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  1. Could also be a Trudeau supporter there to draw attention of the news media, and show the legitimate protesters in a bad light. This also could be the antics of the Nazi flag bearer at the Ottawa Freedom Rally. How about the fake story of the Ottawa group trying to burn a building? Also question the so-called cache of arms at Coutts, Alberta. What better way to smooth the way for Trudeau and his bullsh!t sporting arms ban? Ask yourself . . . is there anything sacred that Trudeau wouldn't do to further his self-image? Self promotion is the only driver of Liberal policy now. Canada's a lesser place since it contracted the Trudeau virus.
  2. You don't know much . . . . Ontario calls you. Run along now.
  3. 'On the Origin of the Deadliest Pandemic in 100 Years' . . . . . Elaine Dewar. Excellent book . . . gives the timeline, dates, places, and names.
  4. 17.7 miles squared. Bill Gates? Farmer? WTF!
  5. "The lady doth protest too much . . . "
  6. Just like there's been "absolutely no discussion" with the citizens that are bearing the brunt of Trudeau's one track obsession with climate change. You grow up or grow a pair FFS
  7. He defends them at every opportunity. Running 'interference' then claiming he's a non-supporter . . . .
  8. How could they be more transparent than they already are ?
  9. Not that at all . . . . Trudeau's total indifference to the needs of this country, uncontrolled spending, distain for anything/anybody that questions his 'messiah-like' preoccupation with global warming, all the while ignoring the economic and environmental benefits of LGN exports, and his total preoccupation with his image . . . . . the list is long. I do recognize your adoration of Justin Trudeau and all that he does to make you and Hardner happy . . . .
  10. Trudeau has psychopathic tendencies. Combined with his cabinet of brain-dead penguins, and the NDP enabler, they are ransacking my country. All are traitors.
  11. Canada's been riding for free for a very long time. Virtue signaling just doesn't cut it anymore. Derision? What's that?
  12. Jagmeet Singh's political career is over. He's a non-entity. Sold himself and the party cheap.
  13. Klause brags about WEF supporters in the Trudeau cabinet. 50 second mark. https://rumble.com/v245ve4-wef-decia...-or-share.html
  14. Adrienne Clarkson . . . former Governor General, still bills the Canadian taxpayer $100,000.- per year while enjoying her retirement in 2005. Seventeen years on the taxpayers teat. Parasitic tapeworm. Make you proud Queenmandy ?
  15. You weren't worried about your image? Geek driving Mom's car? Did she buy the gas too? 😎
  16. Slant 6 'guy' . . . . . Emerson Lake & Palmer ?? ^ ^ ^ strange image ^ ^ ^ 👜👠💋
  17. As mentioned before . . . there is a forum on this site that caters to religion. Your endless preaching has nothing to do with the 'Liberal rumours' thread in the 'Federal Politics' forum. You call me a bigot, you reveal yourself as the zealot you are Expect another multi-big paragraph response from you . . . can you pare it down to 50-60 sentences and 4x twenty line paragraphs?
  18. The question isn't about respecting your religious views, it's about your compulsion to insert your religious views into virtually every thread you're involved in. Your religious views have nothing to do with the subject of this thread which is 'Liberal rumours'. There is a forum available on this site that specifically deals with religion. Perhaps you could make use of it.
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