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  1. He's a fool, he's made Canada look foolish, embarrassed Canadian citizens (many of them were supporters), and staggered the Canadian economy . . . .
  2. A real leader would have met with the protestors. Period. Spin this judicial charade any way you like, your 'boy' Justin hid out because he wasn't 'leader' enough to meet with fellow Canadians on a 'one on one basis. Justin is weak and he knows it, just like the rest of Canadian citizens know it. Stay in your little groove, don't peek over the edge . . . and you'll be fine.
  3. Treated with contempt in India . . . Treated with contempt in Canada . . . What's a 'boy' to do . . . ? Who cares . . . ?
  4. The RCMP singled out Leich & Barber as the 'leaders' . . . singled them out enough to arrest and charge them, all the while Justin hid behind Mom's couch with yet another case of 'convenient covid' . . . . all the while shooting off his mouth with his disgusting slurs. Do you think Justin didn't have any idea at all who the RCMP thought were the leaders, or that the RCMP wouldn't inform Justin? This isn't rocket science to have a meeting with the supposed leaders of that demonstration. Justinfatuation . . . You, Hardner, Queenie, and others have the gall to declare that you're Conservatives.
  5. You're making stuff up again. Please stop.
  6. Who are these deplorables that you speak of?
  7. Do you think for one minute that if the PM announced that he was willing to meet with the protestors, that the protestors would have run and hid out as the gutless PM did. You're dreaming in technicolor again.
  8. A real leader would have met with the protestors. Spin this any way you like herbie, but save your 'yeah but', 'yeah but', yeah but' monotone for American politics.
  9. Left wing propaganda money pit. Its time has come and gone. I'll miss it, like I miss holes in my socks . . . .
  10. A real leader would have met with the protestors and listened to their concerns. Whether that would have been enough to defuse the rising tensions is another question, but a real leader wouldn't have gone into hiding and start releasing derogatory snipets for the press. Trudeau is not a leader, never will be.
  11. Don't you just love it when Trudeau speaks down to us his 'children' . . . warm & fuzzy allover!
  12. Would a 'death sentence' or perhaps life imprisonment be appropriate Queenie? There was no need for Trudeau to enact the Emergency Act . . . that was the start of the resistance by truckers and their supporters. Trudeau's 'convenient covid' saved him from acting like a leader and meeting with the truckers like a real leader would do. Disrespectful, deceitful, and all'round chickensh!t . . . . that's the little boy you proclaim as your leader. Thankfully, there's a possible real leader in the wings waiting to serve Canadians rather than the little boy who serves himself with your ok.
  13. Done with you Dougie . . . fare thee well my friend.
  14. There's many folks that never had the advantage of generous parents/grandparents, or those same p/gp with the means to help. Also, there's a breed of young folks that start from nothing, but have a need to 'paddle their own canoe' and have grown older. Your disdain for older folks, and folks that have fought a death dealing disease is out of character for you Dougie . . .
  15. What's your point Dougie? Not sure what you mean . . .
  16. I thank you for your response EF. You've fought the fight, and good health to you sir.
  17. What type of cancer did you have, and how long ago? Please pardon my question and if you don't feel free to answer, I understand completely. Thank you.
  18. Former PM's are generally disliked during their tenure . . . .after retiring, that dislike generally fades to a 'meh' The present PM has an aura of palpable hatred . . . . many people are deep down angry with JT and what he's done to a once fine country.
  19. Who's in the wings to replace him? He's probably the most despised man in Canada at this moment, with Freeland as the second most despised . . .
  20. Jughead's ego is the match for Trudeau's . . . he wants so much to stay in Ottawa, makes barnyard noises against his 'masters' inane/insane policies, then tucks his tail and goes along with them. The one good thing to come out of that 'match made in heaven' is that Jughead's likely to be un-employed post election.
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