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  1. Queenmandy, is our own Michael writing your stuff for you? Asking for a friend . . . . 😊
  2. Oh! . . . I didn't know that Quebec had joined Canada. When did that happen? Yet, Quebec is receiving huge sums of money from the real Canada. Quebec is Canada's tapeworm. Time to take the medicine and rid ourselves of this parasite . . . .
  3. Someone from Toronto whining about arrogance . . . . that's a good one Michael. Again, you're confusing yourself and trying to diffuse your misconceptions to other Canadians , , , eg: Using the harsh word 'hate' when the proper reference would be 'contempt' . . . . .
  4. 'fixed' has a few other meanings . . .
  5. The 'new age' RPF's think they're smarter than Mother Nature. They've had it drummed into their little 'urban brains' that fire is bad . . . take it out of the equation. With second growth logging, the ratio of debris/merchantable timber is close to even. That slash/fuel is left unburned. Re-gen tree planting is more difficult to complete, there is no cover for the seedlings, heat kills a high % of them. Slash burning makes tree planting much easier and precise, there's a good cover for the seedlings with the almost instantaneous fireweed growth, and the re-gen is shielded from the killing heat/sun. But, the 'new age' foresters know best . . . a lot of them have never been in the bush before . . . in all seasons, or laced up a pair of caulks. Many try to tell you how to log your Timber Sale . . . . wet behind the ears city folks. Meh!
  6. You seem unaware of the unrest and discontentment west of your beloved Toronto. That's ok. Have your porridge and go back to sleep Michael . . . . sweet dreams.
  7. 'Does Canada harbour a lot of Communist sympathizers?' You say " there are 3095 of them" . . . . . implying that the number is small. Inconsequential in fact. Where did this/your 'exact' number come from? Taking for granted you realize the difference between a declared Communist and a Communist sympathizer. But again, . . . . perhaps you can come up with an irrefutable number and name for the Communist sympathizers in Canada. Enjoy your porridge . . .
  8. This country has taken a very hard lunge to the left . . . . and you are fretting about what it's been labeled as, nice deflection, as expected from you. As mentioned before . . . it's all a matter of degree. Carry on . . . .
  9. Michael, your centralist viewpoint/eyes-closed utopia isn't relevant to a very large segment of Canada. 4) It's going in the direction I described . . . . . You eat porridge for breakfast, I eat steak and eggs . . . . . "and never the twain shall meet."
  10. Call it whatever you want . . . Marxism, socialism, communism, it doesn't really matter at this point. It's all a matter of degree . . . The fact remains that government has seeped into more and more of our personal freedoms and our right to choose. Communists here in Canada? You bet your ass there is . . . . and it's not so hidden anymore.
  11. "your knee jerk impulse to defend the left leads you astray again . . . . " Yzermandius 19 . . . . ^ ^ your prose has once again put a smile on my face! 😊
  12. Another Michael Hardner reference ? A 'Life is smooth for me, therefore you're a malcontent whiner if you disagree with me' . . . . . The CBC is a dog. Not relevant to anything that isn't Indian or Liberal . . . .
  13. Some folks contend the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has gone from mildly 'left' to firmly 'left' . . . . It's very apparent that the CBC has an agenda now . . . stay to the Liberal side of things, and endless First Immigrant issues. Hardly worth listening to this expensive overstaffed, one-sided radio any more. Holger Petersen . . . 'Saturday Night Blues' being the exception.
  14. Meaning . . . . he's as smart as a plant? Perhaps a turnip?
  15. Thinking you've used a self photo from days gone by . . . as your avatar.
  16. Why insult men by referring to Justin Trudeau as a 'guy' . . . ?
  17. It's truly embarrassing to be a Canadian at this time.
  18. Uninvolved until it's flopped at your feet. We need change . . . . are you doing anything to make that happen?
  19. We're trying to make a banana out of apples and oranges. Canada as is . . . is broken. It's not working for a growing segment of the population/area. Quebec is not a member of this country. The four western provinces and the Yukon could 'go it alone' and be a very viable country. Ontario, and the parasitic Quebec need the west more than we need them. Time for a big change.
  20. Canada has a parasite . . . . Quebec. Trudeau and his ilk feed the parasite. You and your ilk think that's ok?
  21. What's your point? Care to clarify?
  22. You're wrong pal . . . . the system works for Quebec, and the GTA only. I want to see this country cleaved in half. This was a reply to QuebecOverCanada . . . . who's handle tells you of his mindset.
  23. Don't know where you call home but, if you're a westerner . . . . would you vote for a separation type party? The system we have now doesn't work.
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