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  1. "The cabin boy, the cabin boy! . . . that dirty little nipper . . . . . . . . . . "
  2. A 'real' leader would have met with the convoy . . . . Trudeau is a gutless dork. Stay calm, chive on!
  3. A real PM or President would have met with the truckers and tried to find a solution. Justin went into withdrawal (hiding) and spat insults at them. What a gutless dork.
  4. And besides, the thread is about Canada (the country that adopted you - remember), not about Iraq. If you don't like it here and hate the people, you could always just f'k off. Savvy?
  5. Logger here . . . you plant them, I harvest them. Can't have .second growth' until the 'first growth' is gone. 🌳⛽
  6. Why the hate for Alberta and Premier D. Smith? She's doing what's good for her province. Anger management and meds not really working out for you?
  7. I liken Justin Trudeau to that pile of dog crap you've just stepped in . . . no matter how many times you scrape your shoe, the stench remains.
  8. The mental evaluation you need is probably covered by medical insurance. Take advantage.
  9. China likes Canada, and especially the Liberal Party of Canada . . . no army needed. Just a wink and handshake. Deal done!
  10. Does anyone think that the Canadian voter has been 'turned off' politics considering the present PM's appalling behavior and bizarre fascination with control and climate change? Apathy a factor?
  11. Trudeau/Guilbeault . . . enemies of Canada and its citizens.
  12. The Scottish folks are known for their fine cuisine . . . . What other band of 'girlie' Vikings would leave the lamb chops on the hillside and take home the gutbag to eat? Washed down the gullet with the most vile swill on the face of the earth. A potion made from distilled wool, and that these muttering skirt wearers name after themselves. Stacking lumber is foreign to these creatures. They would much prefer throwing boards helter skelter . . . and their hovel dwellings are a testament to this 'skill' . . . Oh well . . .
  13. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!!! Happy Holidays. Justin says so . . .
  14. Ever been assessed by a psychiatrist herbie? Your grasp of reality is humorous . . . in a sad sort of way.
  15. The Honourable Steven Guilbeault . . . Minister of Environment and Climate Change of Canada Qualifications : ? Experience : ? He's the ultimate 'diversity hire' . . .
  16. Fellow mentioned that Muslim immigrants shouldn't be accepted in Canada . . . his point was that about 30% of the worldwide Muslim population is radicalized and their sole purpose is to recruit and destroy anything/anyone who is not Muslim. He stated that they do not try to adapt to the host country's laws, social customs, etc., or even try to fit in and be a Canadian citizen. He said that they expect the host country and its citizens to knuckle under to their radical views, and Sharia law . . . .
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