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  1. A direct question to you, you chose not to answer . . . . . oh well. As Kermit the Frog croons in his signature tune . . . . "It's not easy being green."
  2. What exactly has the Green Party of Canada done for you or your riding? What exactly have you done to rid our country of its least popular federal government in its history? By all means, exercise your right to vote. Just be aware that your vote means nothing. A throw-away vote.
  3. Your vote, and your vote to waste . . . . Green Party of Canada . . . Thirty-nine year history, two seats in the House of Commons.
  4. You're displaying your bias . . . . Maybe Jesus wouldn't sit at all . . . . maybe send out for a stack of pizza'
  5. disobey's third sentence . . . "First, how do I speak the truth to those that don't want to hear the truth" (?) Maybe they don't want to hear the 'truth' from him . . . . and if that's the case, accuracy means nothing if no one listens. One guy can sell a snowball to an Eskimo, while another can't. Presentation is the key. Go ahead and light your hair on fire for my use of the term Eskimo . . . . .
  6. 1) Do those who choose not to listen to your 'truth' do so because of you or your presentation? 2) Is your 'truth' really true? You've answered your own question with your last sentence. Presentation may be everything . . .
  7. Trudeau do this with some of his cabinet postings ?
  8. CBC isn't relevant anymore. Phase out funding over a 1 -2 year period . . . . see where it goes from there.
  9. The CBC has been bought by the Trudeau/Liberal government using my tax money. It is left winged biased and has a large percent of its programing geared to 0.05% of the population. Will be happy to see it de-funded.
  10. You know exactly what was meant . . . . The War Measures Act . . . by another softer name: The Emergency Act. You can call a cow a horse, but everyone knows it's a cow. Justin Trudeau is a coward and a traitor. You're afraid of change, and people like you are what hold this country back. Thanks, thanks a lot . . .
  11. Watched the last of PP's citizen meeting . . . . 'defund the CBC, save a billion dollars' No more "Writers & Company' with hostess Eleanor Wachtel. Best show on CBC. Queenie . . . don't make assumptions about who/what I contribute to.
  12. Queenie . . . . don't work yourself into a lather. Your Trudeau hid behind Mom's couch during the implementation of The War Measures Act against peaceful protesters.
  13. You sound frightened. Does change scare you? Happy with the status quo? Fear affecting your thought process. Hide under the bed.
  14. None here either. No middle-man needed between me & the Creator. Prairie native blood on my mother's side, deep connection with the earth. Passed on to me. No Bible required.
  15. The Pope rose through the ranks to attain the highest seat in Catholicism . . . . and claims to know-nothing of the systemic abuse of children/adults of any color. Priests/nuns playing musical chairs . . . shuffled to another parish when it's been found that they are pedophiles and abusers . . . . Pope? Holy Man? . . . . . . I'd spit on his shoes. Your claim of freedom, democracy, human rights is false. Central America/Spaniards ring a bell with you?
  16. The Christian belief system . . . . virgin birth, parting the seas, walking on water, rising from the dead, feeding hundreds with a sardine and crusty roll, the list is long. Christian missionaries trying to get indigenous folks to give up their belief system of father sky-mother earth will sustain you . . . . to believe in following a star on strange animals to see a baby. Is Christianity a conspiracy theory? Will the First Immigrants demands and concessions end . . . ever? The country is dying from a thousand cuts.
  17. Wow! How were you able to pick out the Quarter horse in the field of Shetland ponies?
  18. Is Jean Charest viewed as a Conservative by his own party? Do the CPC voting members reflect his popularity?
  19. But, at least we're partially addressing our huge 0.015% of world carbon emissions with our huge increased prices of imported fuel. All the while, we sit on the third largest oil reserves in the world. Thanks Justin, thanks a lot . . . you stupid prick.
  20. Conversation doesn't seem to be something you're capable of. Liken you to a deflating bag of fetid gas. Carry on . . . . .
  21. Many accurate long rifles available now, and ammunition manufacturers have finally realized that precision/consistent ammo is a must for hunters. Regularly take moose and elk at 400+yds. using my handloads. Model 70 Winchester(s) are a personal favorite. On big bears, short range is the best with a competent shooter. Have had clients that freeze up in the close-up ranges with dangerous game. That's fine, we just back out of the situation with no shots fired. A competent rifleman can shoot, cycle and be on target again with a slick 'kicker' bolt action long gun in seconds. Off hand shooting separates the riflemen from the plinkers . . .
  22. There's a lot of things you 'don't get' . . . . China trying to takeover Saskatchewan's potash industry comes to mind . . .
  23. Have shown our local SAR folks the lay of the land here on Vancouver Island. They have the maps/Google Earth,etc. but, many of them have never been to those places. I was a logger for 43 years, and the 'hands-on' knowledge of the backcountry that I was able to share with the good folks at SAR was appreciated. I also doubt ExFlyer's background . . . .
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