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  1. University for seven years . . . ? Did you learn anything that would enable you to earn $1.49 or more . . . ?
  2. A proven procedure used by governments/authorities to rid themselves of any group/individual they deem unacceptable: Demonize the group/individual in the press and on the airwaves, inflame the situation with innuendo and falsehoods . . . . . . let simmer, then offer 'the solution'. Elect a clown . . . expect a circus.
  3. Get some mental counseling. Probably covered on your BC Medical Plan.
  4. It was easy for Trudeau . . . . . we're a population of 'Michaels'.
  5. ffs, where do you come up with this stuff?
  6. The truckers aren't trying 'to change the government by force.' If Trudeau dropped the mandate . . . . . trucks would roll back to work.
  7. Thought you were quite disturbed before this post. The above post confirms my suspicions.
  8. 1) It may be pretty shitty, but that's just the way it is here. Collage/university teachers are thought of as 'non producers' . . . clean fingernail - soft hand types.
  9. He mentioned others in the party . . . . wondering if he has some backing? Very refreshing to see a free thinker in the ranks of the Trudeau Liberals.
  10. Lots of text above . . . signifying nothing. My contempt for Quebec and its vile spawn Trudeau remains. Carry on.
  11. Spin it any way you like . . . . Quebec & Trudeau, the sad joke played on Canada.
  12. Ever wonder why most of Canada views Quebec with contempt? You make the case. Carry on.
  13. High school, collage, and university teachers aren't held in high esteem around here. The trucker "leading a national protest" most likely refers to him self as 'just a trucker' . . . You can have all the letters of the alphabet behind your name Michael, and as many suspect, you're unable to put the left shoe on your left foot.
  14. Is this the photo you carry in your wallet Michael? Referring to Trudeau as a 'boxer' makes as much sense as referring to him as a 'brain surgeon' Justinfatuation yet again Michael ?
  15. Right on time . . . . the predicted "Yeah but," response from you. Well done, . . . carry on
  16. Bachelor's then Master's degree in Economics . . . . 2008 recession. Canada didn't collapse. Care to take a guess? He wouldn't be modeling sparkle socks, or doing in-depth research into the best 'black-face' make-up. Yes, it does matter to me.
  17. Wiki mentions what former PM's have done after their PM stint . . . . some very prestigious and accomplished people doing important things. Wondering what Skippy would do post PM? Perhaps make-up artist, sock modeling, tear response on cue . . . ?
  18. Toronto - Toilet Different spelling - same meaning. To the title of this thread . . . . maybe Justin Trudeau will walk into a snowbank like his step-dad did. One can only hope.
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