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  1. Get some medical help. You need it.
  2. It's somewhat demeaning to us both that I have to spell things out to you . . . . . guessing you still read with a school ruler under the script line? Is GTA going to endorse Trudeau again?
  3. Deep, so very deep . . . . . Suggest you see a physician. The country you hate so much has a health plan that may be able to help you.
  4. Meds need adjustment? You're making even less sense than before.
  5. Hmmm... so you seem to be unable to grasp that the Conservatives may be the new masters of the CBC. Seems to me if they were the new masters, the CBC may be trying to be unbiased. Something new for the CBC.
  6. Maybe the CBC can see the writing on the wall. Give the Conservatives honest coverage instead of the Liberal woke/racist/LBGQ-WTF agenda. Maybe the Conservatives will cut the funding to that bloated over produced Liberal mouthpiece. One can only hope . . .
  7. Consider Canada as your house. Do you let everyone who knocks on your door in? How about the ones that don't knock and climb in through the window? "Come right in folks . . . . make yourselves comfortable, I'll make egg salad sandwiches for everyone . . . forever"
  8. As said before . . . . . The only thing you can do is vote Liberal. As to your quote . . . . only you know why.
  9. Are you on medication? Street or pharmaceutical ?
  10. Well, I guess the only thing you can do is vote Liberal. Thanks for the hard evidence you've posted.
  11. What's your proof of O'Toole's incompetence . . . . . . or are you just chirping again?
  12. O'Toole . . . . military man. Trudeau . . man?
  13. You sound like a Conservative . . . . responsible!
  14. Trudeau's looking more inept than usual. Maybe he's being shown as the self-serving flake he is.
  15. "An investigation by CBC News . . . . . " Well, we'll stay tuned for that one.
  16. Doesn't change the fact that he's a shallow self-serving fool to most thinking Canadians, and a weak ineffectual flake to real world leaders . . . . . . but, a hero to the politically lazy eastern Canadian voters.
  17. Thinking they're Marxist/Communist tolerant on many fronts . . . .
  18. Abortion and all its implications is such a personal decision, and really difficult for any man to comment on. Just typing this/now . . . . I'm very uncomfortable. Can't imagine how any male politician can even comment on this sensitive topic. Thankful that I'll never face this decision, and my heart goes out to the women that have to decide.
  19. What exactly is his/party position on abortion?
  20. A little sensitive are we Michael? The rest of Canada's perception of Ontario may not be flattering . . . . but, to spare your insecurities and fears, perhaps you can report all unflattering posts to a moderator. Oh wait, you are a moderator! Ontario/Quebec are the unclothed monarchs of Canada . . . . . 😎
  21. ^ ^ Good post cannuck ^ ^ cougar has a child-like idea of what forestry is about. His silly posts reflect this. Fire is an essential part of modern forestry, and the end of the cycle for old growth climax forest.
  22. Honestly, what you say and think does not matter. Fire is the natural end to climax forest. All your babble about the UN, Greece, Turkey, or wherever you came from is meaningless in the big plan of forestry. You may have planted trees for a season . . . who knows, but you know nothing of logging, fire, and re-gen. It's so very evident in most all your posts. The 'new-age' RPF kid doesn't know the practical side of forestry . . . . not until they've logged.
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