuters. Shares of the private-equity firm fell 1.6% after news of the default was first reported by Bloomberg." This is obviously not good news, and anyone, like moonbox, who wants to pretend that this isn't happening right before our eyes is blind. Then we hear yesterday that Nordstrom's is pulling out of Canada, leaving 2500 people out of work. We are in for a major correction, and anyone buying a house right now before prices plunge in Canada is what's called the dumb money.
  10. So I heard on the down low that India started selling off USD to support their currency. Apparently other countries might be also selling off USD, putting downward pressure on the yankee buck. We shall see what develops.
  11. PP is a wef stooge just like Trudeau. What we need is a new party, not infected with the globalist BS that wants us to own nothing and be happy. Live in 15 minute cities and pay with a digital currency that allows government to track every cent you earn. What we need is a reform party.
  12. There is much more to America’s success than being a federation of sovereign states. The many wars she has been involved in are a tragedy on the American people, foisted on them with lies, propaganda and outright evil. It is a miracle that America has lasted as long at it has. Its enemies have long plotted its demise. Economics, energy and endless regulations. Yes, some of the enemies have definitely been from within. But take heart, the last chapter hasn’t been written yet…
  13. It's not a theory. At least 2 whistleblowers have corroborated the account.
  14. Bank of America strategists are warning of a big drop in the S&P 500 by March. “Fed tightening always breaks something” https://www.marketwatch.com/amp/story/fed-tightening-always-breaks-something-s-p-500-will-drop-to-3-800-by-march-warn-bank-of-america-strategists-e86be31e “Hopes for a “soft landing”, that would see U.S. economic growth slow gently without tipping into a recession as borrowing costs rise, have faded recently following stronger-than-expected economic data. A “hard landing” where the economy does fall into a recession is not likely either and as a result the talk has been about a “no landing” outlook in which the economy keeps growing even as central banks keep raising interest rates.”
  15. But it’s a start. And there are a dozen or more separate bombshell revelations from BC to Quebec, with hidden whistleblowers waiting for someone they can trust in the media. The Liberal party. Members of the Conservative Party. The CBC, and CTV. The RCMP. The Justice system(look no further than the Emergency Commission). Various premiers. The Covid overseers. And Trudeau was a very bad boy in his younger days. Tick tock.
  16. This will snowball. The whistleblowers are starting to come forward in Canada. The media are starting to break ranks. Did you see that Globe story?
  17. This is what we in the right(hehe) knew when this commission began. It's a white wash. But it served a very important function. Tons of Canadians waking up to the reality of Trudeau attacking our freedoms one by one, and becoming somewhat aware of this commission part way through. And thinking that it will obviously find the Liberal government guilty of a horrible over reach(freezing innocents' bank accounts). And then this happens, a finding that Trudeau did the right thing. This finding will wake up more Canadians than the trucker convoy, guaranteed.
  18. And here's another story on the tough situation of the auto market in Canada. It's a car bubble, much like a housing bubble. People getting behind in their car payments due to the higher cost of living(inflation), higher interest rates(on their variable rate mortgage, credit lines and or credit cards), and higher cost of the used auto purchased in the last 18 months https://ca.style.yahoo.com/more-canadians-falling-behind-car-payments-after-big-run-up-auto-prices-170916778.html "Typically, when consumers are in a very tight spot financially, they stop making payments on things like credit cards, lines of credit and personal loans long before they would ever do so on secured debts like a mortgage, their rent, or a car loan," said Scott Terrio, a certified credit counsellor and manager of consumer insolvency at Hoyes, Michalos Licensed Insolvency Trustees. "But given the choice between making your shelter payment and your car loan, the car loan will always go delinquent first."
  19. I’m almost stunned that the response from the left of center in this forum is so supportive of this story, that is evidence of election meddling in Canada. Even though it damages the Liberal government…
  20. Well good on you for being able to examine the evidence and seeing where it leads.
  21. And Seymour Hersh discusses his investigations into Nord Stream 2 sabotage.
  22. Ah, here we go, I missed this due to all of the nonsense.
  23. Okay, looks like the peanut gallery can’t do any critical thinking beyond what their media programming is. We are getting closer to all out war and all they can do is personal attacks, insults and harassment. Still waiting for a serious response…
  24. Sorry mate, you just got made. Just trying too hard...
  25. Did you know that the Russians have a nuke carrying ship in the Atlantic somewhere off the coast of the continental US? For my next joke, a Ruskie and a moonbat walk into a bar…
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