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  1. Invasion to take over Canada . . .absurd. What invading country would want Quebec? The rest of Canada doesn't even want them. Quebec brings nothing to the picnic, hogs down everyone else's goodies, then whines long and loud about it. America want Canada? Why would they? We sell/deal with them now . . . .
  2. "Don't Bogart that joint my friend, pass it over to me . . . "
  3. You don't think he'll stumble and lurch into a snowdrift like his 'stepdad' did? 😊
  4. Trudeau has only served himself. Everything is about him . . .
  5. The Canadian citizens, the Canadian economy, Canadian pride and enthuisiasm have everything to lose . . .
  6. With most/all Canada and a good portion of the US watching, Trudeau missed his chance to be a leader. All he had to do was meet with them, maybe multiple times, whatever it takes to difuse the situation and work things out. It may be uncomfortable for a leader to do this, but he wouldn't be there all alone, and with the public watching him try to work things out . . . respect would grow. He came off as weak and cowardly with the whole country watching. No respect there and it sure shows in this day and age. He is what he is . . . . a cowardly dork.
  7. He made no attempt to difuse the peaceful protest. He hid out and chirped insults . . . like the gutless dork he is. Cut it any way you want herbie, Trudeau just doesn't have the depth to deal with anything other than photo op's and sparkle socks.
  8. Again, a real leader would have met with them, would have listened to their concerns and grievences, and tried to find a comprimise and solution. Trudeau is not a leader, he hid out with his sudden case of 'convenient covid' . . . the country and the world saw him as he really is . . . and the country is weary of him. Very weary.
  9. Minister of Environment & Climate Change of Canada . . . . The Honourable Steven Guilbeault. You're doing a fine job Stevie . . . . keep up the good work.
  10. Never happen with the brain-dead Steven Guilbeault as Environment Minister. . . .
  11. Yeah, I guess you're 'right' . . . . again. Harper's Bachelor's & Master's degrees in Economics just couldn't stand up to the 'gray matter' behind the black face of a wanna' be drama teacher . . . . And here we are, country sliding into third world territory, citizens angry and divided as never before, immigrants with no jobs-homes-skills and more on the way, a truly deranged Minister of Environment with a hate-on for the money making industries that drive this country . . . . again, the list is long. Again, your head's up where the sun don't shine. By the way, what color is the sky in your world?
  12. Wasn't Harper's Transparency & Accountability Act struck down by Trudeau immediatly after being elected?
  13. The 'selective memory' is all yours. Combined with your anger and delusions . . . . you're 'the package'. Harper didn't damage the country or lower the standard of living. Introduced the 'First Nations Financial Transparency Act' . . . . trying to stem the vaccuum of $$ to the 'royality' on reserves, etc., etc. The list is long.
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